Treaty of the Allied Powers with Buonaparte.


sary pasports for the free passage of his Ma- Archduchess Maria Louisa. To these jesty the Emperor Napoleon, or of the Em- articles only was the British ambassador's press, the Princes and the Princesses and all signature atřxed, so that the British gothe persons of their suites who wish to ac- vernment has never degraded itself by company them, or to establish themselves acknowledging the titles assumed by Nine out of France, as well as for the passage of poleon and his family, neither is it a party all tik equipages, horses, and effects belong to the pecuniary stipulations as appears ing to them. The Allied Powers shall in

from the subjoined document * consequence, furnish officers and men for escorts.

Certified Copy of the Act of Accession XV. The French Imperial guard shall on the Part of Great Britain, to the fornish a detachment of from 1,200 to 1,500 Treaty with respect to Napoleon mea of all arms, to serve as an escort to the Buonaparte. Emperur Napoleon to St. Tropes, the place

April 27, 1814. of his embarkation.

Whereas their Imperial a: d Royal MajesXVI. There shall be furnished a corvette ties, the Emperor of Austria, King of Hunind the necessary transport vessels to convey gary and Bohernia ; the Emperor of All the to the place of his destination his Majesty Russias ; and the King of Prussia, have enthe Emperor Napoleon and his household; tered into a treaty concluded at Paris on the and the corvette shall belong, in full pro- 11th April of the present year, for the pura party, to his Majesty the Emperor.

pose of granting for such respective periods, XVII. The Emperor Napoleon shall be as in the said treaty are mentioned, to the alowed to take with him and retain as his person and family of Napoleon Buonaparte, guard 400 men, volunteers, as well offi- the possession in sovereignty of the island of ters, as sub-officers and soldiers.

Elba, and the Duchies of Parma, Placentia, XVIII, No Frenchman who sball have and Guastalla, and all other purposes; which followed the Emperor Napoleon or his fa- treaty has been communicated to the Prince muy, shall be held to have forfeited his Regent of the United Kingdom of Great reas as such by not returning to France Britain and Ireland, by the Ministers of their

in three years; at least they shall not be Imperial and Royal Majesties, the Emperor etprised in the exceptions which the of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia ; Fiesch Government reserves to itself to the Emperor of All the Russias; and the har after the expiration of that term, King of Prussia ; who, in the name of their

AIX. The Polish troops of all arms, in the respective Sovereigns, have jointly invited Strice of France, shall be at liberty to re- the Prince Regent to accede to the same, in fum home, and shall retain their arms and the name and on the behalf of his Majesty. bagage, as a testimony of their honourable His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, services. The officers, sub-officers, and having full knowledge of the contents of Koldiers, shall retain the decorations which the said treaty, accedes to the same, in the kave been granted to them, and the pensions name and on the behalf of his Majesty, as annered to those decorations.

far as respects the stipulations relative to the XX, The High Allied Powers guarantee possession in sovereignty of the Island of the execution of all the articles of the present Elba, and also of the Duchies of Parma, teaty, and engage to obtain that it shall be Placentia, and Guastalla. But his Royal adopted and guaranteed by France.

Higliness is not to be considered, by this AXI. The presen act shall be ratified, and Act of Accession, to have become a party, in the ratifications exchanged at Paris, within the name of his Majesty, to any of the two days, or sooner if possible.

other provisions and stipulations contained Done at Paris, the Tith of April, 1814. therein. 2. S. The Prince De METTERNICH.

Given under my hand and seal at Paris, (L. S.) J. F. Cointe De STADION.

this 27th day of April, in the year of our L. S.) ANDRE Comte De RASOUMOUFFSKY, Lord 1814. (L. S.) CHARLES ROBERT Comte De Nes By command of his Royal Highness the SELRODE.

Prince Regent, acting in the name and on L. S.) CHARLES AUG. Baron De Harden- the behalf of his Majesty. BERG.

(L. S.) CASTLEREAGH. (L. S.) Marshal Ney. (L.S.) CAULAINCOURT.

