Gift of the Whale: The Inupiat Bowhead Hunt, a Sacred Tradition

Sasquatch Books, 2003/08/19 - 224 ページ
Bill Hess --a noted photographer -- began his association with the Inupiat Eskimos in 1982. Eventually, he got permission to accompany them on their historic whale hunt. This book is his record, in sensitive text and almost 200 stark images, of what he experienced. Hess explores Inupiat history and traditions juxtaposed against contemporary life, never shying away from the controversial aspects of this ancient trek. Gift of the Whale is a rare contribution to Native history.

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What makes this book work is the intimacy and trust Bill Hess developed with the Inupiat people over decades of work as photographer and reporter on the north slope. The black and white photos have a ... レビュー全文を読む

GIFT OF THE WHALE: The I§upiat Bowhead Hunt, a Sacred Tradition

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Through intensely atmospheric pictures and a rawboned text, photographer and journalist Hess documents here his 20-year association with the annual I§upiat whale hunt in Barrow, Akaska. The text has ... レビュー全文を読む



The Journey of Katauq
The Search for Harry Norton
The Gift

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著者について (2003)

Bill Hess publishes two Native publications, Iuniq and Village Voices. He lives in Wasilla, AK.