Foreign Intelligence - France.

(Sept. 1,

the early ages of the world, to have the price of one guinea for the printed been exclusively devoted to war; and receipt, provided 300 subscribers can be Dr. Jarrold might have added, that the obtained. The bed prepared by Mr. Oldbreeding a separate and heavy variety acre's method will, it kept dry, retain the of the horse expressly for the purposes power of producing mushrooms for many of draught, is a project of modern years; and this power may at any time date. Such variety lias in this country, be brought into action by means that and in the opposite districts of Belgium, will be disclosed to the subscribers. The entirely superseded the use of the ox for mushroom shed, if made of a sufficient labour. As the ox was habituated to size, affords also the best protection for labour before the ingenuity of man was brocoli, which so seldom escapes unhurt assisted by:cience, the implements made by our winters. Tender and palatable use of most necessarily have been rude; salads may be raised in it during the but it is inexplicably singular, that the most severe weather in garden pots or carts first invented bave never been im- boxes. Also asparagus and sea-kale proved upon), or adapted to modern pur- ipay be forced to the best advantage, by poses. Elevate the sledge on which the substituting mould instead of dung on Indians of America draw home the game the shelves. In every northern country, they have killed, make the wheels larger, England alone excepled, no well-apand the common cart is nearly complete. printed garden is without a cellar or Cæsar speaks with approbation of the other sheltered room for preserving the tumbrils of the Gauls, which differ from most tender vegetables from the effect the cart in nothing but in the shafts, of severe frost; Mr. Oldacre's shed will, which are not fastened to the body, but if made sufficiently large, answer all the secured by a bolt, which being removed, purposes of a winter shelter, and will, it suffers the body of the cart to fall back. is presumed, be found a very valuable Nor is there any improvement in the addition to the horticulture of Britain, structure of carts; indeed they were in- independent of its principal use, the vented for oxen, and are adapted to the raising of mushrooms in winter. lle reslow motion of that animal; but the fers to the Right Hon. Sir Joscph Banks, borse loves spec d, and should be accus- in whose garden at Spring Grove, near tomed to a machine suited to his dispo. Hounslow, a crop of muslirooms, raised sition, instead of which, all attention has under his management, is now growing, been paid to adapt the horse to the old and may be seen by any gentlemian who unwieldy cart. About sixty years since, will call there. a mechanic at West Bromwich invented

FRANCE and applied springs to carriages; prerious to that period the coach was in M. Sedaine, architect at Paris, is saconstruction a cart. Now, some stage- tisfied, after inuch reflexion, that the coaches, drawn by four horses, have celebrated antique torso belonged to a weighed nearly four tons (on ordinary figure representing Philoctetes left beoccasions three tons,) and with that hind on the Isle of Lemnos, seated on weight the horses travel six or eight miles a rock, and upon the lion's skin which per hour; wbile the utinost weight of a belonged to Hercules, whose companion broad-wheeled waggon, with eight large and heir lie was. From the appearance horses, is four tons. The meditated in- of the muscles and the shoulder-blades, provenient then, at the instance of Dr. le conjectures that the hero was repreJarrold, and it is about to be tried upon sented taking aim with an arrow at a a large scale, is, to set carts and wag- bird flying over bis head. gous upon springs. The doctor's farther Three quartz veins, containing in ore, recommendation is to replace oxen in have recently been discovered in the their ancient station, as labourers in commune of Piriac, in Bretagne, near husbandry. In both projects he writes, the sea-shore, running through a granite not only like a good mathematician, but mountain. The veins were examined like a man who has also practically and by Daubuisson, and the ore assayed by well considered his subject.

the Council of Mines at Paris, and found Mr. Isaac OLDACHT, gardener to the as rich as tin ore asunlly is." Einperor of Russin, offers to the public The Physical and Mathematical Class of bis method of forcing mushrooins, prac- the Institute has proposed for the second tised by him for many years in the in- time, as the subject of an extraordinary perial gardens at St. Petersburg with ne- prize for the present year: The Theory ver failing success eren in the most rid of the Oscillations of Elastic Lamine. gorous winters of that severe climate, at Two essays only were receired, and borli


Foreign Intelligence-Germany.

