Account of the Marquis of Bule.

· [Jan. ),

diff of Cardiff Castle, and Baron Mountstuart this lady, who died in 1800, he had issue : in the peerage of England ; Earl of Bute, 1. John Lord Mountstuart, born 1767 ; mar Viscount and Baron Mountstuart in Scotland, ried 1792, Elizabeth, only daughter and heir a baronet; Lord-Lieutenant of Glamorgan- of the Earl of Dumfries, by whom he left shire, Lord-Lieutenant, Hereditary Sheriff issue John Earl of Dumfries and another son, and Coroner of Butestire ; Keeper of Roth- and died 1794; 2. Maria Alicia Charlote, say Castle, LL.D, F.R. S. and F.S.A. His born 1768. 3. Maria, married Charles Pin lordship was the son of the Earl of Bute, who fold, esq. 4. Herbert Windsor, born 1770; at the commencement of his present majes. 5. Charloite, born 1771, married 1791 Sir ty's reign possessed such extensive influence William Jackson Homan, bart. 6. Evelyn in the British cabinet, and was elevated to James, born 1773, a colonel in the army the post of prime minister. His mother was and M. P. for Cardiff; 7. Elizabetb, bora Lady Mary Pierrepoint, daughter of the first 1774 and died the following day; 8. Charles, Duke of Kingston, who in 1761 was created born 1775, lost in the Leda frigate near Mor Baroness Mountstuart of Wortley in the deira in 1796; 9. Henry, born 1777, marcounty of York. The deceased noblemanried Gertrude Emilia, sole heiress of George was born in 1744; he was educated in part , Villiers, last Earl of Grandison, and leaving at Winchester school, under Dr. Burton, and issue a son, born 1803, died a few weeks then repaired to Oxford, where his private before her in 1809; 10. William, born 1778, tutor was Mr. Beadon, brother to the Bishop died a captain in the royal navy and M. P. of Bath and Wells. In 1766 he was created for Cardiff, on his return from the West Baron Cardiff, and in 1779, being then Indies in 1814. He married in 1806 Georgiknown as Lord Mountstuart, he was ap- ana, daughter of the Earl of Hawarden, and pointed ambassador to the court of Turin. by her, who died in 1807, had issue one In 1783 he was nominated plenipotentiary to daughter, 11. George, born at Turia 1780, Spain, and again in 1796, but did not accept married in 1800 Jane, daughter of the late the appointment. He succeeded to the Scotch Major-general James Stewart, by whom te titles and estates on the death of his father, has several children. The Marquis married the late E-sl of Bute, in 1792, to his mo- secondly Frances, second daughter of The ther's title in 1794, and in 1795 was created mas Coutts, esq. banker, by whom bc bad Viscount Mountjoy, Earl of Windsor, and a daughter, Frances, born 1801, and a son Marquis of Bute. His lordship married in in 1803. He is succeeded in his honous 1766 Charlotte Jane, eldest daughter and co- and estates by his grandson the Earl hacir of Herbert, late Viscount Windsor. By Dumfries.




At Court Oak, Harriot, third daughter of Died.) At Ickwell, John Fysche Palmer, Mr. C. Westbury, 22. M. D. who practised for many years at Peter-* At Medmenham Ferry, Mr. Rob. Moox, borough, with considerable celebrity, 73, 52. At Dunstable, Mr. Dan. Queneborough,

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. grocer and banker, 55.

Birih.] At Wolverton, the lady of the

Rev, T. Thurlow, of a son and heir. Married.) At Kinibury, Wm. J. Charlton, Married.] At Taplow, Eli Scott, esq. of esq. of London, to Mary Ann, daughter of London, to Susan, youngest daughter of the the late Wm. Webb, esq. of Hopgrass, ncar late John Ferry, esg. of Wastield Parsonage, Hungerford,

Berks, Alaston Tirrold, Mr. Butler, chemist, of At Brafield, R. L. Anstruther, esq. eldest High Wycombe, to Mary, youngest daugh- son of the Hon. Day. A, to Elizabeth, second ter of Mr. Gale of Aston Upthorpe.

daughter of the Rev. Chas. Gardner, rector Al Reading, Mr. Jos. Durvall, solicitor, of Stoke Hammond. to Mary Sophia, only child of the late Dr. Died.] At Beech Cottage, Risborough, Skeete, pliysician to Guy's Hospital, London. Mrs. Mainstone, relict of Jas. M. esq.