Since the conclusion of this treaty the After this treaty had been signed by hand of death has removed the ex-emour Allies, they applied to Lord Castle press Josephine, who died at Malmaison, teagh for the accession of the British go- after a very short illness, on the 29th of vernment to its stipulations. To the May; and Louis Buonaparte, who since honour of our country this was, however, his abdication of the crown of Holland, retused, except so far as regarded the ter- has assumed the name of Louis de St. ritorial provision for Buonaparte and the Lco, bas formally and publicly renounced


State of France-Spain.

[Aug. 1,

the benefits intended to be secured by it Frenchman, on contemplating this meto himself and bis family.

lancboly picture, does not give way to Louis XVIII. continues to exhibit daily despair, but cheers the hopes of his subproofs of a head and heart worthy of his jects, calls upon them to assist him in the high station. His various decrees breathe important and arduous task of restoraa spirit of wisdom and benevolence, and tion, and points out the means of healing prove his anxiety lo extricate France the deep wounds which he has not from the abyss of inisery into which she inflicted. was plunged by the folly and wickedness to virtue of the powers vested in the of her former ruler. Among the more king by the new constitution he has noprominent of his arrangeinents may be minated the peers who are to compose mentioned a bill for the regulation of the the upper house. Among the 154 mempress, which though it does not allow bers selected by him, we observe 102 of such free scope to that powerful engine the new nobility, chiefly military officers, of public liberty as is exercised in including all Buonaparte's marshals, exEngland, yet probably goes as far in that cept Massena, Soult, and Davoust. It respect as the situation of France at this is expected that 46 more peers will be time, and the character of the nation created at the king's coronation, which perhaps at any period may permit with is reported to be fixed for the day of Sc. Safety.

Louis, August 26th. of the various decrees issued by the

SPAIN. monarch, may be noticed that which T he affairs of this kingdom have taken changes the insignia of the Legion of a turn that has astonished every admirer Honour to a fleur de lys, another by of that spirit which enabled the Spanish wbich the various corps d'armée are dis- nation to maintain a successful struggle embodied, and a third assigning to the against its unprincipled invader. In inarshals and other vilicers the superin- our number for June we leti king Ferditendence of the several military divisions nand at Valencia. On the 4th of May of France.

before he quitted that city for the capi. Of all the acts, lowever, which have tal, he issued a highly important procluhitherto emanated from the French go- mation, in which he accuses the Cories of verninent the exposition of the state of baving encroached upon the royal preFrance, submitted to the Legislative rogative, and of having designed in their Body on the 12th July, by the Abbé de constitution of 1812, to give Spain a deIlontesquieu, minister of the interior, mocratic government, founded on the claims particular attention. Tlus impor- principles of the French revolutiontant document, while it depicts the des- government in which the power of the perate state of the country, affords king would be reduced to a mere sbaample deinonstration, if any more had dow. He, therefore, not only annuls this been wantiny, of the head-strong folly, constitution but all the acts of the preand barbarity of that system in which sent and preceding Cortes, dissolving almost all the present iniscries of France their assembly altogether, and declaring originate. One million three hundred every one a traitor who should disobey thousand men were levied during the last this decree or obstruct its execution. 15 months of Buonaparte's government, The Cortes, although they had augured not one half of whoin now exist : and no good from Ferdinand's reluctance to since he assumed the chief authority enter Madrid, and his silence to two or France has lost 43 sail of the line, and three respectful addresses from them, 82 frigates, besides smaller vessels. The praying that he would hasten his arrival, sum of 150 millions of livres were madly were thunderstruck at the appearance of squandered on the equipment of the this edict: but they were still more asflotilla destined fur the invasion of tonished wlien, al nost iinmediately after England, but which has ever since been its publication at Madrid, a column of sotting in the ports of France. The troops under General Eguia entered the finances, in which the improvidence of capital, and in the name of the king apthe late ruler has, during the last 13 prehended Agar and Ciscar two members years, occasioned a deficit of more than of the regency, and such of the members 1000 inillions of francs, the arsenals, lhe not in the royal interest as had not propublic studs, in short all that constitutes vided for their 'safety by Aigbt. Those the property and fortune of a vation are who had taken that precaution were completely dilapidated. The king, while pursued, and secured wherever they he shares the griet of every patriotic could be found. The capital is stated



