June, and having ascertained the and have moved through the result of the action of the 21st, mountains to the head of the Bistill remained in the neighbourhood dassoa, the enemy having entirely of Logrono on the 24th, and till retired into France on that side. late on the 25th, and had not I enclose the report which I marched for Tudela, as I had been have received from lieuto-general informed, when wrote my dis- sir T. Graham, of his actions with patch of the 24th ult.; I conceived, the enemy on the 24th and 25th therefore, that there was some of June, which appear to have prospect of intercepting his retreat; been more serious than I had ima. and after sending the light troops gined, when I addressed your lordtowards Roncesvalles in pursuit of ship on the 26th ult. the army under Joseph Buonaparte, General Foy had with him the I moved the light, 4th, 3rd, and garrison of Bilboa, and those of 7th divisions, and colonel Grant's Mondragon and Tolosa, besides and major-general Ponsonby's bri- his division of the army of Portugades of cavalry, towards Tudela, gal, and his force was considerable. and the 5th and 6th divisions, and It gives me great satisfaction to see the household and general D'Or that the Spanish and Portuguese ban's cavalry, from Vittoria to Sal- troops mentioned by sir T. Graham vatierra, towards Logrono, in have conducted themselves so hopes that I should be able to in- well. tercept general Clausel. He, The licutenant-general has con. however, made some extraordinary tinued to push on the enemy by forced marches followed by gen. the high road, and has dislodged Mina with his own cavalry, and them from all the strong positions the regiment of Spanish cavalry which they had taken; and yesunder the command of Don Julian terday a brigade of the army of Sanchez, and arrived at Tudela on Galicia, under the command of the evening of the 27th. He there general Castanos, attacked and crossed the Ebro, but the Alcade drove the enemy across the Bidashaving informed him that we were soa, by the bridge of Irun. The upon the road, he immediately re- enemy still maintained a post in a crossed, and marched towards Za- strong stone block-house, which ragossa,

where I understand served as a head to the bridge,and from general Mina, he has since some troops in some loopholed arrived.

houses on the right of the BidasGeneral Mina is still following soa: but general Giron having the enemy, and he has taken from sent for some Spanish artillery, him two pieces of cannon, and and captain Dubourdieu's brigade some stores in Tudela, and 200 of nine-pounders having been sent prisoners. Lieut.-general Clinton to their support, the fire of these has also taken possession of 'five guns obliged the enemy to evacuguns, which the enemy left at Lo- ate, and they blew up the blockgrono. In the mean time the house, and burnt the bridge. troops under the command of Sir Thomas Graham reports, lieutenant-general sir R. Hill have that in all these affairs the Spanish kept the blockade of Pamplona, troops have behaved remarkably


well, The garrison at Passages, . I am concerned to inform your consisting of 150 men, surrender lordship, that lieuto-general sir J. ed on the 30th, to the troops under Murray raised the siege of Tarracolonel Longa.

gona, I cannot say on what day, The enemy, on seeing some of and embarked his troops.

A great our ships off Deba, evacuated the proportion of the artillery and stores town and fort of Guetaria on the were left in the batteries. It ap1st instant, and the garrison went, pears that marshal Suchet, with a by sea, to St. Sebastian. This considerable body of troops, had place is blockaded by land, by a moved from Valencia by Tortosa, detachment of Spanish troops. and general Maurice Mathieu,

They have likewise evacuated with another corps, from the neighCastro, and the garrison have gone bourhood of Barcelona, for the purby sea to Santona.

pose of impeding sir John Murray's In my former reports, I have operations, which he did not think made your lordship acquainted himself sufficiently strong to conwith the progress of the army of tinue. I have not yet received reserve of Andalusia, under general from sir J. Murray the detailed acthe Conde de Abisbal, to join the count of these transactions; lieut.army, and he arrived at Burgos on general lord William Bentinck, the 25th and 26th ultimo.

however, who had joined and had When the enemy retired across taken the command of the army the Ebro, previous to the battle of at the Col de Balaguer, on the 17th, Vittoria, they left a garrison of had brought it back to Alicant, about 700 men in the castle of where he arrived himself on the Pancorbo, by which they com- 23rd, and was proceeding to carry manded, and rendered it impossible into execution my instructions. for us to use, the great communi- When marshal Suchet marched cation from Vittoria to Burgos; I into Catalonia, the Duke del Parque therefore, requested the conde del had advanced, and established his Abisbal, on his march to Miranda, head-quarters at San Felipe de to make himself master of the Xativa, and his troops on the Xutown, and lower works, and to car, where he still was on the blockade the place as closely as 24th. he could. I have not received the report of his first operations, but I

