Account of the Earl of Minto.

command of the 46th regiment of infantry. with a just dread of the extension of i:s He had served during the seven years war in principles to these islands. His active America, under the command of General support was henceforward given to those Wolfe, whosc esteem and confidence he en. measures of the virtuous minister who then joyed for many years in their fullest extent, guided the helm of state, to which this and bore a very distinguished share in that country probably owes an exemption froni Victory on the plains of Quebec, in which the horrors which for so many years covered his friend and commander lost his life. In France with blood and desolation. During the year 1772 he was made major-general; this period of anarchy, the people of Corsica in the year 1775 he was honoured with the solicited the protection of Britain, ani Sir commission of commander-in-chief in Ame. Gilbert Elliot was, in September, 1793, rica, and was made colonel of the 23rd appointed his majesty's commissioner for regiment of foot, or Welsh fusilecrs; in 1777 Carrying their wishes into effect. in 1794, be became lieutenant-general, and his ser- Bastia, Calvi, and the other furtified places vices were further rewarded by being in still held by the French, were reduced. His fested with the order of the Bath ; in 1782 niajesty accepted the proffered sovereignty of he succeeded the late Lord åmhurst as lieu- the island; and on the 19h of June, Sir tenant-general of the ordnance; and was Gilbert presided as his viceroy at a general appointed in 1786 colonel of the igih regi- assembly of the principal persons of Corsica, inent of light dragoons. In 1804 he re- in which a constitucional code, framed as signed his situation in the ordnance, on nearly as possible upon te plan of the inding himself, through his declining British, was adopted. The wise, vigilant, health, unable to perform to his own satis- and humane conduet of the viceroy, enfaction the duties of that important office. sured tranquillity for some time; but, in He was removed in 1805 from the govern. 1796, the successes of the French in Italy, ment of Berwick, to which he was appoinied encouraged their party, who were still nuin the year 1795, to that of Plymouth, in merous in the island, to rise in arms which he continued to his death, on the 12th against the British government. This spirit of July, 1814, in the 85th year of his age. encreased to such a degree, that in October He married Frances, claughier of the right of the same year, it was deemed prudent hon. William Conolly, esq. of Castletown, to relinquish a possession which could not in Ireland, by Lady Anne Wentworth, cldest be held except by right of conquest. The daughter of William, third Earl of Stafford, viceroy accordingly returned to England in who survives him.

1797 ; his services were rewarded by his At the seat of the Earl of Malmesbury, in elevation to the peerage, as Baron Minto of Kent, Gilbert Elliot Murray Kynynmound, Roxburgh, and previously to his departure Earl of Minto, F. R.S. This nobleman, for Corsica, he had been appointed a privy the eldest son of Sir Gilbert Elliot, of Minto, counsellor. In 1799, he was nominated Roxburghshire, was born in 1751, and ambassador to the court of Vienna ; and on educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where his return from that honourable mission, he obtained the degree of M.A. in 1772, and ably advocated the measure of the union of D. C. L. in 1703. On leaving the uni- with Ireland. After a respite of several Sersity, he made the tour of the continent, years, his services were again required by and soon after his return, was elected to a the state, as successor to Marquis Wellesley seat in the house of commons. During in the general government of Bengal. His the unfortunate contest with the colonies, activity and energy in this high office, added he at first joined the friends of the adminis- many impor:ant acquisitions to the British tration ; but when Lord North retired from possessions in the East. In 1812, he reorice, his lordship, then Sir Gilbert Elliot, ceived the thanks of parliament for the conjoined the ranks of the opposition. The quest of the islands of Bourbon and Maulatter were conscious of the weight which ritius; and in the successful expedision his virtues not less than his abilities threw against the Dutch settlements in Java, Lord into their scale, and was twice proposed by Minto not only superintended the necessary tiem as a fit person to fill the speaker's preparations, but personally accompanied Ghair; but Lord Grenville succeeded on the army to that island. The Prince Regent one occasion, and Lord Sidmouth on the was pleased 10 express his approbation of other. On the impeachment of Mr. Has these exertions, by raising him to an earlMags, he was appointed one of the managers, dom in 1813. About the same time he was and also brought forward six articles against relieve in his government by the Earl of dir Elijah Impey. In the discussions on Moira, and returned to England, where his me expected war with Russia, the Regency, health continued gradually declining, till the and all other important topics, Sir Gilbert 21st of June, when he expired. His lord. wore a distinguished part. The French ship married in 1777, the eldest daughter

volution, however, detached him from of Sir George Amyand, sister to Sir George his o

old friends, and he sincerely joined thuse Cornewall and to the Countess of Malmeswhose correct views of the democratic bury, by whom he has had issue, Gilbert, achizy in which it originated, filled then his successor in the title, born in 1782,

