The Claims of Japan and Malaysia Upon Christendom: Exhibited in Notes of Voyages Made in 1837, from Canton, in the Ship Morrison and Brig Himmaleh

E. French, 1839
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55 ページ - who accompanied this expedition, returned, with the impression that " the Japanese were entirely free from any prejudices that would stand in the way of an unrestricted intercourse with Europeans. Even their religious prejudices appeared to him moderate and inoffensive. Commerce with Japan, both in exports and imports, was, in his opinion,
153 ページ - of the original elements, are produced. Extreme facility of intercourse is the fluidity and fusion of the social masses, from whence such an activity of the affinities results, and from whence such an inestimable interchange of precious qualities must follow. We have accordingly observed that the advancement in civilisation, and the promotion of intercourse between
54 ページ - in search of Dutch ships, with orders to " sink, burn, and destroy." On her being boarded by the Japanese officers, accompanied by two of the Dutch factory, an accidental rencontre took place, and the gentlemen from Desima were detained for a short time as prisoners of war. Notwithstanding this, the governor of Nagasaki obeyed the
103 ページ - their three countrymen, whose shipwreck has been detailed above. Now, I, seeing the distressed condition of these men, have brought them back to their country, that they may be restored to their homes, and behold again their aged parents. Respectfully submitting this statement, I request that an officer may be sent on board to receive them—to hear the foreign
52 ページ - was, that the Japanese were now supplied with British woollens through the medium of the Chinese. Were these sent direct from England to Japan, the defalcation in exports to China must be made up in bullion, or by drafts on Bengal. The Japanese copper received
152 ページ - Whilst population exists in detached and independent masses incapable of transfusion amongst each other, their dormant affinities are never called into action, and the most precious qualities of each are never imparted to the other. Like solids in physics, they are slow to form combinations ; but when the quality of fluidity has been imparted to them, when their constituent atoms are loosened by
103 ページ - inspect the register of my vessel—to grant supplies and permission to trade. I also request, if there be any shipwrecked Americans in your country, that they may be given up to me, that I may take them home with me on my return.
7 ページ - to frequent. Their suggestions led to the formation of a settlement, which ere long became an important city, and which retains an unhappy celebrity down to our own day. It may give some idea of the rapid extension of Catholicism at this time, to add, that the successor of Xavier died in 1570, having founded fifty churches, and
114 ページ - distinguished ; whether they wore any badges besides the everfamous "two sabres." The answer was, " If you see a man come on board that trembles very much, he is a mandarin.
54 ページ - to the last resort of an implicated or unfortunate Japanese officer, viz, to commit suicide. The English statement, on the other hand, relieves Capt. Pellew of all blame, and throws on the malicious disclosures of the Dutch, who had been requested to report the Phaeton as an