reason to believe it has been above 800

The Selections of English Prem Mr. Joseph Sams, of Darlington, is try, -by Mr. · Campbell, are not 10 in the possession of a complete inanuappear for the present; as it has been script of the Pentateuch, recently projudged, better that the Critical Part of cured from the continent, and deemed that Work, containing a View of English to be from 14 to 1500 years old. This Poetry, should be made a part of Mr, copy is of leather, in two volumes, about Campbell's Lectures on Antient and two feet bruad and 69 long. There is Modern Poetry, which are in Preparaa tion, upon a very extensive Scale.

years in one Jewish family on the conti. Mr. C. Blunt, optician, is preparing nent, and that it is the oldest copy of for the press, a Descriptive Essay on the Law in existence. Spectacles, and the Apparatus used to Proposals are issued for publishing by assist imperfect vision in the human ege. subscription, a new Translation of the

P.W. Crowther, Esq. has in tho press, Whole New Testament, that of the four the Christ an's Manual, compiled from Gospels being arranged in a new Har. a translation of the Enchiridion Militis mony, with Notes critical and explanaChristiani of Erasmus, with copious tory. By William Thomson, M. A. scripture notes.

Minister of Ochiltree. In the Harmony, - Memoirs of the Ionian Isles, and of the contents of each Gospel are are their Relation with European Turkey, ranged according to the order of the translated from the original manuscript Narration, which is shewn in the Notes of M. de Vaucondort, late General in the to be the order of Time. The version Italian service, is in the press, with an of the whole is as literal as possible, deaccurate and comprehensive map. - parting as little and as seldom from the

· Mr. William Jones, late acting sur common version, as perspicuity and justo geon at Serampore, will soon publish a ness of rendering would admit. The Collection of Facts and Opinions relative passages, of which by a new rendering of to Widows burning themselves with the one or more Greek words, a new sense dead Bodies of their Husbands, and to is exbibited, are nearly two hundred : other destructive Customs prevalent in but few of them respect any doctrine. British India.

The work will make two octavo volumes, • Medico-chirurgical Transactions, by each of about 650 pages. Price to Subthe Medical and Chirurgical Society of scribers, 11. 4s. London, volume the seventh, is in a - Dr. Styles is preparing for the press, state of forwardness.

Considerations on the Revival of Po: Mr. J. Ingle has in the press, the Ae. pery in Europe, and the Character and rial Isles, or the Visions of Malcolm, a Influence of Secular Establishments of poem, with notes.

Religion. This work will embrace a *: 'Jane of France, a historical novel, particular view of the present state of translated from M. De Genlis, will soon Ecclesiastical Aff irs in France. . appear in two volumes.

Mr. Boothroyd will publish in the Mr. John Kirby, of the Royal College course of the present month, Parts 17 of Surgeons in Ireland, is preparing for and 18 of his Biblia Hebraica, which publication, Cases in Surgery, with Re will complete that work. These parts marks.

have been somewhat delayed by the Mr. G. M. Butt will soon publish, time necessarily occupied in revising Sherborne Castle, and other juvenile the whole work, so as to mark incidental poems.

inaccuracies by an errata. Mr. Booth7 The Rev. G. S. Faber has a volume of royd has also at press, in a state of forSermons in the press.

wardness, Reflections on the Authorized 7he Lives of Dr. Pocock, Bp. Pearce, Version of the Scriptures, Reasons for Bp. Newton, and Mr. Skelton, taken attempting its Improvement, and a from the editions of their works, are Specimen of such an Attempt. printing in two octavo volumes.

In the press, in two volumes royal A new edition, corrected and greatly quarto, a Translation of the Six Books enlarged, of Dr, Cove's Essay on the of Proclus, on the Theology of Plato; Revenues of the Church of England, is to which, a Seventh Book will be added, in the press.

in order to supply the Deficiency of · A second edition of the Devout Com another Book on this Subject, wbich was municant is nearly ready. .

