Deron- Dorset--Durham.

373 Miss Mary Austern, of Braithwell-lodge, At Exeter, Mr. John Saunders, druggist, Yorksbire.

to Miss Cull. Ac Bakewell, Joshua Blackwell, esq. to Died.] At Exeter, on his way to WoolMiss Baxtes, both of Ashford.

wich, from the contincnt, James Davis, esq. Died.] At Chester Geld, Mr. Jolin Cart- surgeon of artillery, many years in charge of ledge, surgeon, 56. He was seized with an the General Hospital of the Ordinance at apoplectic fit while walking near bis own Island Bridge, Dublin, and lately at the house, and almost instantly expired.

head of the Ordnance Medical Department At Edge-hill, near Duffield, Miss Mary in Portugal. --Mr. Wm. Mullings, master of Ward.

a respectable seminary, 38.-Sarah, second At Repron, Mr. Parker, 68.

daughter of Mr. Boucher, spirit merchant, Ac Field-house, Chesterfield, Mr. John 22. Smith, of the Griffin foundry.

At Stonehouse, John, only son of Nich. At Ashborne, Mr. Thos, Hemsworth, 65. Millett, esq. of the royal marines. At Horsley, Mr. Sam. Middleton, many Ac Rydon House, Kingstcignion, Mrs. years resident at Derby, 69.

Pidsley, widow of John P. esq. At Mickleover, Mr. Geo. Spencer, 70. At Sidmouth, where she had been for At Cliff-house, Matlock, Thos. Learcott, some time on account of her health, Miss esq. 72.

Welfilt, sister to Wm. W. esq. of Manby At Derby; Mrs. Frances Taylor, daughter Hall, Lincolnshire, of the late Rev Mr. T. of St. Oswald's cha At l'lymouth, Mr. George Stone, of the pel, near Worcester.

White Lion. While sitting at dinner, he fell

back and expired.) DEVON On the 14th of October, a numerous and An Auxiliary Bible Society has been respectable meeting of the inhabitants of formed at Dorchester. Plymouth, Tavistock, Launceston, and other Married.] At Poole, C. Spurrier, esq. of neighbouring towns was held at the Er- Lower Henbury House, to Miss Garland, change in the former place to consider of the daughter of Geo Garland, esq. and sister in propnety of rendering Plymouth a mercantile Benj. Lester Lester, esq. M. P. for Pool. sort, as well as a station for the royal navy. Ar Pentrich, Hugh Scott, esg. comLord Boringdon addressed the meeting, and mander of the Ceres, East Indiaman, 10 explained the practicability of the plan ; his Sarah, only daughter of Wm. Jéssop, esq. of

bip pointed out the advantages which Butterly Hall. ould result from the importation of West At Shaftsbury, Mr. Wm. Storey, banker, ladia produce, and the productions of our to Miss L. Thomas, ktkat fisheries in the South Seas, and on the At Beaminster, J. T. B. Notley, esq. of banks of Newfoundland, direct to Ply- Tremlett House, Somerset, to Rachel, muth, and elucidated the good effects which daughter of the late Wn, Clarke, esq. cha trade would have on the shipping in

DURHAM. terests of the two maritime counties of Devon An apple of the kind called Ribstone Pipand Cornwall. He was followed by several pin, was lately pulled in the garden of The gentlemen and merchants, who unanimously mas Wilkinson, esq. of Oswald House, agreed with him on the propriety of the in- Mayor of Durham, of the weight of 154 02, tended scbeme, and expressed their readi- Its circumference at the centre was 12 Tuess to second his views in support of the inches. The parent tree which bears the commerce of that port. Several resolutions apple called Ribstone Pippin, was originally were entered into, and meetings appointed brought to this country from Holland, by at the Exchange every alternate day for the Sir John Goodricke, bárt. early in the last porpose of open and friendly discussion, and century, and planted at his seat at Ribstone, for receiving information on the best mode near Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, where it now Ef attaining the end in view.

remains, but in a very decayed state, Birth.] At Exeter, the lady of Captain Married.] At Bishopwéarmouth, Thos. T'eters, gih light dragoons, of a son.