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married in 1786, the eldest daughter of börn 1792, died 1811,-Catherine, born Patrick Brydone, esq,- George, born 1784, 1797. His lordship was related to the noble a captain in the royal navy, -Anna Maria, houses of Heathfield and Elliot, and by born 1785,- John Edmund, born 1788, marriage to those of Malmesbury and Auck. Harriet Mary Frances, bon 1790,-William, land.



12 lb.; tongues, 1 st. 5 lb.; hearis, 1 st. 8 lb.; On occasion of the laie rejoicing for the beads, 8 st.; hides, 17 st 8 lb. ; toral, 299 st. peace at Greenham, ncar Newbury, Mr. lb. The beef was excellent, and all sold Moss, sen. timber-merchant, provided a in the immediate neighbourhood at a great pudding, containing 168 pounds of fiour, price. No further proof is wanting to shew 48 of suct, 121 of raisins and currants, 32 of the value of working oxen. sugar, 201 eygs, 8 gallons of milk, and i of Birih.] At High Legh, the lady of G.J, brandy. This pudding described as full 21 Legh, e-q. of a son. feet in length, is said to have been not only Married.] At Nantwich, Mr. Jas. Chrismade, but actually boiled: how we are not tie, merchant of Glasgow, to Miss Craig. informed.

Al Ashton upon Mersey, the Rev. Oswald Married.] Ai Windsor, Mr. W. Redcock, Leycester, of Stuke rectory, Salop, lo Eliza, to Miss A. Salihouse.

daughter of the late Chas. White, of Sale, Died.] Ac Taplow hill, near Maidenhead, Cheshire Eliza cth, wife of Jas. Forbes, esq. late of At Malpis, Mr. Berkenhoult, of the Ches. Dublin, and daughter of Solomon Warson, ter bank, to Miss Tomlinson, of Barnhill. esq. lare of Sunimerville, near Clonmell, Ac Frodsham, R. Lewis, esq. of Nether. Ireland, 36.

town, lo Miss Margaret Lewis, of GodscroftAt Augusta-lodge, Mary, wife of J. Boit, hall. esq. 61.

Died.] At Congleton, Mr. Peter Hack At Reading, Mrs. Halifax.

ney, 72 At Thcale, Mrs. Bisgs.

At Chester, Margaret Jane, daughter o BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

Dr. F. Currie.-Mr. Thos Shaw.- Mr. T Birth] At Iver-lodge, the lady of Peter Powell, auctioneer. --Mr. Jas. Wood, son of M‘Evoy, esq. of a daughter.

Mr. G20. W. of the Lye, near Stourbridge Died.) At Aylesbury, Mr. Hayward, many 28. His death is supposed to have been of years an eminent surgeon of that place.- casioned by lying in a damp bed. Acton Chapiin, esq. many years clerk of the Ai Wethersfield, Mr. Jos. Tusfil, 95. peace for this county, 59.

At Mottrain, in Long lendale, Mr. Jas Ai Olney; the Rev. J. Sutcliff, A. M. 39 Rid wav, father to Mr. Ridgway and Mrs. years the beloved pastor of the Baptist church Stockdale, booksellers, Piccadilly, 89. there, 62 He was a man of a most excel. not a most excel At Bostock hail, Elizabeth. wite of Thos

At Bostock ba lent spirt, and of an unblenished charac- France, 654. 49. ter, being remarkably distinguished for kind- Al Prestbury, Mr. Surton, fornierly ar ness, gentleness, humility, prudence, and eminent brazier of Macclesfield, 7. .. integrity. His death is regrerted by all who At Micklehurst, Mary, relict of Mr. Joht knew him intimately ; but when it is viewed Mellor, 50. in relation to the Baptist mission in the East, At Macclesfield, Mr. Mart. Shaw, 71. of which, from its formation, he was a zea

CORNWALL. lous friend and able counsellor, it is particu E.J.Collett, e:9.01 Lacher's-houçe, Herts larly painful.