New Swiss Constitution - Italy -Norway. to have declared in favour of the king Friburg, Soleure, Basle, Schaffhausen, Apon the 11th, and on the 14th Ferdinand penzel, the two Rhodes, St. Gall, the Grimade his public entry, accompanied by

sons, Argovia, Thurgovia, Tessin, and the the duke de l'Infantado, generals Elio,

Canton de Vaud, confederate for the main

tenance of their liberty, their independence, Copons, O'Donnell, Zayas, and other

and their safety, as well against the attacks oficers. All the public journals but two

of foreign powers, as for their internal repose. were immediately suppressed; the edi

They reciprocally guarantee their Constitu. tors of two of then, the Reductor and

tions, such as they shall be accepted by Conciso, received sentence of death, the first Authorities of each Canton, and by which was afterwards cominuted to the the Diet. They reciprocally guarantee their gallics; and the members of the regency territory, excepting certain districts, the poswere banished, che Cardinal de Bourbon session of which shall be sellled by the to Rome, Agar lo Carthagena, and Cantons interested with the approbation of Ciscar to a north-eastern fortress. Ge- the Diet. neral Elio also is reported to have since Every Swiss is a Soldier. A contingent of Cullen under the royal displeasure, and 32,000 men taken from the mass of the citiber a sent to prison. What appears singu. zens, capable of bearing arms, shall be lar is, that Ferdinand seeins to have met armed and organized. The rest of the men with no kind of obstruction in these ri

capable of bearing arms shall also be ex

ercised and organised, so that the contingent Por Jus proceedings, which, if we may

may be completed and reinforced in the like brieve the stateinents of the foreign

pro papers, have, on the contrary, obtained

The total amount of the contingents in the general applause and support of his money is fixed at 490,507 livres. subiects.

ITALY. Among the first acts of his majesty The Pope arrived on the 24th of May after teaching his capital, was a decree in his dominions, where he was received in which all suppressed convents are with extraordinary demonstrations of pastored and replaced in the possession joy and attachment. of their sequestrated property; and by It is reported that the Ionian Islands another order the odious tribunal of the are to be given to the King of Sicily as laquisition was re-established. Ferdi- an indemnity for Naples, though he has nood has subsequently declared his in- solemnly declared that he never will retertion to assemble the Cortes, and to linquisb his rightful claims to the latter. give the country a constitutiou adapted .

NORWAY. : la a limited monarchy. A commission

The fate of this country yet remains las accordingly bcen appointed to ar

undecided. The Swedish army is asnage the preliminary steps, and to frame

seinbling on the southern frontier, and tlas Conscitution. The king has likewise

the crown prince is about to put himself sviled lis 'refractory Spanish subjects to

at its head. Christian, however, adreturn to their allegiance, promising them

heres steadily to his declared resolution a due share in the advantages and bene

of detending the country to the last exa of the new order of things. By an edict of July 4. he has coufirined the

tremity; and its ports are meanwhile

blockaded by four English, four Russian, Sentence of exile decreed by the Cortes

and four Swedish frigates. Ezust all officers, civil and military, who

! AMERICA. ad acted under the authority of the

The knowledye of the late change of per Joseph Buonaparte. Some pro

government in France has not produced t exceptions, howerer, are made in

the full e!fcct that was anticipated upon lroar of pinors, persons under the

the rulers of the United States, and the raak of captain and various other classes

desultory warfare along their northern "I may be presumed to have acted

boundary is still continued. sader the controul of their superiors,

Three attempts made by the Ameri. SWITZERLAND.

cans to invade Canada had failed since The Federal l'act, or New Constitu- the commencement of hostilities, pre{um, was accepted on the 5th of July by viously to the opening of the campaign de Grand Council of Switzerland. This of the present year. General Wilkina tətrument, dated Zurich, May 31, 1814, son who commanded the United States sonuprehends 45 articles, the most impor- army posted on the frontier of Lower tant of which are the following:

Canada, resolved to try his fortune in a The nineteen Sovereign Cantons of the fourth. Accordingly he advanced froin Swiss Confederation, Uri, Schwitz, Under- his position at Burlington, and on the Hd, Lucerne, Zurich, Glaris, Zug, Berne, Both of March attacked in great force

Military Operations in America.