Thompson, esq. to Mary, third daughter of At Ipplepen, the lady of lieut. E. Steward, Rich. Pemberton, esg. of Low Barns. syal artillery, of a son.

Died.) At Darlington, Mrs. Pease, wife Married.) At Plymouth, Captain J. W. of Mr. Bristowe P, and aunt to Geo. Allan, laurice, R.N. (renowned as the defender of esq. M. P. for Durham, 62. the Diamond Rock and Isle of Anholt,) to At Binchester, the Hon. Mary Lyons, 61. -!:55 Sarah Lyne.-Wm. Hearn, esq. to At Durham, Mrs. llenley, youngest

ances, youngest daughter of the late Major daughter of the late Wm Hoof Cove Court, fichael Impey, and grand-daughter of the Könit, e q.70. Amongst many other legaEte Sir Elijah 1.--Archibald Cameron, esq. cies, she has given 100l, capi:al stock in the Commander of the Coromandel East India- 3 per cent. consols, to the Devon and Exeter tan, to Miss M. A. Stanbury.--Mr. Wm. Hospital, my, printer, of Stonehouse, to Miss E. At Easington, Jonathan Smith, esq. 71.

He had devored a long and very active life to New MONTILY MAG.-Vo. 10.

Vol. II, 3D



Esser-Gloucester - Hampshire..

(Nov. 1,

agricultural pursuits by which he had ac- of Gloucester will in future be accommoquired a large property.

dated without interruption from the wcather, At Bishopwearmouth, Mrs. Shevil, wife should it prove wet or unfavourable ; and of Mr. S. 48.

such is the abundance of the supply at the At Monkwearmouth, Mr. Jas, Myers, new well, that no disappointment is likely to ship owner.

happen, however numerous the visitors. At Newham Grange, the infant son of The workmen have commenced pulling Thos. Grieves, esq.

down the houses on the site where the new At South Shields, Mrs. Elscon, wife of Shire Hall is to be erected, in Westgate street, Mr. Geo. E, innkeeper, 39.

· Gloucester. It is intended to lay the fouoESSEX,

dations of the buildings for the courts before The beautiful ancient steeple of Thacksted the severity of the winter sets in, and to prochurch, wag lately struck with lightning, so ceed with the work with all possible alacrity, as to be split nearly half way down from its as early in the spring as the weather will perlofty weathercock. A scaffold is now erect. mit. ing to its suminit, in the hope of preventing Married.] At Cirencester, Steph. Wilthe necessity of taking it down, by the appli- kins, esq. to Mary, youngest daughter of W. cation of iron cramps.

Laurence, esq. Married.] Ac North Shocbury, J. K. At Frenchay, Mr. Wm. Sweetman, of Lodwick, esq. to Miss Burchell.

Glastonbury, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. At Colchester, Mr. T. Recve, youngest Jas. White, late of Newnham. son of Abraham R. esq. of Hadleigh, to Miss At Gloucester, Mr. Dan. Spencer, archiE. Dunningham

tect, to Miss S. Harris. At Boreham, Mr. Wm. Hinde, of London, Ác Cheltenham, Capt. H. Matson, R.N. to Miss Butterfield, daughter of Thos B. esq. to Miss Harrison.

Died.] At Stock, near Ingatestone, Char. Died.) At Bromesberrow place, Jeaima, lotte Sophia, wile of John Edw. Harwoud, wife of C. J. Mills, esq. 28. esq. 39.

At Wotton under Edge, Mrs. Le Chera. Ar the rectory, Bulvan, Miss Wilkinson, lier, wife of Mr. Le C. 15.