written by Proclus, but since lost; also, · A new edition of Bp. Jeremy Taylor's a Translation of Proclus' Elements of Prayers, improved in the arrangement Theology. By Thomas Taylor.' IN by Mr, Clapham, is in the prcss., these Volumes will also be included, by the same, a Translation of the Treatise A small pocket edition of Goode's of Proclus on Providence and Fate; a Entire New Version of the Book of Translation of Extracts from his Trea Psalms is now in the press, and will be tise, entitled, Ten Doubts concerning published in a few weeks. Providence; and a Translation of Ex Mr. Southey has in the press, a tracts from his Treatise on the Subsist. Pilgrimage to Waterloo, a poem, with ence of Evil; as preserved in the Biblio Notes, in foolscap 8vo. illustrated by theca Gr. of Fabricius. 250 Copies eight engrayings. only will be printed. Price to Sub Preparing for publication, the Remains scribers 51. 55.-To Nonsubscribers the of James' Dusantoy, late of Emanuel price will be raised.

College, Cambridge, with an IntroducM. Puigblanch, the Spanish Patriot, tion by Robert Southey, Esq. Poct Lauis about to publish “ The Inquisition reat. Vumasked; or the Triumph of Huma. Shortly will be published the Memoirs nity and Liberality in Spain. Being a of Thomas Hol-croft, written by himHistory of the Conduct and Objects of self, and continued to the time that Tribunal, and a Dissertation on the of his death, from his Diary, Notes, Necessity of its Suppression.”

and other Papers, by John HayMr. Wardlaw, of Glasgow, has in the lett. press, Unitarianism incapable of Vindi The Speeches of the Rt. Hon. Ed. cation, in Reply to the Rev. James Yates's mund Burke are in a state of forward. Vindication of Unitarianism. The work ness. will be published as quickly as possible. The Antiquary, a Novel, by the Au.

A new edition of M. Ravizotti's Italian thor of Waverly and Guy Mannering, Grammar, with conöiderable Improve. will appear in April. ments, is in the press, and may be The Second Volume of Mr. Southey's shortly expected.

History of the Brazils, is nearly ready In the press, a Descriptive Treatise on for publication. the Method of Waltzing. By Thomas Mr. William Salisbury has in the Wilson, Dancing Master.

press, in two volumes duodecimo, the In the press, and nearly ready for Botanist's, Companion, containing Depublicstion, in two Vols. 4to, An Inquiry scriptions of all the Plants growing wild into the Origin and Early History of in this country, and also such as are Engraving on Copper and Wood: with cultivated for the purposes of Medicine, an Account of the most ancient En with an Account of their Virtues, Prepagravers and their Works, from the ear rations, &c. Also, Descriptions of the liest Period to the middle of the Six. Nature, Uses, and Culture of the British ieenth Century. By William Young Grasses, and other Plants useful in AgriOttley, F.A.S. Illustrated by nume culture, the Arts, and Rural Economy, rous fac-similes, and impressions from with the best Modes of forming Meadow original blocks engraved by Albert Du. and Pasture Land. To which is addeel, rer.

a familiar Introduction to the Study of The first number is just published, of the Linnæan System of Botany, for the Popular Pastimes, being picturesque Use of Persons who wish to acquire a representations, beautifully coloured, of Knowledge of Plants. the Customs and Amusements of Great *** The Uses and Culture of Plants Britain, in Ancient and Modern Times, have engaged the particular attention of accompanied with Historical descrip the Author for the last Thirty-five Years, tions. To be continued monthly, till part of which Time he has devoted to completed in one Volume. ..

the conducting Experiments for the The late Marquis de Lavallée, who Board of Agriculture, and which gave died about a month ago, at his apart him an opportunity of ascertaining ments in Leicester Square, was a most many useful facts relative to the British elegant French writer. He had been Grasses, &c. not before noticed. engaged for several years past in writing Dr. John Aikin's Annals of the Reign a history of the different factions which of King George the Third, from its comhave agitated France, during the period mencement to the General Peace in the of the Revolution, and had nearly com Year 1815, will be ready on the 2d of pleted it. He has recently been em April, in 2 vols. 8vo.. ployed in writing a Biographical Me In a considerable state of forwardness, moir of Bonaparte, as also of his Minis Witt's Recreations, refined and augters, Generals, &c. which will shortly mented with ingenious Conceites for the appear.