[Aug. 1, the British outposts, which maintained in the Connecticut river planned by the the communication between their posie Hon. Capt. Capel of La Hogue, was adcions. He was, however, received with mirably executed on the 9th of April by, such firmness, that he was compelled to Capt. Coote, of the Peacock. With four retreat with severe loss, and this, like boats and 136 inen he ascended the all the former efforts of the enemy, river some miles, and burned and debrought him nothing but defeat and disa slroyed 27 ships and vessels, among grace.

which were five privateers and some East A British expedition equipped on Lake India ships, amounting in the whole to Ontario, under the cominand of Com- 5,090 cons, and carrying 131 guns, tomodore Sir James Yeo, succeeded on the gether with all their stores. The enemy 5th of May in effecting a lauding at the collected more than 2000 troops to inAmerican tort Oswego, which was taken tercept our gallant little band on their and dismantled; and a large quantity of return down the river; but Capt. Coote naval and inilitary stores collected there eluded them by dropping down after was either carried off or destroyed, dark with the tide, for which he waited

Towards the conclusion of the same some hours, and his retreat was as masmonth, however, we sustained a reverse terly as any part of the achievement, in in this quarter, on occasion of an en- which we had only 2 men killed and the terprise undertaken by the boats of like number wounded. the squadron, commanded by Captains The arrival of Admiral Cochrane with Home and Popham, with nearly 200 a formidable fleet and the military force, seamen and marives, against a flotilla of estimated at near 20,000 men, part of the enemy's craft laden with naval stores the victorious army of the great Welling. at Sandy Creek, whence they were lo ton, who are to be commanded by his have been conveyed by land to Sackett's able co-adjutor Lord Hill, will speedily barbour. The enemy's vessels, 18 in give a very different character to the war number, were protecied by a force of in this part of the world. One decisire 150 riflemen, 200 Indians, and a con- blow only would go far towards considerable body of militia, who over vincing the Americans of the folly of powered such of the British as had their preposterous pretensions. landed, and intercepted the boats whose Meanwhile the republican commisretreat was obstructed by the windings sioners have reached Ghent, where they of the Creek. After a gallant resistance, will be met by the English commisin which 18 were killed and 50 dange- siouers appointed to conduct the negorously wounded, they were compelled to ciations for the re-establishment of surrender to superior numbers. It is a peace. We augur little good from these great satisfaction, however, to know that conferences, being decidedly of opinion this severe loss was speedily supplied by that no other negociations will prove efthe arrival of reinforcements sent from fective than those carried on' by the England.

sword, and that too on the soil of the An attempt on the American shipping United States themselves.


With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Characters.

WE should far exceed the limits to which noon of the 7 th of July, the Prince Regent and our work is confined, were we to attempt to the royal dukes, together with the members of describe the various festivities which have both houses of parliament, Prince Blucher, taken place in the metropolis on the occa- and other distinguished Foreigners, went in sion of peace, or in celebration of .circum- solemn procession to St. Paul's cathedral io stances arising out of that joyful event, such return thanks to Almighty God for havins as the return of our hero the Duke of Wel conferred on the world so important a bles. lington. Without adverting, therefore, to sing. The cathedral, which had been fitted the various magnificent entertainments given for their reception, was computed to have at Carlton house, or those prepared at the ex- contained 10,000 persons, but none of the pense of different societies at Burlington house, female branches of the royal family were which cdifice was generously lent for the pur- present. The service was read by the Rev. pose by the Duke of Devonshire, and in the Dr. Moore, and the sermon preached by the city, we shall merely record, that, in the fore. Bishop of Chester. The horse guards, he


Incidents in London and Middlesex.


ralds, yeomen of the guard, and other atten- and the 21st of April, 1814, the society had dants, produced a splendid effect in the pro- distributed 25,675 Bibles, 47,314 New Tegcassion to and from the cathedral.

