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not partaking of their minth, they mised in marriage

all, ailenveloped in

one common heap of fired ruins ? The bantered him for his sadness. ---Ile

idea is insupportable infirmed them that If it coud

Extract of a letter from Richmond, datpromote their pleasure, he would

ed December 27. sin, an Irish song, which they L 19t nicht, about 11 o'clock, the play. willia ly consented to hear.

house of his city, was burnt to the

ground in balf an boure-aft is said by Possessing a good voise, under

a lampin the upper scenery of the Stage, standling his native language well. and the famos spreading like lighining.

Upwards of: 600 people were in the ard animatevi with his subject, be

house at the time, 70 or 80 of whom are song with great fecling and encr already asceitained to be burnt to death, sy, an air; which had been con

or killed in endeavoning to get out of

the hruse, and we fear many more are posed in the first age of our politi buried in ile ruins The cries of the cal misfortunes, by a celebrated elying nother, the screams of the fran.

tic daughter, the frenzy of the expiring Irish bard. The Frenchnic), il $on, and the distraction of the husband, though iguorant of the languagc, were mo e than enough to draw forth were inuch affected with thesweci

tive sympathy of an adamanline heart

Many burnt and wounded are now lan. ness of the Irish song ; And Lully guishing bei wveen life and death. the musician, who had listened Another letter, says " ] will not at

tempt to describe to you one of the with marked aitention to the Irish

most distrersing scenes that ever hap. man while singing, as soon as he pened in Richmond--further than io bacl finished, exclaimed : "That

state, thai, while acting the after piece

of 'Raymond and Agnes,' last night, is the music of a people who have between the lious of 11 and 12 o'clock, lost hcir liberties."

the Hames burs! from above on the stage. Six (77 hundred people were

in the bouse. Niyself and family are all LADI'S MISCELL ANY

Sute. Bele how shall I lell you of the

minery spieredover the city. Let the NEX-TCRK, January 4, 1812.

names of some of the victims, with

whom you die ucquainted, paint it to “ Be it our task,

your im gination.

• Mrs Picket is much burnt. Dr. To note the passing tidings of the times

M'Caw is violently hurt. Many are

1160W vccp ed in digging among the A Tremenduous Cotfiagration !'!!1975, for the remains of the unfortunate It is impossible for escribe our feelings victims what sighis!- 10 more than on a perusal of the following heart.rent

parisoftwo or three bodies will it be ing intelligence from Richard, Virginia

possible to inueris, a nd that only by It seldom falls to th' lot of any to arit

trinkeis, &c. The bank is closed, every 7158 or hear of a calamity su terribic-80 sh p is shut, and every counichance uppalling. But it is the will of an over.

iuil of woe.' Teling Providence, whose was are miste Another letter states, that at least rious, thata tu chustiat a sinfrid People 150 persons, of all descriptions, lost with ihe most terrific riisations .1,r Dier lives. Some soppose the number the mourning Cty il Richmond prove a of so, including the marmel; the lit. useful warning in the theaytiless! ter inay not be far from the truth. SD) What a scese of «istresses herë presented il suddenly was the house enveloped in -- Failers and Muthor: Sisters & Bro. fiamas, ibat two thirds of the number thers, all buried in the ruins of a burning pienent, it is su posed, perished in thein. Theatre ! The Gororor of the State- Mr Hichards, Mr. Page and several o. the leading cnaracters of the pic-the thers had a leg broken, by leaping from Es wird inos! www.inillout me ils windoirs, i hy being trodden undea

foot. Nearly all in the upper galleries

exertion with a view of saving them, perished. Sixty or eighiy sk-retons have Jouppily with success. The little boy been elus out of the ruins-not more dropt from the u indow, and miraculousthan one or two have been recognized. ly escaped unjurt. The gentleman re:ch

A meeting at the Capitol has been ed the stair-case with his interesting held. The bones now recognized will

charge, but the pressure behind, and be inter ed iogether, &c. A monument

these leaping over his head, overpower. hý subscription, will be raised over

ed him-- He sunk with the children under Then A day of thanksgiven and pray.

his a'ms, and with tbem was providen. er is recommended on Wedneselay

tially released from their perilous situa. next. 'Long, long, will the Citizens of

tion, by being carried with the current Richmond bewail this melancholy event.

of the crowd out of the house in a stále Another letter observes, The fire

of insanity ; tiom which he recovered happened on Mr. Plácide's benefit'night

to be blessed with the sight of the ob.

ject of his tender care; in perfect safety. he house was crowded, and the burst of the fames' was so instanianeous,

One house adjoining the Theatre was that

burnt very few of the ladies i

in the upper box es were saved. One gentleman in those List of Dead and Missing, as report. boxes escaped almost miraculously : ed by the committee of nine appointed He was sitting with two small girls and to ascertain the same. a boys when the fue was discovered. The boy leaped from the window and

Jefferson Jard--George W Smith: escaped unhur.' The gentleman took

Sophia Trouin: Cecelia Trouin, Josepii the two girls, one under each aim, re

Jacovs; Elizabeth Jacobs. bis daughter

Cyprián Marks, wife of Modecai Masks solved on exertions, and few with them to the stair case, jamming them between