Died. At Hungerford, Edw. Duke, son At High Wycombe, John Dutton, esq of Mr. Mestall, 13.

late of Harehatch, Berks, 69. Ai Wellingford, Mr. John Ives, formerly . CAMBRIDGESHIRE. # considerable wool-comber and worsted Married.] At Soham, Mr. Benj. Tebbitt, manufacturer, but who had retired from bu- to Miss N. Finch, milliner. siness some years, 89.

At Cambridge, Mr. Thos, Edlestone, to At Reading, Mr. Dan. Piercey, 67.-Mrs. Martha, youngest daughter of the late NI. Tilbury.-Augustus, eldest son of Mr. Bin- Hazard of the Eagle and Child løn. field, 12.--Sophia, youngest daughter of At Newmarket, Mr. Wm. Jennings of the Ms. Wellman, wine-merchant.

Black Bear Inn, to Miss P. Finbow. Ai Cookham, Wm. Augustus, cldest son At Wisbech, Mr. John Hays, miller, of W. A, Skynner, esq. 17.

Miss Jane Anthony of Wakoken.


Cheshire-Cornwall --Cumberland -Derby.


Died.] At Ely, Mrs. Exeter, relict of At Fowey, John Messer, esq. of Truro, to John E. esq. of Lingfield, Surrey, 83.--Mrs. Miss Bennett. Hattersley, 86.

Died.] At Callington, the Rev. Jas. MesAt Cambridge, Mrs. Sharp, wife of Mr. senger, rector of Petrockstow, youngest son John S. woollen-draper, 39.--Mi. Wmof the late Mr. John M. of Si, Bees, CumBones, 77.

berland. At Great Wilbraham, Mrs. Kidman.

At Flushing, Ms. John Oxenhury, 69. At Newmarket, Mrs. Arnuil, 26.--Mrs. At Ponsanooth, Mr. Jas. Lugg, Bones, widow.

At Pen zance, Mrs. Watson. At Gedney Hill, Miss Ann Newton, de- At St. Columb, Mr. Wm. Retallick, 36. scended from a collateral branch of the family At St. Agnes, Elizabeth, daughter of the of the great Sir Isaac, 24.

late Mr. Walter Tregelles, 24. At Walsoken, Mary, relict of Mr. Rob.

Ward, 68.
At Wisbech, Mrs. Ann Kirton, 93.

Married.] At Carlisle, John, eldest son

of Peter Dixon, esq. to Mary, only daughter CHESHIRE,

of Rob. Stordy, esq. An institution, under the title of the Sac At Cockermouth, the Rev. J. Whiteridge maritan Fund, suggested by the philanthro- of Carlisle, to Miss Brown. pic Bishop of Chester, for the reformation of At Crosscannonby, Capt. Jos. Pattinson prostitutes, is in agitation in that city. It is to Miss F. Holliday, both of Maryport, intended to be on the penitentiary plan. . Died.] At Carlisle, Mr. D. Duckett, jun.

Birth.) At Chester, the lady of the Rev. 37.-Mr. J. Irving, 63 --Mrs. Eliz, Welsh, R. Massie of a son and daughter, being the 02.-Mrs. Jane Atkinson; 44.---Mr. Jas. 17th and 18th child. .