'At Tewkesbury, Mr. Wm. Thomas.-M. At Dedham, Mrs. Young, widow of ad- John Brookes. miral Jas. Young

At Painswick, Thos. Trye, gent. 70.-M. At Malden, Vero Keniball, esq. formerly Chappel Davis : he has left sol. to the in extensive practice as a surgeon and apo- Gloucester Infirmary, thecary, at Bilsden, Suffolk, 64.

At Cirencester, Mr. Thos. Masters, brewer At Manningtrec, Mrs. Cant, wife of Mr. and coach proprietor, 48.- Mrs. Haines, Jas, C. 45.

dress maker, 59. At Little Thurrock, Mrs. Mary King, At St. George's Cottage, Susannah, wife of sister to the Late Rev. Talbot K, rector of Captain John Griffith, R. N. 38. Uffington, Lincoln.

At Pucklechurch, Mr. George Nicholls. At Colchester, Mrs. Susanna Pilleau, 75. 'At Walton, near Tewkesbury, Mrs, MereShe was the founder of the lying-in charity, dith, 86. from which excellent institution great num- . At Wotton, Mrs. Aust. bers have derived material comfort and sup- .. At Corse, Mr. Henry Boulton. port.- Mr. Lowthorpe.—Mrs. Silk, daughter At Haresfield, Mrs. Neale. of the late Mr. John Banks.

At Cheltenham, Ann, wife of Admiral At Braintree, Mr. Chas. Tunbridge, son of Douglas, 59.-Captain J. B. Irwin, of i Mr. T. brewer.

103rd regiment, son of Eyles I. esq. * Ac Harwich, Geo. Wenyeve, esq. of At Iron Acton, Mary, daughter of the Brettenham park, Suffolk, 20.

Rev. John Senior. Al Chelmsford, Sarah, wife of Mr. Archer.

HAMPSHIRE. Ac Ardleigti, Mr. John Snell, one of the Birth.) At Newport, Isle of Wight, the common council of the corporation of Col- lady of Henry Robinson, esq. of Henniela chester.

street, Lo'idon, of a son. GLOUCESTER.

Married.] At Boldre, Captain Peptor, The Tewkesbury Lancasterian School, R. N. 1o Frances, daughter of the late 1 from the report of the committee, just pub- Woodycar, csq. of the island of St. Christo lished, appears to be in a far more flourishing pher. state than its most sanguine friends could At Godshill, Mr. Hills, of Godshill part, have anticipated in so short a period. “There to Miss Mary Buckle, daughter of Mr. Rob. are 210 childien in the day, and 72 in the B. of Rookley Farm, Isle of Wight. evening school.

In Jersey, J. Poindestre, jun, esq. to Jast. leis in contemplation to establish a nightly daughter of the late Clement Hemery, es police in Cheltenham.

Died.] At Southampton, C. Longcroll, A temporary room and proper pump having esq.-John Porteus, esq. brother to the late now been erected, the subscribers to the Bishop of London. mineral water laicly discovered in the vicinity At Portsmonth, Major-gen. Fishes, the




John Jones.

commanding royal engineer in the division, the flames were happily arrested in their probrother to the Bishop of Salisbury.-Mr. G. gress, towards the accomplishment of which, F. Barr, cashier in the Portsmouth Bank, the exertions of the ladies were most extra

At Brockhurst, Mr. Thos, Inglefeld, many ordinary and of the greatest effect. years master of the King's Head inn, but Married.] Ac Hantingdon, Wm. Marwho had retired from business, 79.

getts, esq. of Hemingford Gray, to Marianne, At Ellington, by wilfully drinking about a eldest daughter of Rob. Cooch, esq.

pint and a hall of rum, Thos. Harper, 33. Died.) At lluntingdon, Mr. John Phil. - This man, as to public usefulness,' was a pott, 73.'

counterpart to the celebrated character of Caleb Quotem. He was by trade a carpen

KENT. ter, at the same time he served the different Robert Springett, esq. of Finchcock, near offices of parish-clerk, sexton, constable, and Goudhurst, who had occupied upwards of tax collector. Jealousy is said to be the a thousand acres of his own land, has recause of his committing the rash act. cently let a considerable part of his estate to HEREFORD,

ten different tenants, a truly praiseworthy Married.] At Hereford, Mr. Benj. Meie- example, which we trust will be followed by dith, to Miss Susanna Jones --Mr. Geo, the landed proprietors of the whole country. Williams, to Miss Jane Morgan.

