About two years ago a reinarkably fine bull, belonging to J. T.

Sandemans, Esq.of Siockey Hail, ORIGINAL AND SELECTED

near Truro, was lost, and every For the Lady's Miscellany.

method, as tried to find hin,

without surcess. On the 26th of Good times for Batchelors now;

September last, Mr. Si's stoward but better times for Girls coming ! having received, directions to exBy the late Census there are in, been worked for several yomis, ott

aminc a coal-fit which had not the United States fourteen thou

account of a spring having issued: sand and seventy one more females from an elevated part of the mine, than males between the age of

went there with some assistants; 26 and 16-abut between 16 and 10

and having descended to the botthe males exceed the females, 19

tom of the pit, found that the wathousand, eight hundred and filly

ter had nearly gone away ; and nine; and of ten years and under

on farther prosecuting their search lhe males also exceed the females, found, to their inexpressible asfifty three thousand, eight hundred tonishment, the very bull which and fifty two-Girls, will, of course, had been so long lost, standing as in a short time, be in good demand, if in the act of drinking ; nor did though the Market appears to be their astonishment in the least

a. well supplied at present !!!. bate, on their discovering that the

beast had become a most striking Some few months since a num inşlance of petrifaction! Every ber of human skeletons, the re feature and muscle were as pere mains of Roman soldiers, were

fect as when he was living, except discovered on opening a barrow in that the hairon bis hide was chang: the neighborhood of Burrough- ed into a beautiful mossy substance, bridge in Yorkshire; but what is which still retained the original most worthy of remark is, that be colour of the animal, and extended tween the front teeth of the skull | in curls all over it, in a manner of one of them was found, securely not to be described. Mr. S. has wedged, a mixed metal coin of the made several attempts to have the reign of Domitian, which led a bull removed ; but he has now facetious rustic present to observe, given up the ide, as the moss is of that the fellow must be over gree so britile a nature as to break with dy of money to have kept such the slightest touch. Several Nofast hold of it for such a length of blemen and Gentlemen have altime. The coin was in good pre-ready visited this plienomenon, and servation, and probably owed its have borne testimony to the wonsituation to the rude railery of one derful effects of Nature excmpli : of the deceased's comrades.

fied in this a nigal.

From the London Statesman of A gentlemon, who bad a reOctober 10,1811.

markable fiery, nose, sleeping in The following singular para his chair, a negro boy, who was in graph is extracted from an Ameri. waiting, observed, a musquetoe can Paper :----Lieut. Heppenstall, hovering round his face : Quashe of the first batt. 87th foot, requests eyed the inseci very attentively ;. the Editor of this print to let the at last, he saw him alight on his world know that he is not dead, as master's nose, and immediately fly jas stated in the Dublin Freeman's

off. “Ah, dam you heart, exJournal of April 10, 1811, in a re claimed the negro,' me berry glad turn of the killed, wounded, and for see you burn you foot."" missing, of the British forces in the several affairs with the French LADY'S MISCELLANY army, from the 6th to the 15th of

NEW-YORK, January 11, 1812. March. Lieut. H. is at present in this city, and is happy he male

Be it our task, his essape from those mad French. To note the passing tidings of the times. inen in Portugal; and hopes that

MEMORABI.E ACCIDENTS. Lord Wellington will follow his example, and lead as many of his

Extracted from Luckombe's Tablet

Memory trave army as are yet alive out of

The Amphitheatre at Fidorica, in 16. that bloodly country. The Frenchmen will certainly butcher them, if aly, fell in and killed fifty thousand peo.

ple. A. D. 26. ...The ruins of it now ke does not.'-.

remain at Castel Gimbelie. Menu-York Advertiser,

A fire happened at a barn at Burwelf

Cambridgshire, at a Poppet-shew, when A young fellow of louse princi .

150 persons lost their lives. A. D. 17271 ples being accused of being a

The roof of the church at Fearn in take--he replied, that his father

Scotland, fell in during the service, and was the rake, and he the fork; for

killed sixiy persons, Oct. 19, 1742. his father raked the money togeth Amsterdam Play house took fire ; seer and he scattered it.

ven persons were suffocated, and great

numbers were wounded in getting out. A Lawyer in cross-examining A. D. 1772. a witness, asked hini among other At the celebration of a wedding at questions where he was on a par.

Mantra 66 Jews were killed by a floor Licular day, to which he replied giving way, among whom were the

bride and the bridegroom's mother, in company with two friends.

Jurie 3: 1776 I'riends!' exclaimed the Law.

