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I SAY ye, the LORD shall not regard,

Shall not your sins discern? Take heed, ye foolish and unwise;

When will ye wisdom learn?
2 Can he be deaf who form’d the ear,

Or blind, who framed the eye?
Shall earth's great Judge not punish those

Who his known will defy?
3 He fathoms all the hearts of men,

To him their thoughts lie bare; His eye surveys them all, and sees

How vain their counsels are.

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| Bless'p is the man whom thou, O LORD,

In kindness dost chastise,
And by thy sacred rules to walk

Dost lovingly advise.
2 This man shall rest and safety find,

In seasons of distress :
Whilst God prepares a pit for those

That stubbornly transgress.
3 For God will never from his saints

His favor wholly take;
His own possession and his lot

He will not quite forsake.
4 The world shall yet confess thee just

In all that thou hast done:
And those that choose thy upright ways

Shall in those paths go on.
5 Long since had I in silence slept,

But that the LORD was near,
To stay me when I slipp'd; when sad,

My troubled heart to cheer.
6 My soul's defence is firmly placed

In God, the LORD most high: He is my rock, to which I may

For refuge always fly.

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PSALM 174. L. M.

From the xcv. Psalm of David
1 O COME, loud anthems let us sing,

Loud thanks to our Almighty King;
For we our voices high should raise,
When our salvation's rock we praise.

2 Into his presence let us haste,

To thank him for his favors past;
To him address, in joyful songs,

The praise that to his Name belongs : 3 For God the LORD, enthroned in state,

Is, with unrivall’d glory, great ;
A King superior far to all
Whom gods the Heathen falsely call.
The depths of earth are in his hand,
Her secret wealth at his command;
The strength of hills that reach the skies

Subjected to his empire lies.
5 The rolling ocean's vast abyss

By the same sovereign right is his;
'T was made by his almighty hand,

That form'd and fix'd the solid land.
6 O let us to his courts repair,

And bow with adoration there;
Down on our knees devoutly all

Before the LORD, our Maker, fall.
7 For he's our God, our shepherd he,

His flock and pasture-sheep are we:
O then, ye faithful flock, to-day
His warning hear, his voice obey.

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From the xcvi. Psalm of David.
1 SING to the LORD a new-made song;
Let earth, in one assembled throng,

Her common patron's praise resound:
Sing to the LORD, and bless his name,
From day to day his praise proclaim,

Who us has with salvation crown'd: To heathen lands his fame rehearse,

His wonders to the universe.
2 He's great, and greatly to be praised;
In majesty and glory raised

Above all other deities;
For pageantry and idols all
Are they whom gods the Heathen call;

He only rules who made the skies:
With majesty and honor crown'd,

Glory and strength his throne surround.
3 Be glory then to him restored
By all who have false gods adored :

Ascribe due honor to his Name,
Peace-off'rings on his altar lay,
Before his throne your homage pay,

Which he, and he alone can claim:
To worship at his sacred court,
Let all the trembling world resort.


4 Proclaim aloud, Jehovah reigns, Whose power the universe sustains,

And banish'd justice will restore: Let therefore heaven new joys confess, And heavenly mirth let earth express,

Its loud applause the ocean roar, Its mute inhabitants rejoice,

And for this triumph find a voice.
5 For joy let fertile valleys sing,
The cheerful groves their tribute bring,

And tuneful harmonies awake:
Behold! in truth and justice clad,
God comes to judge the world he made,

And to himself its throne to take:
He's come, to judge the world he's come,
With justice to reward and doom.

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1 JEHOVAH reigns, let all the earth

In his just government rejoice; Let all the lands, with sacred mirth,

In his applause unite their voice, 2 Darkness and clouds of awful shade

His dazzling glory shroud in state; Judgment and righteousness are made

The habitation of his seat, 3 For thou, O God, art seated high,

Above earth's potentates enthroned; Thou, LORD, unrivall’d in the sky,

Supreme by all the gods art own'd. 4 Ye who to serve this LORD aspire,

Abhor what's ill, and truth esteem; He'll keep his servants' souls entire,

And them from wicked hands redeem. 5 For seeds are sown of glorious light,

A future harvest for the just;
And gladness for the heart that's right,

To recompense its pious trust.
6 Rejoice, ye righteous, in the LORD;

Memorials of his holiness
Deep in your faithful breasts record,

And with your thankful tongues confess.

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2 The Lord has through th' astonish'd world

Display'd his saving might,
And made his righteous acts appear

In all the Heathen's sight.
3 Of Israel's house his love and truth

Have ever mindful been;
Wide earth’s remotest parts the power

Of Israel's God have seen,
4 Let therefore earth's inhabitants

Their cheerful voices raise, And all with universal joy

Resound their Maker's praise,
5 With harp and hymn's soft melody,

Into the concert bring
The trumpet and shrill cornet's sound

Before th' Almighty King.
6 Let the loud ocean roar her joy,

With all that seas contain; The earth and her inhabitants

Join concert with the main.
7 Let floods and torrents clap their hands,

With joy their homage pay;
Let echoing vales, from hill to hill,

Redoubled shouts convey : 8 To welcome down the world's great Judge,

Who does with justice come,
And with impartial equity,
Both to reward and doom.

PSALM 78, C. M.

From the xcix. Psalm of David.
1 JEHOVAH reigns; let therefore all

The guilty nations quake:
On cherubs' wings he sits enthroned;

Let earth's foundations shake. 2 On Sion's hill he keeps his court,

His palace makes her towers;
And thence his sovereignty extends

Supreme o’er earthly powers.
3 Let therefore all with praise address

His great and dreadful Name;
And, with his unresisted might,

His holiness proclaim.
4 For truth and justice, in his reign,

Of strength and power take place;
His judgments are with righteousness

Dispensed to Jacob's race.
5 Therefore exalt the LORD our God,

Before his footstool fall;
And, with his unresisted might,

His holiness extol.

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1 WITH one consent let all the earth

To God their cheerful voices raise;
Glad homage pay with awful mirth,

And sing before him songs of praise; 2 Convinced that he is God alone,

From whom both we and all proceed; We whom he chooses for his own,

The flock that he vouchsafes to feed. 3 O enter then his temple gate,

Thence to his courts devoutly press; And still your grateful hymns repeat,

And still his Name with praises bless. 4 For he's the LORD, supremely good, .

His mercy is for ever sure;
His truth, which always firmly stood,

To endless ages shall endure.

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1 WHEN I pour out my soul in prayer,

Do thou, O LORD, attend;
To thy eternal throne of grace

Let my sad cry ascend.
2 O hide not thou thy glorious face

In times of deep distress ; Incline thine ear, and, when I call,

My sorrows soon redress.
3 My days, just hast'ning to their end,

Are like an evening shade;
My beauty does, like wither'd grass,

With waning lustre fade.
4 But thine eternal state, O LORD,

No length of time shall waste; The mem'ry of thy wondrous works

From age to age shall last.

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