Charlotte Raphael, daughter of Solomon his breast and the people before him

Raphael, Adeline Bausman, Ann Craig, striving to keep himself straight, but in

daughter of Mrs Adam Craig, - Nuttal,

a carpenter, Pleasant, & mulatio woman, vain : the pressure from behind, and those leaping over head overpowered

Nancy Patterson, do. him. He was bent down with the chil

Madison Ward-Abraham B Verable dren in his arms, and from that time President of the Bank, Wm. Southgate. he knew nothing of what pasged till Benj. Boits and wite, Arianna Hunier, sereral hours afterwards he came to his Maty Whitlock: Julianna Harvey, Mrs senses and found himself in his own bed. Heron, Mrs. Gir din and child, Mis. -He must have been wedged up so as Robert Greenbow, Mrs, Moss, Barack to be forced along unconsciously by the Judah's child, Mrs. Less'ie, Edward mass, as he was picked up at some dis. Wanton, & youth, Geo. Dison a youth, tance from the play house.'-The chil.

Wm. Biown, Mrs. Patterson, John dren escaped with but liule hurt. The Welch, a strarger, nephew to Sir A. wife of this gentleman, who was in ano. Pigili, late from England, Margaret ther part of the house, saved herself bv Copland, do. Anderson, Sally Gatewoor), leaping out of a 'windox, in company Mary Clay, Lucy Gawthney, Louisa with a young lady, who perished in the Mayo. Mrs. Gerard, M's. Gibyon, Miss a tempt. A case which excites singular Green, Mary Davis, Thos. Frazar a sympathy, is that of young lieut. Gib. youth, Jane Wade, Mrs. Wm. Cook & bons of the navy. Hehad got clear of daughter, Elizabeih Stevenson, Mrs. the house and saved his mother's life Convert and child, Pattey Griffin, Fanny with his own, but finding that Miss Con. Goff, s woman of colour, free; Philadel. yers was left behind, he rushed into the phia -, missing blazing building in search of her, and Monroe Ward--Mrs. Taylor Braxion, was never seen more: bosh perished in Mrs. Elizabeth Page, Mrs. Jerrod, Jas. the fames.

Waklon; Miss Elliot, from N. Kent, Another letter says, “ the burst of Mrs. Gallego, Miss Conyers, lieut. Jos. Mames was instantanuous, and required Ginions, Mrs. 'Thos. Wilson. Maria tie immediate exercise of resolution. Nelson, Miss Mary Page. Laforest---A gentleman who had two lielpless lille Amorine Marshall, of Wythe county. girls and a boy of twelve years of age A general funerai procassion took place under his protection, in the second tier this morning (2011) from E. Tieni's of boses seized the two least capable of " where Mrs. Paiterson's corpse wassle

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posited. In the place of general interment , I they me' within a mile of the town their of all the bones that could be found of distance of fighting was npls sufficient the victonia to the late dreadful confla. for them not lo louch the bdy with each gration

other's pistols--be word was given The following was the order of Pro. bo h fired, and both fell Dead The cession, as agreed upon by the commis. whole town is in an uproar on the occasioners appointed by the common Hall, sion. The seconds have taken safety by Corpses, Clergy, Mourners and Ladies, flight, leaving their dead comrades with. Executive Council, Directors of the out a soul near them--their bodies were Bank, Judiciary Members of the Legis. j brought to lown last evening and will la ure, Court of Musirgs, Common this day be inered. Hsli, Citizens on luol, do. on horse * Mr. Mercer was an oficer in the back. The members of the Legislature, u ho

nely; and nephew to General Meicer: were at the Theatre, all escaped.


Married. From the different coasters down the 11 Flushing. L. 1. or Suturday evening Sound, we learn that a sloop loaded with lást; by the seu Mr: Butktey, Mr. Henry floor went ashore at Norwolk-a new sharp pilor boat schooner at Black Rock

W Freeman, merchant, of this city to bound to New York, bilget; and a sloop

Miss Mary i Roi, daughter of Mr. at the same place, high and dry-a sloep Lawernce Roe, of the former place. from New Tork for Ž. Hamptori

, ashore

At Albay Isaac Lansing; to Misr at Crane Neck and out of 13 souls on board 12 perished.

Ilanor Groesbeeck The sloop Traveler, Cruklin of East

Ac Albany Feter F. Miller; to lisa Haddiim, from Sax? Hurbour bound to Ellen Oakez. New York, wus lost on Eaton & Nece, dur.

On Saturday evening last, by the rec. ing the last srov storm. Out of 14 pero | Henry P. Strong Mr. Föhn 'Ayres, to Sons on board only one was saved. The wrice of a sloop with Southold"

Aliss Mary Clark. on her sier, is ashore near the same At Columbia village on Thursday Noo. place.

