Preparing for the press, an Histo- tions, and will be submitted for a short rical and descriptive account of the time to public view, Inquisition, as it has subsisted in dif In the press. The Rev. William ferent countries, abridged from the Bingley, F.L.$. has nearly ready for elaborate work of Philip Limborck, publication, a work in three volumes Professor of Divinity at Amsterdam, 12mo. entitled "Useful Kuowledge; and continued by extracts from subsea or a familiar account of the various quent writers, political reflections on productions, mineral, vegetable, and its revival in Spain, and an Historical animal, which are chiefly employed Survey of the Christian Church from for the use of Man.” It is the obo the earliest ages. In one volume oc ject of this work, which will be illustavo, with engravings.

trated by numerous figures, to comThe author of the Philosophy of prize an account of the places whence, Nature, has in the press, Amusements and the manner in which the most in Solitule, or the Influence of Science, important articles of life are procured; Literature, and the liberal Arts, on the the various modes adopted in preconduct and happiness of private paring them for use, and the peculiar Life,

purposes to which they are respectively M. Santagnello has nearly ready for applicable. The arrangement is such publication a work on an entire new as to comprise the minerals in the first, plan, entitled Italian Phraseology, in the vegetables in the second, and the tended to serve as a companion to all animals in the third volume. grammars. It will contain a collection Mr. Johu Weyland, Jun. is about to of the most useful Phrases, with their publish in an 8vo. volume. “The various constructions explained by a Principle of Population as affected by new method; a Series of Questions and the progress of Society, with a view Answers for the use of Travellers, a to moral and political consequences.” Collection of Proverbs, and a copious The second edition of Mr. Cootle's glossary of the most difficult words that poem of Alfred having been out of occur in conversation.

print some years, a third edition, The religious world-will learn with revised, is in the press, which will satisfaction, that there is at this time in contain numerous notes, illustrative of the course of preparation, a very fine the poem, and of the Saxon Era. painting of the Scite of Ancient Jeru Mr. Jamieson, Author of the Treasalem, and the surrounding Country, tise on the Construction of Maps, is as seen from the Mount of Olives at about to put to the press, a work on this period. This picture is from the Land Surveying and Topography, pencil of an Artist of acknowledged founded on principles strictly scientific, talent and respectability, and is exe and extensively applicable in all the cuted from the original drawings of his branches of the Practical Surveyor's bu.' Son, who travelled in the East four siness. years ago. The picture is painted in Shortly will be published by Booth oil, upon canvas, one hundred and thirty and Co. in one volume 8vo. Price feet in breadth, by eighteen feet in 8s. à Concise System of Self Goheight. It is painted preparatory to vernment, on Scriptural and Rational the opening a Subscription for the pub:: Principles, by the Rev. J. Edmondson, lication of a Series of Engravings from Author of a volume of Short Sermons the Painting, with appropriate descrip- on Important Subjects.



BIOGRAPHY. Direetions, for preparing Manure from The Life of James the Second, King Peat; and Instructions for Foresters. of England, &c. collected out of Mew 8vo. 2s. 6d.

moirs writ of his own Hand, together *** The Directions for preparing ? with the King's Advice to his Son, and Manure from Peat, may be had sepa-' his Majesty's Will. Published by comrate. Is. 6d.

mand of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, from the original Stuart Manu- signed as an Introduction to Eutropias scripts which had been carefully pre- and Phædrus. 12.no. 2s. 6d. bound, served at Rome in the Family of the An Introduction to Latin Reading ; Pretender, and are now deposited in taken from the most approved Classical Carlton House. By the Rev. J. S. Authors, arranged in progressive Lege Clarke, LL. B. F.R.S. Historiographer sons from the more easy to the more to the King, Chaplain to the House difficult Rules in Syntax, according to hold, and Librarian to the Prince the Elon Latin Grammar and RuddiRegent. 2 vols. 4to. 61. 6s. boards. mau's Rudiments --Adapted to the This work comprises the History of weakest capacity, by a Preparation of Great Britain and France, from the all the Lessons in Quantity, Etymo. latter part of the Reign of Charles logy, and Syntax. By William Balthe 1st, to the close of King William's lantine, Master of South Crescent Reign.

Academy, Store-street, Bedford-square,

12mo. 3s. 6d. bound. BIBLICAL LITERATURE.

Juvenile Pieces, in Prose and Verse, Greek Testament, from Griesbach's with Lessons for Spelling, and all the Text, with notes from Hardy, Raphel,

difficult Words in the Reading Lessons Kypke, Schleusner, Rosenmüller, &c. alphabetically arranged, with their By the Rev. Edward Valpy, B.D. Orthoepy in the opposite Column. In Master of Norwich School. 3 vols. the Reading Lessons is introduced a 8vo. 21. 125. 6d. Jarge paper 41.

new and simple Mark, intended to

supply the Defects of the common EDUCATION AND SCHOOL BOOKS. Punctuation. By William Angus, A.M.

