Political Events Great Britain.

[Jan. 1, I rove the fields among, or climb the cliff, The wretehed Hebrews urg'd the judgment Or trace the murmuring streamlet through dire. the mead,

-Himself the while, 'Till day's effulgenc: sinks in soften'd gloom Safe'mid the gathering storm, unhurt, beheld Beneath the star of eve. Then, rapt, I gaze The thunderbolis of Heav'n around him fall, On the bright wonders of nocturnal skies, While sretch'd beneath him lay unnumAnd hail the rising orb,,whose temper'd ber d hosts, beam

Struck in their crimes, and Paran's barren Shed dimly o'er the lawn, the lake, the land grove,

Seem'd one vast sepulchre of sin and death. Throws out the lengthen’d shadow's giant Beeston Parsonage, Dec. 8, 1814.

torm, Where dubious outline mocks the aching

SOXNET, sight; While shapes ideal, fitting through the air,

Partly taken from SOLOMON'S SONG, and

parlly iniinted from MELEAGER. Give to Imagination's plastic hand A new creation. various. vast, sublime.-- Anse, my love; my fair-one come away : Nor least majestic, 'mid the solemn scene,

The rain is gone, and fled the winter's Rises yon sacred fane, whose ancient tower

gloom: Stands like the patriarch of countless tribes,

Expanding flowers in verdant meadows That slumber at his feet.

bloom, In ivy mantle clad, he seems to muse


While tuneful birds revive, and carol gay. O'er the sad records of man's chequer'd life. Thro' all the land is heard the turtle's liv: While gathering cen’tries roll their hundred

Luxuriant figs their earlier tints assume, vears,

And tender grapes impart their fresh perAnd find him still unchang'd.

fume : The boding blast of dark November howls Then rise, my love, my fair, nor longer stay. Round hin in vain, and the fork'd lightning If opening flow'rets woo tbe vernal beam; * plays,

If cheerful birds their varied notes comIn harmless splendour, on that hoary head

bine ; Which Time himself has spar'd. -- If smiling boughs with golden fruitage reem, Thus he of ancient days, whose infant form And laughing grapes adorn the goodly Once slept upon the bosom of the Nile,

vine; Stood on the summit of the sacred mount, Let Myra's face with kindrert joyance gleam: Stood, like a bulwark, 'twixt the sins of May Heaven's immortal spring, dear maid, man .

be thine! And wrath omnipotent, yet wasn'd in vain: Nov. 9, 1814.

H. S. B.



casion to call the attention of the llouse ON the 1st of December the Parlia- to the fate of Saxony. He contended, ment adjourned till the 9th of February, that if that country were disposed of as after some interesting discussions rela the public was authorized to suppose, 11 tive to the conduct pursued by ministers was an act of robbery perpetrated in in regard to Sicily, Naples, and Saxony. the very spirit of Buonaparte, but witte In the House of Commons, on the 25th out the saine open and unblushing November, the Opposition, arguing upon avowal. Mr. Tierney and Mr. Ponsonby the truth of the rumours of a treaty con- followed on the same side; and, in reply cluded between Austria and Murat, to to them, the Chancellor of the Exche which Great Britain is represented as quer distinctly asserted, that this coude being a party, arraigned the inconsis- try had never acceded to the Couvention tency of guaranteeing the throne of by which Saxony was transferred to Naples to its present possessor, and sub- Prussia, as Frince Repnin had repre. sidizing the King of Sicily to counteract sented in luis public letter to the Saxon the object of that guarantee. The Chan- authorities, otherwise Lord Castlereagh cellor of the Exchequer declined giving must have given notice of the fact to his any explanation, but the Right Hon. W. colleagues at home. Pole asserted, in his speech on this oc- Ministers have communicated to Paro casion, that he was not aware of the liament the substance of three couven. existence of any treaty between this tions concluded on the 29th of June last, country and the King of Naples, pledge by Great Britain, with Austria, Russia, ing itself to guarantee his dominions, and Prussia. The four sovereigns to

On the 28th, Mr, Whitbread took oc- spectively engage to maintain 60,0


Political Events-France.