has been returned M. P. fus Corampound, 11 At Buckingham, Mr. Rob. Jessop, excise- the room of the Hon. A.C. Jolinstone (a officer.

pelled. At Beaconsfield, Mr. Sam. Crouch, 68. There is at present in Tresmarrow Quary CHESHIRE.

a slate so feet by g feet, containing 270:4 Two oxen, of the Hereford breed, the perficial fect, which, it is presumed, ! property of Wilbraham Egerton, esq. M P. largest slate that was ever seen in the king Tatton-park, were taken from work the end dum. The rays and scantle in this quis of last August ; pa-tured til the beginning are also remarkably large. of November, and then put to stall, feeding Buths.] On the 21st June, at St. » on Swedish tu nips and siraw, till Candle

saw, til Candle- verne, the wife of Mr. Wm White, farnier

verne. the w mas; after that they had hay with turnips of three daughters, who were all bap (ill fed oft in May. They were sold to Geo. on th following Sunday in the parish chur Halford, Bucklow.h:ll, and ki led by him. the mother attending the ceren'ony... The weight of the two carcasses was as fol. Married.) At St. German's, de lows:--beef, 183 stone; loose fat, 18 st Booker, of the Welsh Fusilcers, nepam

h church

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the Duke of Gordon, to Miss Glanville, master.-Mrs. Brownrigs, relict of Capt. B. eldest daughter of Francis G, esq. of Caiche - Miss Dickenson, daughter of Capt. Jos. D. french.

Ai Isel, near Cockei mouth, the Rev. Mr. A: Falmouth, Licut. Hill, R. N. to AuWaite, 70. gusta, daughter of Jos. Hocker, esq.

Al Stanwix, Mrs. Bell, relice of Rich. B. At St. Ives, Capt. Mate. Daniel to Miss esqof Dunable, Dumfries-shire. Eliz, Gyles.-Capt. Wm. Couch to Miss At Douglas, Isle of Man, Mr. John BeatMary Daniel,

son, publisher of the Isle of Man Gazeite, Died.) At St. Columb, Mrs. Loveday 44. Vivyan, sister of the late T. V. esq. of At Longwathby, Mr Peter Ilobson, 85. Trewan, 51.

At Great Broughton, Mrs. P. Messenger, Ai Falmouth, Thos, John Crowder, esq. relict of the Rev. Thos. M. curate of Overlate of Trinity College, Cambridge, son of ton, Lancashire. W.H. C:owder, es4. of Clapham common,

DERBY. 24.- Mr. Sampson.

At Cameltord, Mr. John Taylor, 78. A correspondent of the Derby paper reAt Menhenioti, Mr. Wm. Jory, 71. marks, that though it is two years an order

At New Mills, near Truro, Mr. W:n. was made by the justices at the quarter sesGlasyon, m.ler.

sions for this couury, that proper guide or Al Salta;h, Mrs. Sloggeri, mother-in-lave direction-posts should be erected where ne. of Mr. Race, master of the Grammar cessary ; yet in his perambulations, which school, ;6.

are not few, he has found scarcely a single At Flushing, Adonijah Schuyler, esq. 65. instance in which that order has been comAc Penzance, Mr. W. Tellam, 68.

plied with. It is obvious that travellers At Si. Austell, Mrs Eliz. Symons, 77. must be subject to great inconvenience by CEMIERLAND.

the want of such posts, especially upon crossA few weeks since, on removing a bank roads and at a distance from habitations of earth, not far from Old Carlisle (the Ale- A balloon sent up at Belper, in this county, nacum of the Romans, a most heaut ful on the 5th July, the day on which the resto. carthen lamp was discovered, quite entire; rarion of peace was celebrated there, alighted and the upper part of another, of very supe- at Shepritli, near Cambridge, in 2 hours 21 rior workmanship, in the centre of which minutes. were found, in bas-relief, a figure of Jupiter Married.] A Wingerworth, Wm. Tur. and the cagle. Near the same spot, were buit, esq. barrister-at-law, eldest son of Wm. found a number of remarkably small coins T.esq. of Ogston hall, 10 Anne, daughter of of the Lower Empire; in diameter they are the late Gen. Gladwin, of : tubbing house. nor larger than a middle sized pea. The in- At Castleton, Mr. Isaac Royse, 10 Martha, scuprions on some of them are of Probis. daughter of Mr. Shalicross, of Rowton house,

