my situation on the Miami. Half of ment, from his sciénce in artillery. the militia had left us. I receive The royal artillery, in the laboed a deputation from the chiefs, rious duties they performed, discounselling me to return, as they played their usual unwearied zeal, could not prevent their people, as and were well assisted by the royal was their custom after any battle Newfoundland (under lieutenantof consequence, returning to their Garden) as additional gunpers. villages with their wounded, their The laborious duties which the prisoners, and plunder, of which marine, under commodore Hall, they had taken a considerable have performed, have been most quantity in the boats of the ene- cheerfully met, and the most essenmy:

tial service rendered. Before the ordnance could be I have the honour to send an withdrawn from the batteries, I embarkation return of the force was left with Tecunorth, and less that served under my command at than twenty chiefs and warriors, a · the Miami, exclusive of the Incircumstance that strongly proves dians, who may be stated at 1,200. that, under present circumstances I also enclose a return of our at least, our Indian force is not a killed, wounded, and prisoners, disposable one, or permanent, who have, however, been ex'

', though occasionally a most power- changed. ful aid. I have, however, brought I had taken upon me to give off all the ordnance; and, indeed, the rank of major to the six have not left any thing behind; captains of the line, as militia part of the ordnance is embarked were employed on the same serunder the fire of the enemy.

vice with them; some of them The service on which we were are old officers; all of them deemployed has been, though short, serving: any mark of your excela very severe one; and too much lency's approbation of them would praise cannot be given to both be extremely grateful to me. officers and men, for the cheerful- I beg leave to mention the four ness with which on every occasion volunteers of the 41st regiment, they met the service. To lieut.- Wilkinson, Richardson, Laing, and colonel Warburton, I feel many Proctor, as worthy of promotion. obligations for the aid he zealously I have the honour to be, &c. afforded me

on every occasion. (Signed) HENRY PROCTOR. From my brigade-inajor, lieut. Brigadier-gen, commanding. M'Lean, I received the same zea- I beg to acknowledge the indelous assistance as on former occa- fatigable exertions of the commissions. To captain Mockler, royal sariat.

HENRY PROCTOR. Newfoundland regiment, who act- To his Excellency lieut.-gen. ed as my aide-de-camp, I am much Sir G. Prevost, bart. &c. indebted for the assistance afforded

Embarkation return of the western Lieut. Le Breton, of the New- army, commanded by Brigadierfoundland regiment, assistant engi- General Proctor, on an expedineer, by his unwearied exertions, tion to the Miamis. rendered essential service, as did Amherstburgh, April 23, 1813. lieut. Gardiner, of the 41st regi- General staff-l general, I lieutenant-colonel, 1 deputy assistant- 10th and 13th detached Kenmaster-general, 1 brigade-major, 1 tucky militia-2 majors, 1 brigade staff adjutant.


inspector, 8 captains, 9 lieutenants, Royal artillery-1 lieutenant, 1 6 ensigns, I adjutant, 1 paymaster, serjeant, 1 sargeon, 27 rank and 1 surgeon, 26 serjeants, 3 drumfile.

mers, 373 rank and file. Royal engineers1 captain. Prisoners since delivered up by 10th veteran battalion--5. the Indians-1 ensign, 1 assistant

41st regiment captains, 7 surgeon, 12 rank and file.-Grand lieutenants, 1 assistant surgeon, 22 total 467. serjeants, 6 drummers and bugles, 374 rank and file.

N. B. There are a number of Royal Newfoundland regiment-- prisoners not yet come in, who 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 3 ser- are in possession of the Indians, jeants, 2 drummers, 55 rank and but they are bringing them in file.

daily: Commissariat-l deputy assist- Peter L. CHAMBERS, major. ant commissary general, i assist- Capf. 41st reg. D. A.Q. M. Gen. ant to ditto, l'issuer.

Field traine-l clerk of stores, May 17. Since the above return I conductor.

28 prisoners have been given up Militiamajor, 12 captains, by the Indians. 11 lieutenants, 8 ensigns, I adju

A. H. M.Lean, B. M. tant, 22 serjeants, 406 rank and file.

Kingston, Upper Canada, Peter L. CHAMBERS, major.

