Thcn cea se, my hearttben cease to He saw the light, then shut his little be opprest,

eyes Could ihy Narcissa be too early blest? On each vain toy below the Rsure skies, From my fond arms she took a glorious To the bright realms of everlasting day Aiglit

He led rejoiceing young Narcissa's way, To the fair regions of supernal light,

And when she there arriv' d; the infant There with her powers enlarg'd, she sits train in bowers,

With smiles her welcom'd, and she of bliss celestial, deck'd withi fadeless

smiled again flowers,

And knew young Zeno he Narcissa Free from all storms of pestelential woe,

Entiv, No stormy blasts those brilliant regions And with immortal love, t' embrace know

each other few, Pleasure there blossoms in the sacred With salutations such as are above.

Where all is peace and harmony and love And Jesus grants the beatific smile, And now she joins the young ethereal

tlirong, could her mamma know but half And loud Hossanali's burst from every the gain

tongue. She's got by learilig these dult climes of pain,

But stop, my Muse, their nunbers Those floods of lears would leave her are too bigh watery eyes,

For me to paint, lo learn them I must And joy and gladness in return arise,

die,' Rapture would fill her breast while from Then lovely babe farewell the shortest her tongue,

space This truth would sound-"My babe, it

Lies now betwist me and the bliss al cant be long,

place, Before we meet upon that happy shore

Where I'll in raptures join my darling Where grief ne'er grows, and we shall


And she the first to hail me welcome part no more, Yes tender mother their Narcissa waits

there And longs to see thee pass the crystal

gates, Espands her little arms with matchless Checks, Cards, baudbills grace,"

AND PRINTING IN GENERAL, And soon will fold thee in the dear em

Neatly and correctly executed, uit brace.

reasonable terms ; and goods A few more sighs, then will itluriel

(of any kind) svill be taken come.

in part payment-at the And on his wings bear you triumphant home,

Office of the To your Na-eissa. And young Zeno*

LADY'S MISCELLANY there Who shines in knowledge vast. beyond


SAMUEL B. WHITE, * 112 infant brother of Narcisse, who

No.317 Water-street, New-York. ins*. 13 1791 sged 5 rhwys.








VOL. xiv.]

Saturday, January 18,....1812.

[xo. 13.


to glov: in lively unison with his

Owo. Alas! it was all illusion--FROM

but he fancied it were real; and THE FOUNG LING OF

clasping the bloody image to his

beart, melted into tears! BELGRADE.

A sudden groan dissolved the The savage distartion of the charm--gently he replaced the ruffian's countenance pourtrayed head upon the floor (for no alarm in animated coloring the depravi- could induce him to dash with ty of his mind. What was the rudeness from him the lovely recontrast of the-unhappy objects of lict of so fait a form) a restling in his brutality! on this could yet be the bed was an happy presage to traced the remains of no ordinary | his hopes-'was so-the stranbeauty. The trunkless head of ger lived ! hastily he ran towards the other presented in perfect him-he grasped his hand--it felt aymmetry the remains of unpar

moist-it bad a pulse And do alleled lovefiness that somed to yoa live ?' cried Alfonso express a degree of parental sup

O! my Elvira, O! my Antoplication which baffled the ingapu

nio-was all the reply ity of language to describe. On this was engraven a placid smile of For a moment Alfonso pauseck indifference indicative of a soul in silent meditation. While there exted by innocence and perfec were hopes of life he wisped to tion, estiraatiog existence as un saye the stranger. But how was enviable when purchased by the he to console hin. for the irreparaloss of honor and of virtue! In ble loss he had sustained how stinstively Alfonso drew a pencil remove the impression that he from his pocket, and having plac was an accomplice in the murder? ed the gory head upon his knce, Distinctly he heard the unequal he copied a true resemblance and breathing of the sufferer, and placed the paper in his bosom. wished to speak in alleviation of S'ill gazing upon the lovely fea his pain. At that moment he fantures of the original, he imprinted | tied he beheld the countenance mi, a kjs epop išs lips which seegaad ilme one at the wiedow'; but

whether this were so in reality had upon his countenance, his own now become of little consequence. settled into calm serenity. In a The mind cannot encompass at the feeble voice he inquired of whom same insig two objects with equal he merited this seasonable interdegrees of interest. We want the position ? Alfonso assured him he liberty of indifference. The strong. was in perfect safety; but fearful est impression uniformly holds of the consequences of 100 much pre-eminence. All personal alarm exertion, begged of him to be was forgotten in the anxiety to tranquil and composed until daycxtend relief to the unhappy ob- i liglat should enable him to go in ject of his contemplation. He search of medical assistance. still held the hand of him he wish. ed to save. Now and then a fee. . Ah do not leütve me,' crica'the ble effort was made to release it. stranger, 'I do not think my At length he began, in the first wound will prove faial. It is pain place, to quiet the tears of the ful. I grant, and my loss of blood stranger, to assure him of his has been profuse ; but methinks. safety, and to tender lo him every the weapon struck no vital part. assistance he could bestow,- The Beside the villain Diego lurks in heart něver enjoys delight equal the neighborhood and will way-lay to that wbich it feels in adminis you, as well, for tendering assisttering happiness to another. Al ance to me, as to prevent your befonso in pouring forth the flowings || coming testimony against him. of his sensibility, partook of that Then will he return to finish the exquisite pleasure which he im-work he has begun--no longer caparted so seasonably to the wonder- | pable of resistance he will find me ing object of his solicitude. an easy prey !

