[Nov. 1,

tion, that the discovery evidently prevented Died.] At North Shields, Frances, daughmore serious results."

ter of Mr. R. Born. · From the Report of the Northamptonshire At Blyth, Miss Frances Pattison, daughter Auxiliary Bible Society, read at the second an- of the late Mr. P. of the customs of that niversary, it appears, that from June, 1813, place, 50. to June 1914, there have been issueil 1574 At Haughton Castle, Mrs. Smith, wife of bibles and 461 testaments, forming a total Wm. S. esq. 62. of 3808 of both since the establishment At Newcastle, W.A. Wood. son of Dr. W of the institution. The Bible associations 16.-Mary, daughter of Mr. John Ryle. reconimended to adoption in the former Miss Jane Blakey.- Esther, wife of Mr. John report, have been carried into effect with Todd, 42.--Mrs. Davison, wife of Capt. considerable success. The principle of Wm. D. of the Arethusa of this port. these associations is to encourage con- At Picrsebridge, Mrs. Hunter, widow of tributions of id. per week or upwards, Mr. Wm. H. 65. from among the poor, till a sufficient sum A t Hexham, Mrs. Charlton, widow of is raised for the purchase of a Bible, and Mr. Jas, C. of the brewery, 48.-Mr. Thos. from this source, sums to a large amount Charlton, gardener, 41. were announced as proceeding from the At Wall, ncar Hexham, Mrs. Eliz, RamBible Associations at Wellingborough, Keto say, 50. tering, and Rowell, independent of the branch At Walsingham, Mr. Ant. Brown, schoolsocieties at the two former places. To the master, 75. list of branches have been added the united At North Shields, Mrs. Reaveley, 60. towns of Oundle and Thrapsion. From the At Hartley, Mr. Rob. Armstrong, ship funds of the society 9501, has been remitted owner. to the parent institution.

At Eslington, Mr. Rob. Morrison. Married.] At Peterbcrough, Mr. Fowler, At Hill-house, near Haydon-bridge, Mi. surgeon, of Porton, Beds, to Miss Gates, Nich. Parker, 77. only daughter of Mr. John G.-Mr. Edm. at Morpeth, Mr. Gvo. Cranston, 50. Larkin. organist at the cathedral, to Miss

NOTTINGHAM. Gibbs, second daughter of Mr. Geo. G. Married.] At Sutton Bonington, C. M.

Died.) At Peterborough, Mr. Jas. Bing- Lowe, esq. of Derby, to Miss Orme, daughham, 53.-Mrs. Scaton, wife of Mr. S. ter of Jas. O. esq. brazier, 88.

At Newark, the Rev. Edw. Parkin, curate At Gayton, Mary, relict of Mr. William of Slaigl: thwaite, Yorkshire, to Miss Pullin. George.

At Nottingham, Mr. T. Cook, hosier, to At Aynhoe. Mr, Weston, 74.

Miss E. Johnson, milliner.—Mr. M. Morley At Scaldwell, Mr. M. Hardwick.

to Mrs. Cheetham. - Mr. Acton, jun. to At Northampton, Chas. Pinks, esq. for- Miss Lowe.--Mr W. Smithurst, lace-manu. merly of the Inniskillen Dragoons.

facturer, to Miss M. A, Stevenson. NORTHUMBERLAND.

Died.] At Nottingham, Mr. Jas. ColeEarly in the morning of Oct. 8, a fire man, hosier, 38.--Anna Maria, eldest daughwas discovered in the farm-yard of Mr. ter of Mr. Sam. Stretton - Mr. Thos. Hill, Ralph Atkinson, of South Gosforth, near hosier, 78.-Mr. John Pollard. - Mrs. Ca Newcastle. It destroyed the thrashing. therine Barker, 43. machine, the whole of the hay, (about 150 At Kirkby, Thos, Hodgkinson, gent. çons,) and 10 stacks of com, before it could At Farnsfield, Mr. Rich. Truswell. be extinguished. It is conjectured to have At Car Colston, Mrs. Marriott, a maiden originated from the heat of the hay-stack. lady, 70, About 30 stacks of corn were preserved. At Wilford, Mrs, Oakley, wife of Mr. O.