An adult school has been formed at Wig- near Tideswell. ton, which is attended by 29 lemales ; and, At Derby, Mr. John Bowering, local in the villages in the neighbourhood of Car. preacher in the methodist connexion, to Miss lisle, additional Sunday schools are in a state Catherine Holmes. or formation,

Ai Chesterfield, Mr. Rob. Laurence, of Married.) A. Harrington, Rob. Cracroft, Spittlewood, to Miss Ann Brown, of Bolesq. late major in the North Lincoln Militia, sover Woodhouse. 10 Augusta, daugh'er of Sir J. Ingilby, bart. Died.] Ar Derby, Mr. J. Harrison.of Ripley-park, Yorkshire.

Mrs. Ann l'iman, 82.---Mr. Richard Roe, At Workington, Capt. Wm. Wallace, of 56.-Mr. Francis Rowiston, 52.- Mr. Geo. the Maria, to Miss Aikinson, daughter of Bell, 17.-Ann, daughter of Mr. Geo. the late Capt. A.--Mr. Jos. Thompson, at- Sniedley. torney, to Miss Stiel, daughter of Rob. S. At Chesterfield, Mrs. Townsend, wife of

Mr. Laac T. 64. - Mr. Wigheid. At Crosscannonby, Capt. Jos. Ashley, of dt Cliwn, Mr. John Lowrie, 18. Liverpool, to Miss Hannah Carimer, of A Barlow, Paul Cowley, celebrated for Maryport.

his talents as a fortune teler, by the name di Whitehaven, Capt. Thos, Hammond of ihe “ Wise Man." He was frequently to Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr. con ulied by the people around him when

any property was either lost or stolen, and Al Keswick, M. Jos. Thompson, son, $0. many a thief has been made to contess licitor of Workington, to Miss Fisher, of through his contrivance. It is suposed he Jenkin-hill.

had rcalised a considerable sum by liis art. Died.] Al Carlisle, Mr. Rob. Bell, 62.- Al Oak's Green, in the parish of Sudbury, Mr. John Hyslop, urteen, 94.-Vr. 'I hos. Mr. Edw. Madeley, 97. Within the last 12 Park, 74.- Mr. H. Dennison, innkeeper.- months, 10 persons have died in that parish, Mrs. Su acnah Irwin, ist surviving sister of none of them less than 74, and four above the late Dr. Cvulthari, ;6.

yo years of age. At Whitchaven, Mr. Jos. Pearson, school At Calow, Mis. Adlington.


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Oxford, 21.

At Hopton, Lucy, third daughter of Phil. At Tavistock, E. Williams, esq. of ScorGell, e q.M. P. 13.

rier house, to Miss Foote, daughter of the Ac Wirksworth, Mr. Cowlishaw.

late P. F. esq. of harewood-house. DEVON.

At Low Trenchard, Thos. Amory, esq. of A rival to the American child, celebrated South Molion, to Elizabe h, eldest daughter for his arithmctical calculations, has started of the late Juhn Beard, csq. of Hallwiddon, in this couniy, in the person of George Bid. Cornwall. der, a native of Morctonhampstead now aged Diod.) At Exeter, Francis, fourth son of seven years and eleven months. He is ad. Mr. Thomas Flindell, formerly of Truro. vertised as possessing the extraordinary faculty Mr. U. Squire. 79.-John Paget, esq. forof solving the most difficul: questions, as to merly of Lostwithiel. - Mr. Benj. Southfigures, by the mere operation of the mind; mead, 75.- Mrs. Sright, wife of Ms. Thos. and the learned and curious are invited to S. 34. Mr. T. Emes, music-master. visit him at the guildhall, Plymouth. De is At Bra ininch, Mrs. Ann Dewdney, relict thus described :