Puor old nan! reviving from Alfonso soon quieted his fears the agonies of suspense, snatched by pointing to the ruffian's lifeless from the gripe of the assassin, tal corpse. Again he intreated him Beliold himself amid this scene of to be composed; he feared the

protected, pitied, cherish- consequences of over-exertion, and ed S-lalf raising himself upon at length succeeded in dissipating one elbow and looking over the his uneasy apprehensions. His other as if doubting the reality of eye once more caught the figure what he heard-still grasping the he had before seen as it fitted past hand of Alfonso-his enquiring the window. It was impossible eye spoke the langtrage he could that he should now be deceived. not articulate--again he doubted; | The door, however, was well bara but soon as he witnessed the sword | ricaded, and he had the power at drop from Alfonso's hand and the least of preparing against a sudmild compassion which beamed Ilden attack. "Pray seignior,' in:

quired he of the stranger, had all that was enviable on this side Diego any accomplice ? or have the grave-and by a villain--a you any, domestics with you?' nephew t00--whose blood I envy

you! Across this common bad i "Only ona,' was the reply, but

we to pass. Whether by. accithe coward fled. . Without one dent, or from the hellish contrivspaik of gratitude for an old, in

ance of Diego the carriage broke dulgent master, he tamely submit-down close by where we are. The ed to a conspiracy against his day was far advanced. The at. house; and, without courage to mosphere already darkened with defend a life which had been the accumulating vapour, and lowersuccor and only pop of his own, ing clouds announced the approachbarely Bed that my wife and daugh- ing hurricane. No means were ter should be buichered before my

left to repair our carriage ; no eyes.

llad Sebastian stood but || alternative but 10 continue through true, my God! what sl.ould I have

the night unsheltered from the given--0! matchless villany!-

sform. This hovel at length disbut yesterday I passed my peace covered itself, and we were glad ful domain, surrounded by every to embrace the miserable accomblessing which honor, afluence, módation it presented. Though and domestic happiness could de no slavá of superstition, I could sire. The past, but for one not banish from me the hariid ception, has been a series of sweet forebodings which agitated my enjoyment; and the prospect of spirits as we entered this apartthe future presented, in rich con meni-a seatful pressage of what tinuity, the succession of what was to follow vibrated on every were gone! Aias, horv impervi

The fibres of the heart ous the veil which shuts the fu shrunk back as if death stood armture from our view. In one hour ed in every shape before my eyes Have I fallen from a provacie of -invaluntarily I witheld my wife, splendid affluence to a state of clasped her in my arms-'twas baekruptcy, tiever to be settled or our last embrace--portentous owound up.- Mine is a tale of woe! i men of her approaching butche. --every social tie is burst assunder ry! -all my offlictions are in arms within me; and like an host of Throughout our journey I refinty creditors devour the schedule marked a peculiar uneasiness to of my miserable estate. In me, overspread the countenance of behold the duke Aranza, yester. Diego. It was impossible to overday he was the happiest of the Jook the change I saw without inhapps--yesterday he was a hus. ! quiring the cause.

He felt the band-()! malchless wife --a fa- keenness of the remark ; but, con. ibcribH bereared of filial love sumate hypocrite as he was, he



had an answer ready to ensnare. in hopes of apologizing to our host So deeply had the fiend found a for the freedom of our intrusion ; place in my affection, that he was

but werted and fatigued, my eyedear to me as an only son. Bata lids closed also. few hours back, and I looked for. ward with every pleasing hope to Horrible '

was the dream l'had. the moment the monster, united to The gérmin of natures terrors was my daughter, should present me

'exhäusted with the monstrous with issue to heir the titles and the forms embodied by the imaginaferture of a house destined to be tion. Methought, while traversing extinguislied and cut short from my domain accompanied by my posterity by the very band it fos wife and daughter, we chanced to tercd !

light upon a wretched traveller

extended on the ground, and welThe hovel was without an in- tering in his blood_speechless, habitant ; but the embers of the exhausted, and ready to 'expire fire and furniture, mean as it is, under many a wound. Horror at iseomed but recently deserted. | first nailed us to the spot ; Diego represented it as a place but commiseration and a desire to where, formerly benighred he had relieve his misery were instantly sought shelter. He spoke of the predominate in each. My wife cottager as a plain industrious and I flew to raise his head; Anman-one whose hospitality might tonio'ran for water to bathe his ernament more elevated life. His wounds, and to moisten lips whose absence le treated with unconcern; livid tinge was another indication fuel, perchańce provision might of daparting life. Methought we be his errand abroad. So dexter succeeded in bringing back animaous indeed, were his explanations tion, and removing the hapless unthat suspicion was lulled into se. known to our home. Time, and curity, and we became forgetful no ordinary care, brings on a raeven of the very comforts we stood

pid change, finally methinks, to most in need. In fine, my wife restore this object of our watchful and daughter, having previously i solicitude to repay us with the put up their accustomed prayers sweet consolation of our human to heaven, lock possession of this endeavours. O! listen to the repallet, and soon began to taste the ward, methought my benevolence 3weets of innocent repose. Diego | experienced from this ingrate. muffled up in his mantle upon Behold him to put off the shape yonder bench, seemed following and appearance of an human form their exampie. Sebastian having--thus haggard and deformed, provided for his horses, lay along i now crawling like a reptile--now the floor. The hour was yet ear bristling up like the merciless byly, and I seated myself by the fire ena--now extending the talons o?

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