Bourbon les-bains in Bassigni, France, yer, . tvo thieves, I suppose you

had the vault under the Church mean!' "They inay be so,' re

give way, du ring the celebration of mass plied the wirness, "for they were

which occasioned the death of sis lug. bath haserri'

dred persons Sept. 14 1778.

Montpellier in France, had a booth where Last night we were all at the theatre in a play was performing. fell and killed every family in Richmond, or, at;least, 500 persons July 31.1786.

proportion of them, was there--the The floor of a Meeting House of house was uncommonly full.-wlien Methodists at Lees gave woy, when 16

dreadful to relate, the scenery look fire, women, a man anda child, were killed spread rapidly above, ascending in voand near 80 persona dreadfully wounded.

jumes of Aame and smoke into the upper May 29, 1796.

part of the building, whense a moment The Theatre at Mentz, was destroy. | after it descended to force a passage ed by fire during the performance on

through the pit and boxes, in two min. which many were crushed to death and

utes the whole audience was enveloped 70 were burnt August 1796.

in hot scorching smoke and fame. The Saragossa in Spain, had 400 of its in. lights were all extinguished by the black babitants perished by a fire that burnt

and smothering vapor ; cries. shricks

confusion and despair succeeded. O down the Play house. December 1778.

moment of inaxpressible horror! No-,

thing I say,can paint the awful,shocking The following from a gentleman in Rich. maddning scene. The images of both mond, to Mr. Clay, esq. a Representa. | my dear children were before me, but I tive from Virginia, gives an impresa was removed by an impassable crowd sive account of the dreadfd catastro. from the dear sufferers. The youngest phy at Richmond.

(with gratitude to Heaven I write it) SIR-I have a tale of horror to tell; sprang towards the voice off her papa, prepare to here of the most awful ca. reached my assisting hand, and was lamity that ever plunged a whole city estricated from the overwhelming mass into affliction. Yes all Richmond is in

that soon choaked the passage by the tears; children have lost their pareats,

stairs: but no efforts could avail me to parents h ave lost their children. Yes. reach, or even gain sight of the other ; terday a beloved daughter gladdened

and my dear, dear Margaret, and your my heart with her innocent smiles ; to

sweet Mary with her companions, Miss day she is in Heaven! God gave her to Gwathmey and Miss Gatewood, passed me, and God-yes, it has pleased Al together and at once into a happier mighty God to take her from me. O! sir world. Judge my feelings by your own, feel for me, and not for me only; arm

when I found that neither they nor my yourself with fortitude whilst I discharge !! beloved sister appeared upon the stairs. the mournful duty of telling you that

First one, and then another and another, you bave to feel also for yourself. Yes I helped down; hoping every moment for it must be told, you also were the to seize the band of my dear child-but father of an amiable da:rghter, now, like no, no, I was not destined to have that my beloved child, gone to join her mo, happiness. O to see so many amiablo sher in Heaven.

helpless females trying to stretch to me How can words represent what one

their imploring hapds, crying, “sare me

sir ; done to overwhelm a hundred families

God, eternity cannot benish with grief and despair. No sit impossi.

tacle of horror from my recollection.-ble. My eyes beheld last night what

Some friendly unknown hand, draggat no tongue, no pen can describe-horror me from the scene of fames and dextthe language bas no terms to represent.

and on gaining the open air, ta my in.

night one hour of unuterable horror, bas som ofte Site save money me." Oh

finite consolation, I found that my sis rors escape! notice-Ith line from the ter had thrown herself from the upper ' last, for. My fate' read! May fate' and window and was saved-yes, thanks be last line for Share that,' read 'Site to God, saved where fifty others in a that.' similar pitempt, broke their necks, or Since our last number, I have been in. were crushed to death by those who format: by Benj Case, (of Southold,) fell on them from the same height. that the Sloop Eagle, of Southold, sup.

Oh, sir you have no idea of the gener. j posed to have sunk and all hands perished, al constitution---the universal grief that pervades tais city--but why do I speak with all the cred.

has since arrived safely in New.York, ot that I scarcely know what I write to you. Farewell. In haste and in deep

*SSSSSSSSSSSSS$95555 affliction.

