Affairs of Spain Revolt of Mina.

363 his capital on the 8th of October, at the tinue. In the night of the 25th of Sepage of 78 years.

tember, 26 individuals were apprehended SWITZERLAND

at Madrid for the alleged crimes of freeThe little republic of Geneva has been masonry and attachment to the cause of mited as an additional canton to the the Cories; and many others bave since Swiss confederacy, and the principality of beeu taken into custody. Neufchatel also has been incorporated The systematic ingratitude of the bewith the Helvetic body.

loded Ferdinand to all those to whom he The new fe feral compact has been is indebted for the preservation of his accepted by the inajority of the cantons; throne, if not originating in a weak head, but some of them have refused to affords abundant demonstration of a deaccedle to its provisions. General har- testable heart. With the same spirit mony seems by no ineans to be restored which dictated the persecution of the in this country. Popular commotions Cortes, he is now, as we are assured, have taken place in the Tessin and called adopting nieasures for the ertermination for military interference before they of the Guerillas, and laments the difficould be appeased.

culty which he finds in the accomplishSPAIN.

ment of his purpose. Such is the reThe aspect of affairs in this distracted ward of those brave, loyal, and patient coantry is not improving, and in spite of people, who submitted to every privathe assurance lately given by Count La tion, and confronted every danger in his brador while at Paris, that there was not cause. a more happy or contented people on It seems not improbable that the treatcarth than the subjects of Ferdinand ment experienced by Mioa, the celeVII. we find in their official documents brated guerilla cbieftain, may have forinample proof of the contrary. Thus on ed part of this plan. From official papers the 28th of August, Villavicencio, ge- published by the viceroy of Navarre, it pernor of Cadiz, issued a proclamation would appear that the government had in which he complains of the inefficacy of determined to r: move Mina from active the measures previously adopted for re- service, and to disperse the troops under Pressing traitors and disturbers of the his command. Mina, instead of subpublic tranquillity; and gives notice mitting to these arrangements, marched hat, considering himself in a state of in the night of Sepe. 26th with a rejkar, he has appointed a military com- ment of volunteers, for the purpose of mission for the summary trial of all per- surprising Painpeluna, the capital of the sous charged with offending, by word or province; but his design was betrayed Ceed, directly or indirectly, against the by his own officers to the viceroy. The sovereignty of Ferdinand VII. We are failure of his plan was the natural con

d that by this strony measure Cadiz sequence. After this disappointment be Las been kept quiet without bloodshed; directed his march towards Puente de la but that many persons have in conse- Reyna, where part of his force, repreGlence quitted the city, and others been sented as considerable, is stationed. The prebended,

prisons of Navarre are stated to be full This state of things is far from being of persons holding correspondence with confined to one solitary city. From him; and his operations are presumed nyal instructions issued about the mid- to be only a ramification of a plan of de of September, we learn that the pro insurrection which embraces Arragon viaces of Old and New Castile, Estre- and Catalonia, and extends even to Canadora, Andalusia, Arragon, and Valen- diz. These points comprize the whole frite are overrun with malefactors and kingdom, tlie affairs of which would Highwaymen, and accordingly placed hence appear to be rapidly hastening to wder martial law. A cominission was a crisis. about the same time appointed for the Intelligence has been received froin tal of the patriotic piembers of the South America that, on the 5th of May Cortes contined in the various prisons, last, a convention was concluded be and styled by way of reproach the Lie tween the generals of the national army Cerales. Two magistrates, both mem- and the governinent of Chili, in which bers of the supreme council of Castile, that kingdom acknowledges Ferdinand Dominated to form part of this tribunal, the Seventh, and promises obedience to imediately gave in their resignation, the mother-country, on condition of

Meanwhile the arrests, not only of being permitted to send depoties to the natives of some distinction, but also of Cortes. This convention is, however, foreigners domiciliated in Spain, con- likely to be embarrassed by the turn


Removal of Buonaparte - Attack of Fort Erie.