June 14, 1813. Capt. 41st reg. D.A.Q. Mast.-Gen. My Lord ;-I have again the

high' gratification of having to Return of killed, woanded, miss transmit to your lordship the parti

ing, and prisoners, of the army culars of a feat of distinguished under the command of Brigadier- valour and enterprise, achieved general Proctor, at the battle near Burlington Bay, on the 6th fought at the Miamis, May 5, instant, by a division of this army, 1813.

commanded by colonel Vincent, Total -1 drummer, 13 rank and of the 49th regiment, who is actfile, killed; 1 captain, 1 lieute. ing as a brigadier-general in Upper nant, 4 serjeants, 41 rank and file, Canada, until his royal highness wounded; 2 lieutenants, 1 ser- the Prince Regent's pleasure is jeant, 37 rank and file, prisoners known. To the just measure of

. Peter L. CHAMBERS, major. praise given by colonel Vincent to Capt. 41st reg. D. A.Q. M. Gen. lieutenant-colonel Harvey, for

the zeal, intelligence, and gal. Return of officers, non-commissioned lantry displayed by him on this

ocofficers, and privates, taken pri- casion, I have to add, that so great soners from the enemy on the 5th was the desire of that meritorious of May 1813, at the battle fought officer to arrive at his post, and at the Miamis.

share in tlie arduous duties of the United States regulars--1 cap- army to wlrich he had been apa tain, 21 rank and file.

pointed, that he walked in snow shoes, in the depth of last winter, was employed on an arduous misa through the wilds lying between sion to colonel Proctor, when the Canadas and New Brunswick. the movement of the American In addition to colonel Vincent's army under general Harrison, report of the affair at Stoney Creek, towards the Detroit frontier, took I have the honour to inform your place in February last. He is, lordship, that the enemy made a therefore, well qualified to give movement to their rear, in conse, your lordship any information you quence of the attack of their camp, may require respecting the state of and retired to the Forty Mile affairs in the Canadas, and deservCreek, when sir James Yeo's ing of any mark of favour it may Aotilla had appeared in the of- graciously please his royal highfing.

ness the Prince Regent to confer The commodore, after commu. upon him. Captain M.Doual will nicating with colonel Vincent, pro- also have the honour of delivering ceeded with the reinforcements of to your lordship the colours taken troops I had put on board his from the enemy at Ogdensburg, vessels at Kingston, towards the that they may be laid at the feet of enemy's second camp, and when his royal highness the Prince. Rethe last intelligetice left him, his gent. squadron had so successfully can- I have the honour to be, &c. nonaded it, that the mass of the

GEORGE PREVOST. Americans were retreating with To the Right Hon. Earl Bathurst. precipitation, and our troops pressing upon them. Several of their

Burlington Heights, head of boats had fallen into our possession.

Lake Ontario, June 6, The attack made upon Sackett's

1813. harbour the 29th ultimo, which Sir;-Having yesterday received terminated in the destruction of information of the enemy having adthe naval stores accumulated at vanced from the Forty Mile Creek, that port, induced the enemy's with a force consisting of 3,500 men, fleet, to cease co-operating with eight or nine field pieces, and 250 the army, and to return suddenly cavalry, for the avowed purpose of into port, since which time com- attacking the division under my modore Chauncey has not ventured command in this position, and hav

ing soon afterwards received a reCaptain M‘Doual, my aide-de- port that he had passed the swamp, camp, will have the honour of de. and driven in my advanced posts livering to your lordship this dis- from Stoney Creek and Brady's, patch: he is an officer of great lieuto-colonel Harvey, deputy admerit and intelligence, and having jutant-general, immediately went been sent forward with instruc- forward with the light companies tions to colonel Vincent, had the of the king's and 49th regiments, good fortune to be present in the and having advanced close to, and last action, in which that division accurately ascertained the enemy's of the army so highly distinguished position, sent back to propose to itself: he was also at the attack me a night attack on his

camp. made on Sackett's harbour, and The enemy's camp was distant

upon the lake.


about seven miles. About balf-past I cannot conclude this dispatch eleven, I moved forwards with the without calling your attention to fifth company of the 8th (or king's) the following officers :and the 49th regiments, amount. To lieut.-colonel Harvey, the ing together to only seven hundred deputy adjutant-general, my obli. and four firelocks; lieut.-colonel gations are particularly due. From Harvey, who conducted it with the first moment the enemy's apgreat regularity and judgment, gal. proach was known, he watched his lantly led on the attack. The movements, and afforded me the enemy was completely surprised, earliest information. To him, inand driven from his camp, after deed, I am indebted for the sughaving repeatedly formed in differ- gestion and plan of operations : ent bodies, and been as often nothing could be more clear than charged by our brave troops, whose his arrangements, nor more com. conduct throughout this brilliant pletely successful in the result. enterprise was above all praise. The conduct of major PlenderThe action terminated before day- leath, who commanded the 49th light, when three guns, and one regiment, was very conspicuous. brass howitzer, with three tum- By his decision and prompt efforts, brils, two brigadier-generals, the surprise of the enemy's camp Chandler and Winder, first and was completed, and all his efforts second in comma

mand, and upwards to make a stand were rendered inof one hundred officers, non-com- effectual by the bayonet, which missioned officers, and privates, re- overthrew all opposition. A party mained in our hands.