Births.] At Newcastle, Mrs. Trotter, wife At Marlock-house, Mr. Abbout. of Dr. T. of a son.

At Newark, Miss Eliz. Holmes, 17. At Wallsсnd, Mrs. N. Fenwick, of a At Southwell, Mrs. Edwards, relict of the daughter.

Rev. John E. of Rolleston. * Married.] At Newcastle, Mr. T. W.

OXFORDSHIRE. Hodgetts, cldest son of Booth H. esq. of It is reported that the valuable and extet Dudley, Stafiordshire, to Isabella, daughter sive estate of Sir Geo. Bowyer, bart. of Radof Rob. Rankin, esq.

ley, near Oxford, will be purchased by GoAt Felton, Capt. J. B. Orde, 21st Light vernment for the residence of the Duke of Dragoons, to Eliza, daughter of th: late Wellington." Rob, Lisle, esq. of Acton-house.

At a meeting of the Committee of the OxAt Wallsend, Mr. John Gosspin, of North fordshire Agricultural Society, held at the Shields, ship-owner, to Mary, only daugh- Star inn, Oxford, Oct. 19, it was resolved, ter of Mr. Geo. Hassal, late of Sunderland that all the premiums offered for this year

At North Shields, Wm. Home, esq. of should be renewed for the year ensuing, Stoneshill, Berwickshire, to Isabella, young- with the exception of four for essays, which est daughter of the late Mr. Storey, of are to be discontinued. Two premiums were Blyth,

added for fat cows, making four in all), and




some alterations were made in the conditions Mr. Rob. L.-Mr. J. Pritchard, 35.-Ms. of the different classes. The whole amount Edw. Wilcox -Suddenly, while sit:ing in of premiums ordered is 3431. :-500 copies his garden, Mr. John Wheldon. were ordered to be printed for the use of the At Wem. Mr. Hilditch, of the Bull's members, together with the rules of the Head. society, and a list of the members, in which At Woodbatch, near Bishop's Castle, the subscriptions in arrear are to be specified. Mrs. Thomas, S4. A very interesting communication was read At Hawkstone, Mr. John Earp, the faithfrom the Holderness Agricultural Society, ful and intelligent agent of Sir John Hill, recommending an application to parliament bart, 54. in behalf of the agricultural interests of the At Ascott-house, Mr. Wm. Urwick, 58. country; and it was referred to a committee He formerly occupied the Folkhampton to determine on the expediency or inexpe- estate, which his family held under the diency of the measure.

Cressett family of Cound near 500 years. Married.] The Rev. J. Fletcher, of Queen's

SOMERSETS HIRE. College, Oxford, to Harriet Maria, eldest At the recent sale of Bailbrook-house and daughter of the Rev. Dr. Griffith, of War- grounds, near Bath, only 5,500l. were obminster,

tained for the estate, which at a previous sale At Enstone, Mr. Blake, surgeon. of Charl. (about nine months since) fetched 14,5001. bury, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Busby, of A bout the middle of October a piece of Great Tew.

wheat was cut in the neighbourhood of Bath At Bletchington, T. T. Drake, esq. M. P. in good condition, and having a good berry, of Shardeloes, Bucks, to Barbara Caroline, of the sort called the blue-balled cone, and second daughter of Arthur Annesley, esq. which was sown so late as the 19th of of Bletchington-park.

March. At Steeple Aston, the Rev. Jas. Saumarez, Births.] At Bain, the lady of John Fle. eldest son of Admiral Sir Jas. S. vart, to ming, esq. of Stoneham-park, of a daughter, Mary, cldest daughter of Vice-admiral Leci:- -The lady of Lieut. col. Tuffnell, of a son. mere.

Married.] Ac Bath, Chas. Eyston, esq. J. Millard, esq. of the East India Company's eldest son of Bazil E. esq. of Hendred, Berks, service, to Arabella, youngest daughter of to Maria Teresa, only daughter of the late the late Wm. Chavasse, esq.

