English Caricaturists and Graphic Humourists of the Nineteenth Century (1893) by: Graham Everitt / William Rodgers Richardson /

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British solicitor; wrote under the pen name Graham Everitt Everitt, Graham. 1. English Caricaturists and Graphic Humourists of the Nineteenth Century, and how they illustrated and interpreted their Times. Illust. Lon., 1885, 4to. " Mr. Everitt writes with marked ability and acumen. With his conclusions it is not always possible to agree, but much may be learned from his occasional observations. One of the leading features of his book is a very elaborate and generally just account of Cruikshank." Alh., No. 3064. 2. Doctors and Doctors: Some Curious Chapters in Medical History and Quackery, Lon., 1888, p. 8vo. "The old feuds between physician and surgeon, the more recent disputes between physician* and apotheca- ries, the endless eccentricities of belief in remedies, the impostures of the knowing and the delusions of the igno- rant, the tricks of the medical trade, and other kindred subjects, are discussed and described In this volume." Spectator, lxii. 458

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