Nixon, of the Scotch Arms, Rickergate. At Withenshaw-hall, the lat!y of T. W. Mrs. Eliz. Bateinan, 71.–Mary, wife of Tatton, csq. of a daughter,

Peter Dixon, esq. 54.-Mr. John Graham, Married.] At Prestbury, John Brockle- 30.-Mr. Wm. Lamb, 83. hurst, esq. of Macclesfield, to Miss Coare, At Cockermouth, Mrs. Eliz. Ashley, second daughter of the late Wm. C. esq. of widow, 72.-Mrs. Dixon, relict of Mr. John Islington.-Sam. S. Beare, esq. of Norwich, D. grocer.- Sarah, widow of Mr. Jacob Osto Charlotte, eldest daughter of Geo. Pearson, tell. 73. esq. of Macclesfield.

At Kirkandrew-upon-Eden, Mr. Rob. RobAt Acton, Major Egerton, son of the late son, 04. He and two of his sisters, who Philip E. esq. of Oulton-park, to Arabella, died a few days before him at the ages of 88 youngest daughter of Henry Tomkinson, esy. and 86, were born and died in the same of Dorfold.hall.

house, and were all unmarried. He had At Chester, Mr. W. G. Weiss, of Liver- another sister, a widow, who died at 88, and pool, to Ann, fourth daughter of Mr. Jas. his father lived to 101.-On the same day Hunter.

Sibilla, wife of Mr. J. Cartner, 89. Ac Peover, Mr. S. Wright, attorney, to At Penrith, Jane, wife of Mr. Isaac WilHannah, daughter of the late Jonathan Hig kinsen, 76.-Mr. Wm. Boak, 01.-Mr. T. ginson, esq.

Foster,50.--Mary, rclict of Mr. Dan.ThompDied.] At Nantwich, G. Garnet, esq. 80. son, 43.- Mr. Jas. Mounsey, 74.-Mr. Geo. At Chester, Mr. Jolin Bunnell.

Forrest, 39.-Mr. Thos. Jackson, 82. At Netherton, Mr. John Bate, 69.

At Wigton, Mr. Hugh M‘Garry.-Mr. T. At Witron, Mrs. Brookes, wife of Mr. B. Bushby, late agent to the Workington Bank. master of the national school.

Mr. Jos. Benson.

At Workington, Mr. Geo. J. Edwards, The Cornwall Geological Society are about tide-waiter. to erect an elegant museum at Penzance. for At Howgill, Mr. John Thompson, 94. depositing their valuable collection of speci

At Brampton, Mrs. M. Thompson, innmens, to which the Prince Regent, who has keeper. honoured the society by becoming their pre- At Maryport, Mr. Dan. Wil sident, has sent a donation of 100 guineas,

At Mount Pleasant, near Bolton by the At the last mecting of the society, a bar. Sands, Mr. Wm. Moss, 92. composed of a metallic alloy, was exhibited,

DERBYSHIRE. to prevent the fatal effects from the explosion Married.] At Wirksworth, Mr. F. Shaw, of gunpowder, by the use of iron rammers ; surgeon, to Miss Tomlinson. the new composition being incapable of pro- At Brassington, Mr. Sam, Parr of Heage, ducing sparks by collision with siliceous to Miss Alice Slack, fragments.

At Duffield, Mr. Thos, Ford of HazleBirth.] At St. Breock, the lady of the wood, to Hannah, second daughter of Mr. Rev. Oliver Rouse of a son.

Sam. Jackson, of the New lon, Belper. Married.] At Madron, Mr. W. T. Andrew At Matlock, John Smith, esq. M. D. of of Helston, 1o Miss Blewett, niece of H.C. the High Wood, Uttoxeter, to Eliza, daugh. B.'esq. of Marazion-house.

ter of the late R. Stenton, esq. of Southwell, New MONTHLY Mag-No. 12.




(Jan. 1,

Notts. --The Rev. J. Wilson, dissenting mi- Ac Moretonhampstead, Mr. Sam. Potter, ništer, to Miss Tatlock.

48. Ai Chesterfield, Mr. Young, of Crich, to At Colyton, John Sampson, esq. a magis. Miss Fatham, of Temple Normanion. trate for the county.