taments, 56,628 Common Prayer Books, Preparations are making, on an extensive 49,310 other bound books, and 488,710 scale, for the farther celebration of this happy small tracts, making a total of 666,727. cvent, and also to celebrate the iooth anni. The disbursements, during the same period, Fersary of the acctssion of the illustrious exceeded the receipts by upwards of 6000l. house of Brunswick to the throne of these June 2, the National Society for the Edurealms, on the ist of August, 1714. The cation of the Poor in the Principles of the imusements will consist chiefly of fire- Established Church held their anniversary at works to be exhibited in St. James's park, Sion college, where the archbishops of Canthe Green park, and Kensington gardens, a terbury and York, many of the bishops, of shar naval fight on the Serpentine river, the nobility, and of the other subscribers, atwith twenty vessels expressly equipped for tended. After the report of the proceedings the occasion, the ascension of balloons, and of the society during the last year had been illuminations,

read, the archbishop of Canterbury, in a most On the morning of the 16th of June, a fire eloquent and able speech, addressed the broke out in the manufactory of Messrs. meeting, and congratulated them upon the Bowring and Co., at Hampion, which was progress which the efforts of the National • consumed, iogether with the dwelling house, Society had made in every part of England. stables, and tour cows. Mr. and Mrs. B. in It appeared, by their report, that, since their attempting to escape, were overpowerd by last anniversary, 151 schools had been the smoke, and lost their lives.

united to the body, which, in addition to July 15, about half past three, P. M., Mr. those which were previously in conjunction Sadler and his son ascended in their balloon with it, had made the whole number under trom Burlington house. It contained about their patronage and superintendance, 381; 1000 yards of the finest double wove silk, that in these 151 new schools, 22,370 chiland was in the whole 74 feet in height, be- dren received their education, which, togeing Leautifully painted to represent a superb ther with those who attended the old temple, supported by 18 Corinthian pillars. schools, formed an aggregate of 62,000 The car, also, was superbly decorated. As throughout England, under the protection of there was very little wind, and that almost the national society; that, by their aid, 36 due west, the immense globe floated over the new school-rooms had been erected in the metropolis, in full view of its inhabitants, for course of the year, and 45 masters trained in nearly 20 minutes, and would have been the central schools for the purpose of supvisible much longer, had not the atmosphere plying these new establishments. It appearbeen overcast. The aerial voyagers went as ed, also, that the Military Asylum at Chelfar as Gravesend, and in sight of Dover, but sea, the Naval Asylum at Greenwich, the meeting a contrary current of air they return- Royal Arsenal at Woolwich, and all the ed, and descended, about 35 minutes past regimental schools, though not formally four o'clock, in a field at Great Warley, in united to the National Society, are in strict Essex, about 18 miles from town, without conformity with it both in principle and the smallest accident, and returned to town practice; and observe in every respect the the same evening. Mr. Sadler is said to have regulations of its terms of union,

verted, that he could go to any destination On the 21st of July, the first stone of the that he pleased with his balloon, as at dif- Westminster National Free School, designed ferent heights in the atmosphere he constant for the instruction of 1000 children, was laid ly tound different currents of wind; so that with the usual ceremonies by his Royal he could take and keep a favourable gale. Highness the Duke of York. The site of the

On the tenth anniversary of the British intended edifice is contiguous to the Sessions and Foreign Bible Society, a report was read house. The architect employed to erect it by the president, Lord Teignmouth, from is Mr. William Inwond. which we learn, that the total of net receipts Lord Cochrane, who, with his uncle the within the year was 87,2161. 6s. od. and of Hon. A. C. Johnstone, was expelled the payments 84,6521, Is. 5d, and the society's House of Commons, for being concerned in engagements with its domestic and foreign the fraud upon the Stock Exchange, has societies for the current year, 28,600l. The been re-elected without opposition for Westtotal issue of Bibles and Testaments by the minster. society, both at home and on the continent, Promoted.] Lord Stewart, to be a lord of amounted to 1,026,845, and if to these be his majesty's bedchamber. added 122,000 printed, or printing, by so- To be baronets of the united kingdom :cielies in Europe only, aided by the society at the Rt. Hon. Wm. Domville, lord mayor of home, the total amount will be 1,158,850 London ; the Hon. Geo. Grey, commiscopies.

sioner of the navy, at Portsmouth; Sir Jas. At the anniversary dinner of the Society Wylie, inspector general of the medical defor promoting Christian Knowledge, it was partment of the Russian armies. stated, that, between the 8th of April, 1813, Brook Taylor, esq. to be envoy extraordi

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