Affection, 369
An Answer, 22
Angel-face, 104

Answer to Mrs. Abdy^ Cha-
rade, 282
Autumn, 302
Autumn Leaves, 282
A Year ago, 286
Azalie, 210

Calm, a, off Cape L'Agulhas,

Charade, 240
Childhood's Home, 302
Clarence Grey, 89
Confession, the, of a scornful

Beauty, 139
Conversation, a, 104
Corn-fields, the, 166
Cup, the, of Life, 306

Death's Revenges, 288
Deformed Girl's Lament, the,

Departure, the, 38
Dream, a, 93

Dreaming and Waking, 70
Dreams of the Heart, 30
Dying Wife, the, 296

Eclipse, the, 353
Evalla, 343

Fairies' Glen, the, 17
Faith, 83
Faut Poublier, 22
Fragment, a, 242
From the German. 166

Good-bye, 166

Haunted Fountain, the, 356
Hope on, Hope ever, 367
Hope, Memory, and Love, 103


Ice Palace, the, 112

I heard a Voice at Evening

Tide, 34
Impromptu, 71
In the Sunshine, 30
Invitation, an, 98
It is dark under the Lamp, 46

Judgment of Fitzstephen, 273,

Kate of the Hall, 295

Last Love, 240

Laura Bridgman, 204

Life, 291

Lines, by J. R. W. Lomas, 29;

by Charlotte Gubbins, 144;

byW. W., 235; by A. T—•,

Lines on the Death of Grace

Aguilar, 361
Lines on the Death of my

Cousin, 288
Lost Eden-, the, 138

Midnight by the Sea, 218
Miser, the, 266

Mother, the, to her departed In-
fants, 288
Mourn not the early Dead, 367
Mystery, a, 343

Nightingale, the, at Manstone,

Old Elm Tree, the, 155

Old Man, the, of the Church-
yard, 291

On leaving Cotterstock, 367

Orphan's Story, an, 98

Ossian Paraphrased, 104, 153,
266, 369

Oxford, 22

Parson's Daughter Jane, the, 29

Phantasy, a, 211

Poet of Nature, the, 153

Portrait, a, 6, 112

Portrait, the, 229, 281

Pray, 5

Reminiscences, 46
Reverie, 162
Reproach me not, 349

Sands, the, at Ramsgate, 139
Say well is good, but do well is

better, 349
Sea-shore Stanzas, 89
Sensitive Plant, the, 22
Sketch, a, 286
Slave, the, and the Mesmeriser,

Smile, the, 17
Solitary King, the, 114
Song, 174, 204
Song of Death, the, 174
Sonnets. 6, 34, 52, 282
Speak gently, 369
Spirit's Promise, the, 199
Stanzas, 34, 70, 154, 331
Summer Time, the, 93

Tasso to his Crown, 211
Tax-gatherers, the, 265
Thought, a, on, Religion, 93
Time, 219

To a young Friend on her ap-
proaching Marriage, 83
Tryst, the, 198
Twilight and its Angels, 114

Voices from Nature, 218, 265,

We will be happy, 71
Wherein is Happiness ? 331
White Butterfly, the, 198

tainted bI Joseph Hogcreon, 24, Norfolk Street, Strand, London.


THE present day is perhaps unexampled for the number of iu periodical publication In every department of literature these abound, and naturally exercise a vast influence over the minds of the reading public. Many of them are ofa religious character, and are Intended, respectively, to be the organs of some denomination or theological party : hence they are very mainly occupied in attacking or defending some special set of opinions, or maintaining those controversies which are most likely to interest the classes of readers among whom they circulate. Of such publications the value may be very great, and the service they do to the cause of truth often very important. But the Christian, it is presumed, does not wish to breathe always the air of controversy, and would And it a relief to study those pages where mere party disputes have no entrance. It was with this presumption that

<TfK Cfturrfi of Gnglunti 4ttaga;iHc

(under the superintendence of clergymen) was originally prelected—with a desire to place it upon the broad ground of the Church, and to store its columns with devotional matter of such a character as to render it acceptable to all who, whatever their views of party controversy, unite in firmly holding those truths which aro embodied in the formularies of the Protestant English Church.