Tolosa, June 26, 1818: understand he carried : the town My lord ;-It was so late on and lower fort by assault on the the 23rd, when I received the order 28th ; and. I have now the pleasure to march by the Puerto St. Adrian to enclose his report of the final to Villa Franca, and the weather success of his operation, and the and the road were so extremely bad copy of the capitulation, by which that but a small part of the column the garrison have surrendered. could get over the mountain that

The decision and dispatch with day; and it was not till late on the which this place has been subdued 24ih, that I could move from Seare highly creditable to the conde gura on Villa Franca, with majordel Abisbal, and the officers and general Anson's brigade of light troops under his command.

dragoons, the light battalions of

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the King's German Legion, and Longa's, arrived in the course of the two Portuguese brigades, the the evening. rest of the troops not being yet The next morning (the 25th) come up.

the enemy evacuated Celequia: The rear of the enemy's column and as he had taken up a very was then just passing on the great strong position between that and road from Villa Real to Villa Toloso, covering the Pampeluna Franca, and he occupied in consia road, the Spanish corps of col. derable force some very strong Longa was marched by Alzo toground on the right of the great wards Lizarga, to turn his left; road, and of the river Oria, in while lieuto-gen. Mendizabel was front of the village of Olaverria, requested to dispatch some battaand about a mile and an half from lions from Aspeytia to turn his Villa Franca.

right, appuyed on a high mounMajor-general Bradford's bri- tain, with an inaccessible ravine in gade marched by Olaverria, and front. was employed to dislodge the ene- The enemy was driven from the my on the right, while the re- summit of an important hill, lying mainder of the troops advanced by between the Pampluna and Vito the Chaussée, defended by the toria roads, by a very skilful attack enemy's tirailleurs on the heights, of lieut.-col. Williams, with two and a strong body at the village of companies of the grenadiers of

a Veasayn.

the 1st regiment, and three of the : As the enemy reinforced the 4th Caçadores, belonging to gen. troops on the left, it became ne- Pack's brigade. The conduct of cessary to push on by the Chaussée, lieut. Queiros, and of ensign Vaswhich was done by the light batta- concelles, of the 4th Caçadores, lion under col. Halkett, assisted was distinguished on this occasion, and Aanked by some companies The latter officer lost an eye by a of major-gen. Pack's Portuguese musket-shot. brigade; and this service was per- This hill was immediately occuformed, in the most gallant style, pied by major-gen. Bradford's briby these brave troops, who drove gade, supported by the three line the enemy from the village of Vea- battalions of the King's German sayn. The enemy having troops Legion. The rest of the day was ready.posted on the succession of chiefly spent in skirmishing with strong heights on each side of the the enemy's tirailleurs, to give time deep valley, at the bottom of which for the Spanish corps arriving at the road runs, a considerable time their destination. became necessary to turn his flanks, A general attack began between during which he evacuated Villa six and seven in the evening. Two Franca without further dispute. guns of capt. Ramsay's troop, and

The Portuguese brigades on the two nine-pounders of capt. Duright and left of the valley, pushed bourdieu's, under an escort of capt. on their advance to Yehasurido, Childer's troop of 16th light dra. and the troops assembled at Villa goons, and of the advance of col. Franca. Here likewise the head Halkett's light battalions, were of gen. Giron's corps, and all col. brought rapidly forward on the

, Vol. LV.

