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cessary to add much to his narra- and the battle began, both ships tive; but I cannot forbear express- steering full under the topsails ; ing the pleasure I feel in bearing after exchanging between two and testimony to the indefatigable exer- three broadsides, the enemy's ship tions, and persevering zeal of capt. fell on board of us, her“ mizen Broke during the time he has channels locking in with our forebeen under my orders : placing a rigging. I went forward ascerfirm reliance on the valour of his tain her position, and observing officers and crew, and a just con that the enemy were finching fidence in his system of discipline, from their guns, I gave orders to

I he sought every opportunity of prepare for boarding. Our gallant meeting the enemy on fair terms; bands appointed to that service imand I have to rejoice with his mediately rushed in, under their country and

his friends, at respective officers, upon the enethe glorious result of this con- my's decks, driving every thing test: he gallantly headed his before them with irresistible fury. boarders in the assault, and carried The enemy made a desperate but all before him. His wounds are disorderly resistance. The firing severe, but I trust his country will continued at all the gangways, and not be long deprived of his ser. between the tops, but in two vices.

minutes' time the enemy were I have the honour to be, &c. driven sword in hand from every

THOMAS BLADEN Capel, post. The American flag was Capt. ánd senior officer at Halifax. hauled down, and the proud old

British Union floated triumphShannon, Halifax, June 6, 1813. ant over it. In another minute

Sir ;--I have the honour to in- they ceased firing from below, and form you, that being close in with called for quarter. The whole of Boston Light House, in his Ma- this service was achieved in fifteen jesty's ship under my command, minutes from the commencement on the 1st inst. I had the pleasure of the action. of seeing that the United States I have to lament the loss of many frigate Chesapeake (whom we had of my gallant shipmates, but they long been watching) was coming fell exulting in their conquest. out of the harbour to engage the My brave first lieutenant, Mr. Shannon; I took a position be- Watt, was slain in the moment of tween Cape Ann and Cape Cod, victory, in the act of hoisting the and then hove-to for him to join British colours; his death is a us; the enemy came down in a severe loss to the service. Mr. very handsome manner, having Aldham, the purser, who had three American ensigns flying; spiritedly volunteered the charge when closing with us, he sent of a party of small-arm men, down his royal yards. I kept the was killed at his post on the Shannon's up, expecting the breeze gangway. My faithful old clerk, would die away. At half-past five Mr. Dunn, was shot by bis side. pom. the enemy hauled up, within Mr. Aldham has left a widow to hail of us on the starboard side, lament his losg. I request the commander-in-chief will recommend master, I am much indebted, for her to the protection of the lords the steadiness in which he conn'd commissioners of the Admiralty. the ship into action. The lieuts. My veteran boatswain, Mr. Ste. Johns and Law, of the marines, phens, has lost an arm. He fought bravely boarded at the head of their under lord Rodney on the 12th of respective divisions. It is imposApril. I trust bis age and services sible to particularize every brilliant will be duly rewarded.

deed performed by my officers and I am happy to say that Mr. Sam- men ; but I must mention, when well, a midshipman of much merit, the ships' yard-arms were locked is the only other officer wounded together, that Mr. Cosnahan, who besides myself

, and he not danger- commanded in our main-top, find ously. Of my gallant seamen and ing himself screened from the enemarines we had twenty-three slain my by the foot of the topsail, laid and fifty-six wounded. I subjoin the out at the main-yard-arm to fire names of the former. No expres- upon them, and shot three men in sions I can make use of can do jus- that situation. Mr. Smith, who tice to the inerits of my valiant offi- commanded in our fore-top, stormcersand crew; the calm courage they ed the enemy's fore-top from the displayed during the cannonade,and fore-yard-arm, and destroyed all the tremendous precision of their the Americans remaining in it. I fire, could only be equalled by the particularly beg leave to recomardour with which they rushed to mend Mr. Etough, the acting the assault. I recommend them master, and Messrs. Smith, Leake, all warmly to the protection of the Clavering, Raymond, and Littlecommander-in-chief. Having re- John, midshipmen. This latter ceived a severe sabre wound at the officer is the son of capt. Littlefirst onset, whilst charging a part John, who was slain in the Berwick, of the enemy who had rallied The loss of the enemy was about on their forecastle, I was only 70 killed, and 100 wounded, capable of giving command till as. Among the former were the four sured our conquest was complete, lieutenants, a lieutenant of marines, and then directing second lieut. the master and many other officers, Wallis to take charge of the Shan- Captain Laurence is since dead of non, and secure the prisoners, I his wounds. left the third lieutenant, Mr. Falki. The enemy came into action ner (who had headed the main. with a complement of four hundred deck boarders) in charge of the and forty men; the Shannon havprize. I beg to recommend these ing picked up some recaptured officers most strongly to the com- seamen, had three hundred and mander-in-chief's patronage, for thirty. The Chesapeake is a fine the gallantry they displayed during frigate, and mounts forty-nine guns, the action, and the skill and judga eighteens on her main deck, two ment they evinced in the anxious and thirties on her quarter-deck duties which afterwards devolved and forecastle. Both ships came