Birth.] At Chiselhurst, the lady of HerAt Dorstone, Mr. Jos. Reece, to Miss bert Jenner, esq. of a son. Sarah Brown.

' Married.] Ai St. Lawrence, Thanet. F. S. Thos. Weare, esq. to Eliza, third daughter Billings, esq. deputy commissary general, to of John Phelps, esq. of the parish of Good- Miss Mary Witherden, of Ramsgate.. nich.

At East Farleigh, Wm. Coleman, esq. of At Ross, Rob. Molliner, esq. of Godalmin, Chart-place, to Margaret, daughter of the Surrey, to Miss Pritchard, only daughter of late Capt. Phil. Beaver, R. N. . T.P. esq. banker.

At Greenwich, Rich. Edmonds, esq. of Died.) At Ross, Mr. John Rudge, who, New Cross, to Catherine, only daughter of to a strong mechanical genius, united the Thos. Todd, esq. of Blackheath-road. parest and most dignified sentiments of libe At Bexley, Mr. E. Harrison, of Leeds, tality.

Yorkshire, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. At Leominster, Mr. Rob. Watling.-Mr. Littlewood, of Walworth Common.

At Gillingham, T. Edis, esq. solicitor, of At Hereford, Mrs. M. Smith, formerly up- London, to Elizabeth, second daughter, and wards of 40 years the confidential servant in Mr. C. B. Greatrex, of London, to Mary, the family of the late Lady Hereford. - Mrs. third daughter of J. Ditchburn, esq. of Croucher, 78.


At Ramsgate, Rich. 'Keatinge, barrister Married.] At Bishop's Stortford, Anac, of Dublin, to Harriet Augusta, daughter only daughter of Mr. J. Taylor.

of Sam. Joseph esq. of Bedford-square, At Elstree, Mr. Graham, solicitor of London. Abingdon, to Miss Self.

At Ashton, the Rev. R. H. Barliam, to Died.] At Hoddesdon, Henry Grimes, Miss Smart, daughter of Capt S. esq. late captain in the 15th dragoons, and Died.] At Bromley, Mr. John Noonan, last surviving officer that was at the battle of an eminent change ringer. In the science of Ernsdorf in 1760, 81.,

change composition his equal was rarely Ac Baldock, the Rev. Thos. Theoph, found. Humphries, A. M. rector of that parish, 83. At Brompton, Mr. John Lock, sen. 53.

At Elstree, Lieut. Gen. Rob, Bruce, of the At Gillingham, Gen. Burn, of the Royal East India Company's service.

Marines. At Bishop's Stortiord, Mrs. Dimsdale, wife At Wellington-place, 'near Maidstone, of Dr. D.

Mrs. Neale, wife of Mr. N. a principal clerk At Bushey, Eleanor, wife of J. Gurry, esq. in the l'ounty Bank. At Watford, Denham Barons, esq. 49. Ac Chilham Castle, Vincent Wood, esq. At Hertford, Mrs. Pollard, wife of Mr. P. He was on a visit to his friends there, and of the Half Moon Inn.

was found dead in his room. At Stevenage, the Rev. Jas. Allott, At Hythe, at the house of her brother, youngest son of the late Rev. John A. vicar Col. Goldfinch, Mrs. Agnew, of the Madras of South Kirkby, Yorkshire,

establishment. HUNTINGDON.

