Historical Illustrations of the Fourth Canto of Childe Harold: Containing Dissertations on the Ruins of Rome; and an Essay on Italian Literature

John Murray, 1818 - 584 ページ

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398 ページ - Due fere Donne, anzi due Furie atroci Tor' non mi posso — ahi misero ! — dal fianco ; Ira e Malinconia.
409 ページ - Or duro, acerbo; ora pieghevol, mite: Irato sempre, e non maligno mai: La mente e il cor meco in perpetua lite: Per lo più mesto, e talor lieto assai : Or stimandomi Achille ed or Tersite. Uom, se
327 ページ - In vain ! they gaze, turn giddy, rave and die. Religion, blushing, veils her sacred fires, And unawares Morality expires. Nor public flame, nor private, dares to shine; Nor human spark is left, nor glimpse Divine; Lo! thy dread empire, Chaos! is restor'd; Light dies before thy uncreating word: Thy hand, great Anarch ! lets the curtain fall ; And universal Darkness buries All.
327 ページ - Night primaeval and of Chaos old! Before her, Fancy's gilded clouds decay, And all its varying rainbows die away. Wit shoots in vain its momentary fires, The meteor drops, and in a flash expires. As one by one, at dread Medea's strain, The sick'ning stars fade off th' ethereal plain ; As Argus
51 ページ - Rome ! my country ! city of the soul ! The orphans of the heart must turn to thee, Lone mother of dead empires ! and control In their shut breasts their petty misery. What are our woes and sufferance ? Come and see The cypress, hear the owl, and plod your way O'er steps of broken thrones and temples, Ye. ! Whose agonies are evils of a day — A world is at our feet as fragile as our clay. The Niobe of nations ! there she stands, Childless and crownless, in her voiceless woe ; An empty urn within...
473 ページ - ... lavacri che da' suoi gioghi a te versa Apennino ! Lieta dell' aer tuo veste la Luna di luce limpidissima i tuoi colli per vendemmia festanti, e le convalli popolate di case e d'oliveti mille di fiori al ciel mandano incensi : e tu prima, Firenze, udivi il carme che allegrò...
129 ページ - Hic superum formas superi mirantur et ipsi, Et cupiunt fictis vultibus esse pares. Non potuit natura deos hoc ore creare, Quo miranda deum signa creavit homo. 3 5 Vultus adest his numinibus, potiusque coluntur Artificum studio quam deitate sua.
416 ページ - Sol nella man del giardinier solerte mandò lampi colà l'acuto ferro, che rase il prato ed agguagliollo; ei rami che tra lo sguardo, e le lontane scene si ardivano frappor, dotto corresse. Prospetti vaghi, inaspettati incontri, bei sentieri, antri freschi, opachi seggi, lente acque e mute...
19 ページ - Este, cursing his past service, and retracting all the praises he had ever given in his verses to those princes, or to any individual connected with them, declaring that they were all a gang of poltroons, ingrates, and scoundrels (poltroni, ingrati, e ribaldi). For this offence he was arrested, conducted to the hospital of St. Anna, and confined in a solitary cell as a madman.
152 ページ - Oblectat me, Roma, tuas spectare ruinas: Ex cujus lapsu gloria prisca patet. Sed tuus hie populus muris defossa vetustis Calcis in obsequium marmora dura coquit. Impia tercentum si sic gens egerit annos Nullum hinc indicium nobilitatis erit...