T. P. Metcalf, esq. of Barnborough, YorkDied.] At Oxford, Mrs. Kerry, widow, shire.-Thos. Crosse, esq. to Miss Grant.-35.-Mrs. Holdship, 33.-Mr. Chew, of the J, H. Walker, esq. of Dublin, to Nancy, Old George inn, Banbury.-Mr. Benj. Lee, youngest daughter of Rob. Clarke, esq.-57.

H. Hewlett, esq. of Horfield-court, Glou. At Banbury, Charlotte, daughter of Mr. cester, to Sarah, only daughter of Wm. He. Geo. Baker.

len, esq.-The Rev. Rob. Ashe, rector of At Wykham, James, eldest son of Mr. J. Langley Burrell. to Elizabeth, widow of

Barnard Harman, ''esq. of Monk's-house, At Charlbury, Mr. Wm. Kench. He had Wilts.-R. A. Daniell, esq. of Trelissick, attended the funeral of his brother, (whose Comwall, to Sarah, only daughter of C. death is mentioned in our last,) and on the Mawhood, esq. following day was seized with an apoplectic Ai Clifton, Capt. Place, 77th reg. to Mare fit, and expired.-Mrs. Albright, 73. garet, youngest daughter of Phil. Elliott,

At Chipping Norton, Mrs. S. L. Hitch- esq. of Clifton Down. man, 46.

At Ilfracombe, the Rev. Rich. Ingram, of SHROPSHIRE,

Feckenham, Worcestershire, to Miss Fortes. Married.] At Neen Savage, Mr. Banks, cue, eldest daughter of the late Jos. F. esq. of Cleobury Mortimer, to Miss Wheeler, of Weston-lodge, in this county.-Mr. T. only daughter of Wm. W. esq. of Stepple- Heath, to Maria, youngest daughter of Thos.

Branston, esq. At Shrewsbury, Mr. Askey, of Shelton, Died.] At Wincanton, the Rev. Henry near Newcastle, to Miss Heath, of Alkmere. Hopkins, LL. B. youngest son of the late -Mt. Sam. Broughall, to Miss Fardoe. Rev. Ms. H. vicar of Pilton and Compton

At Newport, Mr. E. H. Diggles, of Liver. Dandon. pool, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of M. M. At Ditcheat, Mr. John Cade, of London, Silvester, esq, banker,

46, Died.) At Wenlock, Harry, only son of At Hinton Blewett, Miss Doolan, daughR. Collins, esy. town-clerk of that borough, ter of Mr. D. surgeon, 13. 23.

At Wells, at the Bishop's palace, Charles At Belmont, near Oswestry, Rich. Lovett, Edward, youngest son of Rich. Beadon, esq. esq.

At Frome, Mrs. Zachary Baily. At Ludlow, Mrs. Lasbery, wife of Mr. L. At Clifton, the wife of W.Y. Mills, esq. of Aldon.-Mr. Harrison, formerly collector of Wadley-house, Berks. - Mrs. Goodeve, of cxcise.

wife of John G. esq. of Gosport. At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Lloyd, widow of At Bristol, Mary, wife of Jas. Mackay,





(Nov. 1,

esq. of the War Office.-Miss Hughes, which was entirely consumed, with the pro. daughter of the late Mr. H. distiller.-Mrs. duce in barley and seed clover of 22 acres. Symons, wife of Thos, S. e q.-Mr. W. The flames communicated by means of a Trotman, 70.–Mrs. Eames, daughter of the straw stack to the dwelling-house, nearly the late Mr. John E. wine-merchant.--Mrs. whole of which was descroyed, logether with Sharpe.

