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neral' Villatte, which remained in ment in the attack of the moun-
front of our troops on the great tain on the 30th.
road from Irun.

I beg to draw your lordship's This attempt has been entirely attention, likewise, to the valuable frustrated by the operations of a assistance I received, throughout part only of the allied army, and these operations, from lieutenant. the enemy have sustained a defeat general sir Rowland Hill, from and suffered a severe loss in both lieutenant-general the earl of officers and men.

Dalhousie, and sir Thomas Picton, The enemy's expectations of suc. in those of the 30th and 31st of cess, beyond the point of raising July. the blockade of Pamplona, were

To the Conde del Abisbal also I certainly, very sanguine. They am indebted for every assistance it brought into Spain a large body of was in his power to give, concavalry, and a great number of sistently with his attention to the guns, neither of which arms could blockade. I have already menbe used to any great extent by tioned the conduct of the regiments either party in the battle which of Pravia and El Principe, belongtook place. They sent off the guns ing to the army of reserve of Andato St. Jean de Pied de Port on Jusia, in a most trying situation ; the evening of the 28th, which and the whole corps appeared anihave thus returned to France in mated by the same zealous spirit safety.

which pervaded all the troops in The detail of the operations will that position. show your lordship how much rea- Marshal sir William Beresford son I have to be satisfied with the was with me throughout these opecondact of all the general officers, rations, and I received from him all officers, and troops. It is impos- the assistance which his talents so sible to describe the enthusiastic well qualify him to afford me. The bravery of the fourth division; and good conduct of the Portuguese I was much indebted to lieute- officers and troops in all the operanant-general sir' Lowry Cole, for tions of the present campaign, and the manner in which he direct- the spirit which they show on every ed their operations; to major- occasion, are not less honourable to general Anson, major-general that nation, than they are to the Ross, major-general Byng, and military character of the officer, brigadier-general Campbell, of who, by his judicious measures, the Portuguese service. All the has re-established discipline and officers commanding, and the offi. revived a military spirit in the cers of the regiments, were re- army. markable for their gallantry; but I have again to draw your lordI particularly observed lieutenant- ship's attention to the valuable ascolonel O'Toole, of the 7th Ca- sistance I received throughout these çadores, in the charge upon the operations from the Quarter-masenemy on our left, on the 28th, ter-general major-gencral Mura and captain Joaquim Telles Jur- tay, and the adjutant-general dao, of the 11th Portuguese regi- major-general Pakenham, and the

officers of those departments re- general Pringle who commanded spectively; and from lieutenant- when the attack commenced, had colonel lord Fitzroy Somerset, ordered them to retire towards lieutenant-colonel Campbell, and Maya; and when lieutenant-gethe officers of my personal staff. neral Stewart came up, he ordered

Although our wounded are nu. that they might return, and retire merous, I am happy to say, that the by the mountain road to Elizondo, cases in general are slight; and I In the mean time the enemy were have great pleasure in reporting to in possession of the pass, and the your lordship, that the utmost at- communication with that road was iention has been paid to them by lost and they could not reach it. the inspector of hospitals, Dr. I enclose returns of the loss beM'Gregor, and by the officers of fore San Sebastian, from the 7th the department under his direc- to the 27th of July; and returns tions.

of the killed, wounded, and missAdverting to the extent and na-ing in the operations from the 25th ture of our operations, and the dif- ultimo to the 1st instant. ficulties of our communications at times, I have reason to be ex

Lezaca, August, 4th, 1813. tremely well satisfied with the zeal My lord ; - The prince of and exertions of sir Robert Ken Orange having been detained till nedy, the commissary-general, and this day for the returns, I have to the officers of his department, inform your lordship, that the throughout the campaign, which enemy still continued posted in the upon the whole have been more morning of the 2nd with a force of successful in supplying the troops two divisions on the Puerto de than could have been expected. Echalar, and nearly the whole

I transmit this dispatch to your army behind the Puerto, when the lordship by his serene highness the 4th, 7th, and light divisions adhereditary prince of Orange who is vanced by the valley of the Bidasperfectly well acquainted with all şoa to the frontier, and I had dethat has passed, and with the situa- termined to dislodge them by a tion of the army; and will be able combined attack and movement of to inform your lordship. of many the three divisions. details relating to this series of The seventh division, however, operations, for which a dispatch having crossed the mountains from does not afford scope. His high- Sumbilla, and having necessarily ness had a horse shot under him preceded the arrival of the 4th, in the battle near Sorauren on the major-general Barnes's brigade was 28th of July.