foot and 15,000 horse on a war esta: secretary of state for the war department, blishment, annil the final settlement of in the room of General Dupont; Count the affairs of Europe by the congress of Beugnot, minister of the marine and co. Vienna. The contingent of Great Bri- lonies, and M. d'André, director-general tain, however, need not be furnished in of the police. Others of Buonaparte's kind, but inay be supplied agreeably tu marshals seein aiso to be in bigli favour: the 9th article of the treaty of Chau Victor is appointed governor of the 2nd munt,

military division; Suchet of the 5th, and The flourishing state of our revenues is Augereau of the 14th. The 19th has evinced by the following account of the been given to Count Damas, and the net produce for the year ending Oct. 10, 22nd to Dupont. 1814:-

On the 16th Dec. a decree of some Customs consolidated 4,103,319

importance was issued by his majesty, Ditto annual duties . 2,636,902

in consequence, as it is stated in the Ditto war taxes 3,3

preamble, of his “ having been in

formed that a considerable number of Total produce of customs. 10,213,174 French officers had entered into foreign Excise consolidated 17,787,192

service without his special authority,” Disco annual duties 461,042

All such persons are required to return Ditio war taxes . 5,903,315

tu France by the 15th of April next,

upon pain of forfeiting their rights as Total produce of excise . ' 24,154,549 Stamps

Frenchmen. By the time allowed in . •

• 5,540,666 5 Post office . . . 1,453,000 this decree, it is evidently designed to ssessed taxes . .

affect inore particularly those officers who

6,423,312 Property tax . . 14,189,137 bad entered into the service of the United

. 14,189,13 Land tax ,

1,105,016 States of America, and whose aid would Miscellaneous

383,010 have been eminently serviceable to the

inexperienced troops of our enemies. Total net revenue . 63,46 1,864 The civil list, of which we have already Exceeding that of the preceding

given a sketch, and the payment of the year by . . . 2,585,212 debts contracted by the king during his The net receipt of the permanent taxes expatriation have been voted without

he same period was 36,589,0876.78.3. opposition by the two chambers. The and of the war taxes, 23,475,1186. 198. 04. amount of those debts, estimated at being a surplus upon both of more than

thirty millions of francs, is to be placed 2,700,0001, beyond their amount for the pre

to the account of the state, and to be incéding year.

scribed in the great book, after verificaIn consequence, as it should secm, of

tion of the claims of the creditors. His the little attention paid to the remon

majesty has offered to discharge the in

terest of it out of the civil list till the strances which the jealousy of the great

1st Jan. 1816, but afterwards provision powers entertained by France has iniduced her to make to the Congress, ber

is to be made for it out of the budget of

the year. . government have thought it right to strengthen that formidable attitude which

After some delays, which were purely she did previously a-sumed. Orders

accidental, and have been satisfactorily have been given to put the fortresses

explained, the islands of Martinique and along the whole line froin Dunkirk to

Guadaloupe have been delivered up to Strasburg in the best state of defence, to

the cominanders of the French expedin supply the arsenals, and to augment the

tions au:horized to take possession of garrisons. The immediate object of

those colonies. these demonstrations is said to be the

GERMANY. recovery of the strong town of Luxein- Respecting the diplomatic proceedings burg and part of the Ardennes; but its at Vienna nothing authentic has yet failure is confidently anticipated. Be- transpired. Arrangements, considered sides the large army of British, Dutch, as definitire one day, become doubtful and Hanoverians stationed in the Ne- the next, and it is not improbable that therlands, there is a Prussian force on till the termination of the Congress, the the Lower Rhine, under General Kleist, result of its deliberations will be enve. which still amounts to 90,000 men, not- loped in profound obscurity. withstanding the detachment of a division The verification of the full powers of to take possession of Saxony,

the ministers who were to be admitted as A partial change of ministry has taken representatives of their sovereigns or goplace. Marshal Soult has been appointed vernments to the discussions, was finished



Political Events - Germany, Italy.