Wit:ie, and Merrie Medicines for the Melancholie. Printed from the edition Brethren's funds will not enable them to of 1940. To which will be added, some encounter. Prefatory Remarks and Memoirs of Sir On the 1st of May will be published, John Mennes, and Dr. Smith, And Wit in one volume, 8vo. price 8s. a Concise Restor'd, in severall select Poems not for System of Self-Government in the great merly publish't, London,1658. Also, Mu- affairs of Life and Godliness on Scrip. sarum Deliciæ; or the Muses Recreation, tural and Rational Principles, by . containing severall Pieces of Poetique Edmondson. Wit, London, 1656. The three Works The second edition of the Life of to be printed in two Volumes, with all Mrs. Harriet Newell, with a Portrait, the Cuts re-engrared by Mr. Bewick. and an Account of the American Mis

In the press, and speedily will be pub sionary Society, will be ready in the lished, the Biographical Memoirs of Dr. course of a few days. Matthew Stewart, Dr. James Hutton, Mr. Booth, Author of an Analytical and Professor John Robison. Read be. Introduction to the English language, fore the Royal Society of Edinburgh. will shortly publish a volume of poems. Now collected into One Volume, with A new editiou is nearly ready of a some Additional Notes. By John Play Collection of Farewell Sermons by None fair, F.R.S.L. & E. Professor of Natural conformist Divines, preached on leaving Philosophy in the University of Edin- their respective churches, in one volume, burgh. Octavo. With three Portraits. 8vo.

A new edition of Lord Holland's Ac. In addition to a new volume of Bed. count of the Life and Writings of Lopez dome's Village Sermons, recently pubFelix de Vega Carpio, will shortly ap. lished, Vol. V. is now preparing for the pear, in 2 volumes, 8vo.

press, and will speedily appear. Messrs. Longman and Co. will publish A Prospectus is issued of a General in a few days, Harold the Dauntless, a History of the County of York. By poem, in four Cantos, by the Author of Thomas Dupham Whitaker, LL. D. ão The Bridal of Triermain;" to which F.S.A. Vicar of Whalley, and Rector of work it forms a second volume, in fcap. Heysham, ip Lancashire. The History 8vo. Also, an uniform edition in two of Craven, together with the republicavolumes, of the Bridal of Triermain, tion of Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis, Harold the Dauntless, and Miscella and the supplementary volume which neous Poems.

accompanies that work, having already The entire Works of Henry Howard, embraced more than one fourth part of Earl of Surry, and Sir Thomas Wyatt, this great county, both in extent aud the Elder, coulaining much new and population, the Author of two of these curious Matter, with Notes, critical and works, and the Editor of the other, has explanatory, &c. &c. are gearly .eady been induced to submit to the Public, for publication. By G. F. Nott, D.D. and especially to the Nobility, Gentry, F.S. A, late Fellow of All Souls College, and Clergy of Yorkshire, such an exOxford. The Publication will be com.' tension of the play, as will gradually prised in 2 volş. 4to. embellished with comprehend the whole. With respect highly-finished Portraits, &c. The to the limits of such an undertaking, it Number printed will be limited to 50 is impossible to speak with precision; copies on royal 4to. and 400 on demy but, as a conjecture, rather than an 4to.

assertion, it may be stats that seren It is intended to publish, by Subscrip. folio volumes, of about five hundred tion, in one volume, 8vo. price 12s. in pages each, and of the same type with boards, a History of the Mission of the the supplementary yolure to Thuresby's United Brethren in the Danish Islands Ducatus, will probably complete the of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. Jan, work, The Author wishes it to be un. in the West Indies. This narrative, derstood, that hs great objects in the which has long existed in the German use of the materials to be committed to language, contains one of the finest ex him, will be selection and compression. emplifications of the Missionary Virtues The engravings will of course be nuwbich can be presented to the Christian merous. The work will commence with world. Some of the Brethren are willing an account of the portion of the North to prepare this work for the English Riding, popularly called the County of reader; but are withheld from publish-, Richmond, together with those parts of ing it by the apprehension of ultimate Lonsdale and Ewecross which are inloss, which the impoverished state of the cluded in the Everwicsbire of Domesday,