out of action in the most beautiful To Mr. Etough, the acting order, their rigging appearing as

upon them.

perfect as if they had only been gun-boats, I considered, in conseexchanging a salute:

quence of the representation of I have the honour to be, &c. the officer commanding the troops,

(Signed) P. B. V. BROKE. of the difficulty of their passing To Captain the Hon. T. Bladen over from the land, that the perseCapel, &c. Halifax.

vering in the attempt would cost more men than the number with us would permit, as the other forts

must have been stormed before the Admiralty Office, August 14. frigate and dock-yard could be Dispatches of which the follow- destroyed; I therefore ordered the ing are copies, have been received troops to be re-embarked. at this office from admiral the

I am happy to say, that the loss right hon, sir J. B. Warren, bart. in the above affair (returns of and K. B. commander in chief of which are enclosed) has not been his majesty's ships and vessels on considerable, and only two boats the American and West Indian sunk. I have to regret, that capt. station, addressed to J. W. Croker, Hanchett, of his majesty's ship esq.

Diadem, who volunteered his ser

vices, and led the division of boats San Domingo, Hampton-ruads, with great gallantry, was severely

Chesapeake, June 24. wounded by a ball in the thigh. Sir ;-I request you will inform The officers and men behaved their lordships, that, from the infor- with much bravery, and if it had mation received of the enemy's for- been possible to have got at the tifying Craney Island, and it being enemy, I am persuaded would have necessary to obtain possession of soon gained the place. that place, to enable the light ships have the honour to be, &c. and vessels to proceed up the nar

John BORLASE WARREN. row channel towards Norfolk, to J. W. Croker, esq. transport the troops over on that side for them to attack the new fort *A general return of killed, wounded, and lines, in the rear of which the and missing of the officers, nonConstellation frigate was anchored, commissioned officers, drummers, I directed the troops under sir - 'and rank and file, in the affair, Sydney Beckwith to be landed with the enemy, near Craney upon the continent, within the

Island, June 22. nearest point to that place, and Total.-3 killed-8 wounded a reinforcement of seamen and 52 missing. marines from the ships; but, upon approaching the island, from

San Domingo, Hampton the extreme shoalness of the

Roads, June 27. water on the sea-side, and the Sir ;-I request you will inform difficulty of getting across from the their lordships, that the enemy havland, as well as the island itself ing a post at Hampton, defended by being fortified with a number of a considerable corps, commanding guns and men from the frigate and the communication between the the militia, and flanked by fifteen apper part of the country and



Norfolk, I considered it advisable, my in town and camp at Hampand with a view to cut off their ton, the troops under my comresources, to direct it to be attack- mand were put into light sailing ed by the troops composing the vessels and boats during the night flying corps attached to this squad- of the 25th instant, and by the exron; and having instructed rear cellent arrangements of rear-adadmiral Cockburn to conduct the miral Cockburn, who was pleased naval part of the expedition, and in person to superintend the adplaced' captain Pechell, with the vance, under lieut.-colonel Na. Mohawk sloop and launches, as a pier, consisting of the 102nd regicovering force, under his orders, ment, two companies of Canadian the troops were disembarked with chasseurs, three companies of mathe greatest zeal and alacrity, rines from the squadron, with two