(Nor. I,

which atfairs have taken in Spain : not

AMERICA. only have the Cortes been abolished, In our last we lett lieut. gen. Drumbut the constitution framed by that mond with the British force under his assembly has also been destroyed. The command blockading Fort Erie. Preconvention speaks in its very first article viously to the meditated attack on that the language of gratitude to this coun- position, Captain Dobbs, at the head of try. It promises to maintain free com- a party of seamen and marines, made a merce with the allied and neutral nations, dash, in the night of the lith of August, more especially “ with Great Britain, to upon the enemy's armed vessels, lying whom Spain is indebted, next to the close under the fort. After a short favour of God and her own constancy, struggle two schoovers were carried, and for her political existence.”

accident alone prevented the capture of

the third. This success was followed ITALY.

by a general attack in the night of the The Grand-duke of Tuscany made his 15th. The British troops were formed solemn entry into Florence on the 17th in two columus; one, under Colone! of September. Report states that this Fisher, was directed to advance agains! prince will receive the hand of the the enemy's position on Snake Hill: Queen of Etruria, and that his territories while the other, composed of the centre will be increased by the cession, on the and left divisions, under Colonel Scott part of Austria, of all the country be and Lieut.-Col. Druinmond, proceeded tween the Mincio and Piedmont, upon to storm the fort and entrenchments in which he will assume the royal dignity front of the British camp. The latter as King of Lombardy.

gallantly accomplished this service, and Murat, who still continues his military had actually turned the enemy's guns upo!! demonstrations, not long since pom- themselves, when the accidental explopously announced the arrival of Prince sion of a magazine, under the platform, Esterhazy at Naples, on a mission from destroyed almost all the British troops the Emperor of Austria. The foreign that bad entered the place. Colune journals assure us that his errand is not Fischer's division was stopped by an of the most pleasant nature to King Joa- abattis, and thus prevented from sup: chim, as he is instructed to require the porting the main body, the relics of restoration of those provinces of the which abandoned the port and retreat ccclesiastical state still occupied by the to their camp. In this unfortunale affic Neapolitan troops.

our loss was very severe, amounting ! Joseph Buonaparte has purchased à 57 killed, including Colonel Scott and valuable estate in the vicinity of Rome, Lieut.-Col. Drummond; 309 wounded where his brother Louis arrived in Sep- and 53y reported inissing, but most of tember, and where other branches of whom are supposed to bave perished by his fainily are shortly expected.

the explosion. This loss, however, le The foreign journals positively assert, been much more than compensated by that the removal of Napoleon froin the the reinforcements which General DrontIsle of Elba will be determined at the mond has since received. With this Congress of Vienna. The government augmentation of strength, the approachen of France seems to consider this mea- to the fort have been resumed, and ulsure indispensably necessary for the timate success is confidently anticipated future tranquillity of that country; and In another part of the Canadian frona the journey of the Duke of Berry to tier a reverse not less mortifying has bees: England in August last, is said to have experienced by the British arins. The been undertaken for the purpose of ob- official details have not yet arrivesi, taining the consent of the British cabi- but, through other channels, we lears, net. The only difficulty will be to find that on the 1st of September the army a proper residence for so turbulent a of Lower Canada, under Sir George Prespirit. The policy of the change must vost entered the territory of the United be obvious; for so long as Buonaparte States at Odelltown, to take possession remains near the seat of his former of the country proposed to be perinapower, so long will the disaffected and nently included in the new boandary designing look to hiin as a rallying point, line.' The British commander advanced the want of which must extinguish their with little opposition to Plattsburgh, hopes, and tend to the gradual cooling which he entered on the 6th. The ene of those passions which, at some future my, about 3000 in number, occupied a period, might otherwise endanger the strong position near that town. The corepose of all Europe.

operation of our little squadron, on Lake 1814.1

Capture of Washington.


