14. In Dublin, sir Barry Colles September

Meredyth, bart. aged 64.

15. At Cheltenham, lady Barry The wife of Wm. Rashleigh, Colles Meredyth, aged 35, wife of esq. of Menabilly, M. P. in her the eldest son and successor of the 37th year:

preceding. 20. Princess Dowager Eleonora 17. At Calsbot-castle, of which Julia, of Hohenlohe Ingelfingen, he was governor, lieut.-general sir aged 80, at Ochringen.

Harry Burrard. 21. Robert Man, esq. admiral 19. Lady Eliz. Chaplin, sister to of the red.

the late Brownlow, earl of Exeter, 23. Dr. Young, Roman Catholic in her 85th year. bishop of Limerick for the last 20 24. Sir Charles Grave Hudson, years.

bart. of Wanlip, Leicestershire, in 24. Near Montmorency, France, his 84th year. the celebrated musical composer 29. Lady Wrey, relict of gen. M. Gretry. He was born at Liege, Bouchier Wrey. in 1721. Lately, at Copenhagen, the rich

November. Jew-bapker Meyer. He left by his will thirteen millions of Danish 1. Within the rules of the paper-money to the Danish govern- King's-bench, the Rev. Francis ment, and to his heirs sixty millions Stone, aged 76, formerly rector of of paper money, besides valuable Cold Norton, Essex, deprived of effects to a great amount. His his living for beterodoxy by bishop whole property, exclusive of the Porteus. paper-money, was estimated at half Lady Fenn, relict of sir John á million sterling.

Feon, known for her publications Lady Sykes, wife of sir Mark for the instruction of young Sykes, bart.

people. Baron de Stael Holstein, son of 6. Sir Thomas Sutton, bart. Madame de Stael, killed in a duel. M. P. for Surrey.

7. At Edinburgh, sir William October.

G. Fairfax, knight-banneret, and

vice-admiral of the red, in his 1. Honora, countess of Cavan, 76th year. daughter of the late sir Henry 8. Dr. Spencer Madan, bishop Gould,

of Peterborough, aged 85. He 6 The hon. Mrs. Strode, aged was the son of col. Martin Madan, 47,

by an aunt of Cowper the poet, 7. Sir John Crichloe Turner, herself distinguished for poetica aged 68.

talents. The bishop was much 8. The right hon. John Pen. beloved for an amiable simplicity nington, lord Muncaster.

of manners. He was a very early 11. The hon. Felicia Jemima riser, lighting his own fire in Lygon, eldest daughter of lord winter long before day-light, and Beauchamp

devoting the early hours to study,

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of which the Hebrew scriptures The hon. Francis Talbot, broformed a favourite part.

ther to the late earl of Shrewsbury, 9. At Loughlin-house, Roscom- in his 86th year. mon, Charles Dillon Lee, viscount 30. The lady of sir Martin Dillon, a privy-councillor, and go- Browne Folkes, bart, M. P. vernor of the counties of Roscommon and Mayo, aged 68,

December 10. The right hon. lady. Ara. bella Ward, relict of the hon. Edw, 10, The lady of the right hon, Ward, of Castle-ward, county of lord Charles Bentinck, Down, and sister to the earl of Right bon. Alexander Crook Glendore.

shank, Dublin. 12. Rev. Joseph Jowett, LL.D. 14. Chevalier Ruspini, an emiregius professor of civil law in nent dentist, aged 86. Cambridge.