(Jan. 1,

on the 26th November. The following papers, has strongly remonstrated against particulars respecting this august assem the measure. The King of Saxony, albly are derived from the only account though a prisoner at Friedrichsfeld, in which seems to be entitled to any credit, Prussia, has likewise entered his protest and which appeared in the dustrian Ob- by a declaration, dated Nov. 4, in which server, a paper published at Vienna, he endeavours to justify hy necessity, under the inmediate superintendence of the line of conduct pursued by him prethe secretary of Prince Metternich :- viously to the battle of Leipzig. This

“ The central point for the general con- appeal is said to have produced such an! duct of business, is composed of the eight etfect, that a messenger has been dise powers who signed the Treaty of Paris, patched by the Emperor of Austria to Russia, Prussia, Austria, England, France, invite the dethroned monarch to Vienna. Sweden, Portugal, and Spain. The minis- where Count Schulenborg has appeared ters of whom it consists, have appointed the

as his ambassador. chief Austrian plenipotentiary to preside at

The late Grand-duke of Frankfort kas their meetings. « The German federative constitution is

also protested against the occupation of planned by the plenipotentiaries of Austria,

his territories by Bavaria, but it can Prussia, Bavaria, Hanover, and Wirtemberg,

scarcely be expected that any more aland will, it is understood, he speedily dis

tention will be paid by Congress to this cussed by them, in conjunction with the notorious tool of France than to the other German courts. By means of the agent of the French marshals, who with constitution framed for it, Germany will admirable modesty claim indemnities for again become a distinct political body, and the share of the spoil bestowed on tuomi thus, consolidated within itself, and perfectly by the arcb-robber, and which since bis formed for all purposes, foreign and domes- fall has reverted to the rightful owners. tic, it will be, by its situation in the midst of We think it scarcely possible, however, the civilized world, the key-stone of a poli. that they could have had the impudence, tical edisice that will afford to all the ascribed to them in the German prints, states of Europe a permanent guarantee of of urging in support of their demand, their security and repose.

the eminent services they have performed « The negociations in regard to the future

in behalf of the welfare of Europe !

in behalf of the welfare fate of the Duchy of Warsaw are carried on immediately between Austria, Russia, and

ITALY. Prussia, under the mediation of England.

The incorporation of Genoa with the " The yet undetermined territorial ar.

vet un determined territorial' ar. dominions of the King of Sardinia, is an rangements in Germany are a principal sub- nounced as decided. That monarch was ject of the negociations between the ministers expected at Genoa on the 10th of Deof the powers interested in them. This cember, to carry the measure into effect. business is kept distinct from the delibera. The Austrian troops in Italy are të tions on the future political constitution of presented as having begun to evacuate Germany. .

those provinces in December, on their “ The affairs of Switzerland are prosecuted return home. They will probably be with the deputies of the confederacy, under attached to the army assembling on the the mediation of the principal European river Saave, whose head-quarters will be Powers,

fixed at Villach. " For the settlement of such questions as Some ligbt has recently been thrown vet remain undetermined in Italy, there are upon the nature of our engagements with as many different negociations on foot as

Murat. Although no formal treaty has there are parties interested. “ The powers engaged in these negocia

been concluded by England, yet it aptions reserve the publication of the results, pears to

pears that Lord Wm. Bentiock, in order

con which cannot lay claim to definitive validity to confirm a previous verbal assurance except in connexion with the whole, till of Lord Castlereagh to the same effect, the final arrangement of all the matters addressed a note from Bologna on the at issue, under the general guarantee of the 1st of April last, to the Duke de Gallo, powers that have taken part in them." officially announcing that the British

The fate of Saxony which was consid government approved the treaty between dared as finally settled is once more re. Austria and king Joachim, and consented presented as vet hanging in suspense. even to the addition of territory Lberein The transfer of that unfortunate country specified, provided he would immediately to Prussia has been loudly reprolated commence vigorous operations agaiust in the British senale; France has pro- the French army under Eugene Beautested against it'; Austria is said to bare harnois. His lordship added that if des done the same; and Lord Castlereagh Britannic majesty's ministers declined to also, if we may believe the continental sign a definitive treaty, it was from feel