At Ash, Mrs. Mary Tomlin, 33. On the morning of Oct. 1, a fire broke out At Depiford, Elizabeth, third daughter of at St. Neots, in consequence of men splitting A. Bell, esq. 20. wood by means of gunpowder, which set At Goudhurst, Mary, third daughter of fire to a thatched building, and for some Mr. John Elliot, 19. She had returned time, owing to the unfavourable state of the home from a short visit the preceding day Wind, threatened the most dreadful conse- in good health and spirits. quences. After destroying several buildings, At Folkstone, Mr. Thos, Hodgman.

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At Westwell, Elizabeth, youngest daugh- maker, father of the late Mr. Peter L. inter of Mr.J. Barber, 23.

ventor of the lever watches, 82. At Chatham, Mis. Elliott, 45.- Mr. John At Manchester, Miss Broomhead daughter Greatbatch, laie serjeant-major in the Chat- of Mr. Jos. B. of Norton, Derbyshire. ham division of marines.

At Everton, Mr, Henry Barton jun, of At Eltham, A. Douglas. esq. 81.

Liverpool, merchant, 31.

. At Rossal, Mrs. Middleton, wife of Mr. An extraordinary mortality is now preva. Jonas M. late of Heysham-hall, lent at Liverpool, and in many other places At Lancaster, Mr.Jas. Ireland, late a midin the north of England, which is believed shipman in the royal navy, 28.-Francis, to be in part occasioned by the unusual quan- eldest son of Rich. Atkinson, esq.-Mrs. tity of hazel nuis produced this season, and Jones, relict of Michael J. esq. 72.-Mr. W. which, from their great abundance, have Farenside, 52.-Mr. Sill, 41. been eaten to excess by people at the lower A c Skerton, near Lancaster, Jane, relict of classes. The pernicious effects of his fruit Capt. Thos. Nunns, 79. under those circudistances are well known. The Rev. W. Hampson, minister of Stree:

Married.] At Liverpool, James, second Gate chapel, and a justice of the peace for son of Jas. Rigby, esq. of Alicar, to Ann, the county in the division of Great Bolton. fifth daughter of J. Hevs, esq. of Poulton,

LEICESTERSHIRE. near Bebington, Cheshire.--Edw. Foster, That extensive tract, Charnwood forest, esq, of St. Croix, o Miss E. Sliepherd, of which, till within the last four or five years, * Wrexham.-Capt. H. Mather, of the brig layuncultivated, is now nearly brought Mary Ann, of this post io Miss Eliz. Jones, under the dominion of the plough. The of Warrington.-Mr. J. Cumming, late of number of the inhabitants has very much York, to Mrs. Atkinson, widow of A. increased within the last two years; and a esq. of Lancaster.

church will shortly be opened for their ac: At Chorley, Mr. John Cunlifie, of Bury, commodation. to Sarah, the younger daughter of Wm. A mineral water, of a very salubrious naLeigh, esq.

ture, has bcen discovered on Ashby Wolds, At Heyshan,John Bell, esq. of Standen in the lordship of Ashby de la Zouch. New hall, to Miss M'Keen, of Clithero.

warm and cold baths have, in consequence, At Manchester, Mr.T.G Owen, to Mar- been erected, and it is expected, that they garct, youngest daughter of Sam, Jackson, will become a place of great resort. Eas! esq. of Houghend hall.

Moira's new village, called Moira, is near At Wigan, Henry Ashton, esq. to Alice, these baths. daughter of Thos. Birch, csq. of Gidlow Married.] At Market Harborough, Amhouse, near Wigan.

brose Treslove, esq. surgeon of that place, to At Eccles, Mr. Burdckin, of the firm of Saralı, youngest daughter of the late Jobn Spence and Burickin, booksellers, York, to Wright, esq. of Hailey, Oxford.Thomas Mrs. Adamson, widow of Nir. A. surgeon, of Green, gent. to Miss P. Barker. Hull.