Teacher of English, 12mo, 2s. bound. A new and improved edition of Dr.

Dedicated, by Permission, to H. R. H. Olinthus Gregory's Astronomical and the Princess Elizabeth. Symbolic Il.. Philosophical Lessous, for the use of lustrations of the History of England, Schools. 12mo. 5s. bds.

from the Roman Invasion to the Ovidii Metamorphoses Selectæ, et in present Time, accompanied with a usum Scholarum expurgatæ; cum no Narrative of the principal Events; detis Anglicis. . By the Rev. C. Bradley,

signed more particularly for the InA.M. 48. 6d. bd.

struction of Young Persons. By Mary A Selection of Æsop's Fables, with Anne Rundall, of Bath. Author of the Eoglish Notes. To which are added,

Grammar of Sacred History. 4to. 2). 2s. some English Fables, to be translated boards. into Latin. By E. K. Barker, 2s, Practical Geography; in a Series of boutid.

Exercises, illustrative of the Geography Clavis Virgiliana; or, a Vocabulary of all the Countries in the Civilized of all the Words in Virgil's Bucolics, World: with twentyfive coloured OutGeorgics, and Æneid; in which, 1. Each line Maps, and a copious Appendix of word is marked with an accent, to the chief Places. By Miss Cleobury, direct the Pronunciation; and its Part of Nottingham. Designed for the Use of Speech, declension, conjugation, of her Pupils, and adapted to Young &c. are distinguished according to Persons in general. Imperial 4to. 11, 15s. Grammar. 2. The several Significa. boards. tions of each word are ascertained, as The New Geography; or, an Intronear as the nature of the English Lan

duction to Modern Geography; in

duction to Mode guage will admit. 3. These various Question and Answer: compiled from

Question and Anss Significations are reduced into proper the best Authorities, and containing classes; in a different and better man- the Arrangements concluded by the ner than in any Dictionary extant. Congress at Vienna in the Year 1815. Compiled out of the best Authors on To which is annexed, a short Epitome Virgil, by several Hands, in a Method

of Aucjent Geography, compared with entirely view; for the use of Schools, Modern; with a Set of Miscellaneous and the iniprovement of those who Questions. By William Jillard Hort. have made but a small progress in the 1200. 8s. bound. knowledge of the Latin Tongue. 8vo. An Essay on a more efficient men 75. 6d. boards.

thod of Classical Instruction in its early First Lessons in Latin; consisting of stages, together with a statement of Selections in Latin Construing, and dee its practical application. By R. Keynes,

Blandford. 12mo. 3s. 6d.


FINE ARTS. F.gypt, a Series of Engravings exhibiting the Scenery, Antiquities, Costume, &c. &c. of that country, with accompanying descriptions, selected from Denon. Part I. extra large folio, containing 7 plates. Price 5s.

The Wanderer in Norway: a Poem. By Thomas Brown, Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. fcap. Svo. 7s. bds.

Sir Bertram, a Poem, in six Cantos, by J. Roby, in 8vo. 7s. bds.


The Civil and Military History of Germany, from the Landing of Gustavus to the Conclusion of the Treaty of Westphalia. By the late Francis Hare Naylor, Esq. 3 Vols. 8vo. 11. 8s. boards.

POLITICAL An Inquiry into the Causes of the High Prices of Corn and Labour, the depressions on our Foreign Exchanges, &c. By Wilson. Svo. 35.

Boyce's Second Usurpation of Bonaparte, or a History of the Causes, Progress, and Termination of the Revolution in France, in 1815,' particularly comprising a minute account of the Victory of Waterloo, &c. with large Maps and Plane'; also an eleyant Portrait of the Duke of Wellington. 2 Vols. Svo. bds. 11. 4s.

LAW. A Treatise on the Law of Scotland respecting Tithes, and the Stipends of the Parochial Clergy. With an Appendix, containing various illustrative Documents, not before published. By John Connell, Esq. Advocate, Proeurator for the Church of Scotland. 3 Vols, 8vo. 21. 23. bds.

MEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY. An Inquiry into the Causes of the Motion of the Blood; with an Appendix, in which the Process of Respiration and its Connexion with the Circulation of the Blood, are attempted to be elucidated. By James Carson, M.D. Physician to the Workhouse, &c. at Liverpool. 8vo. 9s. boarūs. With an Engraving.

Volume VI. (with Plates, some of which are coloured) of Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, published by the Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. 11. Is. boards.

THEOLOGY. Institutes of Christian Perfection, of Macarius the Egyptian, called 'the Great. Translated from the Greek, by Granville Penn, Esq. fcap. 8vo. 75. 60. boards.

Discourses delivered at the Ordination of the Rev. John Yockney to the Pastoral office at Lower-Street, Islington. By the Rev. W. Walford, Dr. Collyer, and Dr. Winter. 8vo. 2s. Od.