the stables, outhouses, and nearly all the imAt Bath, Mr. Dacres - Elizabeth Lady plements in husbandry belonging to the faim. Napier. Her ladyship was daughter of Sir Birih.] Ac Gruudisburgh, the lady of John Oglander, bart, and married in 1762 to Mr. Serjeant Fiere, master of Downing coSir Grant Napier, bart, of More Critchill, lege, Cambridge, of a daughter. Dorset, who died in 1775; and in 1779 she Married.) Mr. G. Hardy, surgeon, of married her second husband, James Webb, Clare, to Elizabeth, second daughter of G. esq. who died in 1786.- Mr. Wm. Smith, Pung, esq. of Ballingdon ball. brandy-merchani, 57.-In St. James's parish, Dav. Garred, esq. to Stradbrook, to vis Wm. Gordon, 101.- Philip Nunan, esq. of Nunn, of Stanton park. Moyge, county of Cork.- At the house of Mr. John Gudgcon, watchmaker, of Bure, Mr. 7, B. Coward, Mrs Cooke, of Hereford, to Miss Mallows, only (laughter of the late mother of Mrs. Coward, 58.

Mr. John M. of Thelsethair.

Al Gorleston, D. Morison, esq. R. S. 10
Married.] F. Nairn, esq. of Warwick, to Mrs. Bray, of Souch Town,
Miss Bayley, daughter of ihe late Mr. B. At Bungay, Mr. Matthew Rackham, attor.
attorney of Wednesbury.

ney, of Norwich, to Elizabeth, only daugti A Lichfield, P. R. Ingersole, esq. to Mrs. ter of Matthias Abel, esq. banker. Ann Jackson, eldest daughter of Geo. Chad Died.] At Holton, Aune Candler, a co wick, esq.---Lieut. Eady, of the 50th reg. tager, 74. She was the author of a paler to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Thos. phrase on the fifth chapter of the secund Fletcher, esq. of Haselour-hall.

book of Kings; the History of Joseph, in vi At Audlem, Mr. John Griffiths, of Ight- Address ro a Young Man ; the Life of Elijas field Dairy-house, to Mary, eldest daughter the Prophet, and several other poethal of Thos. Davics, esq. of Moss-hall.

pieces. At Burton-upon-Trent, l'hincas Hussey, At Brandon, the Rev. George Wright, 75. esq. of Warley-grove, to Miss Ray.

At Benacre Hall, Lady Gooch, wife of si At Clifton Campville, H. Stokes, esq. of Thos. G. bart, 71. Doveridge, Derby, to Mrs. Watkins.

At Heveningham, Wm. Philpot, esq, up - Died.] At Newcastle, Joseph Tilstone, wards of 30 years, the faithful sten ard of esq. an alderman of that borough. He had the estates of Lord Hunungfield and his pre- : been out shooting, and retired to rest in his decessors, 61. . usual good health, but was seized with an At Stowmarket, Mr. Frederic Norman, 66, apoplectic fit in the night, and expired before At Ipswich, Capt. Stepb. Baldock, of its surgical assistance could be procured.

Harriet trader of that town, 44. At Scafford, Rich. Downward, esq. of At Woolpit, Mr. John Hunt, Bath, 58.

At Great Bradley, Mr. Thos. Eagle. Ai Great Haywood, Lieut. Johnson, R. N. At Stow-upland, Mr. C. Srudd, of Mi: second son of John J. esq, solicitor.

ing hall, near Lavenhanı. 26. At Leek, Mr. Phillips, silk manufacturer. At Addiscombe Cottage, Mrs. Adair, wie

At Keeling's-lane, Hanley, Elizabeth of Alex. A. esq. of Flixton Hall. Hawthorn, 106. She could see without Stephen Saunders, esq. M. D. of Blonde glasses until a short period of her death, ston villa, near Lowestoft, 36. He was out which is supposed to have been accelerated on a shooting party, and whilst parting him by the loss of a son, on whom she princi- dog, the animal jumping up touched ite pally depended for support, a few months trigger of his gun, which immediately went since.

off, and the contents were lodged in his ar At Daw-end, Walsall, Mr. Edw. Salt.. and shoulder bone. Amputation was in

At Wolverhampton, Margaret, daughter sorted to, but death ensued. of Nir, Wm. Thompson, of Birmingham, At Framlingham, the Rev. Wm. Clubke. 11.-_John, eldest son of Mi. Rich. Smith. 14. L.L.B. many years rector of Florton art SUFPOLK.

vicar of Brandescon, ng. Capel Lofft, esy. of Troston Hall, barrister 'At Sudbury, Mrs. Mary Gainsboroo. at law, was, on the 29th of September, una- nicce to the celebrated painter of that panies nimously elected Recorder of Aldborough, in

SURREY. the room of the late J. Mingay, es4.

