NEW-TORX, December 14 1811.

In London on the 5th Sept. a man was taken up and charged with stealing a pocket book on which was written "Thos. Bradshaw," and it contained a certificate from New York dated Nov. 7. 1810, The owner could not be found, and had probably sailed for Americi.

" Be it our task, To note the passing tidings of the times.



Col. Davis with more than martial A fire broke out in the morning of power resisted the shock, and endeathe 24th ult. at Pensacola, in the Custom. voured by his unparelleled courage and Ilouse, which was entirely consumed, presence of mind to form bis troops. togerber with other buildings.

With comparatively few chosen heroes All the public, offices were kept in the he (charges the thick array of savage Custom-House, and the whole of the pa. numbers. But courage and conduct pers and recortis are destroyed. This is in this preeminent son of Kentucky, a very serious thing for the people of || could not avail, while the darkness of West Florida--the title papers and sur.

the night shrouded, tawny sons of the veys of all their lands are gone.

wood and a forest of savage tomahawks It is confidently believed that the fire

and rifles were dealing death around, in was intentionally communicated. discharging bis fire arms, which proved

fatal to the savage arm just rsised to shed his blood : he received in his breast

three fatal balls ; and when he was told Nicholas Zuany; a native of one of the

an hour after, the enemy bad been bea. Seven Islands, and Antonio Lorego, who

ten, he said "I have done my duty, I am were convicted of the murder of the mas.

satisfied, my country is victorious," and ter and mate of the schooner, Syren, of

a few hours after expired. New Orleans, were executed at Nassau

" Drop'd from his nerveless grasp the on the 8ib ult.

spear; The Greek, says a Nassaú paper ap. Closed his bright eye, and check'd his peared very penitent, but the Campech. bright career," ann after confessing two other murders which he had heretoforecommittel, was

FOR SALE AT THIS OFFICE. launched into eternity, under the una. vailing regret that the cook did not share

A pamphlet, entitled, Truth, in Sim. bis fate.

plicity, or, a pursuit after her.--Being reflections on hearing a Sermon, on

Universal Şalvation. La tely preached in The London Courier of the 11th Octo.

this city. ber says-Several of the American pas. *SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+ sengers have been permitted to land from the Vigilant Cartel, caph, Combs,

Harried. from the Texel bound to Boston in On Wednesday the 20th ult. by the res. America, one of whom is Col. BURR, M. Baset, Mr. John Mushero, of of whom so much notice has been taken Bushwick Long-Islnd, to the amiable by the American Journaliste.”

Miss Hannah Shute, of this ciry.

On Saturday evening lust, by the rev.

Mr. Spring, Mr Israel & Halsey, to
Miss Sarah Conklin, both of this city.

On Tuesday morning, after a lingering On Monday morning, at St. Peter's

iiiness, which he bore with Christian forCourch, by the rev. B. Fenevick. · Mr.

titude. Mr. Alexander Shields, aged 54 Thomas 4. Morris, to Miss Eliza. F. years, a respectable inhabitent of ekis city. Coles, daughter of Fohn it. Colesi tsq.

At New Jersey, on the evening of the 1st On Saturday the 19th, at Marvlebone insti' at thehouse of her brother, the rev. Church by the rev. Mr. Cockburn, F. Dr. Beach, Miss Hannah Bull, aged 60 Hoffman, esq. of Baltimore, in the Uni.

years. ted States, 'to Miss Emily Tulghmun.

On Saturday last, aged 80 years, Mrs. At Newark on Thursday evening last,

Fane Burger, widow of Elias Burger. by the rev. Mr. Richards, Mr. Isac Dar. ling, merchant, of this city to Miss

At Sea, capt. John Livingston, on his Catharine Banks

, daughter of David passage from St Barts in the Brig Porta. Banks, esg. of Newark.

Àt Havannah, Fleming Abbott, of 14 At New Jersey, Ebenezer P. Rose.to

Miss Catherine Forman, and Joseph
Grey, 10 Miss Sally Cherry


regret the sudden death, On Wednes. In England, the Earl of Caledon, to

day lust, of Joseph Thebaud, exq. He as to Latiy Catharine Yorke, and immedi. highly respected as a merchant, a citizen arcly departed to Hartfordshire to pass

and as a Director of the Mechanics' Benk. the honey mocno

To a nuinerous and ariable family, hit

death has procured an irreparable loss. On Wednes lay evening last, by the righe ev Bishop Hobart, Mr. Robert

In Mississippi Territory, Eli Kellogg, M. Livingston, Miss Sarah Bache.

froin some part of New England ; and The following singular circumstance from a letter from Chief Justice ; Culler.

to Fededinh Morse, esq. it appears that

about 300 dollars is left for his relations married at a Church at the West end of

who are not known, but who are requested the town, for the third time-- the first

to apply for the same-At Mounttime they was not of age ; the second time the licence was filled up with a wrong

Pleasant, Liverpool, Sir George Dunbar. siame, which rendered it necessary for them to have another, and go through the

At Philadelphia, Mrs. Sarah Alliboneceremony again.

