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On Thursday evening last, by the rev. and painful illness, capt William Para Mr.Cooper, Mr. Francis Burras Gabinet ker, Jan. aged 33 years, much respected, Maser, to Miss Elisa Shyler Skaals, all and his death lernented by all who had of this city,

the pleasure of his acquaintance. He A Newark, Foel Dunham, to Miss

was one of God's noblest works, an honest Lucy Baldwin.

On Tuesday James Byrne, Yun. in In Pleasant Valley, Ohio, after a court ship of one evening. Doctor Yohannes

the 21st year of his age. son of fames Wilhelmus Frederic Van Der Bump,

Byrne, Auctioneer of this city.

On Thursday morning lasi much re. aged 63 years, to the blooining Miss Ainy Foy, aged only 71...

gretted, of a long and painful illness,

Moses Miller.'
Ply the bellows quickly ...

On Thursday morning last, after a
Bid the expireing embers live!

short illneess, Mr. James Brainble, in Though. birds of a feather will flock the 17st year of his age, an old and resa sog ather,'' says a London paper, as is ex. pectable inhabitant. emplified by the marriage of Mr. Crow On Friday, 15 inet. Milton F. Cushing and Miss Rook, their association is no: 57. post-master, editor and proprietor of mora natural than another matrimonial the American Union of Somers. in Westunion which recently took place, and to chester county, N. Y. He left his office on which Nis: Pens was, with all due so. business, apparently in perfect health, and lemnity, conjoined to Mr. Bacon. in the afternoon of the swme day, while At Bethlehem, Northampton Courity,

at the house of Mr. Ebenezer Wood, in State of Pennsylvania, the rev: Andrew

South Sulam, he was violently seized Berade, director of the Young Ladies, A

with the plurică, and on Tuesilay about 10 cademy there, to the ainiable Miss Maria

o'clock, melancholly to relate he expired. Henry, second daughter of the Hon. Wil.

In the death of Mr. Cushing! the public, liam Henry esq. Issociate Yudge of the and more particularly the village of Sa. Cuurt of Common Pleas Sc for North.

mers has experienced an almost iirrepar.

able loss. Few have lived more respect. ampton County.

ed and belovet; none have divit more sin Al Washington, Foseph Pearson, esq

cercly lamented; he was industrious, pru. representațive from N. Carolina, to Miss Elerinor Breni, daughter of Robert Brent

dent and persevering in business; honorable

in his dealings ; a kind and affectionate es7

husband; a fond and tender parent; a *SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+

sincere friend, a benevolent neighbour i Dird.

and a well wisher of mankind. On the 2d inst, at his residence in Phil. He was 24 years of age. His left an lipsburgh' sincerely lamented Col. John || aged father and mother, a wife and one Robert, aged 54 years, a man of unblem. small child, and a numerous train of re. ished character, loved affectionately by

latives and friends to lament the loss. his relatives and friends, honored and Fair was the flower, and soft the verrespected by all who knew him.

nal sky, On Wednesday morning last, after a Elate with hope, we deem'd no dan. short illness, Miss Rebecca Dally, aged 19 years.

When to! a whirlwisd's boisterous On Tuesday morning last, after a lin. gust. gering illness, Mr Jeremiah Stow. Left all its virtues mouldering in the

Oil Sunday morning lasi, ter a long dust.

ger nigh.

To triumph or death,
We stride o'er the heath,
To fight for our country or die with a




and poor,

oro the morn 1

O ! turn not the orpban' away from your

door, " Apollo struck the enchanting Lyre,

Bestow but a trife to soothe her dis. The Muses sung in strains alternate.

tress ; SELECTED.

And he who looks down on the friend For the Lady's Miscellany.

Your heaven born charity tenfold will


Behold how the pavement is red with

my gore, Tune-Save me from death

That runs from my feet, by the cruel Awake the harp's slumbers to pleasure's

stones torn. soft lay,

O!be not as flinty as they, I implore, The taper shall dart its bears thro the

Lest death strike me cold at yoor gate hall; From the tempests of war, and the bat. Hes loud bray,

My cold shiv'ring limbs in these tatter'd We'll dearly obey mirth's heart-thrilling weeds clad; call

Say, cannot these touch with pity Ab! change the light strain ! bid the sorrow arise,

Then think that a trifle will make this To the ghost of cach warrior as pen. heart glad, sive it flies ;

And to my fond indigent mother To triumph or death,

bring rest! They strode o'er the heath, And sweet is the sleep thai encircles Ah! say, does that move you ? a mother's their eyes.

in grief, On the breast of the brave melting beau.

And for her daughter a pittance would

crave; ty shall cling, And nobly for him the goblet be crown.

To give to the torments of sickness

relief, The feast shall he spread, and the barp's,

And snatcı her, perhaps, from the

brink of the grave ! throbbing string, Shall stream to his praise in magic Suppose your dear mother lay helpless

around. Oh ! blest is the effort, and light is

And you to relieve her should brave the toil,

the keen air, When we raise the bright spear for suppose that the affluent should bid yo our dear native soil !

" begone,

your breast ?


and wan,

And perish thy mother in grief and

despair !"

FOR SALE at this OFFICE, The 8, 9, 10, 11 and 1215, Volus..c3 of the LADY'S WEEKLY MISC L. LANY, handsomely bound and lowered.

Price $1 50 cents, per volume.