14th by :he rny. Mr. Condit, Mr. Yohrt

P. Stevenè, merchant of Nescar to thẻ We learn by Ebevezer II Case, that

Amiable Miss Lydia H. Ely, daughter the story Resertia, of Southold, Captain Wells, was lust opposite Smith Town of Dr. Calvin Ely of the former place. near Stony Brool Harbour on Monday +SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS right; the crew consisting of the Guptam, Gilbert Golisniith, Jonah Wicks, Sa.

Died. muel Davids. Samuel Hazne, jumesOn Tues.lay last, of a lingering illness, Mapes, and Cyrus, a blackman, were all 4ost. Our informant apprehends the Rutert Airxander, much lamenved by ali loss of the slop Eagle. of Southold, to.

who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. gether with the Crow, consisting of capi.

In Georgetown. in Kentucky, on the

10th inst. Dr. Stites ; and some days beJennings, Benj Wells. Benj. Taylor, wrid Gilbert Gose--supposed to have sunk! , fore his son John Stites

In Georgetown Isaac C Gano, of the

same pla e, and all formerly of this city. A DOUBLE MURDER.

At Copenhagen, Henry Giles Bankscipi, Extract of a letter from an officer in the

ar officer of the ship Lion of Philardelphia.

At New-Orleans, Maria F. F. Larro. Navy, datert Norfoll, Dec. 26.

que most horrid ciic: mstance tock Ai Philadrlphia, Daniel Roberts and place here last evening-Yeung Mercer Peter Delaniar. whom you bave ofien heard me men. On Thursday morning last in the 46t tion", laud received an irsult from the year of his age, Mr. Thomas Dick. nate of some iterchantman -a challenge! On Thursday morning last, strs. followed, and last cuching about sundowa Elizabeek Davies, aged 52.

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In after days when folks grew wise,
New wonderments were drily found,

For the Lady's Miscellany.
Systems they built above the skies,
And prov'd that everything went round.

Mr. Editor

If you think the following original Experience shews they reason'd right,

piece (ON RETIREMENT) worthy (With laurels we their tombs should of a place in your paper-you will please crown)

to insert it. For half the world is in such plight That one would swear it upside down. Oh nature ! let me still ening,

Thy sweets go pure can never cloy ; Now I am one, (and pray ptrend) 1 he shadowy pine, the reder grove, Who marching in a smaller sphere, Sach scenes as those must claimt my love; To set you right my service lend,

Wrap roure my hea t, absorb each sensa By bringing Papers through the years Thou parent of sweet innocence,

Rctirement each bliss can give

FOR SALE at this OFFICE. In it forever let me live,

The 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12h, Volumes Each gaser pleasure I'd resigo.

of ihe LADY'S WEEKLYMISCEL. But Oh ! retirement be mine.

LANY, handsomely found and letzcred. A mossy bank, my chosen bed,

Price 5 1 50 cents, per volume. While Zephers play around my head, A gurgling stream shall gently flow, Those beauties nature, thou bestow; My fate consign me to thy arms, Checks, Cards, baydbills A willing captive to thy charms;

AND PRINTING IN GENERAL, Grant me but this! 'tis all I crave,

Meatly and correctly executed, on Shake that, which soars beyond the

reasonable terme ; and goods grave.

NINA. (of any kind) Tvill be taken

in part payment,-al tlic

Office of the

LADY'S MISCELLANY Written by Mr. John NL Creary. [rune-Hermit of Killarney.'']

CARPET WEAVER. Long dark and deep the cloud hath

The subscriber, respectfully solicits gloom'd,

the patronage of the Lady's in this city, That shrouded Erin's fame,

as carpet weaver. -- he is an aged man,

and wishes to employ his linre in this Long haie her-weeping sons been

way, &s weaving has been his general doom'd

profession, he will be thankful for, and To misery and shame;

will strictly attend to all orders left for But still indignant they aspire,

him at No. 12 Henry strect, To burst th” galling chain,

August 17th 1811. Joan Jones And boldly fan the sacred fire, Which burns in every vein,

Thomas II. Brantingham, has removed Again the harp is heard to ring,

to No. 145 Broadway, where he conti. The deeds of other days.

nues to prorrre money on Mortgages, Again its voice is heard to sing

notes of hand & deposits, buys & seils The conquering heroes' praise:

houses, improved farms, & tracts of land

Also lets & lcases houses & lots, on rea. Oh! how its sounds the brave shall sonable commision. Also the lease of warm,

2 honacs, & an annuity. Also for sale 30 The lance of pipe in wield,

furms, several with good improvements, And proudly guide the battle storm,

will be sold low, goods & property of e.

very sort taken in payment, or any w!10 Along she lented field

forms a company tickeis & draw for be Then with green shamrocks crown the different farms will be liberaly paid for it bowl ;

Also a skilfuld farming man with a good And toast old Erin's name,

character, will meet with encouragement

by applying as above.
While each man warmly fiom his soul,
Breaths forth Columbia's fame;
He who forgets the early groves,

PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY Where youthful pleasures flew,

No other country ever loves;
To none will e'er prone true.

No.317 Water-street, New York,


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