In Palmouth, of the small pox, Benjs

min Roberts, aged 24-At Portland, We are desired by Mr. fames Cape Robert Elder Meservey, and John Macomb to contradict the account of his Williams, age:l 24-Ar Boston, Misa marriage with Miss Chi altangi Hoam, Sarah Carter, aged 36; Mrs Mary Ann of Canton, inserted in the papers the clapp; Miss Ann Welsh, aged 22 ; Cap. beginning of last monthand to request tain Charles Backns, aged 29; Miss such editors as have copied the notice to Sarah Greene aged 50 In Arg;leshire, fire place to this contradiction : as the Scatland, much regretted, Angus Gregor. report was an imposition on the public. son, esq.

nesurred on Saturday last :- A couple were also

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Yet should not give up se search,

FOR SALE at this OFFICE, Nor get abandon serious thought;

The 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th, Volumes For what can be of greater moment,

of the LADY'S WEEKLY MISCELTo him who shortly is to die.

LANY, handsomely bound and lettered.

Price $1 50 cents, per volumé. Soon we must trace the path of death, And we will ask, where leads that path, And how suceessfully the same pursue. Midst heathen world; this query ofi

, Checks, Cards, Handbills perplex'd

AND PRINTING IN GENERAL, The general mind..."hither leads Acarly and correcily executed, on death"

reasonable terms ; and goods In vain with certainty they, sought,

(of any kind) will be taken To solve the interesting question.

in part paymeni,-at the Death was to them allarming,--fill"d] rith horror.

Office of the

Tor want of a true bope & gospel light,
For want of strong foulation
Upon which to build a blessed truth,

To cheer thy departing soul.
Not so to us, who favor'u are in christian the patronage of the Lady's in this city,

The subscriber, respectfully solicits land,

as carpet weaver.- he is an aged man, Life & immortal joy are offec'd

and wishes to employ his time in this Freely to all who will accept.

way, as weaving has been his general profession, he will be thankful for, and

will strictly attend to all orders left for O inimortality ! the thought of thee,

him at No. 12 Henry street,

August 17th 1811. John Jones, Even now by faith, transports my spirit, To thy heavenly glories...treth for 'ever abides

Thomas H. Brantingham, has removed In thy transparent arches, --where I long to No. 145 Broadway, where he contito dwell,

nues to procure raoney on Mortgages,

notes of hand & deposits, buys & sells The thought of thee makes worldly houses, improved farms, & tracts of land objects,

Also lets & lengey bouses & lots, on rea. Lessen in there value, & my heart,

sónable commision. Also the lease of

2 houses, & an annuity. Also for sale 30 Of them, lets go its hold.

farms, several with good improvements, The thought & certainty of thee; will be sold low, goods & property of e. Prompis me lo diligence in calling, very sort taken in payment, or any who And bids me for thy sweet enjoys pré. forms a company tickets & draw for the

different forms will be liberaly paid for it part.

Also a skilfull farming man with a good

character, will meet with encouragement Since then I do inherit this blesa by applying as above.

treasure, j'asher in heaven teach me to value

PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY Truly things below, & ne'er forget,

The hour which brings, me
To tbeir sure enjoyment.

No. 317 Water-street, New York


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ble avenue of trees, which led to

his paternal mansion. Twilight CLUNEDALE.

had by this time wrapt every obA Tale.

ject in a veil of pleasing obscurity;

all was hushed in the softest reThe last rays of the setting sun

pose, and the massiness of the yet lingered on the mountains,

foliage under which he passed, and which surrounded the district of

the magnitude and solitary grand- when Edward de Courte.

ieur of his Gothic hall, impressed nay, afier two campaigns on the

the imagination of Edward with plains of Flanders, in one of which

deep sensations of solemnity and the gallant Sidney. fell, se entered awe. Two grey-headed servants, his native village toward the end

who had lived for near half a cenof August 1587. He had lost his

tury in the family, received their father a few months before his de

young master at the gate, and parture from the continent, a loss

while the tears trickled down their wbich had occasioned him the

withered cheeks, expressed with most severe affliction, and bad in

artless simplicity their joy, and duced him thus early in life to

blessed the return of the son of seek amid the din of arms, and the

their ancient benefactor. splendor of military parade, a pause from painful recollection. After some affectionate Time, however, though it had quiries concerning the neighbourmitigated the first poignant emo ing villagers, and the families of tions of grief, bad not subdued the these old men, Edward expressed tender feelings of regret and sor his intention of walking to the abrow, and the well known objects bey of Clunedale, which lay about of his early childhood and his 0 a mile distant from the house ; his pening youth, associated as they filial affection, the pensive retroswere with the salutary precepts pect of events endeared to memoand fond affection of the best of ry, the sweetness and tranquility of parents, awakened in his mind a the evening, and that enthusiasm-train of melancholy, yet soothing so congenial to the best emotions thoughts, as with slow and pausing of the heart, gave birth to the steps he moved along the venera wish of lingering a few moments


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