Died.] At Croxall, Thos. Princep, esq. 57. At Plymouth, Mr. John Polland, many Ac Ashleybay, Mr. Jas. Norman, 81. years a collector of taxes.- Capt. And. * At Derby, Chas, Upton, esq. 61,--Mary, Saunders, R. N. wife of K. Booit, esq. of London, and daugh At Torquay, Eliza Banker, fifth daughter ter of the late Mr. Thos. Kirk, of this town. of Sir Edw. C. Hartopp, bart.

Al Repton Hays, Mrs. Smith, widow, 59. At Exeter, Miss Blackmore, 63.-Mr.
Al Truslev, Mr. Rob. Wharton, 81. Symons.--Esther, wife of Mr. Rich. Bing.

At Ashburne, Anu, youngest daughter of ham, 73. the late Mr. Jos. Day, of Birmingham, 21. In Edgcumbe place, Stonehouse, John

Simpson, esq. 76. In the year 1760 he acDEVONSHIRE.

companied Commodore Byron in his voyage The leading gentlemen of Plymouth are round the world, and afterwards served forming themselves into companies to pur many years as lieutenant in the royal hoschase vessels to be employed in the trade of pital, Plymouth. that port. It is proposed to have 40 or 50 Near Exmouth, Arthur Gordon, esq. Jate Sail of from 130 10 140 tons, to bring coal captain in the 3d, or buffs, in consequence from Sunderland and Newcastle. It is also of several wounds, and the severe fatigue and

in contemplation to establish a fishery on the hardship he suffered during the last can * Nymph Bank, on the south coasi of Ireland, paign in the Pyrenees, but particularly ori An experiment was made in the year 1802, the 13th of December, in front of Bayonne, under the sanction of the Earl of Hardwicke, when he was wounded, having been prethen Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, when in viously exposed for three nights to all the 'thirty-seven fathoms of water, considerable inclemency of the weather, and the neces.

quantities of excellent cod and ling were sary duties unavoidable in such a situation. taken, but the scheme was su-pended in con

DORSET. sequence of the war: no doubt is now enter Birth.] At Handley house, the lady of tained of the uitimate success, and the pro- R. Adains, esq. of a son. posers flatter themselves with soon rivaling Died.] The Rev. Edmund Smith, L.L.D. the Dutch fishery on the Dogger Bank. Al rector of Godmanstone, and of Melcome a meeting held at the Exchange on the 3d of Horsey, 67. During the 30 years that be Dec. Mr. Woollcombe, in reply to objections resided at Godmanston, he was not abscat respecting the want of capital in the port, from his parochial duties three months ; in contended that there was capital enough to consequence of which conduct, (well woriby carry into execution any commercial plans of imitation, there was not a disseater in that may be deemed desirable, and save the the parish, and scarcely an absenter from following estimate of its property :-

the service of the church. * Real property. . . . £190,000 Ac Wimborne, Mrs. Ann Fry, formerly · Funded ditto . . . . 3,000,000 of Portsea, 63.-Thos. Druitt, esq. surgeon. * Annual income, from profes-1 0-6.000

DURHAM. * sions, tralles, &c.

270,000 Birins.At Stockton, the lady of Wm. Private property, in mere move

Grey, esq. of a daughter.

1 000,000 ables, not less than

>1000,000 ,

At the rectory of Hau

the rectory of Haughton le Skerne, Government ditto, more than . 1,000,000 the wife of the Rev. Mr. Le Mesurier, of a

- daughter.

5,406,000 Married.) At Sunderland, Mr. Henry Birth.) At Government house, Plyinouth Ding, of Bridlington, solicitor, to the serudd Dock, the lady of Sir Orford Gordon, bart. daughter of the late Mr. Heward, ship-builof a daughter.

der, Married.) At Exeter, Mr. Wakefield, of At Durham, Mr. Jas. Davidson, of South Membland, to Miss Dean.

Shields, surgeon, to Miss S. Brown.-M. At Plymouth, Mr "Thos. Maynard, of J. Williamson, to Mrs. M. Mountain. -Mr. the Dock-yard, to Miss Sedgwick.

