The Poems of George Huddesford, M.A., Late Fellow of New College, Oxford: Now First Collected. Including Salmagundi, Topsy-turvy, Bubble and Squeak, and Crambe Repetita, 第 1 巻


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55 ページ - Vinum sit appositum morientis ori, Ut dicant, cum venerint angelorum chori, " Deus sit propitius huic potatori ! " Poculis accenditur animi lucerna, Cor imbutum nectare volat ad superna ; Mihi sapit dulcius vinum in taberna Quam quod aqua miscuit praesulis pincerna.
112 ページ - Thou charm'st us with thy soft and solemn hymn From battlement, or barn, or haystack trim ; And now not seldom tunest, as if for hire. Thy thrilling pipe to me, waiting to catch The pittance due to thy well-warbled song ; Sweet bird ! sing on : for oft near lonely hatch. Like thee, myself have...
95 ページ - Just in the place where honour 's lodg'd, As wise philosophers have judg'd, Because a kick in that place more Hurts honour than deep wounds before.
140 ページ - Againe it is confessed that the said christened cat was the cause of the kinges majestie's shippe, at his coming forthe of Denmarke, had a contrarie winde to the rest of the shippes then being in his companie...
73 ページ - BALLAD. GREAT as has been the progress made in the wide field of natural history within the last thirty years, in no direction has the advance been more decided or more satisfactory, than in that hitherto obscure part of it which sepulchres the...
121 ページ - UPON a trestle, pig was laid, And a sad squealing sure it made. Kill-pig stood by with knife and steel : " Lie quiet, can't you? — Why d'ye squeal? Have I not fed you with my pease, And now, for trifles such as these, Will you rebel? — Brimful of victual, Won't you be kill'd and cur'da little?" To whom thus piggy, in reply : " Think'st thou that I shall quiet lie, And that for pease my life I'll barter?
105 ページ - ... makes no discrimination, Would not let this superlative shaver alone, Till he tried if his heart was as hard as his hone. The fair one, whose charms did the barber enthral, At the end of Fleet Market, of fish kept a stall, As red as her cheek was no lobster e'er seen ; Not an eel that she sold was so soft as her skin. By love strange effects have been wrought, we are told, In all countries and climates, hot...
46 ページ - Go, rose, my Chloe's bosom grace ! How happy should I prove, Might I supply that envied place With never-fading love ! There, phoenix-like, beneath her eye, Involved in fragrance, burn and die ! Know, hapless flower, that thou shalt find More fragrant roses there, I see thy withering head reclined With envy and despair : One common fate we both must prove, You die with envy, I with love.
128 ページ - By our pastor perplext, how shall we determine ? 'Watch and pray,' says the text ; 'Go to sleep,
105 ページ - tis very well known he lived under the pole. First, he courted his charmer in sorrowful fashion, And lied like a lawyer, to move her compassion : He should perish, he swore, did his suit not succeed, And a barber to slay was a barbarous deed! Then he alter'd his tone, and was heard to declare, If valour deserved the regard of the fair, That his courage was tried, though he scorn'd to disclose How many brave fellows he'd took by the nose.