Mrs. Ann Newby, widow, aged 14. The right hon. sir W. Mea. 74, during 44 years matron and dows, K. B. a general in the army, midwife to the city of London colonel of the 7th dragoon guards, Lying-in Hospital ; highly distin

privy-councillor of Ireland, and guished by her vigour of mind and governor of Hull, in his 75th body, her active benevolence, and year.

piety. In 1803 she received the 15. Grace, countess of Ports- medal of the Humane Society for mouth, daughter of the late lord her extraordinary success in reGrantley.

covering still-born children, the Mrs. Krumpholtz, a celebrated number of whom thus saved by her performer on the harp.

amounted at that time to 500. C 16. William Franklin, esq. for- 16, Col. W. Bosville, of Gunthmerly governor of New Jersey. wait and Thorpe-ball, county of

William Williams, esq. of Ivy. York, in his 69th year. He was dist tower, near Tenby, in his 78th tinguished for his attachment to the year, distinguished for his antiqua-' cause of liberty, and the hospitality rian and biblical learning,

and munificence with which he en17. Sir Thomas Theophilus Met- joyed a large fortune. calf, bart. of Ham Common, Sur. 19. In Bath, aged 84, David rey,

Hartley, esq. sop of the celebrated Lady Broughton, in her 61st philosopher of that name. He was year.

educated at Merton college, Oxford, 18. Cassandra lady Hawke, re- and was representative in several lict of Martin Bladen lord Hawke, parliaments for Hall, in which he in her 68th year.

invariably showed himself the zea23. Caroline viscauntess Clif- lous and indefatigable advocate for den, wife of viscount Clifden, and the liberties of his countrymen, and eldest daughter of the duke of the rights of mankind. He was a Marlborough, aged 50.

strenuous opposer of the war with 25. Sir W. Beñett, Fareham, the American colonies, and proHants, aged 79.

posed a plan for accommodation. 26. Lady Harriet Gill

, relict of His conciliatory disposition caused W. Gill, esq. in her 35th year. him to be appointed one of the

plenipotentiaries at the negociation scientific knowledge, especially in for peace at Paris with Dr. Frank- mechanics and chemistry, was dislin. Mr. Hartley had also the played in several useful inventions, merit of being the first mover in the one of which was a method for seHouse of Commons for the aboli- curing buildings from fire. tion of the slave trade. He was a 22. Mary, wife of sir W. Rule. correct and animated speaker in 25. Margaret, wife of sir Thoparliament; and with polished and mas Sheppard, bart. of Thorntondignified manners possessed all the hall, Bucks. amiable virtues of private life. His



April. Thomas Warden, Epping, 111. Betty Crook, Warminster, 105. Mrs. Tippen, Taunton, 100. She had been ninety years servant

Amos Prince, Milbrook, near in one family. Plymouth, 103.

William Grantney, a Chelsea Moses Pring, Milbrook, 107. out-pensioner, Newcastle, 102.

Mrs. Gatehouse, Alford, Lin- Daniel M Kinnon, Falkirk, 103. colnshire, 101.

Mrs. Ferris, Exeter, 102. Mr. Armstrong, West Derebam, Archibald Grieve, Stapleton, 101.

Cumberland, 102. Mrs. Mary Waters, Bedminster, Miss Sarah Hodgson, Becker104.

mont, Cumberland, 102. Mr. White, Milborne Port, 106. Alice Buckley, Taddington, Mrs. Strong, Castle-Sowerby, Derbyshire, 106-7. Westmoreland, 103.

Mr. W. Snowden, Durham, Mary Roberts, Bramwith, York. 100-1. shire, 105.

Mr. John Ling, Woodbastwick, Mrs. Rowntree, Whitby, 104. Norfolk, 104-5. John Delahunt, M. D. near

Elizabeth Wilcock, Carborton, Waterford, 100.

Nottinghamshire, 102. Mrs. Cromwell, Ponder's-end, John Stiff, Norton, Suffolk, 104. 104-5.

Mr. John Ward, Hampton

Lucy, Warwickshire, 100.

Mrs. Yates, Chaddesley.Corbet,
M. Bertrand D. de Lille, a Worcestershire, 103.
French emigrant, who had been Elizabeth Hartley, Clifton, near
first valet de chambre of Louis York, 101-2.
XV for forty years, 107.

Mrs. Jane Jones, Mold, Flint

shire, 103. March. • Mrs. Ursula Evans, Wellington,

May. Herefordshire, 108.