Champlain, was necessary to dislodge farther opposition to Washington; and them, and it accordingly sailed for that on its approach, the enemy set fire to purpi se. On the 11th of September, a the navy-yard and arsenal, which, with combined attack was made; but the the stores, a large frigate nearly ready bopes of success were early blasted by for launching, a sloop of war, and the the fall of Captain Downie, who come fort defending the sea approach, were manded the flotilla in the Confi ince of wholly consumed. The Capitol, includ28 guns. The rurider of' that ship being ing the Senate House and the House of disabled, she became unmanageable; Representation, the Treasury, the War and the Linnet of 16 guns, our next Oftice, the President's palace, the ropelargest ressel grounded in the fight; they walk, the great bridge across the Potowere, in consequence, exposed to the mac, and all the public buildings were superior force of the enemy, and after a burned the same might by our ircops ; prodigious slaugliter, compelled to strike. who found in the place 206 picces of The division of gun-boats, twelve in cannon, and a large quantity of ammanumber, was, however, bryught off. Sir Dition. The object of the expedition George Prevost, who had, meanwhile, being thus fully accomplished, the forced the passage of the river Saranac, British general determined to withdraw was inducell, by the loss of the Aotilla, his troops before any greater force of to abandon the advantages which he had the enemy could be assembled He acgained, and to retreat to Odelltowi). cordingly lett Washington on the night

A more grateful subject now demands of the 25th, and re-embarhed at Beneour attention. During the months of diet on the 30th. Our loss in this serJune, July, and August, the squadron, vice amounted to 64 killed and 185 under Rear-Admiral Cockburn, in the wounded. Chesapeake, was incessantly engaged in Admiral Cochrane, before he entered barassing the enemy in every assailable the Patuxent had sent a detachment of position, till the arrival of Sir A. Cochrane, frigates under Capt. Gordon, up the our commander-in-chief on that station. Potomac, to make a diversion by atOn the 17th of August be was joined by tacking fort Washington, which, with Rear-Admiral Malcolm with the expected the artillery, was compli tely destroyed. reinforcements from Berinuda. An at- The populous town of Alexandria baving tack upon the American Aotilla in the thus lost its only defence, proposed to Patuxent was planned, and the feet capitulate: Capt. Gordon consented to savled up the river. The military force spare the place, with the exception of under Major-General Ross, was landed public works, on condition that all warthe 20th, at Benedict, on the right like stores, shipping, and merchandize, bank, ard advanced towards Notting- should be given up. Owing to the danbain, where Commodore Barney was gerous passage, and the preparations stationed with the flotilla; while Ad. made by the enemy to intercept our little miral Cockburn, with the shipping, pro- squadron, it was not without great diffi. ceeded up the river. On the approach culty that it descended the river with its of the latter, the Americans set fire to prizes to rejoin the feet, having in these all their vessels except one, that fell into operations had 7 men killed and 35 our hands. The British commanders, wounded. who were now only 16 miles from Wash Sir Peter Parker in the Menelaus, with ngton, resolved to make an attempt some other small vessels, was at the upon that seat of the American govern- same time sent up the Chesapeake, above 11€nt. In pursuance of this design, Baltimore, to divert the attention of the they reached the village of Bladensburg, enemy in that quarter. After having about fire miles from the capital, on the frequently dislodged sinall bodies, by 'Ath. On the opposite side of the Pos landing parties of seamen and marines, tomac the enemy, between ciglit and nine Sir Peter ventured to attack a force of thousand strong, was discovered fosted five times his number, and possessing the in a commanding height, while his ar- advantage of artillery. This daring atLlery defended a bridge that crossed tempt was nevertheless successful; the Ilse river. Our force, which was not enemy fled at all points; but the British Half so puinerous, attacked with such commander received a mortal wound, of tripetuosity, that the Americans quickly which he expired in a few minutes. In

d. Commodore Barney wbo com- this rencounter the crew of the MeneTianded the artillery, was wounded and laus had 14 killed, including their captaken prisoner; and ten pieces of can- tain, and 27 wounded. yon fell into our hands. Our gallant Baltimore was the next object towarda battle army moved the same night without which the attention of Admiral Cot NEW MONTHLY MAG.~No. 10,



