The Genuine Remains of Ossian, Literally Translated

Smith, Elder, 1841 - 537 ページ

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438 ページ - to be employed in his wars. She was soon discovered by Hidallan, the son of Lamor, one of Fingal's heroes, whose love she had slighted some time before. Her romantic passion and beauty recommended her so much to the king, that he had resolved to make her his wife, when news was brought him of Caracul's
457 ページ - Morannal here alludes to the particular appearance of Fingal's spear. If a man, upon his first landing in a strange country, kept the point of his spear forward, it denoted in those days that he came in a hostile manner, and accordingly he was treated as an enemy ; if he kept the point behind him, it
13 ページ - A musing shepherd stands beneath. Curved o'er the ruin of an oak, The woodman lifts his axe on high ; The hills re-echo to the stroke ; I see—I see the shivers fly ! Some rural maid, with apron full, Brings fuel to the homely flame ; I see the smoky columns roll, And, through the clunky hut, the
195 ページ - Crodar is blind. Is thy strength like that of thy fathers ? Stretch, Ossian, thine arm to the hoary-haired." I gave my arm to the king. The aged hero seized my hand: He heaved a heavy sigh ; Tears flowed incessant down his cheek. " Strong art thou, son of the mighty, Though not so dreadful as Morven's prince.
458 ページ - When a chief was determined to kill a person already in his power, it was usual to signify that his death was intended, by the sound of a shield struck with the blunt end of a spear; at the same time that a bard at a distance raised the
24 ページ - be, to do it accurately, in arranging and printing the originals of the Poems of Ossian, as they have come to my hands. Funds having been established for the expense, there can be no excuse but want of leisure, for not commencing the work in a very few months.
70 ページ - to walk after the counsel of his own heart, and in the sight of his own eyes, will soon discover how thin that tinsel is which the boasted hand of civilisation has thrown over him,
463 ページ - of the times, preceded the death of a person renowned. It was thought that the ghosts of deceased bards sung, for three nights preceding the death, (near the place where his tomb was to be raised,) round an unsubstantial figure which represented the body of the person who was to die."—
466 ページ - It was the business of the spirit of the nearest relation to the deceased, to take the mist of Lego and pour it over the grave. We find here Conar, the son of Trenmor, the first king of Ireland, performing this office for Fillan, as it was in the cause of the family of Conar that that hero was
463 ページ - to call together the tribes, or, to use an ancient expression, to call them from all their streams. This phrase alludes to the situation of the residences of the clans, which were generally fixed in valleys, where the torrents of the neighbouring mountains were collected into one body, and became large streams, or rivers. The lifting