Their sin overflowing

Thy power will restrain;
Thy arm on the wicked

New glory will gain, 3 Ye nations, to God

Vow homage sincere;
Devote to him gifts,

Love, worship, and fear!
Before him, ye mighty,

Your spirits repress!
Ye high, and ye humble,

His wonders confess !

PSALM 60. C. M.

From the lxxviii. Psalm of David.
I HEAR, O my people, to my law

Devout attention lend;
Let the instruction of my mouth

Deep in your hearts descend.
2 My tongue shall oracles proclaim

Which ancient times have known; The truths which our forefathers' care

To us has handed down.
3 We will not hide them from our sons,

Our offspring shall be taught
The praises of the LORD, whose strength

Has works of wonder wrought. 4 For Jacob he his law ordain'd,

His league with Israel made; With charge to be from age to age,

From race to race, convey'd. 5 That generations yet to come

Should to their unborn heirs Religiously transmit the same,

And they again to theirs.
6 To teach them that in God alone

Their hope securely stands;
That they should ne'er his works forget,

But keep his just commands.

[blocks in formation]

1 0 THOU whom heavenly hosts obey,

How long shall thy fierce anger burn? How long thy suff'ring people pray,

And to their prayers have no return ? 2 Thou brought'st a vine from Egypt's land

And casting out the heathen race, Didst plant it with thine own right hand,

And firmly fix it in their place.


3 Before it thou prepar'dst the way,

And mad'st it take a lasting root, Which, bless'd with thy indulgent ray,

O’er all the land did widely shoot. 4 The hills were cover'd with its shade,

Its goodly boughs did cedars seem; Its branches to the sea were spread,

And reach'd to proud Euphrates' stream. 5 To thee, O God of hosts, we pray,

Thy wonted goodness, LORD, renew; From heaven, thy throne, this vine survey,

And her sad state with pity view. 6 Behold the vineyard made by thee,

Which thy right hand did guard so long; And keep that branch from danger free,

Which for thyself thou mad'st so strong. 7 Do thou convert us, LORD, do thou

The lustre of thy face display ; And all the ills we suffer now,

Like scatter'd clouds, shall pass away.

[blocks in formation]

PSALM 63. C. M.

From the lxxxiv. Psalm of David.
1 O GOD of hosts, the mighty LORD,

How lovely is the place
Where thou, enthroned in glory, show'st

The brightness of thy face !
2 My longing soul faints with desire

To view thy blest abode;
My panting heart and flesh cry out

For thee, the living God.

3 The birds, more happy far than I,

Around thy temple throng;
Securely there they build, and there

Securely hatch their young.
4 O LORD of hosts, my king and God,

How highly bless'd are they,
Who in thy temple always dwell,

And there thy praise display!
5 Thrice happy they, whose choice has thee

Their sure protection made,
Who long to tread the sacred ways

That to thy dwelling lead ! 6 Who pass through parch'd and thirsty vales,

Yet no refreshment want;
Their pools are fill’d with rain, which thou

At their request dost grant. 7 Thus they proceed from strength to strength,

And still approach more near;
Till all on Sion's holy mount

Before their God appear.
8 Within thy courts one single day

'T is better to attend,
Than, LORD, in any other place

A thousand days to spend.
9 Much rather in God's house will I

The meanest office take,
Than in the wealthy tents of sin

My pompous dwelling make.
10 For God, who is our sun and shield,

Will grace and glory give;
And no good thing will he withhold

From them that justly live.
11 Thou, God, whom heavenly hosts obey,

How highly bless'd is he,
Whose hope and trust, securely placed,
Are still reposed on thee!

PSALM 64. C. M.

From the laxxv. Psalm of David.
1 O GOD our Saviour, all our hearts

To thy obedience turn;
That, quench'd with our repenting tears,

Thy wrath no more may burn.
2 For why should'st thou be angry still,

And wrath so long retain ?
Revive us, LORD, and let thy saints

Thy wonted comfort gain.
3 Thy gracious favor, LORD, display,

Which we have long implored :
And, for thy wondrous mercy's sake,

Thy wonted aid afford.

4 God's answer patiently I 'll wait;

For he with glad success,
If they no more to folly turn,

His mourning saints will bless. 5 To all that fear God's holy Name

His sure salvation 's near; His glory in our happy land

For ever shall appear. 6 For mercy now with truth is join'd;

And righteousness with peace, Like kind companions, absent long,

With friendly arms embrace. 7 Truth from the earth shall spring, whilst heaven

Shall streams of justice pour;
And God, from whom all goodness flows,

Shall endless plenty shower.
8 Before him righteousness shall march

And his just paths prepare; While we his holy steps pursue

With constant zeal and care.

PSALM 65. C. M.

From the lxxxvi. Psalm of David. 1 TO my complaint, O LORD my God,

Thy gracious ear incline; Hear me, distress'd and destitute

Of all relief but thine.
2 Do thou, O God, preserve my soul,

That does thy Name adore;
Thy servant keep, and him whose trust

Relies on thee, restore.
3 To me, who daily thee invoke,

Thy mercy, LORD, extend;
Refresh thy servant's soul, whose hopes

On thee alone depend.
4 Thou, Lord, art good, nor only good,

But prompt to pardon too; Of plenteous mercy to all those

Who for thy mercy sue.
5 To my repeated humble prayer,

O LORD, attentive be;
When troubled, I on thee will call,

For thou wilt answer me.
6 Among the gods there is none like thee,

O LORD, alone divine !
To thee as much inferior they,

As are their works to thine.
7 Therefore their great Creator, thee

The nations shall adore;
Their long-misguided prayers and praise

To thy bless'd Name restore.

8 All shall confess thee great, and great

The wonders thou hast done; Confess thee God, the God supreme,

Confess thee God alone.
9 Teach me thy way, O LORD, and I

From truth shall ne'er depart;
In rev'rence to thy sacred Name

Devoutly fix my heart.
10 Thee will I praise, O LORD my God,

Praise thee with heart sincere,
And to thy everlasting Name

Eternal trophies rear.
11 Thy boundless mercy shown to me

Transcends my power to tell;
For thou hast oft redeem'd my soul

From lowest deeps of hell.
12 And thou thy constant goodness didst

To my assistance bring:
Of patience, mercy, and of truth,
Thou everlasting spring !

PSALM 66. II. 3.

From the lxxxvii. Psalm of David.
1 GOD'S temple crowns the holy mount,

The LORD there condescends to dwell;
His Sion's gates, in his account,

Our Israel's fairest tents excel :
Yea, glorious things of thee we sing,

O city of th’ Almighty King! 2 Of honor'd Sion we aver,

Illustrious throngs from her proceed;
Th’ Almighty shall establish her,

And shall enrol her holy seed :
Yea, for his people he shall count

The children of his favor'd mount. 3 He 'll Sion find with numbers fill'd

Who celebrate his matchless praise ;
Who, here in hallelujahs skill'd,

In heaven their harps and hymns shall raise :
O Sion, seat of Israel's King,
Be mine to drink thy living spring!

PSALM 67. L. M.

From the lxxxviii. Psalm of David.
I GOD of my life, O LORD most high,

To thee by day and night I cry;
Vouchsafe my mournful voice to hear,

To my distress incline thine ear. 2 Like those whose strength and hopes are fled,

They number me among the dead;
Like those who, shrouded in the grave,
From thee no more remembrance have.

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