1815.] Political Events-Spain Sweden and Norway. ings of honour and delicacy, which for- so great, that it bas been found necessary bade them to suffer the patrimony of an to draft the men necessary from their old ally to be giver up without an indem- regiments by ballot. These troops, estiuity. We cannot but regret that such mated at 19,000, and commanded by an engagement should have been con- General Morillos, were said to be ready tracted just at the moment when the to sail on the 17th Nov. but no mention assistance of Murat could be of no ad- bas been made of their movements since vantage; but having been concluded, that period. the national honour certainly requires The arrival of Ferdinand in Spain had that it should be held sacred, however just reached Buenos Ayres when the embarrassing in its consequences. latest accounts left that colony. The SPAIN.

intelligence produced a favourable effect. The situation of this country is daily The junta sent proposals for an armistice becoming more critical. Arrests not to the royalist general Pczucla at Salla, only continue, but the king himself takes and appointed two deputies to set out an active part in them. On the 7th for old Spain, for the purpose of congraNoy, his majesty went to the bouse of tulating the king, and offering to submit M. de Macanaz, the minister of justice to his government on condition that naand the interior, put seals upon all his tive Spaniards should not in future be papers, and ordered him to go to prison, nominated to civil or military officey in The cause of this extraordinary measure the colonies, that the latter should imis not clearly stated. In the decree pose their own taxes, and enjoy freedom issued on the subject by the king, and of trade and navigation over the wbole dated Nov. 25, he is charged with having world. “ pursued a line of conduct far from deli The people of Mexico, on the other cate, committed crimes deserving of se- hand, if we may give credit to the ac vere punishment, and also with having counts from that quarter, have been too betrayed the fidelity which he owed to tally alienated by the arbitrary measures his majesty in those unfortunate times of the restored monarch, and bis rejecwhen he most needed the sopport of all tion of the constitution framed by the his beloved subjects.” It is elsewhere in- Cortes. Both royalists and republicans sinuated, that the ininister bad been ac- have in consequence resolved to abjure cepting bribes or selling places and pre- all allegiance to him, and unanimously ferments; but be this as it may, he is joined in proclaiming the independence sentenced to close confinement in the of Mexico, not only in the capital, but castle of Corunna during the royal plea- also at Vera Cruz, and other principal sure. This event was succeeded by the towns of the kingdom. resignation of the Duke de San Carlos,

SWEDEN AND NORWAY. on the pretext of the weakuess of his The Crown of Norway has been forsight, and the appointment of Don Pedro mally accepted by bis Swedish Majesty, de Cevallos as minister of state in his through the medium of his representastead, This change was expected to lead tive, the Crown Prince, who, on the 8th to more lenient measures. General of November, left Frederickshall, and Alava has in fact been released from proceeded to Christiania. Here he was confinement through the interference of welcomed on the 9th,with all due honours, powerful friends, and some slight indul- by the civil and military authorities, and gence has been shewn to other prisoners on the 10tb went in state to the diet, to of state.

receive from the meinbers the oath of alAn extraordinary contribution of fif- legiance to King Charles, and to deliver teen millions of reals has been imposed to them bis majesty's vath to govern acupon the inhaliitants of Barcelona. The cording to the coustirution and the laws, merchants of Cadiz also have been re- On this occasion the crown prince delia quired to assist the government with a vered an address, in which he declared forced loan, to which, however, the that the Swedes and Norwegians spould British subjects resident in that city have continue to be two nations, equal and refused to contribute, and placed them. independent, though unilud; the great selves under the protection of the British basis of their uniou being their geograambassador.

phical position, their similarity of origin The equipment of the expedition pre- and character, and their mutual love of paring at Cadiz for the colonies proceeds liberty, respect for property, and attachvery slowly; partly on account of the, ment to a representative government, want of funds, partly from the aversion The following day the council of state of the military to this service, which is was formed, and field-marsbal Count NEW MONTHLY Mag.---Nus. 12.