of Mr. Thos D. paper-maker, 80. This is a inost extraordinary boy: he has At Exmouth, Mr. Henry Fisk, owner of had no education, and does not know how the Ware collier. to make a figure. His talent was not disco- At Dawlish, Ann, only daughter of Mr. vered till last winter, in a blacksmith's shop. Smerdon, surgeon-Henry, youngest son of A man had killed a pig, and was curious to the late Thos. Robbins, esq. of Binfield, know exacily its value, at a given rate per Berks, 9. pound. The boy soon after menuioned what At Plymptree Parsonage, Wm. Jas. Arit would come to. He was treated as a med- nold, esq. gentleman commoner of Exeter dling child, and asked, with anger, how he could know any thing about it? “Why," Al Tuines, Fred, Wise, esq. late his Masaid the boy in reply, “there are so many jesty's consul.general in Sweden, ounces in the weight of the pig, and it is At Dolton, at the house of her father, worth just so many farthings !” Among Mr. Thos. Owen, Mrs. Jane Cooke, wife of other questions which have been put to him, Wm. C. esq. of the E. Ind. Company's are the following:--" I have walked two service, 40. miles this morning, in orler to see you ; how At Plymouth, the wife of J. B: Wienholt, many inches have I walked ?" He gave a esq.-- Mr. Thos. Wells, late fa teman-afloat true answer instantly.--"I am 56 years old; of the Dock-yard.- the house of his how many minutes have I lived ?" His an. friend Dr. Browne, John Hallinan, esq. M.D. $wer given instantly was right -“How lately of Rathkeale, Ireland. As an eminent many farthings are there in two hundred gui. physician, his practice was respectable ; as a ncas, fourteen shillings, and fourpence three. man of learning, his society was courted by farthings?" In less than half a minute he every person of distinction; as a sincere gave the true amount.- Various questions, friend, his numerous acquaintance will long in all sorts of calculations, have been put to remember him with esteem; and as a charihim, and he has been detected in a mistake table humane man, the poor will have cause only once. --The boy has quite a childish and to deplore most deeply the loss of a kind even stupid appearance, and is always play- and benevolent benefactor. His talents as a ing with a nur, or a piece of wood, or a scholar were not confined to his profession: person's watch-chain, and does not seem to he studiously improved an early taste for pay any attention to what he is about. poetry and belles letters, and his fugitive

s society in aid of the British and Foreign pieces evinced genius and benevolence: his Bible Society has been formed at Axminster. style was classic, and breathed the best foel

'The Unitarians have established a society, ings of the heart. His essays, it is said, will with a view to the propagation of their reli- be shortly published under the patronage of gious opinions, to be called the Devon and a friend. Cornwall Association and Tract Society, At Tavistock, Mrs. Prout, wife of Mr.P. which is to meet twice a year, at the places of the King's Arms. within the two counties where are Unitarian At Stoke Rivers, Mrs. Parminter, 80. societies. The names of upwards of 130

DORSET. persons were given in as subscribers and be- Weymouth and Portland Bays, capable of nefactors.

containing the whole navy of Great Britain, Preferred.] The Rev. R. S. Hallett to the have undergone new and complete surveys, vicarage of Axmouth.

preparatory to a bill being brought into ParMuiried.] Ai Woodbury, Thos. Yelver liament for the formation of a breakwater in con, esq. of Ottery St. Mary, to Eleanor, the Portland Roads, for the better security of eldest daughter of Wm. Hole, esq.

shipping. The accomplishment of this upAt Exeter, Mr. W. C. Lord, surgeon of dertaking is of the highest national importKingsbridge, to Elizabeth, only daughter of ance, in a political as well as mercantile Mr. John Codmor, of Shaldon, merchant point of view, and will, we trust, be found

John Harris, esq. of Kittens Court, to to merit the serious attention and support of Miss Margaret Hutchings, of Dartmouth. his Majesty's government.


Durham --Esser - Gloucester - Humpshire.


Married.) At Wareham, Thos. Phippard, At Cheltenham, J. B. Crampton, esq. to jun. esq. of Organ-house, to Alicia, only Miss Saunders, of Bath Vilia.-Eriw. Clive daughter of Thos. Bartlett, esq.

Bayley, esq. of St. Petersburg, third son of Ar Blandford, the Rev. Thos. Wise, mas- the late Thomas Butterworth B. esq. of ter of the Grammar-school of that town, 10 Hope, near Manchester, to Margaret, eldest Hester, eldest daughter of Mr. H, White, daughter of Jas. Fenton, esq. of Hampstead. wine-merchant.

-Major-gen. Williamson, of the East India Wm. Wickham, esq.of Bullington, Hants, Company's service, to Sarah, youngest to Miss Hawker, daughter of the late Rev. daughter of the late J. T. Crampton, esq. of Mr. H. of Sherborne.