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rane and General Ross was directed. of the strong position of Machias, the The troops disembarked on the 12th of whole country between Penobscot river Septeinber, near North Point, on the and Passainaquoddy Bay is now in our left bank of the Parapsco River, about possession. 13 miles from Baltimore. Not far from It may easily be conceived, that the North Point the enemy bad entrenched destruction of the capital and the alarm himself across a neck of land, but on excited by the diferent attacks on various the approach of the British troops be re- parts of the coast, must have filled ihe peotired precipitately from this position. ple and government of the United States About two iniles beyond it our advance with consternativni. Did we want other became engaged, and the gallant General proofs how deeply these humiliatious Ross received a wound in his breast, were felt, we should find abundant eri: which immediately proved mortal, and dence of the fact in the spivelling prethe chief command developed on Colonel clamation of President Madison, who Brook. The advance continuing to impudently denying the atrocious outpress forward, the enemy's light troops rages committed by his countrymen, were pushed to within five miles of Bal- talks of the wanton destruction of pub. timore, where a corps of about six thou- lic edifices, having no relation to the sand men, six pieces of artillery, and operations of war," and the “ undissome bundred cavalry, were strongly turbed plunder of private property." posted under cover of a wood. Dispo- “And," continues be," whereas these sitions were immediately made for a ge- proceedings and declared purposes, which neral attack. The eveiny's force being exhibit a deliberate disregard of the utterly broken and dispersed at the first principles of humanity and be rules of charge, fcd in every direction, leaving on civilized warfare; and which must gire, the field two pieces of cannon, with a to the existing war, a character of esconsiderable number of killed, wounder, tended devastation and barbarism at the and prisoners. The day being tar ad- very inonent of negociations for peace, vanced, and the troops much fatigued, invited by the enemy himself, leave no they halted for the night on the ground prospect of safety for any thing within from which the enemy had been driven, the reach of his predatory and incendiary At day-break, on the 13th, the army operations, but in manful and universal again advanced, and took up a position detcrinivation to expel the invader"eastward of Baltimore, about a mile and he therefore exhorts the good people of a half distant. Arrangements were the United States, to join their hearts made for a night attack; but during the and hands for that purpose, and ail evening, Colonel Brook received a com- officers, civil and military, to exert munication from the commander - in- themselves in executing the duties will chief of the naval forces, apprizing him, which they are respectively charged. that, from the sinking of vessels in the The false colouring given to this offiharbour, naval co-operation against the cial document issued by the presideas town and camp was impracticable. Un since his return to Washington, dort der these circumstances, it was deter- not fail to strike even the American mined not to persist in an attack upon themselves. One of their public writers, the town, where the force of the enemy in refutation of the charges which he was estimated at 15 or 20,000 men; the prefers against our troops, asks this troops were withdrawn on the 14th, and question : the following day re-embarked at North " Is it supposed that the capture of Point, with the loss of 39 killed and 251 York is already forgotten? York was wounded.

the capital of Upper Canada, and there On the 26th of August, an expedition ALL the public buildings were destruyel, under Lieuteneat - General Sir J. C. including the Capitol, where a scals Sherbrooke and Admiral Griffith, sailed was found in the Executive and Legisla fruin Halitax, in Nova Scotia, for the tive Chamber, suspended near the Sena. Penobscot river, which divides New er's clair, in company with the mace and Hampshire from New Brunswick. Fort other einblems of royalty. This de Custine, which detended the entrance, Struction was not only never shewn to was carried after a short resistance; be authorized,' but was the thenie ut and the John Adams frigate which had continued exultation during the wbole of taken refuge here, and was supposed the second year of the war. We regtei to be secure against every atteinpi, vas, as much as Mr. Madison himself the uit! other vessels, captured aud de destruction of the costly monuments of stroyed. By the subsequent reduction taste and of the arts at Washington, and


Incidents in and near London.