J. T. Meggeson, surgeon, to Miss Elix. At Honiton, Mr. Gibbs, of Plymouth, to Smith, of Ensington. -Thos. Imeson, es4. Prudence, niece of - Coward, esq. of of London, to Charlotte, youngest daughter Poole, Dorset.

of the late Mr. Alsop, of Nottingham. At 'Torr Church, John Spvring, esq. of At Stockton, Mr. Juhn Ward, clerk to te Hilwill, ncar Kenton, to the widow of Capt. merchants shipping company of that place, Wm. Macdonald, of Park Werne, Swansea. to Miss Needham, of Thornaby.

Died.] Ac Southernhay, Mrs. Cartwright, Died.] At Bishopwearmourh, Mr. Alien, a maiden lady, 62.

grocer.- Mr. Thos. Punshon, 07.-Ann, At Dartmouth, Harriet, only remaining daughter of the late Ms. Rob. Hufront. child of George Porter, esq. comptroller of Mrs. Kingston, relict of Mr. Jobn K. super the customs.

visor of excise.




At Barnardcastle, Mr. John Scorey, late Rev. Dean T. so justly celebrated for his reclerk of the independent chapel.-Mr. Rob. ligious and political writings -Mr. John Stubbs, 60.-Ann Nelson, 96.

Hughes, 82,--Mr. B. Villiers, late master At South Shields, the wife of Mr. John of Sir Thos. Rich's Blue Coat Hospital, Gibson, ship-owner.-Mrs, Hutton, wife of 61. Mr. H. shoemaker,

Ac Tetbury, Mr. W. Harris, grocer, 84,At Norton, near Stockton, Mr. Geo. Mar- Miss S. Pitt, 59. shall, bookseller.

At Mitton, Mr. John Warder. At Stockton, Nathan Brunton, esq. vice- At Stow, Mrs. Webb, 59. admiral of the Blue, 69.-The wife of Mr. At Stroud, Mr. George Webb. Wilson Doby -Mr. Gowland, 68.

HAMPSHIRE, At Stainsby, Mr. Christopher Jordison, 50. It is with pleasure we call the attention

Mr. Geo. Mallabar, of Whitburn, 80. of the public to the “ First Reporr" of the He was found dead on the road from Monk- several district committees, in aid of the Sowearmouth, and his horse standing near him. ciety for Promoting Christian Knowledge,

At Sunderland, Mr. Charles Ratcliffe. now happily established in every deanery Mr. Rob. Sides.

throughout this county. It appears that At Bishop- 1uckland, Mr. Thos. Wild, 60. upwards of 6,000 bibles, prayer books, and At Houghall, Wm. Cuthbertson, esq. 81. testaments, with a considerable number of - At Durham, John Drake Bainbridge, esq. the society's tracts, have been distributed senior alderman and father of the city, of among the lower classes of the community which he had been four times mayor, 90. since the commencement of the institution He served as surgeon in the ist regt. at the in October, 1813, while the total amount of battles of Falkirk and Culloden.-Mrs. Bur- contributions to carry this benevolent work rell, widow.-Ann, wife of Mr. Wm. Elliot, into effect, will be found to be nearly 39.--Mr. Rob. Hare, 74,--Jobn, son of eighteen hundred pounds. Most earnestly Mr. G. Clark, 25.-M. F. Moor, 77.--Mrs. do we hope that these district committees, Mary Atkinson, housekeeper to the Bishop in aid of the venerable parent society, will of St. David's, 69.--Mrs Hodgson, widow continue to receive such an increase of sup. of the Rev. Hugh H. vicar of Eglingham, port as

lugh H. vicar of Eglingham. port as may enable them to meet the deNorthumberland, 8l.

mands which are daily made upon them, ESSEX.

and that by their united exercions, the Birth.] At Harwich, the lady of Robinson “faith once delivered to the saints," may be Wordsworth, esq. of a daughter. On the preserved in its purity, and the church of same day they lost another daughter, in her England maintain that pre-eminence in the 14th year.