Chaussée, and fired with effect creditable, that of the line battaagainst several formed bodies of the lions on the Pampeluna road, and enemy in the plain near the town; of the light battalions at the Vitwhile the column, consisting of Ger. toria gate, was such as was to be man light battalions, the brigade of expected from these distinguished guards, and a Spanish division of corps; and the column of the left, general Giron's, continued to ad- did equal honour to the Spanish vance by the Chaussée.

and Portuguese arms. Two Spanish battalions, and one Colonel Longa's corps, after a Portuguese, forming a separate repetition of long and severe column on the left of the Chaussée, marches, undertook and executed, passed quickly on the left of the with the greatest spirit, the fatiguetown.

ing duty of this day, and behaved General Bradford and the line in the most gallant manner. The battalions of the Germans driving battalions sent from Arpeyton by in the enemy on their front, by lieut.-general Mendizabel' repulsthe Pampeluna road, and colonel ed, with great steadiness, an atLonga from the side of the moun- tack of the enemy, and aftertains still more on the right, turn- wards pursued him down from the ing and forcing from very strong mountains, taking a good many positions, all the posted bodies of prisoners. the enemy on the right of the I have not got the return, but I town.

believe about two hundred prisonStill the enemy held possession ers were taken by the two Spanish of the town, which was much corps, and many wounded men more capable of defence than had were left here. The enemy's loss been represented.

in killed, too, must have been conThe Vittoria gate was barrica- siderable. doed, and also the Pampeluna gate This place has, besides the deon the bridge; and both were fences at the gates, new towers to flanked by convents and other flank the exterior wall, and a large buildings occupied by the strong wood block-house in the enemy, and the town was no where square, which shows the importopen." A nine-pounder was there ance the enemy attached to its ocfore brought up under cover of the cupation. fire of the light battalion, close to It would be unjust to the troops the gate, which was thus burst employed in this assault, not to open.

mention their exemplary conduct It was now dark, and it was im- when in possession; there was no possible to distinguish the troops excess committed. The German of the different nations engaged, legion and colonel Longa's corps which gave the enemy, now flying passed on, and formed immediately from every point, an opportunity of beyond the town. escaping with much less loss than I have the honour to enclose a he must have suffered, had we had return of the killed and wounded day-light.

of the British and Portuguese in The conduct of all the troops these two days, which, considering concerned in this attack was highly the nature of the service, could not have been expected to be less than ed upon this service performed their considerable.

duty with a steadiness and valour The Spaniards lost several offi- deserving every praise; and the cers and wounded yesterday, but I enemy could no longer procure have not any return of them. their water without imminent risk. I have the honour to be, &c. Taking advantage of this circum(Signed) T. GRAHAM, stance, I ordered several numerous

Lieut.-General. detachments to establish themThe Marquis of Wellington, &c. selves as near the wall as possible,

and out of the range of the eneSanta Marta de Cubo, my's guns. A quantity of ladders,

July 1, 1813. and other necessary implements, Sir ;-On the 29th of June last; were procured, for attacking the I had the honour to acquaint you, castle; but being anxious to adopt for the information of his excellen- every necessary step for economizcy the general-in-chief of the na- ing the lives of my men, I hinted tional armies, that the Caçadores a second time to the governor to and grenadiers of the first brigade surrender, which he consented to of the first division of this army had accede to, under condition of being assaulted and taken the fort of carried back to France with his Santa de Pancorbo. I bave now garrison; but he yielded at last, the satisfaction of acquainting you, upon my refusing to admit this that at eight o'clock this morning, condition, and threatening to take the castle of Santa Engracia, or the place by storm.

The sucprincipal fort of Pancorbo, surren- cessful result of this business is not dered by capitulation. The garri- a little owing to the intelligence sou consisted of 650 men; they bad and judgment which my aide-deprovisions for several days, no very camp, lieut.-colonel Jozé Maria great quantity of water, and that Reyna displayed during the course not of a good quality. There were of his conferences with the goverfound in the castle twenty pieces nor. The result of the lieutenant. of cannon, of a calibre from 16 to colonel's negociation has proved of 4 pounds, many gun-carriages, and no little advantage to us. a sufficient quantity of ammuni- During the space of 24 hours, ai tion for a regular defence. The battery for six pieces had been congarrison surrendered under the en- structed on the summit of the hill, closed articles of capitulation, and by the indefatigable exertions of will march to-morrow morning for the sappers of the army (and se. Burgos.

veral peasants), under the direction From the 28th, the day on which of the commandant-general of the the fort of Santa Marta was taken, engineers, marshal de Campo Don I had posted the sharp-shooters in Manuel Japino; and six pieces of the vicinity of the walls of the fort, cannon, which had been collectand, by blockading it most vigored by the colonel, major-general ously, I cut off all communication of the artillery, Dón Matias with the spring from which they Ferraz, were got upon the hill provided themselves with water.

with the greatest activity, under The different detachments employ- the direction of the colonel, who

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