Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore

Bazillion Points, 2016/11/15 - 384 ページ
Choosing Death is widely recognized as the definitive history of extreme music subgenres. For this revised and expanded edition, author Albert Mudrian (editor-in-chief of Decibel Magazine) reveals there is life after death metal; this newly expanded and revised edition flaunts a whopping 100 additional pages in three new chapters, 50 additional interviews, a grisly 16-page color insert, and a new cover painting by legendary death metal artist Dan Seagrave, known for his classic Entombed and Morbid Angel album covers. This exciting history, featuring forewords by famed DJ John Peel and Repulsion cofounder Scott Carlson, tells the two-decade-long history of grindcore and death metal through the eyes and ringing ears of prominent artists, music producers, and record label owners."Choosing Death is like a time-travel machine, a rare heartfelt document of a special underground musical movement. Dive in and enjoy the proper story of this passionate international scene."--Tomas Lindberg, At the Gates"Albert Mudrian, our disciple of all that is heavy and extreme, definitively documents this period of blissful cacophony for all to behold. Play fast or die!"--Shane Embury, Napalm Death

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“Choosing Death” is the most definite Death Metal book of all time. A fun read into the birth of the Death Metal genre, the Thrash/Black strong holds and the Morris Sound Connection. Also a current in ... レビュー全文を読む

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