The Life of Sir Walter Ralegh from His Birth to His Death on the Scaffold ...: The Whole Compiled from the Most Approved Authorities and Curious Manuscripts

booksellers in town and country, 1740 - 576 ページ


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514 ページ - EVEN such is time, that takes in trust Our youth, our joys, our all we have, And pays us but with earth and dust; Who, in the dark and silent grave, When we have wandered all our ways, Shuts up the story of our days; But from this earth, this grave, this dust, My God shall raise me up, I trust!
539 ページ - Mr. Attorney speaketh out of the zeal of his duty, for the service of the king, and you for your life ; be valiant on both sides.
292 ページ - For where the law pro" vides that every man must plough the third 'part of his " land ; I know divers poor people have done so, to avoid " the penalty of the statute, when their abilities have been " so poor, that they have not been able to buy seed-corn to " sow it withal ; nay, they have been fain to hire others to " plough it ; which, if it had been unploughed, would have " been good pasture for beasts, or might have been con
400 ページ - ... it. If thou be bound for a stranger, thou art a fool ; if for a merchant, thou puttest thy estate to learn to swim ; if for a churchman, he hath no inheritance ; if for a lawyer, he will find an...
450 ページ - being so secured, you may make trial what depth and " breadth the mine holds, and whether or no it answer our " hopes. And if you find it royal, and the Spaniards be...
309 ページ - It was common with him," we are told, "at an ordinary dancing, to have his clothes trimmed with great diamond buttons, and to have diamond hatbands, cockades, and earrings ; to be yoked with great and manifold ropes and knots of pearl ; in short, to be manacled, fettered, and imprisoned in jewels...
65 ページ - ... best of my memory, I can resemble its outward appearance to nothing more nearly than one of our modern muff-cases ; about the same height and width, covered with red leather, and opened at top (but with a hinge, I think) like one of those. In the inside there was a cavity for a receiver of glass or metal, which might hold half a pound or a pound of tobacco ; and from the edge of the receiver at top, to the edge of the box, a circular stay or collar, with holes in it, to plant the tobacco about,...
307 ページ - In the feather of his hat, a large ruby and pearl drop at the bottom of the sprig, in place of a button. His...
140 ページ - nature of the Dutchman is to fly to no man but for his " profit ; and they will obey no man long ; now under " Spain ; now under Mountfort ; now under the prince of " Orange ; but under no governor long.
102 ページ - knew the old Countess of Desmond of Inchiquin in Munster, who lived in the year 1589 and many years since, who was married in Edward the Fourth's time, and held her jointure from all Earls of Desmond since then ; and that this is true all the noblemen and gentlemen of Munster can witness.