Dublin. Died.) Ac Blandford, whither she had Died.] At Uley, Wm. Stiff, esq. gone to avoid the small pox, Mrs. Lecr, of At Bishop's Norton, Mr. P. Ballinger, 54. Wimborne, relict of Mr. Wm. L. attorney, 74. Ai Cheltenham, Mrs. Holges. - John DURHAM,

Wilson, esq. 37.-Mr. Erastus Hornblower, The dean and chapter of Durham have brewer, of Truro. tesolved to appropriate an annual sum of At Lassington, Mr. Jas. Lewis. money to the assistance of poor clergymen, At Tetbury, Mrs. Maskelyne, relict of within their jurisdiction, in educating their Wm. M. esq. of Braydon Lodge, near Cricksons for holy orders.

lade, 65. Preferred] The Rev. Geo. Stephenson, At Newnham, Mr. Job Thatcher, 69.M. A, to the rectory of Redmarshal,

While looking at the mowers in the hayMarried. At Sunderland, Capt. J. G. field he was suddenly seized with a pain at Boss, R. N. to Mrs. Watson, sister to Sir his heart, and falling into the arms of a Wm. Pennyman, bart.

friend who was with him immediately exDiedl.) At Sunderland, in consequence of pircd. her clothes taking fire, the eldest daughter of At Upper Swell, near Stow-on-the-Wold, Mr. Edw. Bowmaker.--Miss Kilvington, 15. the Rev. Rich. Harvey, rector of that parish, At Stockton, Mrs. French.

At Batford, Mr. Jos, Raine, 74.

At Tewkesbury, Mr. Chas. Freeth, master Preferred.) The Rev. W. Dealtry, BD. of the free school. fellow of Trin, Coll, Cambridge, and rector At Hyde Court, John Beale, esq. 73. of Clapham, to the vicarage of Hatficld At Eastbach Court, Richard, third son of Broad Oak.

the late R. Dighton, esq. of the Wilderness, Married.] At Chigwell, T. Keighley, esq. in this county, 14, late captain ih the 14th foot, to Lousa, At Gloucester, Mrs. Thackwell, wife of third daughter of John Hawes, esq. of West Mr, T. watchmaker. Hatch.

HAMPSHIRE. At Wanstead, the Rev.John Courtney, to The Hampshire Society, for the education Sophia Eliza Catherine, only daughter of the of the poor, on the plan of the Rev. Dr. late W. H. Poggenpohl, esq.

Bell, and in the principles of the established Died.] At Writtle, the Rev. Rowland church, have added to their list during the Berkeley, LLD. many years vicar of that last year 20 new schools, making the whole place, and rector of Rochford, 70.

56, in which upwards of 3000 children re* At Newport, the Rev. Edw. Bryant, 60. ceive instruction, At their last anniversary

At Boover Hall, Mrs. Stephens, relict of it was suggested, for the consideration of the John S. esq. 70.

committee, whether it would not be practiAt Hornchurch, Mr, J. Bridge.

cable and attended with good effects to the At Chigwell, Elizabeth Margaret, relict of cause, if all the children belonging to the Geo. Hassell, esq. of Ripon, 44.

schools in the county connected with the At Colchester, Thos. Hedge, esq. who Central Schools were to be assembled to ata had repeatedly served the office of mayor of tend divine service in the cathedral, Win. that corporation, and was, for upwards of 30 chester, once in three years, on a plan simi. years, proprietor of the Ipswich aud Colches- lar to that annually adopted at St. Paul's ter coach.

for the charity children in and near London. GLOUCESTER.

July 13 the young gentlemen of Winches. Mr. Kean performed King Richard in the ter College spoke before the Warden of New Cheltenham theatre at 12 o'clock at noon, on College, Oxford, &c. &c, when the medais July 18th, as his engagement at Dublin were awarded as follow :-A gold medal to would not admit of any delay.

Mr. Washington, for an English Essay, Married.] At Henbury, the Rev. Walker « On the Use and Abuse of Curiosity." Gray, eldest son of Walker G, esq. of South- A gold medal to Mr. C. Round, for Latin gate Grove, Middlesex, to Emily, third Verses on " Pax Europæ restituta."--A silver daughter of Thos. Danic, esq.-Daniel Ba- medal to Mr. C. Alcock, for a Latin Speech, ker, esq. of Llanvihangel, Monmouthshire," Oratio Hannibalis ad Scipionem," to Mrs, Ann Baker, of Severn Lodge, New A silver medal to Mr. R., Grant, for an

English Orarion, “ The Speech of Lucius


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