Births.] At Streatham, the lady of Thos, A single grain of wheat, planted this year Harrison, esq. of a son. by Mr. W. Auker, gardener, Ufford, grew Ai Clapham, the lady of Aler. Goldsaun, 864 cars, which produced the astonishing esq. of a daughter. quantity of a quart of corn.

Married.] Henry, son of J. H. Tritos, In the afternoon of Oct. 10, a fire broke esq. of Beddington, to Amelia, daughter of out in the burn of Mr, Lewis, of Stanstead, Jos. Benwell, esq. Dattersea.




At Fetcham, C. F. Hennings, esq. to Mary,

Thursdny. eldest daugh:er of C. Druce, esq. of Dul Taken at the Church 1441 10 O wich.

Collection at ditto. 432 70
At Mortlakc, Mr. H. Symons, of Axbridge, At the Theatre - - 1000 0 0
Somerset, to Miss Jemima Done. - Mr. R. As the Ball •. - 17+ 0 0
H. King, to Maria, youngest daughter of the

- 3049 30 Rev. S. Williamson, Congleton, Cheshire.

At Dorking, Mr. John Bull, of London, to Taken at the Church 1286 00
Sarah, second daughter of Mr. W. Norman. Collection at ditto 373 60

Died. At Camberweli, Mr, John Dol. At the Theatre - - 991 17 0 bee, coach master,

At the Ball -... 58 90 it Richmond, Mrs. Eliz. Jervis, only

2709 12 O daughter of the late T. Jervis, esq. uncle to Books sold .......... 295 00 Eard St. Vincent, 73.

Donations from several of the At Mitcham, Wm, Tate, esq. Fellow of Performers ...... 75 10 0 Magdalen college, Oxford, 73. At Putuey, Edwin Sandys, esq. formerly

7171 120 resident at Colchester, so.

From the annual report of the auditors of At Chertsey, Sarah, wife of Mr. Graze the General Hospital, Birraingham, it apbrox k, solicitor, 27.

pears, that 1100 In-Patients, and 1627 OurAt Ripley, Hen. Church, esq.

Patients, were admitted in the course of last SISSEX.

year-among the out-patients are included Married. At Eastbourne, Capt. R. M. 398 children inoculared for the cow pox. Jackson, R. N. to Elizabeth, youngest During the same period, the committee have daughter of John Hodges, esq. of Hill House, been under the necessity of selling out Toering, Surrey.

2000l. stock ; and as the current expenses At Brighton, John Hoper, esq. of Lewes,

are double the amount of the regular income to Mrs. Paine, of Patcham place. Mr. Jos. of this institution, the Board of Governors, Webb, of Moreton, Essex, to Marianne, earnestly requests the continuance of bene(dest daughter of Mr. Benj. B. Quare, of factions and legacies. Watching Green .

Married.] At Leamington, Mr. John Jos. Brown, esq. of Holcomb House, Munton, to Miss M. A, Prait. both of BanGloucestershire, to Jane, fourth daughter of bury. Mr. Gill, to Hannah, youngest the late Jos. Molyneux, esq. of Lewes. daughter of the late Thos. Hornblower, esq.

Died.] At Brighton, Saran, Countess At Stratford on Avon, John Collett, esq. Dowager of Denbigh, relict of Basil, sixth 10 Miss Freer, eldest daughter of John F. tail, grandfather to the present earl. Her esq. of that place. larisst, ip was sister of Edw. Farnhain, esq. of Mr. Meredith, solicitor, of Birmingham, Quorndon, and was first married to the late to Jane, eldest daughter of Sam. Aston, esq. Sir Chas. Halford, bart. of Weston, Leicester- of Rowingion Hall,

te, by whose will that property devolves At Warwick, Mr. Farman, to Miss Pestell, lo Sir Henry Halford, M. D.-- Jas. H. of London. Houston, eso. of Odd Broad street.-Mr. Ac Coventry, Mr. John Neal to Miss Churchill, of Wallington, Oxford, 69.