149 having been deemed unworthy of the philosophical inquiries, and their success prize, the same subject is again proposed especially depends on a correct koou. on the same conditions, viz. a gold me- ledge of the authenticity and chronolodal of the value of 3000 francs, to be gical order of the writings of this phiawarded on the first Monday in 1816.- losopher, the Academy wishes the learnThe same class has proposed as the ma- ed to direct their attention to this subthematical prize question, also to be de- ject." All men of letters are, therefore, cided in January, 1816, the following invited to state what treatises that go subject: The Theory of the Propaga- under Plato's name are of doubtful aution of Wates on the Surface of a Ponde- thenticity, and in what order those were. rous Fluid of Indefinite Depth. The written which are undoubtedly genuine. prize will be a gold medal of the saine The prize is 50 ducats, and memoirs value, and adjudged at the same time must be transmitted before the 20th of as the preceding, but papers for the March, 1815. competition must be transmitted before The Baroness de Lamothe Fouquc has the 1st of October, 1815.

published a refutation of Madame de Lalande's annual inedal for the obser- Stael's work, De l'Allemagne. Fation of most interest, or the memoir A small volume of poems, under the of greatest utility to astronomy, has title of the Lyre and Sword, by Lieut. been adjudged to M. d'Aussy, jun. for Körner, a native of Mecklenburg Schwe29 extensive work on the perturbations rin, who fell during the late campaign, and elliptical elements of the planet have recently been published by his

father. His pieces breathe the most Several learned societies in the de- ardent patriotism. One of the most inpartments liave offered prizes for the teresting was composed and written by best memoirs describing the most effica- the author in his pocket-book when cious prerentives of choke or fire-damp severely wounded, and left behind in a in coal and other mines.

wood, where be expected to perish in GERMANY.

the night of the 17th June, 1813.- The Klaproth, the traveller, who now re- Duke of Mecklenburg offered to bis father sides in Berlin, will speedily publish the to remove the body of the warrior-poet farrative of bis extensive tour through to the vault of his own family; but the Siberis, the country of the Mongols, and old man chose rather that it should along the Chinese frontiers. As his route remain beneath the oak where it had lay chiefly through regions but little been deposited by his companions in known, and he travelled in the retinue arins. His highness has, therefore, reof the embassy sent by the Russian Go- solved to inclose the spot, and to erect Fernment to China, it was easy for him a monument decorated with a lyre and to collect perfectly new and authentic sword, to the memory of the heroic bard. information. His knowledge of the lan- Professor Ebeling, of Hamburg, has guages enabled him to give complete published Dr. Wendeborn's Recollections descriptions of the unknown countries of his own Life, in two 8vo. volumes. of Middle Asia, as also of Thibet, Little The Doctor resided upwards of 26 years Bacharia, Dsungaria, and of the Non- in London and its neighbourhood till bis gols, and their habitations in the deserts. decease about two years ago, and was The commercial relations which have the author of Travels in England, and loug subsisted between Russia and China several elementary works for the instrucwill be placed by this work in tbe clear- tion of youth, in which profession he was Est light; and respecting the internal long engaged. regulations, and the real political con- Dr. Beckmann, who died at Hamstitution of the Chinese empire, it will bury about the end of June last, has furnish accounts derived from authentic left a rare and truly valuable collection sources, which cannot but excite a fa- of works of art, which was pronounced vourable prepossession, by their not by the late Sir Williain Hainilton, when bordering upon the incredible and the he visited that city in 1800, to be wor

thy of a place in the first cabinets in The Philological and Philosophical Europe. It was left him by his uncle, Class of the Royal Bavarian Academy formerly chief officer of the Dutch East of Sciences at Munich, has proposed India Company in China, where he himthe following subject for the prize ques- self collected these curiosities, at Cantion of 1815: “ Äs the writings and doc- ton. They consist of numerous oiltrine of Plato have been hitherto the paintings, chiefly landscapes, by Chinese abject of numerous philological and masters, the colouring beautiful, the perNew MONTILY MAO,No. 8.




Foreign Intelligence-Switzerland---Russia, Italy.

