A Critical Introduction to European Law

Cambridge University Press, 2009/05/14 - 316 ページ
Written by one of the leading academics specialising in European law and legal theory, A Critical Introduction to European Law explains the history and institutional framework of European Union law to students and scholars. Through the inclusion of commentaries on successive drafts of the Constitutional and Lisbon treaties, and discussion of recent developments such as the Turkish application, this third edition explores the evolving role of the EU in international and global politics. A consciously interdisciplinary approach, which draws on a variety of materials from political and legal thought, social theory, economic analysis, literature, history and cultural studies, is deployed to make the present state of Union law comprehensible.

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Ian Ward is Professor of Law at Newcastle Law School. He has previously worked at the Universities of Durham, Sussex and Dundee and has held a variety of visiting appointments at Universities in North America and across Europe. He has published extensively in associated areas of Public Law, European Law and Legal Theory.