Education. Minute ... confirming the alterations of the revised code of regulations


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20 ページ - ... 48. Teachers attending the examination may at their option take the papers of the first or second year's students (Article 102).
6 ページ - An inspector may visit any public school, or other school subject to inspection, at any other time without notice. 13. Grants are issued to each school only once per annum. The year for this purpose is reckoned as ending with the last day (inclusive) of the month preceding that fixed for the inspector's annual visit.
5 ページ - The head of the Education Department is the Lord President of the Council, assisted by a member of the Privy Council, who is called the Vice-President of the Committee on Education, and who acts under the direction of the Lord President, and for him in his absence (Order in Council, 25 February 1856, Act 19 & 20 Viet.
6 ページ - That the religious denomination of the new school is suitable to the families relied upon for supplying scholars.
8 ページ - Calculation of Attendance. . 23. Attendance at a morning or afternoon meeting may not be reckoned for any scholar who has been under instruction in secular subjects less than two hours,§...
9 ページ - Arithmetic. Form on blackboard or slate, from dictation, figures up to 20; name at sight figures up to 20; add and subtract figures up to 10, orally, from examples on blackboard.
12 ページ - Be of the same sex as the principal teacher of the school, or department of a school, in which they are employed ; but in mixed schools, or departments of schools, under a master and mistress, female...
13 ページ - ... in the first year, 4£. in the second, and an additional pound in each succeeding year of the engagement, but never exceeding 61.
9 ページ - If, on the inspector's report, there appears to be any primd facie objection* of a gross kind. A second inspection, wherein another inspector or inspectors takes part, is made in every such instance, and if the grant be finally withheld, a special minute is made and recorded of the case.
8 ページ - The sum of 4s. per scholar, according to the average number in attendance throughout the year (Article 26).