This part, which is already in consi. Gray's Works, edited by Mr. Mitford, is derable forwardness, will be put to press in the press, which cannot but excite in the course of a few months. The attention; for the public will be prework will be handsomely printed in folio, sented with many letters from the ori. on fine. demy paper, and the large paper ginals, hitherto unpublished, highly incopies on super-royal drawing paper, teresting from their number, and for and will be delivered to the subscribers their intrinsic merit; as well as with in parts, price 21. 2s. each, or on large the originals, for the first time, of many paper, with proof impressions of the of the letters very incorrectly published plates, price 41. 4s. each part. The im and much altered by Mason. This edi. pressions of the plates will be delivered tion' will also possess many curious va. in the exact order they are subscribed riations to the principal poems of Gray for.

from his own hand writing. We understand that an edition of


BIOGRAPHY. The Advantages of Early Piety dis. played, in a Memoir of Mr. John Cle ment, Surgeon. By John Hooper, A.M. 2d. ed. 12mo. 25. 60.

A Descriptive Catalogue of the British
Specimens deposited in the Geological
Collection of the Royal Institution. By
William Thomas Brande, P.R.S. 8vo. 9s.


HISTORY. A new Introduction to the French The History of the Mahometan Em. Langriage; being an Abridgement of the pire in Spain, containing a General Grammar of M. de Levizac. Com- History of the Arabs, their Institutions, prising an analysis of the Verbs, with a Conquests, Literature, Arts, Sciences, coinplete Set of introductory Exercises. and Manners, to the Expulsion o) the By Ą. Picquot, Author of Elements of Moors. D«signed as an Introduction Ancient and Modern Geography.. 12mo. to the Arabian Antiquities. By J. C, 2s. 64. bound.

Murphy, Architect. With a Map, show

ing the principal Conquests of the Arabš FINE ARTS.

under the Khalifs, or Successors of Ma. Baydell's Illustrations of Holy Writ, homet. 4to. 11. 15s. boards. Part Ill. containing 10 Engravings. By The Representative History of Great Isaac Taylor, after the Designs of Isaac

Britain and Ireland; comprising a HisTaylor, Jun. 8vo. 79. 6d. 4to. 10s. 6d. tory of the House of Commons, and of proofs, 21s.

the Counties, Cities, and Boroughs of The Arabian Antiquities of Spain. the United Kingdom. By 'T: H. B. OldThis splendid Work, consisting of one field, Esq. 5 vo!s. 8vo. Price 31. 123. hundred Engravings, executed in the boards. best Maoner, by the first Artists, from

The Second Usurpation of Bonaparte, Drawings made on the Spot, by the or a History of the Causes, Progress, and Author, represents the most remarkable Termination of the Revolution in France Remains of the Spanish Arabs now ex. in 1815: particularly coinprising a miisting in the Peninsula, including their nute and circumstantial Account of the Gates, Castles, Fortresses, and Towers ever-memorable Victory of Waterloo : --- Courts, Halls, and Domesm-Baths, to which are added, Appendices, conFountains, Wells, and Cisterns Inscrip- taining the official Bulletins of this glotions in Cufic aud Asiatic characters- rious and decisive Battle. By Edmund Porcelain and enamel Mosaics, Paint. Boyce, assisted by original and important ings and Sculptured Ornaments, &c, Communications from British and Prusaccompanied by Descriptions. By James sian Officers. In 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. Cavanah Murphy, Architect, Author of boards. the Description of Batalha, &c. Large folio, 421. half-bound. In order to meet

MISCELLANEOUS. the convenience of Purchasers, it is also : Essays on Various Subjects:-1. On intended to publish the Work in twenty the Difficulties in the Way of the Ac. parts. Part I. is just published, price quisition of real Knowledge.-2. On 21. 2s, and will be continued monthly. i Grammar, &c.-3. On Temper.-4.00

War.-5. Oo Conversation. By William Campaign. By W. S. Walker, of Trin,
Pitt Scargill. 8vo. Ts. 6d. boards. The Coll. Cambridge. Is. 6d.
Essay on War may be had separate, A Year in Canada, and other Poems.
price 6d.

By Ann Cuthbert Knight. Foolscap The Fly Fisher's Guide ; illustrated by 810. 5s. coloured Plates, representing upwards Leaves. 8vo. 9s. of Forty of the most useful Flies, accu The City of the Plague, and other rately copied from Nature By Geo. C. Poems. By John Wilson, Author of the Bainbridge. 8vo. 16s. boards.