Sir S. Beckwith, commanding six-pounders from the royal marines the 'troops, having most ably at- artillery, were landed half an hour tacked and defeated the enemy's before day-light the next morning, force, and took their guns, colours, about two miles to the westward and camp, I refer their lordships to of the town, and the royal marine the quarter-master-general's report battalions, under lieut..colonel (which is enclosed), and that will Williams were brought on shore explain the gallantry and behaviour so expeditiously, that the column of the several officers and men em- was speedily enabled to move for. ployed on this occasion, and I trust ward. will entitle them to the favour of With a view to turn the enemy's his royal highness the Prince position, our march was directed Regent, and the approbation of the towards the great road, leading Lords Commissioners of the Ad from the country into the rear of miralty.

the town: whilst the troops moved Sir Sydney Beckwith having re- off in this direction, rear-admiral ported to me that the defences of Cockburn, to engage the enemy's the town were entirely destroyed, attention, ordered the armed and the enemy completely dispersed launches and rocket boats to comin the neighbourhood, I ordered mence a fire upon their batteries ; the troops to be re-embarked, this succeeded so completely, that which was performed with the ut- the head of our advanced guard most good order by the several had cleared a wood, and were officers of the squadron, under the already on the enemy's flank be. orders of rear-admiral Cockburn. fore our approach was perceived ; I have, &c.

they then moved from their camp John B. WARREN. to their position in rear of the town, J. W. Croker, esq.

and here they were vigorously at

tacked by lieut.-colonel Napier, His Majesty's ship San Do- and the advance; unable to stand

mingo, Hampton Roads, which, they continued their march June 28.

to the rear of the town, when Sir ;-I have the honour to re- a detachment, under lieut.-col. port to you, that in compliance Williams, conducted by captain with your orders to attack the ene- Powell, assistant quarter-mastergeneral, pushed through the town, travelling carriages, 3 six-pounder and forced their way across a bridge guns on travelling carriages, with of planks into the enemy's en. limbers, and a proportion of amcampment, of which, and the bat- munition for each of the above cateries, immediate possession was libres ; 3 covered waggons and gained. In the mean time some their horses. artillerymen stormed and took the A Return of the Killed, Wounded, enemy's remaining field-piece. and Missing at Hampton, 26th

Enclosed I have the honour to June, 1813. transmit a return of ordnance taken.

Total-5 killed; 33 wounded; Lieutenant-col. Williams will have 10 missing. the honour of delivering to you a stand of colours of the 68th regi. ment, James City light infantry,

London Gazette Extraordinary, and one of the 1st battalion 85th

Aug. 16, 1813. regiment. The exact numbers of

WAR DEPARTMENT. the enemy it is difficult to ascer

Downing.street, Aug. 16. tain. From the woody country, His Serene Highness the hereand the strength of their position, ditary Prince of Orange has arrived our troops have sustained some at this office with dispatches adloss ; that of the enemy was very dressed to earl Bathurst, by field considerable: every exertion was marshal the marquis of Wellingmade to collect the wounded Ame- ton, of which the following are ricans, who were attended by a copies :surgeon of their own, and by the San Estevan, August 1, 1813. British surgeons, who performed My Lord;

Two practical amputations on such as required it, breaches having been effected at and afforded every assistance in San Sebastian on the 24th of July, their power; the dead bodies of orders were given that they should such as could be collected were also be attacked on the morning of the carefully buried.

25th. I am concerned to have to I beg leave on this occasion to report that this attempt to obtain express the obligations I owe to possession of the place, failed, and lieutenant-colonel Napier and that our loss was very considerlieutenant-colonel Williams, for able. their kind and able assistance, to Marshal Soult had been apmajor Malcolm, and captain Smith, pointed Lieutenant de l'Empereur, and all the officers and men, whose and commander-in-chief of the zeal and spirited conduct eotitle French armies in Spain, and the them to my best acknowledgments. southern provinces of France, by I have the honour to be, &c. a Decreto Imperial on the 1st of

SYDNEY BECKWITH. July, and he joined and took the

Quarter. Master-General. command of the army on the 13th Right Hon. J. B. WARREN, of July, which having been joined K. B., &c.

nearly about the same time by the Return of Ordnance Stores taken in corps which had been in Spain

Hampton, on the 25th of June. under the command of general Four twelve-pounder guns on Clauzel, and by other reinforce

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