of the 49th, with major Plendere Not conceiving it prudent to ex- leath at their head, gallantly charge pose our small force to the view of ed some of the enemy's fieldthe enemy, who, though routed pieces, and brought off two sixand dispersed, was still formidable pounders. as to numbers and position, he hav. Major Ogilvie led on, in tlie ing fled to the surrounding Heights, most gallant manner, the five comand having still four or five guns, panies of the king's regiment, and the troops were put in motion at whilst one-half of that highly disday-break, and marched back to tinguished corps supported the 49th their cantonments. After we had regiment, the other part moved to retired, and it had become broad the right and attacked the enemy's day, the enemy ventured to re-oc- left Alank, which decided our midcupy his camp, only, however, for night contest. the purpose of destroying his in- I have also received the greatest cumbrances, such as blankets, assistance from major Glegg, bricarriages, provisions, spare arms, gade major to the forces, and beg ammunition, &c. after which he leave to mention the names of commenced a precipitate retreat captains M.Donald and Milnes, towards the Forty Mile Creek, your excellency's aides-de-camp, where he effected å junction with who accompanied me to the ata body of 2,000 men, who were tack, and upon all occasions have on their march from Niagara to volunteered their services. I have reinforce him.

likewise to acknowledge the assist

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ance of captain Chambers, of the Return of American Prisoners of 41st regiment, who had arrived War, captured near Stoney Creek, some days before from Amherst- in the Action of the 6th instant, burg; and Mr. Brook, paymaster

Burlington Heights, of the 49th, who assisted me as

June 7, 1813. acting aide-de-camp.

2 brigadier-generals, 1 major, 5 To Mr. Hackett, acting staff- captains, 1 lieutenant, 116 nonsurgeon to this army, I feel parti- commissioned officers and privates. cularly indebted, for his judicious

N. B. Two of the six-pounders arrangements, by which the were spiked, and left on the wounded have received every at- ground in consequence of the imtention, and are most of them possibility of removing them. likely to be restored to the service.

It would be an act of injustice, From the London Gazette, Tuesday, were I to omit assuring your ex

June 15. cellency, that gallantry and disci- Admiralty Office, June 15. pline were never more conspicuous Copy of an inclosure to Vicethan during our short service; and Admiral Sir Edward Pellew, Bart. I feel the greatest satisfaction in as- His Majesty's ship Thames, suring you, that every officer and Ponza Harbour, Feb. 27, individual seemed anxious to rival

1813. each other in his efforts to support Sir;-Agreeable to your directhe honour of his majesty's arms, tions, I embarked lieutenant-coand to maintain the high character lonel Coffin, and the 2nd battalion of British troops.

of the 10th regiment, on the 16th I beg leave to refer your excel. instant, and arrived off Ponza on lency, to the enclosed reports, for the 23rd, the harbour of which is particulars respecting our loss, about a quarter of a mile wide, which, I regret, has been very with a mole at the extreme end of

it, defended by four batteries I have the honour to be, &c. mounting ten 24 and 18 pounders,

JOHN VINCENT. Brig-gen. and two nine-inch mortars. His Excellency, sir Geo.

Colonel Coffin and myself Prevost, &c.

agreed, that the shortest and surest

road to success, was by running General Return of Killed, Wounded, both ships into the mole, and car

and Missing, in Action with the rying the place by assault ; but the

Enemy near the Head of Lake weather was unfavourable for such :: Ontario, June 6, 1813.

an attack, until the morning of the Total.-1 lieutenant, 3. ser. 26th, when the ships bore up, in jeants, 19 rank and file, killed; close order with a fine breeze. 2 majors, 5 captains, 2 lieutenants, The enemy were prepared for our 1 ensign, 1 adjutant, 1 fort-major, reception, and opened their fire 9 serjeants, 2 drummers, 113 rank nearly half an hour before our guns and file, wounded ; 3 serjeants, 52 could bear : the batteries were, rank and file, missing.

however, passed with little injury,

the ships engaging on both sides, Vol. LV.



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