formed for the attack, and ad. I have the honour to be, &c. vanced, before the fourth and light

(Signed) WELLINGTON. divisions could co-operate, with a I have omitted to inform your regularity and gallantry which I lordship in the body of the dis, have seldom seen , equalled, and patch, that the troops in the Puerto actually drove the two divisions of de Maya lost their four Portuguese the enemy,notwithstanding the reguns on the 25th of July. Major, sistance opposed to them,from those formidable heights. It is impossi- of July; and he was making prepable that I can extol too highly the rations to cross the Ebro. conduct of major-general Barnes, I have, &c. and these brave troops, which was

(Signed) WELLINGTON. the admiration of all who were P. S. I enclose a return of the witnesses of it.

killed and wounded in the attack Major-general Kempt's brigade of the enemy's position on the 2nd of the light division, likewise drove instant. a very considerable force from the

Ernani, July 27, 1813. rock which forms the left of the My lord ;— The attack of the Puerto.

breach in the line wall on the left There is now no enemy in the Aank of San Sebastian's took place field, within this part of the Spanish on the morning of the 25th, when frontier.

the fall of the tide left the foot of I have the honour to enclose the wall dry, which was soon after lieutenant-general sir Thomas Gra- day-light. I am sorry to say, that ham's report of the assault of San notwithstanding the distinguished Sebastian.

gallantry of the troops employed, While the troops were engaged some of whom did force their way in the neighbourhood of Pamp- into the town, the attack did not lona, as reported in my dispatch of succeed. The enemy occupied in the 1st instant, brigadier-general force all the defences of the place Longa occupied with his division which looked that way, and from this part of the Bidassoa, including which, and from all round the the town of Vera. That part of breach, they were enabled to bring the enemy's army which had been so destructive a fire of grape and left in observation of the allied musketry, flanking and enfilading troops on the great road from Irun, the column, and to throw over so attacked him on the 28th, but were many hand-grenades on the troops, repulsed with considerable loss. that it became necessary to desist

I have great pleasure in reporting from the assault. the good conduct of these troops on The loss sustained was therefore all occasions : and likewise of a bat- severe,especially by the thirdbattatalion of Spanish Caçadores, in ge- lion RoyalScots, the leading one of neral Barcena's division of the Gal-major-gen. Hay's brigade, which lician army, which had been sent being on duty in the trenches, formto the bridge of Yansi, on the ed the column of attack; majorenemy's retreat on the 1st instant,' general Sprye's Portuguese briwhich it held against very superior gade, that of major-general Ronumbers during a great part of binson, and the 4th Caçadores of the day.

brigadier-general Wilson's being Nothing of importance has oc- in reserve, in the trenches: the curred in Arragon since my dis- whole under the direction of majorpatch of the 13th July.

general Oswald, commanding 5th I have a report from lieute- division. nant-general lord William Ben.. Though this attack has failed, tinck, from Binaroz, on the 21st, it would be great injustice not to

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assure your lordship, that the commanding his majesty's ships on troops conducted themselves with this coast, and of all the officers and their usual gallantry, and only re- seamen of the squadron employed tired, when I thought a further

on shore. perseverance in the attack would No exertion that could be afford have occasioned an useless sacrifice ed was wanting ; and lieutenantof brave men. Major-general Hay, colonel Dickson has represented major Frazer, colonel the hon. C. F. to me, in the strongest terms, the Greville, and colonel Cameron, steady and gallant conduct of a decommanding the Royal Scots, 38th tachment of seamen in the batand 9th regiments, greatly distin- teries, under the command of lieuguished themselves. Major Frazer tenant O'Reilly (first lieutenant of lost his life on the breach, with his majesty's ship Surveillante), and many of his brave comrades. of their exemplary behaviour while

The conduct, throughout the on shore. I beg, too, to mention whole of the operations of the siege Mr. Digby Marsh, master's mate, hitherto, of the officers and men of acting as lieutenant in the batteries, the royal artillery and engineers, after lieutenant Dunlop was severely never was exceeded in indefatige wounded. able zeal, activity, and gallantry;

I have the honour to be, &c. and I beg to mention particularly (Signed) T. GRAHAM. to your lordship, lieutenant-colo- To Field-Marshal the Marquis nels Dickson, Fraser, and May,

of WELLINGTON, K. G. and major Webber Smyth, of the royal artillery ; lieutenant-colonel sir R. Fletcher, lieutenant-co- London Gazette Extraordinary, lonel Burgoyne, and majors Elli.