At Bosworth, Captain Blakiston, of the At Lancaster, Ec'muni!, son of E. E. Els- 25th regiment in Jane, only daughter of the den, of Lynn, Norfolk, to Mabella, second Rev. Thos. Knight, rector of Bosworth. daughicrot Josiah Baxendale, esq.

At Loughborough, Mr. Wm. Smith to At llawkshead, T. Jackson, jun. esy. of Mary, only daughter of Mr. Geo. Salisbury, Waterhead, to Eleanor, only daughter of all of Leicester. John Benson, esq. of Skelwith.

- At Leicester, Mr. John Ward, to Miss Died.] Ar Liverpcol, Elizabeth, wife of Mary Hancock. ---Mr. Sam. Cartwright, jun. J. Oales, esq. of Ueckniondwike, Yorksbire, to Miss Croft. 42.-Thos. Charles, son of Rich. Golightly, At Kegworth, Mr, Barrow, draper, of esq.-Catherine, wife of Mr. Wm. Eccles- Loughborough, to Dorothy, second daughter ton, actins tile-waiter at Hoylake.-J. of Wm. Clifford, gent. Smallwood, esq. late of the customs, in At Brandon, near Belvoir castle, Mr.T. which he had served 56 years.--Mrs. Mars- George, to Mrs, E. Pacgct, widow of MI. den, wife of Wm M. esq. late of Manches. Francis P. ier. --Mrs. Ann Tennant, 63.- Mr. Henry At Knipton, Jas. Shaw, esq. son of the Hodgson, late printer and stationer.-Mrs. Rev. Thos. S. of Waltham, to Miss Cooper Lord, wife of Mr. Jas. L. 43.-F. B. Atkin Died. At the rectory house, Stones son, esq. eldest son of Rich, A.esq. of Castle Stanton, the Rev. R. B: Nicholls, rector of park, Lancaster, 25.- Joseph Harris, Bac. that place, and dean of Middleham, YorkMus. many years organist of St. Martin's shire, 71. church, Birminghan. His abilities as a At Leicester, Ann, widow of Mr. Who composer were weil known; the works of Harris, 77.--Wm. Stevens, esq. in the Handel were his model, and it may be truly reg. of royal buffs. He particularly signa said, that the compositions he has left be- lized himself at the battle of Albuera, who hind him, would not be unworthy of the he received five severe wounds, one of a great original.-Mr. Joha Lithcsland, watch was from a ball in his left arm, that ban




Lincoln-Norfolk Northampton.


attempts of meilical skill to extract. ---Mrs. Birth.) At Rainham, the lady of the F. Burgess.--Mr. Thos. Watkinson.

Hon, and Rev. Gerard Noel, of a son and At Narborough, Mrs. Bridges, wife of Mr. heir. B. surgeon.

Married.] At Norwich, John Chambers, At Sileby, Mrs. Clifforil, relict of John C. esq. of London-street, Fitzroy-square, to Miss esq. late of Kegworth, 74.

Foster. At Market Harborough, Penford Goodhall, Wm. Tayton, esq. Lincoln, to Miss M. gent. formerly of Ingersby, 74.

Seppings, of South Creak.
At Broughton Sulney, Mr. T. Bonsar, of Wm. Postle esq. of Worstead, to Miss
Barwell 76.

Sharpe, of Tunstead.

Ai West Harling, Mr. W. C. Hayton, of · Birth.] The Hon. Mrs. O'Brien, of Bla- London, solicitor, to Nancy Mary, youngest therwycke Park, of a daughter.

daughter of the late Mr. Alexander Nicolson. Married.) At Lincoln, Mr. Simpson, to At Buxton, Juhn Beestou, gent, of Grear Miss Glover, eldest daughter to Mr. G, of Witchingham, to Elizabeth, youngest daughthe George an Dragon Inn.

ter of Mr. Thomas Welch. At Gainsborough Mr. John Allison, mas- At Norwich Robert Swallow, esq. Staff, terof the Thomas and Mary, Hull and Stock. surgeon, to Miss Curting, daughter of the with trader, to Miss Kynman, of West late Brigade Major C. Stockwith.