The experiment has, under the divine blessing, proved successful. The circulation of the Church of England Magazine has, it is believed, exceeded that of any other periodical in connection with the Church—an evidence that men have re;oiced to be able to take up a work which, while anxious xealnusly to maintain the purity of the Gospel, has striven to repress error not by hot disputings, but by the simple quiet inculcation of truth. The Clergy have felt that they could safely recommend, such a work to their parishioners—parents, that they could introduce it into their families without fear ef its imbuiiic their children with a knowledge of those things of which they would choose them to be ignorant : and much gratitude; the conductors of the Church of England Magazine feel to those who have thus contributed to extend the eirculat on of this work.

But widely as it Is circulated, it might be, the proprietors think, circulated more widely still. Its price brings it within the reach of all; and its contents are of that varied character, that, while not unsuited to the cultivating mind, they arc not

;ibove tbt understanding of the mechanic or of the child: and by its wloYi difluslon the influence of those periodicals, irreligious or positively immoral, which are now pushed with so much zeitl. might it is hoped be checked; especially if, as la already in some instances the case, einp'oyers in manufacturing districts would | luce it in the hands of their workmen. For such an ob;ect, the conductors think that they may not improperly request the aid of their brethren, the clergy at large, both to oblige them with their personal countenance and also to promote the circulation in their respective neighbourhoods.

The Magazine comprises erery week a Sermon by some living divine, each printed trom the author's manuscript. Among those who have in this way obliged the Editors may be named the Bishops of London, Winchester, Lincoln, Cheater, Peterborough, Ripon, Worcester, Oxford, Jerusalem (late), Sec.; archdeacons Hoare, Dealtry, Hodson, 4cc. ; chancellor Raikes; canons Dale, Jacob, Towntend, ice.; professors Lee, Scholefleld, ice.; rev. Dr. Symons(vtce-chancellorofOzford), Dr. M'Caui, H.Melville, J. Jackson, R. Harvey, D. .Moore, D. Bagot, J. Sandford, fcc. Articles, also, of general religious interest. Biographies, Natural History, Poetry. icc-, And their place in the Church of England Magazine. An Ecclesiastical Register accompanies every part, containing Ordinations, Preferments, Proceedings of Religious Societies, nnd other useful Intelligence.

Among tbe various additions and improvements vhich hare been lately made, Is the commencing of a series of Views (with description^ of the noble Parish Churches of our land. A. former series of the Cathredals met with much acceptance: this will embrace a larger sweep, and "ill, it is conceived, odd much to the value and interest of the publication.

The conductors would, therefore, respectfully address the clergy to aid them in carrying out their plans, and doubt not that they will And this Magazine suitable both for the family circle, the parochial library, and the poor man's cottage.

It is published in weekly numbers, at l£d. ; in monthly parts, with beautifully engraved frontispiece and wrapper, price 9d., and in half-yearly volumes, hxudsomely bound. In cloth, price Ss. (1.i., by Edwards and Hughes, lit, Ave Maria-lane, and Is to be had of all booksellers. An excellent opportunity is afforded ot fresh subscribers commencing with the January part. In which will appear a view of Southwell Collegiate Church, being the first of the proposed serin of English Churches, together with original contributions by the right rev. the Bishops of Peterborough and Jamaica, the rev. T. Dale, canon residentiary of St. Paul's ; the rev. W. W. Champneys, rector of St. Mary, Whitechapel, the rev. H. Woodward, rector of Fethard, ice.

Just Published, in a small volume, cloth gilt, price Five Shillings,





London: T. and W. Boone, 29, New Bond-street.

Just Published, price 6d. each, by Mrs. Burrill, the Fifth Thousand of


Being a full Explanation of the various Stitches in this Ornamental and Useful Art, with Ten Illustrations.

The Fifth Thousand of "CROTCHET LACE EDGINGS," containing Elegant Receipts for Collar, round D'Oyly, Lace Sleeves, &c., with Illustrations.

New Editions of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Series of " KNITTED LACE EDGINGS" by same Authoress. *„* Upwards of 60 Thousand of this work have been sold in 18 Months.

London: Groombridge an.l Sons 5, Paternoster-row; acd sold by Mrs. Veal, High-street, Wisbeach, and all Berlm and Fancy Repositories throughout the Kingdom.

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