Isle of Palms. 8vo. 10s. 6d. · A Practical Treatise on the Diseases Mount St. Jean; a Poem. By Wil. of the foot of the Horse, with Observa liam Liddiard. Theodore and Laura; a tions or Shoeing By Richard Hayward Tale. By I. S. Anna Liddiard. 8vo. Ss. Budd, Veterinary Surgeon. 8vo, 10s. Od.

POLITICAL ECONOMY. boards Hints addressed to Proprietors of Or

Two Letters to the Rt. Hon. Lord chards, and to Growers of Fruit in gene

Castlereagh, on the present Situation of ral, comprising Observations on the

the Landed Interest, and the intended present State of the Apple Trees in the partial Repeal of the Income Tax. Price Cider Countries. By William Salisbury.

1s. 1200. 6s..

A Keview of 'he present Ruined ConThe Adventures of a Donkey. By

dition of the Landed and Agricultural Arabella Argus, Author of the Juvenile

Interests. By Richard Preston, Esq. Spectator. 18mo. 2s. 6d. half bonnd, ;

M.P. 8vo. 2s.6d. The Ornaments Discovered: a Story.

Account of the London Savings Bank. By the Author of Aunt Mary's Tales.

By Charles Taylor, Provisional Manager 18mo. 2s. 6d. half bound.

and Treasurer. Svo. 1s. 6d. A Tour throughout the whole of

THEOLOGY. France. By John Barnes. With Plates.

Eighteen Sermons selected from the 12mo. 4s, half bound.

original MSS. of the Rev. Philip Henry, Annual Gleanings of Wit and Hu

A.M. Together with the Funeral Sermour, in Prose and Verse; chiefly

inon for Mr. Henry, by the Rev. F. gleaned from the periodical Works of

Talents, A.M. and the Substance of a the Day, English and Foreign. 2 Vol.

Sermon preached on the same Occasion, 12mo. 7s.

from his Father's dying Words. By the A popular Description of St. Paul's

Rev. Matthew Henry, A.M. Svo. 9s. Cathedral, including a brief History of

The French Preacher; or, Sermons the Old and New Cathedral. Designed

translated from the most eminent French for Strangers visiting the Cathedral.

Divines, Catholic and Protestant; with Royal 8vo. Is. 6d.

Biographical Notices, &c. Illustrations of Hogarth: j. e. Ho.

By Ingram

Cobbin. Svo. 14s. garih Illustrated, from Passages in Au

The Origin of Pagan Idolatry, ascerthors he never read, and could not un

tained from Historical Testimony and derstand. 8vo.

Circumstantial Evidence. By the Rer. Notes on the West Indies, including

G. S. Faber, Rector of Long, Newton, Observations relative to the Creoles and

Yarm. 3 Vol. 4to. 61.15s. boards. Slaves, &c. By Geo. Pinckard, M.D.

The Personality and Office of the Deputy Inspector General of H. M.

Christian Comforter Asserted and ExForces. 2d ed. 2 Vols. 8vo. with Addi-,

plained, in a Course of Sermons preached tional Letters, &c.

before the University of Oxford, at the

Lecture founded by the Rev.J, Bampton. POETRY.

M.A. Canon of Salisbury. By Reginald Alastor; or, the Spirit of Solitude; Heber, M.A. Rector of Hodnet, Šalap, and other Poems. By Percy Bysshe and late Pellow of All Souls College. 8vo. Shelley. Foolscap 8vo. 5s. boards. 13s. boards.

Moscow, a Poem. By Mrs. Hen. A Treatise on the Records of the Rolls. In 8vo. price 2s. 6d.

Creation, and on the Moral Attributes Alfred; a Puem, in twenty-four Books of the Creator; with particular ReferBy Joseph Cottle. In two Vols. 12mo. ence to the Jewish History, and to the (with numerous illustrative Notes) price Consistency of the Principle of Popula12s. in boards, 3d edition.

tion with the Wisdom and Goodness of The Appeal of Poland, an Ode; write the Deity. By John Bird Sumner, M.A. ten on the Commencement of the late 2 Vol. 8vo. 11. 1s. boards. .

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