Estimated Surplus of Consolidated Fund

for the present year ending 5th April, 1814 3,889,000
Deficiency of surplus, year ending 5th April,

Surplus remaining for present year ' £.608,000


The right hon. gentleman proceeded to show in what way he had formed his estimates of the war taxes.

The Customs and Excise averaged in the

three years ending April 5, 1812. .......... 9,502,965
Add Duties imposed in 1811, and the present

And for the higher Duty on Sugars of 3s. per

cwt. in consequence of the high price,
which might be taken at

The total would be...... £.10,302,965

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And there remained to be granted for the
service of the year

..... 21,020,666 It remained for him to state the them an unfair advantage. For conditions on which the loan had every 1001. subscribed they rebeen contracted. These he thought ceived 1101. in the three per cent. were so far satisfactory that all reduced annuities, 601. in the parties ought to be satisfied. They three per cent. consols, and 8s. 6d. did not impose a greater burthen in the long annuities. The charge on the public than was necessary, to be provided for was very conand if beneficial to the contractors, siderable. The capital debt created it was not so much so, as to give was 35,700,0001. the interest

1,160,2501. the one per cent. to as well as all the others, passed the sinking fund 536,9991. To without any discussion. this was to be added for manage- IRISH Budget.] Mr. William ment, 11,3791.; making a total Fitzgerald said, it was his duty now charge of 1,708,6281. The total to address the committee. If ever debt created by funding in the pre- any man had to solicit the indulsent session, was 54,780,4231.; gence of the committee it was for the interest on it was 2,062,0661. him to do it, being not only for the 18s. 4.d. The per centage to the first time to bring under the view sinking fund amounted to 763,9141. of parliament the financial situa1s. Id. the charge for management tion of Ireland, but being called was, 17,1031. 2s. 6 d.; and the upon to provide for a demand be. total charge to the public was yond that of any former year, and 2,845,0841. 1s. 111d. The House to supply not only the means for would understand that he meant the coming time, but to make up to propose to cancel such part of the deficiencies of that which had the debl as the sum in the bands of been truly stated by his right hon. the commissioners was sufficient friend Mr. Vansittart, to have been to cover. On this subject, he a year of unexampled expenditure. however thought it at present un- He would not occupy too much, necessary to trouble the commit- he hoped, of the time of the comlee, as other opportunities would mittee, yet he feared he could not occur for going into it; reserving avoid trespassing at what some to himself, therefore, the right of would deem too great length upon giving any explanation that might their attention. appear necessary,

he should He would now proceed to state trouble them at present no further. as briefly as he could the different The right hon. gentleman, then items of the supply. They were moved his first resolution, which, as follows :

£. 2,226,037

Deficiency of Contribution 1812, exclusive of

Army Extraordinaries supplied this year
Estimated quota of this year, including ex-

ceedings of Army Extraordinaries suppli

ed this year 8,651,5331. Prit. ....... Interest and Sinking Fund on present Debt Grant to Sinking Fund in respect of Treasury




Total Supply..... 16,571,636

To meet which were,

Surplus of Consolidated Fund..............
Revenues estimated at ..........

3,281,478 4,600,000

£. 100,000 73,425

Profit on Lotteries
Seamen's Wages ......
2,17ths of 601,908l. for Naval Stores, 15-17ths

thereof being taken credit for by England,

70,8121. Brit.
Loan in Ireland ............ 2,000,000
Loan in England, 6,000,0001. Brit. 6,500,000




The first item in the estimate, viz. the surplus of the consolidated fund, stood thus : Balance 5th January, 1813.............

1,366,718 Remaining of British Loan, 1812


[blocks in formation]

The charge upon the loans contracted this


would be: Irish Loan 2,000,0001. at 61.5s. 9d. for money 125,750 English Loan,6,500,0001. at 71. 4s. 7 d. ditto 470,089




The duties and taxes to meet which he had proposed to the House in the course of the session : their produce he estimated as follows: Customs with Excise on Tobacco

265,000 Malt 3s. per Barrel

Spirits 6d. per gallon

Assessed Taxes, increase of 25 per cent. and
upwards ..........

Postage, alteration in Duties

15,000 Leather ......