Sept 14, 1813. combe, and c. F. Smith, of the

WAR DEPARTMENT. royal engineers.

Downing-street, Sept. 14, 1813. The three officers of this corps, Major Hare has arrived at this employed to conduct different parts office with dispatches addressed to of the columns of attack, behaved earl Bathurst, by field-marshal the admirably, but suffered severely. marquis of Wellington, of which Captain Lewis has lost his leg; the following are copies :lieutenant Jones was wounded in Letaca, Sept. 2nd, 1813. the breach, and taken; and lieu- My lord ;-The fire against tenant Machell, after his return, the fort of San Sebastian was openwas killed in the trenches.

ed on the 26th of August, and I beg, too, to recommend to directed against the towers which your lordship, lieutenant Camp- flanked the curtain on the eastern bell, of the 9th, who led the face, against the demy-bastion on forlorn hope, and who was the south-eastern angle, and the severely wounded on the breach. I termination of the curtain of the have the greatest satisfaction, too, southern face. Lieutenant-genera in assuring your lordship of the sir T. Graham had directed that most cordial support and assistance, an establishment should be formed afforded by sir George Collier, on the island of Santa Clara, which


was effected on the night of the ty's officers and troops, under the 26th; and the enemy's detach- most trying difficulties. ment on that island were made All reports concur in praise of prisoners. Captain Cameron, of the conduct of the detachment from the 9th, had the command of the the 10th Portuguese brigade, undetachment which effected this der major Snodgrass, which crossoperation, and sir Thomas Graham ed the river Urumea, and stormed particularly applauds his conduct, the breach on the right, under all and that of captain Henderson, of the fire which could be directed the royal engineers.

upon them from the castle and The conduct of lieut. the hon. town. James Arbuthnot, of the royal The garrison retired to the navy, who commanded the boats, castle, leaving about 270 prisoners was highly meritorious, as like. in our hands; and I hope that I wise that of lieut. Bell of the royal shall soon have the pleasure to inmarines.

form your lordship that we have All that it was deemed practi- possession of that post. cable to carry into execution, in Since the fire against St. Sebasorder to facilitate the approach to tian had been recommenced, the the breaches before made in the enemy had drawn the greatest part wall of the town, having been of their force to the camp of effected on the 30th of August, Urogne, and there was every reaand apother breach having been son to believe, that they would made at the termination of the make an attempt to relieve the curtain, the place was stormed at place. 11 o'clock in the day of the 31st, Three divisions of the 4th Spaand carried. The loss on our side nish army, commanded by general has been severe. Lieut-gen. sir Don Manuel Freyre, occupied the James Leith, who had joined the heights of San Marcial, and the army only two days betore, and town of Irun, by which the apmajor-generals Oswald and Robin. proach to St. Sebastian, by the son were unfortunately wounded in high road, was covered and prothe breach ; and col. sir Richard tected, and they were supported by Fletcher, of the royal engineers, the 1st division of British infantry, was killed by a musket-ball at the under major-general Howard, and mouth of the trenches. In this major-general lord Aylmer's briofficer, and in lieutenant-colonel gade, on their left, and in the rear Crawford of the 9th regiment, his of Irun; and by gen. Longa's divimajesty's service has sustained a' sion encamped near the Sierra de serious loss.

Aya, in rear of their right. In I have the honour to enclose order to secure them still

further, lieutenant-general sir Thomas I moved two brigades of the 4th

Graham's report of this operation, division, on the goth, to the conin which your lordship will. ob- vent of San Antonio, one of which Serve, with pleasure, another dise (gen. Ross's), under lieutenanttinguished instance of the gallan- general the hon. sir Lowry Cole, try and perseverance of his majes- moved up the same day to the

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