opinions and affections of this enlightened Died.] At More hall, Writtle, in conse country, to which its sound doctrine, its priquence of being thrown out of his cart, Mr. mitive discipline, and its tolerant spirit, so Edw. Fitch, 67.

justly entitle it. Considerable pains have Mrs. Brown, wife of the Rev. Mr. B. been taken by the committees to make vicar of Little Clacton, and daughter of the known, by circulating several hundred nolate Henry Browne, esq. of Diss, Norfolk, 27. tices, the publication of the cheap family

At Harwich, Capt. Wm. Haggis, a capital bible by the parent society, adapted, as its burgess, and formerly commander of the name implies, for general use, and illustrated Argus revenue cutter of this port.

with notes selected from the most eminent At Walthamstow, Mr. Edw. Camppen, writers of the established chu

writers of the established church. Besides 72.-J. Sims, esq. of Church-hill house. many procured by the district committees, At Colchester, Mrs. Jane Boys, so. 120 copies are sold in the city of Winchester. GLOUCESTER.

By the third report of the Hampshire SoBirth.] At Dodington, the Hon. Mrs. ciety, in co-operation with the National So. Codrington, of a daughter.

ciety for Educating the Infant Poor in the Married.] At Cheltenham, Lieut. col. Principles of the Established Church, and on Keane, eldest son of Sir John K. bart. to the the plan of the Rev. Dr. Bell, it appears that widow of S. Penrose, esq. of Waterford. 63 schools have been established in different

At Cirencester, Geo. Bevir, esq. solicitor, parts of the county since 1811, and upwards to Susan, eldest daughter of Wm. Lawrence, of 4000 children are receiving education in esq.

them. From the extensive and rapid proAt Churchdown, W. Rogers, esq. of Foxgress which this system of education is cote, to Miss Mason, of Hucclecote. making throughout the kingdom, we may

Died.] At the Mead, Tudenham, Ma- confidently anticipate a very gratifying imtilda, wife of Capt. Bolton, R, N, daughter provemeut in the religious and moral characof the late Sir Chas, Marsh, of Reading, 43. ter of the country, and hope that, under die At Minchinhampton, Mrs. Eliz. Cook, 75. vine providence, these blessings will not be

At Cheltenham, Mrs. Grabham, wife of confined to ourselves, but that we shall be Major G, 60.

the means of conveying the pure doctrines At Tewkesbury, Mrs. Hayward.

of Christianity, as exemplified in the veneAt Gloucester, Mrs. Tucker, relict of the rable and beautiful fabric of our established 572

Hampshire-Hereford-Kent." (Jan. 1, church, to the remotest corners of the father of J. I. Lockhart, esq. M. P. for the globe.

· city of Oxford, so. Births.) At Winchester, Mrs. Hollis, At Bentley, the Rev. Gabriel Tahourdin, wite of Geo. H. esq.-The lady of Capt. A. M. rector of Hannington, and 43 years Moses, 7th fusileers, of a daughter.

incumbent of the perpetual curacies of BentMurried.] At Titchfield, Lieut. Jos. ley and Frensham, the duties of which, Crouch, H. M. S. Hannibal, to Miss Buwyer, during all that period, he personally disdaughter of Capt. B. R, N.

charged with zeal and piety. ' Ac Christchurch, B. Whitear, esq. of A Lymington, Mrs. Mason, Alreslord, to Miss Bailey, only daughier of At Winchester, Mr. Simon Bushel, a man the late R.B. esq. of Sution, near Alresford. of great mechanical talents.

At Southampton, Capt. Wilkins, to Mrs. At Portsmouth, Richard, third son of Col. Henderson, of the London tavern, Havre de Jebb, of Walton, near Chesterfield, Derby, Grace.--The Rev. Wm. Austen, to Eliz. a midshipman in the royal navy, 14. Matilda, eldest daughter of J, B. Harrison,


Married.] At Hereford, Mr. Allen, of At Alverstoke, Licut. Webb, H. M. S. the Hoggins, to Miss Prichard, of St. Briavels. Cephalus, to Miss Whitcombe, daughter of Died At Hereford, the Rev. Jobn Cars, the laté Thos. W. esq. of Wast Bourne rector of Quarley, and vicar of Mansel-Mr. lodge, Sussex.