An Introductory Discourse by Wil. liam Chaplin, of Bishop's Stortford, and a Sermon, by Thomas Craig, of Bocking, at the Public Settlement of the Rev. Herbert Tyler, as Pastor of the Congregational Church, at Wattesfield, Suffolk, Svo. Is. 6d.

Lectures on the Church Catechism; originally written for the private use of the Parishioners of Bainton, in the East Riding of the County of York ; and now first published for the general instruction and improvement of the rising Generation. By the Rev. John Bell, D.D. Rector of Baiuton. 12mo. 2s. bound,

Essays on the Advantages of Revelation; the Rewards of Eternity : the Advantages of the Knowledge revealed to Mankind, concerning the Holy Spirit, &c. &c. By the late Rev. Joseph Whiteley, M. A. Head Master of the Free Grammar School, Leeds ; and Vicar of Lastingham. 8vo. 9s. boards,


Observations on the Laws relating to Lunatic Asylums, and particularly on a Bill for their alteration, which passed the House of Commons in the Year 1814. 8vo. 39. 60.

The Private Diary, arranged upon the Plan of the Student's Journal, for containing an account of every day's employment for the space of one year. post 8vo. half-bound in blue morocco, 4s. 6d.

The Pamphleteer. No. XII, Containing eight pamphlets. Price 6s.

The History of the Origin and Progress of Adult Schools. By Thomas Pole, M. D, 2nd Edition, 3s. 6d.

The Counsels of a Father, in four Beast of the 1260 Years, and his last Letters of Sir Matthew Hale to his head, and their long captivity and apChildren, to which is added the Prac proaching restoration of the Jews. By tical Life of a true Christian in the ac- the Rev. W. Ettrick, M.A. 2nd Edicount of the Good Steward at the Great tion. 3 Vols. 8vo. 11. 1s. Audit. With a Memoir and Portrait Hints and Observations seriously 'adof the Author. Feap. Sro. 45. 6d. dressed to Heads of Fainilies, in referboards.

ence chiefly to Female Domestic Ser: The Sick Man's Pious Assistant, or vants. By Henry George Watkins. Aid to Devotion in the time of Affic M.A, 12mo. 2s. 6d. tion. By John Renals. 12mo. 38. 6d. The Letter and Spirit of Christian Diboards.

vinity; or fifty-two Lectures on a conPerfect Religious Liberty the right nected course of Evangelical Subjects. of every Human Being, and Per By the Rev. Charles Dewbirst, 8vo. * secution for Conscience sake the most Number 1, 6d. atrocious of crimes; proved in a A Journey to Salem, containing a Sermon for the Persecuted Protestants Description of that famous City, its in France. By John Liddon. 8vo, ; 18. Customs, Laws, and Privileges, the

The Second Exodus, or Reflections rare products of Immapuel's Land, and on the Propbecies relating to the Rise, the grand prospects of Mount Sion, &c. Fall, and Perdition of the great Roman an Allegory. By Amicus, 18mo. 13. 6d,

TO CORRESPONDENTS. The Articles on Brown's History of Missions, Letters from the North of Scotland,

Report respecting Madhouses, Frey's Hebrew Lexicon; and Bonar's Sermous, are reserved for our next Number.

[blocks in formation]

Art. I. 1. Paris Revisited, in 1815, by way of Brussels : including

a Walk over the field of Battle at Waterloo. By John Scott, Author of a Visit to Paris in 1814, and Editor of the Champion. 8vo. pp. 405. Price 12s. Longman and Co. 1816. . 2. Notes intended as Materials for a Memoir on the Affairs of the

Protestants of the Department Du Gard. Syo. pp. 56. Price 1s. 6d. Longman and Co. 1816. THE traditional feud which has from a remote period + existed between this country and France, and which difference of religion and conflicting political interests have conspired to inflame into a series of inveterate contests, has occasioned the feelings of Englishmen with regard to their continental neighbours, to border on a natural antipathy. Every thing glorious in our annals, according to the usual acceptation of the term glorious, is connected with the subjugation or the humiliation of France. Cressy, Poitiers, and Agincourt, are themes on which every Englishman exults to dwell. To beat the French, has been the glory of our navy, and our peerage has been swelled with the reward of such achievements. And if Spain has slrared in the feelings of contempt and defiance which it has seemed a point of honour to our countrymen to cherish towards their enemies, that country has been so regarded, chiefly as a subordinate ally of our great rival, or on account of its relation to France in the detested dynasty of Bourbon.' Those times, indeed, are gone by : Bourbon and the Pope are no longer our enemies. Our navy has other flags to encounter, than those of which she gloried to sweep the seas, apd Nelson himself seems almost forgotten in Wellington. But still there seems to remain, pretty generally, a feeling towards the French nation, which it would take many years of peace to subdue to perfect reconciliation; and this feeling is accompanied with a strong misgiving, that the policy which our rulers have adopted

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