Redgauntlet,: A Tale of the Eighteenth Century, 第 1 巻

Archibald Constable and Company Edinburgh; and Hurst, Robinson, and Company London., 1824 - 331 ページ

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222 ページ - Dougal thought ; but because he didna like to part wi' my gudesire aff the grund. Dougal was glad to see Steenie, and brought him into the great oak parlour, and there sat the Laird his leesome lane, excepting that he had beside him a great, ill-favoured jackanape, that was a special pet of his ; a cankered beast it was, and mony an ill-natured trick it played — ill to please it was, and easily angered — ran about the haill castle, chattering and yowling, and pinching, and biting folk, specially...
238 ページ - What is it that ye want with me, freend?" he said. " If ye be a robber, I have nae money; if ye be a leal man, wanting company, I have nae heart to mirth or speaking; and if ye want to ken the road, I scarce ken it mysell." "If you will tell me your grief...
241 ページ - And there was Claverhouse, as beautiful as when he lived, with his long, dark, curled locks, streaming down over his laced buff-coat, and his left hand always on his right spuleblade, to hide the wound that the silver bullet had made.
234 ページ - He paused, and then added, mair sternly, " If I understand your trick, sir, you want to take advantage of some malicious reports concerning things in this family, and particularly respecting my father's sudden death, thereby to cheat me out of the money, and perhaps take away my character, by insinuating that I have received the rent I am demanding. — Where do you suppose this money to be? — I insist upon knowing.
222 ページ - Away trots my gudesire to Redgauntlet Castle wi' a heavy purse and a light heart, glad to be out of the Laird's danger. Weel, the first thing he learned at the Castle was, that Sir Robert had fretted himsell into a fit of the gout, because he did not appear before twelve o'clock.
242 ページ - ... blue, and chilled the marrow in his banes. They that waited at the table were just the wicked servingmen and troopers, that had done their work and cruel bidding on earth. There was the Lang Lad of the Nethertown, that helped to take Argyle ; and the Bishop's summoner, that they called the Deil's Rattle-bag ; and the wicked guardsmen in their laced coats ; and the savage Highland Amorites, that shed blood like water ; and...
246 ページ - My father's tongue was loosed of a suddenty, and he said aloud, "I refer mysell to God's pleasure, and not to yours." He had no sooner uttered the word than all was dark around him; and he sunk on the earth with such a sudden shock, that he lost both breath and sense. How lang Steenie lay there, he could not tell; but when he came to himsell, he was lying in the auld kirkyard of Redgauntlet parochine, just at the door of the family aisle, and the scutcheon of the auld knight, Sir Robert, hanging...
218 ページ - — if not, ' Make ready — present — fire ! ' — and there lay the recusant. Far and wide was Sir Robert hated and feared. Men thought he had a direct compact with Satan — that he was proof against steel — and that bullets happed aff his...
250 ページ - John, when he had riped the turret weel, led my gudesire into the diningparlour, and took him by the hand, and spoke kindly to him, and said he was sorry he should have doubted his word, and that he would hereafter be a good master to him, to make amends.
218 ページ - ... him to the persecutions, as the Whigs caa'd those killing times, they wad hae drunken themsells blind to his health at ony time. Now you are to ken that my gudesire lived on Redgauntlet's grund — they ca