The Duenna: An Opera in Three Acts, 第 7 巻

W. Taylor & Company, 1848 - 56 ページ

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16 ページ - If a daughter you have, she's the plague of your life, No peace shall you know, though you've buried your wife ? At twenty she mocks at the duty you taught her — Oh, what a plague is an obstinate daughter...
23 ページ - I no dimples should see, Let her smile — and each dell is a dimple to me. Let her locks be the reddest that ever were seen, And her eyes may be e'en any colour but green ; For in eyes, though so various the lustre and hue, I swear I've no choice — only let her have two.
23 ページ - Give Isaac the nymph who no beauty can boast, But health and good-humour to make her his toast : If straight, I don't mind whether slender or fat, And six feet or four — we'll ne'er quarrel for that. Whate'er her complexion, I vow I don't care ; If...
21 ページ - But when they learn that you have blest Another with your heart, They'll bid aspiring passion rest, And act a brother's part: Then, lady, dread not here deceit, Nor fear to suffer wrong ; For friends in all the ag'd you'll meet, And brothers in the young.
11 ページ - I will own the colour true. When yielding blushes aid their hue. Is her hand so soft and pure ? I must press it, to be sure ; Nor can I be certain then. Till it, grateful, press again. Must I, with attentive eye, Watch her heaving bosom sigh ? I will do so, when 1 see That heaving bosom sigh for me.
33 ページ - A bumper of good liquor Will end a contest quicker Than justice, judge, or vicar: So fill a cheerful glass, And let good humour pass. But if more deep the quarrel, Why sooner drain the barrel Than be the hateful fellow That's crabbed when he's mellow.
39 ページ - Truth, they say, lies in a well, Why, I vow I ne'er could see ; , Let the water-drinkers tell, There it always lay for me ; Ft? r when sparkling wine went round. Never saw I falsehood's mask ; But still honest truth I found In the bottom of each flask. True, at length my vigour's flown, I have years to bring decny; Few the locks that now I own, And the few I have are grey.
37 ページ - TRIO. Soft pity never leaves the gentle breast Where love has been received a welcome guest ; As wandering saints poor huts have sacred made, He hallows every heart he once has sway'd, And, when his presence we no longer share, Still leaves compassion as a relic there.
21 ページ - For though your tongue no promise claimed, , Your charms would make me true. To you no soul shall bear deceit, No stranger offer wrong ; But friends in all the aged you'll meet, And lovers in the young.
13 ページ - But stands like a dead wall between church and synagogue, or like the blank leaves between the Old and New Testament.