Elizabeth Bell, Whitehaven, Sarah Robson, Great Whitting- (died by an accident), 105. ham, Northumberland, 104.

Elizabeth Freer, a native of Kent,

at Wigston poor-house, Leicester-
shire, 116.
Charles Haveran, near Newry,

Ireland, 115.
Mrs. Mary Meighan, Donough-

Parker, a washerwoman more, 129.

at Islington, 102. June.

Elizabeth Mayo, Ashelworth, Widow Herring, Norwich,105-6. near Gloucester, 103. Mrs. Rudyard, Whitby, relict of

Hugh M'Intyre, Glasgow, 102. lieut.-col. Rudyard, 100.

Christian Cliff, Kilbreedy, near Hugh Maclaine, Barnard-castle,

Limerick, 109. 104.

At Providence Grove, Jamaica, Mrs. Sandland, Wem, 105.

Sarah Anderson, a free black from Sarah Elmslie, Aberdeen, 103.

Congo, aged 140. She came to

that island in 1687, during the July.

government of the duke of AlbeMrs. Richards, Landovery, 102. marle.

rard, esq.

SHERIFFS Appointed by the Prince Regent in Council for the Year 1813. Bedfordshire, Richard Parks, of Luton, esq. Berkshire, W. Y. Mills, of Wadley, esq. Buckinghamshire, Thomas Sheppard Cotton, of Thornton Hall, esq. Cambridge and Huntingdonshire, Charles M. Chere, of Papworth EveCornwall, J. C. Rashleigh, of Prideaux, esq. Cumberland, sir Wastel Brisco, of Crofton Place, bart. Derbyshire, Robert Holden, of Darley Abbey, esq. Devonshire, Richard Hippisley Tuckfield, of Fulford, esq. Dorsetshire, Robert Radcliffe, of Winterborne Zelston, esq. Essex, R. J. Brassey, of Great Ilford, esq. Gloucestershire, C. Pole, of Wick Hill, esq. Herefordshire, Sir Hungerford Hoskins, of Harewood, bart. Hertfordshire, John Farn Timmins, of Aldenham, esq. Kent, John Cater, of Beckenham, esq. Lancashire, Wm. Farrington, of Shawe-Hall, esq. Leicestershire, R. Hames, of Great Glenn, esq. Lincolnshire, G. R. Heneage, of Hainton, esq. Monmouthshire, Samuel Homfray, of Penderren, esq. Norfolk, T. T. Berney, of Bracon Ash, esq. Northamptonshire, George Rush, of Farthinghoe, esq. Northumberland, J. Carr, of Hedgeley, esq. Nottinghamshire, J. Need, of Shirwood-Hall, esq. Oxfordshire, Wm. Wilson, of Nether Norton, esq. Rutlandshire, S. O'Brien, of Glaiston, esq. Shropshire, Wm. Church Norcop, of Belton-House, esq. Somerset, P. P. Ackland, of Fairfield, esq. Staffordshire, Walter Sneyd, of Keel, esq. Southampton, J. Hornby, of Hooke, esq. Suffolk, Harry Spencer Waddington, of Cavenham, esq. Surrey, Henry Bridges, of Ewell, esq. Sussex, Edward Napper, of Ifold, esq. Warwickshire, E. J. Shirley, of Eatington, esq. Wiltshire, Wm. Fowle, of Chute, esq. Worcestershire, Edmund Lechmere Charlton, of Handley, esq. Yorkshire, R. Crowe, of Kipling, esq.

Carmarthenshire, T. Phillips, of Aberglasney, esq.
Pembrokeshire, G. G. Vaughan, of Jordanstoun, esq.
Cardiganshire, R. Richards, of Pantglaes, esq.
Glamorganshire, W. Jones, of Corntown, esq.
Brecon, E. Thomas, of Llwyn Madoc, esq.
Radnor, D. Read, of Cornell, esq.

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