Henry Jones, solicitor, 64.-Emma, wife of Ac Fawley, the Hon, and Rev. P. A. Irby, Jos. Woodhouse, esq. a younger son of Lord Boston, to Miss De At Hopton, in the parish of Bishop's Crespigny, eldest daughter of Wm. De C. Frome, Mrs. Holmes. esq. of King's-row, New Forest.

At Ross, Mary, relict of Antipas Church, Died.) At Bursledon, John Tyson, esq. esg. some years ship-builder at that yard, and At Kington, Mr. Hull, 46. formerly clerk of the survey at Woolwich,51. At Kingsland, Mr. Jacob Wyles. At Brading, Isle of Wight, Mr. John

KENT. Westmore.

By the act for making and maintaining At Southampton, Mr. J. Waters.--Mr. the Weald of Kent Canal, it was directed that Thos. Kervil'. His death was occasioned by the company should not be empowered to the bite of a dog. - Amelia, daughter of Mr. purchase lands, or proceed in the works unReuben Churcher. -Mr. James, plumber less the sum of 303,800l. should be suband glazier, in consequence of a pocket of scribed within three years for the purpose. hops falling upon him from a waggon. As the term is near expiring, and a sufficient J. R. Head, esq. 58.-Capt. Brandreth, R.N, sum has not been subscribed, the proprietors many years barrack master of this town.- have petitioned parliament for farther time. Chas. Mackett, ésg.

Births.] At Canterbury, the wife of the At Pear Tree Green, Anthony Munton, Rev. J. Monins, of a daughter. esq. who, uniting to the estimable qualities At Beckenham, the lady of Geo. Grote, of the independent and upright country gen- esq.of a son. tleman, the intelligent and habits of the Married.] At Maidstone, Mr. V. Valenman of business, made himself highly tine, to Mrs. Eliz, Hinds, of Boxley. esteemed, and niost extensively useful At Milton, Mr. R. Bowes, to Miss Mary in the neighbourhood of Southampton, Milgate. To his excrtions, in conjunction with those Mr. R. Cobb, of Hollingbourne, to Mary, of some few other spiriter: gentlemen,' the eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. Luke, of Bappublic is chicfly indebted tor the erection child. of the bridges over the rivers Jtchen and At Thornham, the Rev. M. Smith, vicar Bursledon, whereby a new and most com- of Stockbury, to Eleanor, fourth daughter of modious line of communication has been the Rev. J. Hodson, viour of Thornbam. opened between the eastern and western At Chatham, the Rev. A. Rogers, curate parts of this county.

of that place, and yicar of Rolvenden, 10 At Portsmouth, John Balmborough, esq. Miss May. master in the royal navy, whose superior Died.j At Folkestone, Mrs. M. Milton, 84. skill in nautical science and exemplary con At Canterbury, Mrs. Gambier, 87.-Mrs. duct had gained the universal esteçm of the S. Home, 75. profession to which he belonged. He was At Brenzett, Mr. E. Wood, 52. master of the Royal George, commanded by At Key Street, near Sittingboume, Mrs. the late Lord Bridport on ihe memorable ist Walter, wife of John W. esq. of June, 1794, in which engagement he lost At Fant, Mr. Nicholas Cogger. a leg.

Ai Scotney, the Rev. John Hussey, At Crawley house, near Winchester, John youngest son of Edw. H. esq. 30. Ashton, esq.

At Woolwich, J. Knowles, esq. timber At Guernsey, Major Geo. Thompson, R.4: master of the Dock-yard. Jamos Lockhart, esq. of Sherfield house, At Rochiester, John Nightingale, esq.cole

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