more particularly of the public ar- he, on the other hand, asserts, that if the chives,' because we fear that the confia- troops assembled at Bladensburg had begration has removed evidence of the haved as thicy ought our force must have

origin of transactions, which onght to been beaten and the capital saved. It be preserved; but complaint certainly appears, how ver, that the popular feel. comes with an ill grace from the captain- ing has been so strongly expressed against general of our arinies, under whose aus. Arnistrong that he has been removed pices similar atrocities bave been com- from bis situntion, and succeeded by Coinitted."

lonel Monroe. Mutual criminations have succeeded By the latest accounts a temporary the capture of Washington. Armstrong, wooden building was erected at Washthe secretary at war, is charged with ington, for the accommodation of Conhaving n glected to provide a sufficient - gress, which was expected to meet on force for the defence of the district; and the 22nd of Sept.


IN LONDON AND MIDDLESEX; With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Characters. IN consequence of an enquiry, instituted A new engine of annoyance was tried on with the sanction of Government, it has the 19th Sepe. in the neighbourhood of Uxbeen ascertained that the number of persons bridge. It is intended to be used against in the metropolis, who subsist by begging, ships; one discharge is sufficient to cripple amounts to about 6000 adults and 9288 a vessel under weigh, by setting fire to the children. The gross amount of the sums ropes, sails, and rigging. Two globes of exlorted annually from the public, by their fire were shot at a high tree at the distance importunities, is at the very lowest calcula- of several hundred yards, to which they tion, estimated at 97,1261. 105.

clung and burned with great fury; but on Notice has been given of an intended ap- the eighth discharge the bursting of the enplication to parliament for an act to establish gine interrupted these curious experiments. 2 ferry over the Thames, from Greenwich Oct. 10, at two o'clock in the morning, a to the Isle of Dogs, and for making and fire broke out in the High-street, Shadwell, maintaining roads to communicate with it. opposite to the Police office. It commenced

The perfection to which the system of in the house of Mr. Andrews, haberdasher, house-breaking has been brought appears and as it was two hours before water could be from the following extraordinary circuns obtained by the engines, the flames comstances : - Information was lately re- municated to the adjoining dwellings with ceived, that a gang of thieves intended to such rapidity, that a very small part of the break open the General Post office, and to property, chiefly belonging to poor persons, Citry off the contents of the iron chest, in could be saved. Twelve houses were conthe Receiver General's office, which fre- sumed, and several on the opposite side of quently contains Bank of England and other the street were greatly damaged. notes to the amount of twelve to eighteen Oct. 11, the Temple of Concord in the thousand pounds Though such an at- Green Park, from which the paintings had tempt was considered at the Post-office as been early removed, fell ingloriously under impracticable, every door, place, and lock, the hammer of the auctioneer, having been being deemed thoroughly secure, there is no ineffectually offered for sale by private condoubt that the office has been entered, se- tract. It was divided into 100 lots, which veral of the locks, and even that of the iron fetched very little more than 2001, chest opened, the contents examined, but Oct. 17, in the evening one of the vats in no:bing taken out; the booty perhaps not the extensive brewery of Messrs. Henry having been deemed sufficiently large, Meux and Co, in Bainbridge-strect, St. Lavender and Vickery, the police officers, Giles's, burst, in consequence, as it is suphaving ascertained the existence of the posed. of the hoops giving way. It containplan, and discovered the persons who were ed 3,500 barrels of porter, and the shock

have effected the robbery, produ- was so great as to break off the cock of an ced a master key which passed all the adjoining vat of the same size. The adjoinlocks leading to the place where the iron ing houses and streets were in a moment dechest is deposited, and another key whicb luged by the fuid, which rushed out with opened he iron chest itself, without any such force as to sweep every thing before it. boise or difficulty. This was thought the Two houses in New-street, adjoining to the mote extraordinary, as the key is never out brewhouse, were totally demolished. The of the possession of the person who has inhabitants, who were of the poorer class, the care of the chest, and who is account were mostly at home, and seven perished in able for its contents.

the ruins. The back pasts of several bouses

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