(Sept. 1,

spective correct, and the keeping good. at the village of Niktreh, near SiniscroFrom their composition, these, and pal, in the Crimea, principally with a many others of those pieces, are, at the view to collect all the indigenous plants same time, illustrative of the public and of Russia, and also for the reception of private life of the Chinese. This cabi- the most curious vegetable productions net also contains numerous models of from all parts of the world. One bus. buildings, carved with infinite pains, and dred acres have been enclosed for the expressive figures and groups, of ivory, purpose. enamel, porcelain, terra cotta, and other

ITALY. materials; and lasily, an admirable col The Pope devotes considerable attenlection of crystals and precious stones tion to the reorganization of the establishboth rough and cut, which formerly be- nents for public instruction. The collonged to the late paturalist, Dr. É. C. lege della Sapienza will be opened one Schütz of Hamburg,

of the first. The Academia ecclesiastica, The plan of erecting a monument in where so many celebrated prelates rehonour of the heroic veteran Blücher in ceived their education, will soon be rehis native town, Rostock, in Mecklen- stored to its former footing. The college burg, has been s: conded with extraor- of lu Propagandu, for the gratuitous indinary enthusiasm. In less than an hour struction of persons destined for the fothe tradesmen alone of that place sub- reign missions, is rising again from its scribed 2500 rix-dollars. The plan is at ruins, M. Cancelieri is at the head of once simple and elegant. It is proposed this institution: he is described as a to convert the old market place, ishich man eminently qualified for the post, is tolerably spacious, into a public pro- and combining in a very high degree a menade, and to erect the monument in knowledge of all human sciences with the middle of it

the most exemplary piety The printing. Strauss, bookseller, of Vienna, has office of this establishment, which has announced the speedy publication of an rendered such juportant services to the important military work, in three vo- oriental languages, will be set to work lumes, froin the pen of the Archduke again as soon as the state of the finances Charles, under the title of Grundsätze shall permit. der Strategie. It will be illustrated by A great number of antique vases have an account of the campaign of 1796, in recently been discovered at Canosa in Germany, and by maps and plans. The the kingdom of Naples in a most magnifirst edition, printed last year, was re- ficent tomb. Two of these vases are served by the illustrious author for his peculiarly interesting to the antiquary. own disposal.

One of them is of extraordinary size, SWITZERLAND,

and its equal has never yet been discoM. Deschamps, an agriculturist and vered. It exhibits thirty-six painted botanist of Lausanne, has communicated figures, besides many emblems in various to the Sociery of Agriculture, Natural compartments, probably alluding to the History, and the Useful Arts, of Lyons, labours of Hercules. On the neck are some interesting experiments on the cul- two elegant cars, those of the Sun ard ture of the tea-tree of Japan, which have Aurora, drawn by four beautiful white convinced bim that it will succeed per- horses. At the bottom is a tetrastyle fectly well in Europe, if the seed he temple of the Tuscan order, in which, as sown in a proper soil and climate. He in a niche, are two persons, of dignified accompanied his paper with directions appearance, who scem intended for how to gather and prepare the leaves for Pluto and Proserpine. Lower down is use. Llaving analysed tea of liis own Hercules figliting Cerberus with his club, raising, he found that it contained nei- besiddes various other figures not yet ther tannin nor gallic acid, which com- ascertained. This vase, though fine, is mon tea contains, and to which is interior in design and workmanship to ascribed the property of afiecting the the other, which is smaller, and exbibits nerves, and producing trembling.

twenty-eight figures, also in different RUSSIA.

compartments, and likewise the cars A literary and philosophical society and temples as described above: but on has lately been established at Riga, with the architrave of the latter appears in a view to the promotion of political eco- excellent Greek characters the word nomy, natural history, chemistry, and KPEONTEIA. On the left is a figure, un commerce. The members meet twice a der wbich is inscribed iTOTHI, and on montb.

the right a female, over whose bead apA botanical garden bas been formed pears written MEPOTIH. On the left is.


