History of Napoleon, 第 1 巻

J. Thomas., 1840


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262 ページ - Called by the wishes of the French nation to occupy the first magistracy of the Republic, I think it proper, on entering into office, to make a direct communication of it to your Majesty.
532 ページ - ... in war, but seized on merchant vessels and made their crews prisoners as if they had been armed and sent out by their respective governments against an enemy, and that the British declaration of blockade extended to places not actually blockaded — thus extending the evils of war to peaceful 'and unarmed citizens, — the British isles were declared by the Decree to be in a state of blockade. All commerce and correspondence with them were strictly prohibited. All English subjects found in countries...
264 ページ - I HAVE received and laid before the King the two letters which you have transmitted to me; and His majesty, seeing no reason to depart from those forms which have long been established in Europe for transacting business with Foreign States, has commanded me to return in his name, the official answer which I send you herewith inclosed.
107 ページ - Italy, and given you lasting claims to the gratitude of your country. You have been victorious in fourteen pitched battles and seventy actions: you have taken 100,000 prisoners, 500 field-pieces, 2000 heavy cannon, and four pontoon-trains.
56 ページ - Hitherto you have been fighting for barren rocks, made memorable by your valor, though useless to your country, but your exploits now equal those of the Armies of Holland and the Rhine. You were utterly destitute, and you have supplied all your wants. You have gained battles without cannon, passed rivers without bridges, performed forced marches without shoes; and bivouacked without strong liquors, and often without bread.
264 ページ - He has had no other view than that of maintaining, against all aggression, the rights and happiness of his subjects. ' For these he has contended against an unprovoked attack ; and for the same...
56 ページ - Soldiers ! in a fortnight you have gained six victories, taken twenty-one pair of colours, fifty-five pieces of cannon, several fortresses, and conquered the richest part of Piedmont ; you have made fifteen thousand prisoners,* and killed or wounded more than ten thousand men...
245 ページ - ... for the public safety, deliberated, and drew up the salutary resolution which will become the new and provisional law of the republic. Frenchmen, you will doubtless recognize in this conduct the zeal of a soldier of liberty, of a citizen devoted to the republic.
263 ページ - Majesty, who rule over a free nation with no other view than to render it happy. " Your Majesty will see in this overture only my sincere desire to contribute effectually, for the second time, to a general pacification, by a prompt step taken in confidence, and freed from those forms, which, however necessary to disguise the apprehensions of feeble states, only serve to discover in those that are powerful a mutual wish to deceive.
153 ページ - There is no other god but God, and Mahomet is his prophet;" after which they kiss the superior's hand and retire.