Sayn you have a mother than think

what I feel, Shc | sorrow and perury round ber

appear; 0! v'll assist me, your heart is


For see, on your cheek falls the piti. Checks, Cards, Handbills

ful tear!.

eloquent nature; in vairf you ne'er

plead, This boon doth a beam of sweet com

fort impart: And you too have gain'd, for this mer.

ciful deed, A smile from your God, and a tear

from my heart

AND PRINTING IN GENERAL, Meatly and correctly executed, on reasonable terms; and goods of any kind) will be taken in part payment, at the


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CARPET WEAVER. The subscriber, respectfully solicits the patronage of the Lady's in this city, as carpet weaver--he is an aged man, and wishes to employ his time in this way, as weaving has been his general profession, be will be thankful for, and will strictly attend to all orders left for him at No. 12 Henry street, August 17th 1811.

John Jones.

Tis gratitude bids it arise from its Thomas H. Brantingham, bas removed

to No. 145 Broadway, where he conti. source,

nues to procure money on Mortgages, 'Tis transports that makes it refulgent

notes of hand & deposits, buys & sells and clear ;

houses, improved farms, &iracts of land

Also lets & leases houses & lots, on l'ea. Tis bope, cheering hope, that now

sonable commision. Also the lease of guides its sweet course,

2 houses, & an annuity. Also for salė 30 Ah ! say, who would blush while they farms, several with good improvements, shed such a tear !

will be sold low, goods & property of eVALERIAN. very sort taken in payment, or any who

forms a company tickets & draw for the different farms will be liberaly paid for it Also a skilfull farming man with a good

character, will meet with encouragement INVITING PATCH.

by applying as above.
That mole upon your cheek, dear Kitly,
I own is beauteous, small and pretty, PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY
But ah ! if near your lips its scite,

Eternal kisses would excite.
Beneath her enticing lips next day

No. 317 Water-street, New York A lapely patch enticing lay.







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and displaying in the strongest co

lours all the fatal consequences of For the Lady's Miscellany.

introducing that execrable coin.

The whole assembly were strack LIFE OF JONATHAN SWIFT.

mute with wonder at this unpreÀ proclamation was published cedented scene. The titled slaves offering a reward of 300 pounds and vassals of power, felt and shrunk for discovering the author of the intotheir own littleness, in the preDrapier's Letters. The day after sence of this man of virue. He the proclamation was issued, there stood supereminent among them tyas a full levee at the castle. The like his own Gulliver amid a cir. Lord Lieutenant was going round cle of Lilliputians. For some time the circle, when Swift abruptly en a profound silence ensucd. When tered the chamber, and pushing Lord Carteret, who had listened his way through the crowd, never with great composure to the whole stopped till he got within the cir- speech, made this fine reply in a cle, where, with marks of the high-line of Virgil : Res durea,& regni est indignation in his countenance, novitas the talia cogunt molini. Hard he addressed the Lord Lieu:enant fortune and the newness of my with the voice of a Stentory that reign,compelme to such measures.' reechoed across the room : “So, | The whole assembly was struck my Lord, this is a glorious exploit with the beauty of this quotation, that you performed yesterday, in and the levee broke up in good issuing a proclamation against a humour. Some extolling the magpoor shop-keeper, whose only | nanimity of Swift to the skies, and crime is an honest endeavour to all delighted with the Lord Lieusave his country from ruin. You tenant's answer. have given a noble specimen of what this devoted nation is to hope When the patent was withdrawn, for from your goverment. I syp

and of course all apprehensions apose you expect a statue of copper bout the coin were over, never - will be erected to you for this ser was greaterexultations shewn upon vice done to Wood. He then went any occasion; the Drapier was: on for a long time inveighing in the hailed by the universal voice as bitterest terms against the paient, " the saviour of his country, His

in and welcomed on shore by a mul

name resounded from shore to

triumph, where he was received shore ; his effigy was set up in every street ; and indumerable. titude of his grateful countrymen, bumpers were daily swallowed to by whom he was conducted to his his health.

house amid repeated acclamations,

of long live the Drapier. The bells Early in 1726 he set out for

were all set a ringing, and bonfires England, after an absence of 12

kindled in every street. As there years. He was received with all

never was an instance of such the demonstrations of joy by his

honors being paid to any mortal in old friends, whose attachment to

that country, of whatever rank or this incomparable man seemed ra

slation, Swift must have been a ther increased than diminished by

stoic indeed, not to have been high -absence. His time was 'spent

ly gratiffied with these unexpocted chiefly with Pope and Bolingbroke, marks of favour from his grateful at whose houses he was visited by

fellow citizens. -all ibe old fraternity. It was then Pope published this volume of

'Swift divided his income into - miscellanies, consisting of some of three equal shares. One of these his own works and Arbuthnot's,

he appropriated to his own immebut chiefly of select pieces of

diate support, and his domestic Swift's. As this was the first

expences : which, in those cheap time that any of his works were times, with the aid of strict econoprinted collectively, the sale was

my, enabled him to live in a manimmense and produced a consid ner perfectly agreeable to his own erable sum to Pope, who had the ideas, and not unsuitable to his whole profit, as Swift was at all rank. The second he laid up as times above making any pecuniary

a provision against the accidents advantage of his writings.

of lifc, and ultimately with a view

to a charitable foundation at his In his return 16 Dublin, upon

death. And the third he constant. notice that the ship in which he

ly disposed of in charities 10 the sailed was in the bay, several heads

poor, and literalities to the distressof the different corporations, and ed. As he sought out proper obprinciple ciuzens of Dublin, wentjects for this, with great caution out to meet him in a great number

and attention, trusting little to the of wherries, in order to welcome

representation of others, but seehim back. The boats adorned

ing every thing with his own eyes, with streamers and colours, in

perhaps no equal sum disposed of which were many emblematical

in that way was ever productive of devices, made a fine appearance ; so much good. and thus was the Drapier brought to his landiog-place in a kind of

There was one species of chari.

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