The Rev. John Pratt, to Edna, daughter Dieu.) At Lincoln Mrs. Burton, sister of of John Gillett, gent., o Halvergaie. the late R. Burton, esq.

Died.] At Norwich, the Rev. Thomas The Rev. Hamlyn Harris, rector of White. Howes, rector of Mourningthorpe, in this well, near Stamford, and vicar of Campden, county in the gift of the crown), and of Gloucester, formerly of Emanuel college, Thorndon, Suffolk, 84. He was a protound Cambridge, 4.B. 1765; M. A. 1768. The scholar, and author of several theological two livings, valued at loool. per annum, are works, -Mr. Wm. Booty, grocer, and clerk in the gift of Sir G. N. Noel, M. P.

of St. Peter's per Mountergai-, 61,-- Arthur, At Castle Bytham, Mr. Alloway sen. 85. youngest son of Mr. G. Chapm?n, attorney,

At Gainsborough, Mr. Kenedy, 35.-Mr. 14.-Mrs. Richardson, wife of Mr. R, che Sam. Garniil, engraver, 81.

mist and druggist.--Mrs. Jane Sudbury.-Ac Market Rasen, Mrs. Eliz, Frankish, Mr. Wm. Dring.- Mr. Sam. Severs, 55.-widow, 60.- Mr. Gibbins, cooper, 56. Mrs. A. Fletcher, sister of the late Thomas

At Osbournby, Mr. John Casswell, jun. Garland, esq.78.
At Boston, Mr. J. Fletcher, 70.

At Yarmouth, Mr. Sam. Banyard, schoolMr. John Barnet of Heckington. He was master. thrown from his horse and killed on the spot. At Lynn, Mr. W. Curtis, brewer,

At'Thurpe on the Hill, Mrs. Walker, 91. At Gaywood rectory, Elizabeth, second

At Waddington, Sam. Gadd, who fought daughter of the Rev. E. Walton, 10. under Wolfe on the plains of Quebec, 85.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. At Coningsby, Mr. James Mayfield, schoolmaster, 37.

A correspondent of the Northampton MerAt Grimsby, Mr. John Benington one of cury gives the following usefui c ution :the oldest freemen of that borough.

“ It is perhaps not generally known by laceAt Ludford, near Lowth, Rebecca Shears makers, that the flasks they use to concendown, 107.

trate the light of tlie candle upon their work, MONMOUTH.

are very powerful burning glasses. One of Birth) At Monmouth, the lady of R. G. them will readily set fire to any inflammable Keogh, esy, of a son and beir.

substance which is placed so as to receive Died.] At Newport, on his way home the sun's rays, after they have passed through from Cheltenham, Thomas Williams,' esq. it, at the point called the focus, that is, ac surgeon, of Meithyr Tydvil, Glamorgan, 58. 'about the distance of one and a half or two At Monmouth, the Rev. Mr. Roberts, 86. inches from the surface opposite to that on E NORFOLK.

which the sun shines. It is therefore adAgreeably to resolutions aelopted at a late viseable, to be careful where they are placed meeting of the principal inhabitants of this in the day-time, as serious consequences county, at Norwich a subscription has been might result from one of them stand up in opened for the purpose of erecting a monu- the sun ; which a circumstance that came .ment to the memory of their illustrious under my observation experimentally proves. countryman, the late Lord Nelson. The A considerable quantity of smoke and a sum already subscribed, is upwards of 5000l. powerful smell of burn give the alarm of towards which the Earl of Orford, Lords fire, when, after searching some time, it was Wodehouse, and Suffield, Sir Jacob Astley, discovered, that a cloth, which was wrapped and Mr. Coke, have contributed 200l, each, round the neck of a fiask that stood in the The situation for this memorial has not yet window of an unfrequented room, was in a been fixed. . -;

flame, and such was the degree of combus

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