To un

In devising the means of answer is resources, and possessing no ing these charges, he felt that he great capital, would be the means was placed in a situation more dis- of defeating her prosperity, and agreeable than any person who had rendering ineffectual thoseburthens preceded him in his office, had which were imposed on her. He experienced. At a time when had already stated, that the charge the country was labouring under for the loans of the present year very considerable difficulties, he was 595,8396. He would now prowas obliged to call upon her for ceed to lay before the commitannual duties to meet the charges tee the means by which it was inwhich he had just stated.

tended to meet that charge, He derstand perfectly the exertions had already submitted to the House which Ireland was required to a proposition for the further inmake, it was only necessary for creasing the rate of the custom the committee to call to its recol- duties in Ireland ; that increase lection, what Great Britain had

was 25 per cent. which was estimated provided in the present year, and to to produce 77,326l. The increased contrast her contribution with that duty of 12s. 9d. per 100lbs. on of Ireland. It would be found that tobacco, was estimated at 43,7221. Ireland was, at the present moment, The additional duty on coffee, charged with fresh impositions to 1,9001. The increase of one-third the amount of upwards of 600,000l. of the difference between the BriHe was aware, that it was the tish and Irish duties on foreign opinion of some gentlemen, that wines 40,5651. These, with one the system recently introduced in or two other alterations in existing this country, might apply, in a taxes, formed

an aggregate of certain degree, to Ireland; and 265,0001. It had been argued, at that recourse might be had to the time when he first proposed these the sinking fund. But, however alterations, that it was not possible this might be demanded, by the to calculate on some of the articles hope of avoiding fresh and one- so accurately as on others; but to rous burthens, yet, the arguments prevent any disappointment which applied to the principle in this might be apprehended from that country, could not be applied to circumstance, care had been taken Ireland in an equal extent. It to lay the estimate as low as had been his principal wish, in the possible. At the same time, he taxes which he had already the did not think it could be fairly bonour to propose, several of which admitted, because a tax in the first had met the concurrence of the instance had not reached the estiHouse, and the sanction of parlia- mate, that therefore it would ment, to press as little as possible always continue unproductive. In on the lower classes of the com- the present instance, the sum munity; and to avoid bearing on likely to be produced by the addithose great sources of prosperity, tional duties was very considerably which were absolutely necessary under-rated in the estimate, and it to the well-being of a rising was very probable that the amount country. To have pursued a con- of the taxes generally would cover trary line, in a country deficient any diminution apprehended in particular items. The next duty of the country, those resident was that which had already passed amongst the people and the most the House, the addition of 38. per interested in the preservation of barrel on malt, the produce of the public morals and the public which was estimated at 115,0001. peace, would lend their aid" fairly The right hon. gentleman here to its suppression, he did not entered into an elaborate detail of despair, while they would be prothe data, on which he founded his viding best for the happiness, as assumption that this additional tax well as they would promote most would produce the sum specified; the industry of the people, of obparticularly as it was accompanied taining from the distillery in the by certain regulations with respect ensuing year, a greater revenue to the malt made use of in the dise than it has ever yet yielded to the tilleries. The next duty he had to state. It was known to those notice, was one to which, if he members for Ireland who had sat could judge from the general lean- on the committee above stairs, and ing of the House, he could expect he was anxious to re-state in the no opposition; he alluded to an House, that assurance he had given additional duty of sixpence per them of the anxious wish of the gallon on spirits. It had been government to accompany any argued, that 3s. having been im- strong measures which might be posed on each barrel of malt, there recurred to, to get rid of the pershould be a corresponding duty nicious practice of private distillalaid on spirits. He did not think tion, by provisions for the encou. that the addition of sixpence per ragement of small stills throughout gallon could materially affect the the country, and he hoped that interests of the distiller; at the the indulgences which he meant same time he was assured, that an to extend to them by bringing the increase of duty on the distilleries market home to the neighbourwas a measure which parliament hood, and the door, as it were, of ought not, and would not, in the the farmer, would take away the present posture of affairs, be inducements to this practice, while anxious to oppose. The amount the enforcement of the law would of this additional duty on spirits, punish its violation, if the practice calculated on 4,400,000 gallons, à should continue to prevail; upon less quantity than was ever known this subject, however, he would to have been distilled in any one not say more; he would wait until year, would be 110,0001.

the proper time for the discussion He believed the consumption of this point should arrive, and he of spirits to be more than of iwice had the satisfaction of thinking, the amount upon which he had that he had the almost unanimous made his calculation, and he did support and sanction of the reprenot despair if parliament would sentatives of Ireland to the mea. arm the executive government sure which the committee had inwith sufficient power to put down structed him to introduce. The the evil of illicit distillation, and if next duty he had to state was one those, the best guardians and en- to which parliament had already forcers of the laws, the gentlemen acceded, that was the argumenta

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