Foreign Intelligence - America,


also an interesting image of Death with mast. A lighted match was applied, the words EIA 2AON AHTOT over it. This when the combustible inatter was thrown figure is accompanied by another with a from the spout, and a tremendous sheet menacing countenance, and wrapped in of liquid tire, wrapped in clouds of a black cloak. On its head is a kind of pitchy smoke, issued from the orifice, two-curled wig. In the centre of the The barrels were all consumed, and the inner compartment is a figure represent sudden involution of light and darkness ing Fury OISTPOE, and on the two sides added much to the grandeur of the specare two other figures, that on the left re- tacle. in a future number we hope to presenting Jason, IAX2N, who is in the give a general outline of the boat in act of falling, and that on the right which this new engine of destruction is Medea MHAEIA. All the amateurs and to operate. The Americans, as it apantiquaries who have seen these vases pears, design to employ it against our pronounce them to be the most valuable shipping. One of their torpedo boats in Europe, both for their size, the variety was lately wrecked in Boston barbour, of the figures, and the delicacy of the and while ashore burned by our seamen. desigu. The tomb in which they were A useful publication is just announced found is hollowed out of the solid stone, at Boston under the title of “The Poin the inside are basso relievos repre-, litical and Historical Register," devoted benting hunting-matches, and there were to every branch of science as well as also found two helmets, a cuirass, two politics and commerce. It will be pieces of leg armour, and an ornament Soraething like our Annual Registers, for the cuirass, all of which were gile. but more local in its nature, being prinVases were likewise found without figures cipally calculated for the state of Mas. or decorations.

fachussets--and be continued annually. The excavations of Poinpeji are pro. There will also be attached to this work secuted with unreinitted diligence by an allyanac on a new plan, with all the Neapolitan government. The latest the religious and masonic, political and discoveries are three magnificent tombs literary observable days during the year. adorned with sculpture, and a hall, sup. The period enutraced by it is from Midposed to have been a court of justice, summer to Midsummer. adorned with a triple row of columns. On the 10th June was announced a Bronze stoves were also found in the " School Geography," by D. Adams, same place, of an elegant form, with a A, M. at 10 dollars per dozen, or one faun and Bacchus two feet bigli, and ex- dollar for a single copy. This work will quisitely formed; and lastly a small be divided into three parts:--1. Geogladiator of bronze, precisely similar to grapbical Orthography, divided and acthat which has already been so much cented. 2. A Grammar of Geography adniired, and which is in the attitude of to be commirted to memory. 3. A begging his life from the spectators. Description of the Earthi, Manners, and Not long since was also found a beau- Customs of the inhabitants, manufacuful silver vase apparently used in reli- tures, commerce, government, natural gious worship; it is covered with figures and artificial curiosities. It will be in relievo, and resembles in forin that in coupiled from the most approved Enge the royal cabinet of France, described lish authors, and be accompanied with by Caylus. There is a third of the same maps of the world, North America, kiod in the cabinet of the late Cardinal United States, New England, South Borgia.

America, Europe, Asia, and Africa,

A complete edition of Dr. Lardner's Mr. David Brown, a native of Balti- works, in eleven volumes 8vo, is also more, has lately exhibited near that preparing. The publisher remarks that place, a newly invented mode of setting it will consist of about 6000 pages, and are to a ship of war. In the centre of be copied from the only complete Enge a circle was erected a mast about 90 fish edition, which sells in England for feel in height, on wbich 37 barrels were eleven guineas, whereas this edition, arranged two abreast at equal distances which will be most carefully printed, from each other, the whole length of the will be charyed to subscribers three dola beam. The combustible substance was lars per wolume. aben discharged from an ordinary fire Lord Byron's Corsair sells in America engine at the distance of 90 feet from the for 50 cents.

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WITH CRITICAL REMARKS. At the request of many Correspondents we have been induced, though at a considerable additional erpense, to give a new feature to our Literary List, by raising it above the forin of a dry catalogue. Without arrogating to ourselves a high judicial character, we shull endeavour to point oui the real mer its of the leuding productions of the day as they are published, steering equally clear of the partiality of friendship, and of the splenetic spirit of satire. Early communications of new works will ensure a speedy notice of their properties in this department, which we trust will prove far more useful, as well as more agreeable, to readers in general, than the former plan, of merely giving extracts from a few particular books. ** The articles marked with a * will be further noticed in our next number. BIBLIOGRAPHY.