Harried. Richmond December 3 i. In this city Isaac Cole, to Miss Jane • Register of the Dead - In addition to Bogert. the 63 persons who were published in our Ou Thursday evening the 2dinst. by the last, from the Report of the Committee sco. Nathan Bangs. Mr. fohn Werfield, we are pained to be compelied to subjain 20 Mrs Mary Thompson all of this city. the following:

At Southold on the coening of the 19th Perisbed in the Aames Miss Elvira

ult. by the rer, Lathrop Thomas, Capt. Coutts, Mrs. Pickit, not wife of Mr. G. Chandler Palmer, to Miss Harmang P. Miss Littlepage. Jean Baptiste Roza,

Payne, of Cutchoyue, L. I. Thos. Lecroix, Robert Ferrill, and a inulatio'boy.

de Soul hold on the 26th'ult Mr. Tho. Expired since - Mrs. Folin 'Bosher,

mias Reeve. to Miss Betsey Brown, of and Edward James Harvie, esq.

Mattiruck L. I. Not one life has been lost from Man.

About the same rime. 11r Barnabas 'chester. Mrs. Harcher has broken a Horton, to Miss Mchetable Terry - Mr. leg.

Silas Rerve, to Miss Patty Handy, all of

Southold L. I. We have been favored with the perisal

At Maryland, Isaac Wenver, of the Fof a letter from Richmond, addressed to

Senate of Pennsylvania, to Miss Rache! á Gentleman in this city, which states,

Husbands. that the unclaimed remains of upwards of Af Mansfield, N. Amos Basseti, fifty of the unfortunate persons, who per. to Niss Harriet Tari, of Trenton, ished ir. the fire were deposited in two 4.SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+ large boxes and buried m the Pit of the Thealle.

Died. The Citizens kare purchased the lot of ground on which the "Theatre strød for On Wednesday morning last, of a te. The purpose of treening a CHURCÉ in dious illness. aged 34 year's, Mr. James its place and more than two thousand

Sutherland. Dollars have already been subscribed for

INTERMENTS, in the Presbpreriar pious purpose. The writer adds. that Burying Ground at Elizabethtown, N.

asnong the number that so awfully per. I during the last year—66–17 of whom ished, chere were not six of the poorer were aged between 70 and 93 dass of people,

Poulaon. In New Haven; during the last year


At Newburyport, Mrs. Mary Kilborr, TO CORRESPONDENTS.

a native of England, aged 56 Nina's Song, shall appear in our next

On Sunday the 29th ult. at his residence niuniber.-O’iginal Hymns, and Songs, in the Navy Yard, Charlestown, Commoor good selected pieces set to music)

dore Samuel Nicholson, Senior Officer in worthy of publication, will be thankfully the Nawr of the U States, aged 69 years.

In England, His Highness ince received by the Editor.

George of Brunswick, nephew of the King Errata - In the beautiful lines on of England. - In Germany, Field Mar. Retirement, which appeared in our last 1 shal Count Wilmodeu Gimborn : natural number, the following typographical er. l. Son of Gto. II:



Heaven heard her lay, and said, go,

cherubs, go, And bear that babe from the dark world

below, To our mild clime, where sorrows can.

not grow, They, shouting, clasp'd their wings

then skim'd the air, Down to this earth where dwel't the

active fair,

Harmless they found her, wash'd in Je. de Apollo struck the enchanting Lyri,

sus' blood, The Muses sung in strains alternate."

Waiting with smiles to be convey'd to
For the Lady's Miscellany.

I stood ad miçinig ber delightful charms,
And then with rapture prest her in my

An Elegy on the Death of

But O. the last embrace ! the train drew


Tu take my babe, and bear her through Who Died Decomber 4, 1796.

the sky

"On vings of harming." And now they "Lovely in death the beauteous ruin

rise lay."

While floods of tears pours from my Young rosy May with her enchanting

weeping eyes choir

I view'd her in che midst their golden To cheer my heart all smilling did con: wings around, spire,

And sounds symphonious the bright Aurora smil'd, her purple erras drow, journey crowu'd. And sliew'd stirprising beauties to my view,

Then why my soul, these twinges Peace fillid my breast, I knew no ans. and this smart, jous care,

These racks and pains that tear my 'My hopes were center'd io my building bleeding heart, fair ;

And all my weaknes show. Ocease, My young Narcissa indulgent heaven resigned be, did give,

And own God's Justice in this hard do To cheer my heart, and make it bliss to

gree, live ;

Peace, peace my mind, be calm, serene, When e'er sive stild, the fields the

and still, groves bok'd gay,

And all submission to Jehovah's will, And birds with rapture bopp d from His goodness lent her, with all her daz. spray to spray:

ling charms Sweet Philomel tun'd up her little throat, she for one moment glitted in my And rais'd to heaven a well accepted arms, note,

Smild lovely on me bright, mild like So my Narcissa touch'd the sacred lyre summers even, In praise to Goul, much swtecter and " She sparkled, was exhaid, and want much higter,

te Heaven,"

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