Campion. At Brookfield, the Rev. Wm. Groome, Died.] At Birningham, the Rev. Jos. hear of Leominster and Sompting.

Webb, 35.- Mrs. Rollason, widow of the At Rye, T. Moneypenny, esq. third son of late Mr. Jas. R. formerly one of the prue the late Jas, M. esy. of Maytham ball, Kent. prietors of the Birmingham Gazetre.--Mr.

At Lewes, John Wimble, gent. 85. He R. Lawson, 48.- Mr. Benj. Banks, jun, 21. was the senior of the party which has so often - Mrs. Wall, wife of Mr. Wm. W. 62. net to celebrate the anniversary of Sir Henry At Henley in Arden, Mrs. H. Hollick, 81. Backman's knighthood.

Ac Edgewick house, Caroline, youngest At Hastings, Francis Delapierre, esc. 76. daughter of Dr. Marsh, of Coventry. WARWICK.

At Kenilworth, Mrs. Dewes. The Triennial Musical Festival, held at at Edgbaston, Mr. John Porter, late of Birmingham, in aid of the funds of the Ge- Aston, 74. ral Hospital, commenced on Wednesday

WESTMORELAND. * Je sth, and ended on the 7th of October. Married.] At Clapham, near Kirkby The following are the gross receipts of the re- Lonsdale, Mr. J. B. Brown to Miss Ingleby,

eldest daughter of John I, esq. of LawklandWednesday.

hall, near Settle. I. 8. d. l. s. d. At Grayrieg, - - Bramwell, esq. of Taken at the Church 189 100

Kirkby Lin da'e, to Miss Tho.mpson. Collection at ditto 158 14 0

Died.) At Kendal, Mary, wite of Mr; It the Theatre .. 631 17 0

John Cunningham, 38 - Mr. Rob. Davis, At the Ball.... 62. 60

maltster, 76.-Mrs. Mary Johnson, 75,- 104270 Mr. Walter Symondson, 88. - Margaret, NEW MONTHLY MAQ.-No. 10.


spective days :


TViltshire-Iorcester~ York:

[Nov. 1,

wise of Mr. Edw. Birketi, 61.-Mrs. Salkeid.

YORK. -Mr.G. Top am, farrier,68.-Mrs. Lewth The foundation stone of a pilla: in com. waite, widow, 69.

memoration of the perce has been la on At Gate in Dent, Nancy, dau hier of the the suin mit of a hull called stoodley Pike, la late Wm. Eyleison esq. of Scar Sykes.

the parish of Halifax. Al Appleby, Mr. Geo, Giobon, 46.

A monument his just been crected in the Ai Cummersilale mill, Mr. Rich. Bruns- church of it wden, in memory of the laie skill, 49.

Robert J, fierson, esq. formerly a copain in At Kirkby Stephen, the Kev. John Tebay, the Dragoon Guard. Blue, a gentien an uis. curate, and master of the Free Gramm ir tinguished for his libural benciacions 10 the school, of that place, 51. Mr. Richard charitable institutions of York anu Howden. Dent, 21.

This monument, designed and executeni in At Burton in Kendal, Hannah, only white marble, by desis. Fishes, of Yurk, daughter of Mr. James Collinson 16.

exibiis figures as large as life of faith ard , At Lawrence House, near Kendal, Geo. Chanty --ne latter unveiling an ura, wine Dudgeon, esq. an eminent agriculturisi, 41. The former inscribes the name of the ds.ca. W:LTSIRE.

sed on the centre, Chariry at the same time Married.] At Bromhain, Mi.J. Piovis, enribricas her child slams on her bosom, to llins Ranks.

and with a countenance full of the rendere Mr. Sain. Wliitchurch, iron moi ge , of solicinulle, watalies the action of Faith, This Deviz», 10 Elizabeth, second daight.. of maternal ngure is scaled, and in altiude, Cra. Mr. John Walker, of Valuesbury.