4 E

562 . Political Events Denmark-America. : [Jan. 1, Essen was invested with the dignity of notorious from the dispatches of Sir Viceroy of Norway. On the 15th, a James Yeo relative to our disasters on plan of finance was submitted to che Lake Champlain and at Plattsburg, which diet, which assembly, after its adoption, he lays to the charge of the military was expected to be dissolved on the commander-in-chief in such an unquali13th,

fied mamer, as to reuder an inquiry DENMARK.

into the conduct of the latter inevitable. Prince Christian, who, after the loss All active operations in the north of the Crown of Norway, returned to being thus for the present suspended, Copenhagen, seems likely to experience the public attention is naturally turned a farther disappointment. He has bi- toward the southero shores of the United therto been the nearest ipale heir to the States, whence intelligence of woment throne of Denmark, but the projected may shortly be expected. On the 11th marriage of the Princess Royal Caroline, of September Sir Alexander Cochrane with the Hereditary Prince of Oldenburg, sailed from Halifax for this quarter; and would eft: ctually frustrate his expecta- in October, an expedition of 2,000 men cions in this quarter.

was preparing at Kingston, Jamaica, According to a plan of indemnity pro- destined, according to report, against posed at Vienna, Denmark is to cede St. Augustine's, in East Florida, Ilther Pomerania to Prussia, and to re- The government of the United States ceive in return six millions of crowns, is making the utmost exertions to meet the duchy of Lauenberg, the bishopric any emergency. Three bilis,-one for of Euun, and the territories of Ham- filling the ranks of the regular army by burg aud Lübeck, with the protectorship classifying the male population, a second, of those cities.

for accepting the service of volunteers, AMERICA.

and a third for raising 40 additional • General Drummond, after his retreat regiments,--had been severally read from Fort Erie, took up a position at twice in the House of Representatives, Chippewa, where, on the 15th Oct. be and referred to a committee of the whole was attacked by the united force of Ge- on the 17th November, On this occanerals Brown and Izatd, whom he gal- sion, a letter, accompanied with explalantly repulsed. On the 19th, a body natory observations, from the secretary of 1500 Americans detached to turn his at war to the military committee was right was also met and beaten back with read to the House, He recommends considerable loss. This defeat, the in- that the present military establishment, teiligence that the British fieet baố sailed amounting to 62,441, be made complete; trom Kingston, and the apprehensions of that an additional permanent force of an attack on Gackett's barbour put an at least 40,000 men be raised; that the end to offensive operations on the part corps of engineers be enlarged, and the of the Amcrican commanders. They ordnance department amended. He retreated to Fort Erie, followed by Ge- urges the necessity of opening the next neral Drummond, who had been rein- campaign with a regular army of 100,000 forced by about 1500 men from King- men, exclusive of militia and volunteers; ston. Meanwhile, Sir James Yeo, being and offers four several plans for raising joined by the St. Lawrence, a ship of the force required, which he proposes 100 guns, just launched, on Lake Onta- to do by conscription. This scheme has ria, obliged Commodore Chauncey to excited considerable alarm, and it reseek refuge in Sackett's Harbour. In mains to be seen whether the people of consequence of this superiority, and the the Cnited States will submit quietly to severity of the season, the Americans its adoption. evacuated Fort Erie.on the 5th Nov. The rapid increase of the naval force after blowing up the works and destroy- of the republic, is another necessary ing the place. General Drurumond and result of the present contest. The huis whole staff immediately returned Guerriere, a new frigate of 64 guns, is with the fleet to Kingston, where they nearly ready for sea at Philadelphia; arrived on the 10th.

the Washington, also a new slip of 90 Sir James Yeo and Sir Georse Pre-, guns, is equipping with all possible ex. vost are both coming home from Ca- pedition at Boston ; and the Indepenc. nada, and are to be succeeded by Com- ence, of 98, lately built at Portemoutb, modore Owen and Sir George Murray, New Hampshire, is considered, both in Between the two former there has long weight of metal and crew, as more than been a want of co-operation, and this a match for the largest vessel in the misunderstanding has become publicly British navy.

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