nistration, in 1757 ; containing Strictures on An Introduction to the Study of Bibliogra- some of the most distinguished men of that phy: to which is prefixed, a Memoir of the time, svo. pp. 164, 78. 6d. Public Libraries of the Ancients. By Tho- One object intended by the publication of these mas Hartwell Horne. Illustrated with en- niemoirs is to make the world believe that Richard gravings. Two volumes, 8vo. pp. 758, and

Glover, the author of them, was the renowned

Juuius, whose Letters have obtained a more per. an appendix of clvi pp. Il. 8s.

manent celebrity on account of the mystery which Every attempt to facilitate the knowledge of

surrounds their origin, than for any real value books, with respect to their editions, properties,

which they possess, either as political declamation and authors, has a claim to encouragement. It is but of late that we have had any work of value

or literary compositions. That the memoirs before

us contain some information illustrative of the chaupon bibliography, and though some splendid and

racters of public men, must be admitted, but at useful performances have appeared on the subject, yet there was still wanting such a systematic trea

the same time every page manifests so much vanity

on the part of the author, and such a violeat nise as that contained in the present volumes,

hostility to the administrations which he opposed, which are cvidently the production of one who is

that little credit can be given to his representations, conversant with general literature, and particularly

When the editor endeavoured to impress upon the well acquainted with that useful branch of science

reader's mind a persuasion that Glover and Jubius in which he has undertaken the office of a guide.

were the saine, he should have added, that one of Longman and Co.'s General Catalogue.

the sti ongest proofs of the identity may be draws Part II. 18. 6d.

from the pompous inanity and scurrilous malignity A Catalogue of Books selling by T. Albin, pervading alike the Letters and the Memoirs. The Spalding, is. 6d.

indecent manner in which George the Second is A Catalogue of Books selling by D. Speare, abused in the latter, as fitter for a pawpbroker's Southampton-street, Strand, 8vo. 28.

shop than a thione, may be good evidence that BIOGRAPHY.

Glover was Junius, but it will hardly be adduced

as an instance, that he was either a man of wit or Memoirs of Lord Cochrane. By James

of liberality. Campbell, esq. is. 6d. The interesting Narrative of the Life of

DIVINITY. Olandoh Equiano, or Gustavus Vasa, the The Fruits of Perseverance; being three African Written by himself, 12mo. 35. 6d. Sermons, on recent public occasions, most

An Essay on the Life of Michel de l'Ho- respectfully inscribed to his parishioners, by pital, Chancellor of France. By Charles William Mavor, LL.D. Rector of Blador Butler, Esq. 8vo. pp. 80.

cum Woodstock, Oxon, and Vicar of HurThis is a short but adnjirable memoir of a truly ley, Berks, 8vo. pp. 51. great man and good magistrate, to whom France is These three Sermons, though the first Fun indobted for spany important benefits, not only in preached on a fast day, and the others on days o the administration of the law, but for preventing banksgiving, are all on the same teat, (James v. 1). the reception of the council of Trent, and the and were intended to enforce the duty of resigna establisisment of the Inquisition. The chancellor tion and the necessity of perseverance. Withou was a zealous advocate for toleration; and as such possessing any peculiar merit, either in language u his Life is now brought forward, we suspect, by argument, the discourses are calculated to pro his worthy biographier, to recommend, by the ex. mote edification, and to beget in the minds ataple here recorded, concession to the claims of Englishmen just sentiments of gratitude for il the Roman Catholics. But I'llôpital was more blessings which they cnjoy above all the Datious than suspected of being a Huguenot, and on that the earth. The preacher, however, would has account a guard was sent to protect him frotn out. acted prudently in omitting the pucrile flight e rage during the massacre on St Bartholomew's the slave trade at the close of lias last sermon dny: it was, therefore, natural for a man of bis for to many of his hearers it must bave conrege Bentiments to exert all his iuftuence on the behalf the idea thut we are at this moment engaged out of the party to whom he was secretly attached. selves in that traffick.

Memoirs by a celebrated Literary and Poe England's Glory and Duty: a Sermo litical Character, from the Resignation of preached at the Parish Church of St. Crus Sir Robert Walpole, in 1742, to the Esta. in the City of York, July 1, 1814, being th blishment of Lord Chaibam's Second Adini day appointed for a General Thanksgiving

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