Neue Bibliothek der schönen Wissenschaften und der freyen Künste, 第 3〜4 巻

Dyck, 1766


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134 ページ - ... of politenefs and civility. Human nature is pruned according to method and rule. Language advances from fterility to copioufnefs, and at the fame time, from fervour and enthufiafm, to correctnefs and precifion. Style becomes more chafte ; but lefs animated.
134 ページ - ... flag. Hence, poetry, which is the child of imagination, is frequently moft glowing and animated in the firft ages of fociety. As the ideas of our youth are remembered with a peculiar pleafure on account of their livelinefs and vivacity ; fo the moft ancient poems have often proved the greateft favourites of nations.
194 ページ - Dictionnaire Lyrique portatif, ou choix des plus jolies ariettes de tous les genres disposées pour la voix et les instruments, avec les paroles françoises sous la musique.
16 ページ - Mailhol i fuivie de la romance furies amours infortunés de Gabrielle de Vergy & de Raoul -de Coucy , attribuée à M. le Duc de ***. A Paris, chez la veuve Duchesne. 1766. in 8.
100 ページ - Vidi sedentem, crédite, crédite Ripas ad Albis nuper et húmido Germaniam vultu nefandum Exitium patriae doleré.
98 ページ - Nil fol peremto pro patria viro \ Totum per Orbem pulchrius adfpicit, Nil eft magis fronti decorum . , Vulnere pro patria reCepto. Laetus per ignés...