pery, and expression, forms a pie ang codAt High:worth, the Roy. Law. Mines, of trust with the happy mixture of six vlly and All Souls, Oxford, vicar of Wallington, to dignity which marks the character of Farin, Miss Chaiketle Sounders,

W10, with her lett arm su;porting the clums, Thos. Joncs esq. surgeon, of Malıshury, approaches the urn will graceful sitp. On to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. a centre dado is placed a medallion of the Stephesis, of Chippen hans.

decised, and the whole groupe, in priaDud.] At Ramsbury, Capt. Dobree, R. N. Niidul toim, rests on a pedestal of statuary

At Salisbury, Mr. Webb, sen. land-sur- marble, bearing an appropriate inscnprioti. veyor.-Mis. Lydia Moore.

Mr. Robert Elam lias this year grown and At Marlborough, Mrs. Kerby, relict of threshed on one of his farms in Roundhay, the Rev. Lancelot K, lale rector of Baih33 loads i bushel of Wheat, the produce of Easton, 79.

1A. IR 25 P. which is at the rate of 20 loads At Shrofon, Mrs. Ryves.

per acre, At Trowbridg: , Mr. Rich. Vine, :7. Married.) At Hull, Mr. John Lerett, jun. At Kcynsham, Mis. M. Har:is, 80. to Miss Levell, eldest daughter of Mr. Lach At Melksham, Mr. Jos. Spragg, 70, Dock-side. WORCESTERSHITE.

Mark Busfield, esq. to Miss Mouley, borba Married.] At Tardebig, Mr. Lucas, of of Piteley Bridge. Gralton-house, to Betsey, second daughter Al Richmond, Mr. Lee, of London, to of Rich. Hemming, esq. of Foxlidiate house. Miss Earle, niece to W. S, Goodburne, esq.

Mr. Blundell, of Mitton cottage, 10 Mrs. mayor of Richmond. Bradshaw, of Kidderminster.

At Knapton, Edw. Harris, esq. of London, At Redditch, Mr. Greaves, of Benley, to to Isabela, daughter of the late J. Tindaris Catherine, eldest daugh:er of Mr. R. Boulton, esq. of Scarborough. of ilvechurch,

Dieil.] At Syndale, near Ferrybridge, At Worcester, Wm. Tyndall, esq. to Ca- James Torre, jun, esq, lieutenant-colonel of toline, daughter of the late Join Impell, the East York Milicia, 39. esą, of Ashford, Kent,

At Newall Hall, Cley, Thes, Clifton, cc. Mr. Thos Saunders, of the l'nirin Firm, barrister al law. near Worcester, to Miss Holder, ellest Ai Sninton, James Lister, eso. of the daughter of Mr. Jas. H. o Hublow.

firm of Listers, Noorsom, and Co. of Scale Dird ] AC Malvern Wells, M:s. Barry, borough, 84. relict of Jas. B.rs of Builvaloagh, lieland, At Doncaster, Lidy Viongo, wisior of Sir and mother of Major Gkrai B.

Alex. VI, formerly Corisul G neral 7Viad', 1, At Powick, Mis Bathani, WIICO! Dr. B and one of the Commissioners of the Cus

Tac Rei Wo. Ilancox Roleils, DI). Tec- tons. ter of B:oad wide,

A: Hebren Bridge, near Halijax, Joseph Al Worecsiør, Harriet, niece of Mr ) Direky, M. D. only surviving son of Mr. Powell. - Mr. J Hooper, ofine Crown Inn. Tho. D). surgeon, of that place. As a phy.

Mr. Beanan, of the Swin-Mi. George sicujn, he was eminently distinguished Geric, malentei, 10.

biis kuil, and as a classical scholai, equaiird At Howswell, Mrs. Phillips,

by few, At Manley, Mrs. Dorothy Atheridge 98. Ai bronksbank, Wakefield, Mrs. Gill, en At Bowdley, Mrs. Hassall.

Ai High Tom, N. Riding, Surah, wifet A: Ombcrsley, Mr. John Barret: 17. Cirst pha Giulon, esq.

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