the inflaming their readers ima- ! taining) is merit, as this is one of ginations, than in correcting their those truths that carries demonunderstandings; the affections. of stration along with it, methinks, youth are generally promptenough the worth of beauty. is less than of themselves, and stand more in we imagine it to be. The opinions need of a bridle than a spur.

and inclinations of persons are as.

different as their faces; and beaua Nothing has in a greater de.

ty, be it ever so perfect, can never gree contributed to give us wrong notions of love, tivat the manner in whereas merit is an

have the same influence on all ;.

universal which it is represented to us on the

charm, and besides, it is always stage, the chief business of which

sure to make the deepest impresfor several years past, instead of

sion on the most worthy. In short, recommending innecence, and in.

in matters nf love, beauty alone is culcating virtuous principles, has

not to be trusted to, and she who been to infuse into people's minds

thinks to secure the esteem of an a love of libertinism and a spirit

husband with no other claim to it of iatrigue and stratagem; even

than what a fine skin or genteel an honorable amour to persons of

air can give her, will to her.cest this temper, if there are in it none

find that as these abate, that will of these plots and stratagems, diminish. I cannot on this occanone of the many various contriy.

sion omit mentioning the advice ances to cheat the old folks (as

which a lady who understood the they are called) with which most mo.

world gave to her daughter on dern comedies abound, is the most

her marriage, her words are these, insipid thing in the world. Such

You are now become the partner people generally like each other,

for life of a person whose even ibey know not why, they encounter a thousand difficulties to get least of his many good qualities,

icmper and exact breeding are the married, and for ever afier are

and though perhaps you are handquite indifferent to each other. I

some enough to gain an absolute do not doubt but that amongst oth

dominion over a man of less diser things,the frequent examples of cretion, yet neither the love nor this sort which France might pro- the complaisance of your husband duce, occasioned M. St. Evre

will su ffer him to esteem you for mond's saying, that true love re

what the pictures is his gallery, sembled ghosts and apparitions,

or the statues in his garden, posbocause every one was talking of

sess in as eminent a degree as it, but few or none had ever seen

yourself; believe nte who am acit.'

quainted with the world, and who

have seen husbands in a few The only incentive to, and the best preservative of love, (I mean months time cease to be lovers, chat sort of it which is worth ob.

believe me, I say, when I tell you,

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that it requires no small share of there are but few Abelards and virtue and good (I had almost said Heloises now a days) tells us, that politic) management, to keep alive those whose souls are of a grave any tolerable degree of passion and serious cast are of all others for 30 or 40 years in spite of age, he most susceptible of love;' those sickness, and other calamities lo of a more volatile fancy are apt 10 which human life is incident; the have their affections diverted by love of a person of merit is well every new object' they meet withi worth the siriving for, and this you but that refined and scothing kind may lay down as an infallible rule, of melancholy so natural to perthat there is no way so effectual sons of this temper, is continually lo attain it. as lo deserve it.' suggesting to their imaginations

a thousand pleasing reflections, We who inhabit the more west which serve to administer fuel to eru parts of the world, and value their fires, and of which none but ourselves so much above the rest themselves are capable ; as sucof mankind, on account of our su: cess in love to this latter sort of perior attainments, have perhaps people is the highest degree of but little reason to boast of our ca. hunian felicity, so is disappointpacity for, or behaviour, in love ; ment the greatest calamity that since there greater and more fre can befal them; there are but few quent instances of it to be found other kinds of distress which the amongst people wholly strangers more ordinary amusements of to our modern rehnements and life will not in a short time. allevithose empty theories which we ate ; but this has need of all the have formed of it. What is re assistances of reason, philosophy ported and so well attes:ed of the and patience, and it is not often women of Narsinga in the East that these prove effectual. One. Indies will sufficiently justify this cannot without the utmost concern assertion, and at the same time reflect on those unhappy persons serve to shew that flattery, dissim. whose distresses of this kind have ulation, and the many other arts ended in their loial destruction, that the politer Europeans practise many have been deprived of their to procure, and support love, are reason, Others have sacrificed their nothing when compared with that fame, wealth, and all that they natural innocence and simplicity, held dear for the gratification of which the more is the pity) is the

their passions, and not a few have effect of ignorance alone.

committed the most violentouuages

on themselves. That ingenius lady, the Marchiness de Lambert, whose thot's I remember somewhere to have are faully only in that they are met (I believe in Moreri) wiry an somewhat too refined (for alas ! example of it.is last sort, which



one can scarce tead without tein American prosperity.-- In the New. bling, and with whiɔh I shall con.

York Gazelle and Daily Advertiser, of Glude this essay.

Jon. 7, 1811, there are 256 Commercial

A dvertisements, exclusive of 91 ships Julietta the Gonzaga, a lady de

destined for foreign ports. Now let any scended from one of the noblest

person compare this example of opulence families in Italy, was so celebrat

with the city of Dublin, and what & me. ed for her beauty, that the fame of lancholy contrast: Not one ship is to be it had reached Constantinople, and found in our deserted harbour whose had induced Barbarossa, the Turks destination is farther than Liverpool, &

yet we are called on by every fellow in ish admiral, privately to land in

office for our allegiance, & we are told. Haly in order to carry her off, and

" we are the happiest and the freest peu. present her to the Grand Seignior: ple on the earth." --Certainly, if happid She had resisted for some time the

ness consists in Lords, we have the ad honorable addresses of some of the

vantage of America, but if it consists id greatest potcntates in Europe, but Merchants, America is much our su. at length yielded to the insinua perior, because as she has the Mer tions of the Duke of Mfantua, who

chants, she can have the Lords, and as having enjoyed, forsook her uponing at the manufactury in London

many of them as she pleases, by apply which the desire of revenge seiz.

where they can be had on reasonable ed her so violently, that she pro terms, and short notice, packed up and mised a priest who made love to forwarded with other merchandize of her, that if he would procure her British grawth, in the usual manner another interview with the Duke, such things are prepared, shipped and

insured. sbe would deny him nothing he should ask : This the father found an oportanity of doing, and upon When Simson and Williams were her meeting the Duke, she re

proprietors of the Swan with two necks,

Ladlane London, among many curious proached him with his falsehood

inducements for travellers to stop at in so affecting a manner, that lie

their house of entertainment, they offerfound his passion return, and pro ed 'Maila and other, coaches to all parts tested his regard for her in the of the united kingdom." For this new most tender expressions; she made mode of conveyance over land and

over water, John Bull must have readily a difficulty of believing all he

granted his scientific children a parent could say on that tiçad; but he right for the entire use of the English

and Irish channel. And as Britannia persisting, sne required of him as

rules the waves,' other nations would not proof of his love to deny God, dare inake use of the invention without which, when with the greatest so

a purchase of a right from the inventor ;

but let this be as it may, the proprietors lemnity he had done, she stabbed

of those parent coaches were richly enti, him to the heart, and then sheath tled to the patronage of their country. ing the poinard in her own breast, men, and Irishmen visiting their city fall on his body, telling the priest ought to hold their offered ride across she would then grant hiin all he long lad sir John caused them to 'walk

the channel in greatful remembrance, for desired, and so expirel.

the wide ocean.'


Married. NEW-YORX, January 18, 1812.

On Saturday evening tke 4th inst. by

the reo. Mr. Leban Clark, Mr. Jacob "Be it our task, Van Nostrand, t. Miss Hannah Chaise, To note the passing sidings of the tines.

both of this city.

On Thursday night last, by the red.

M:. Bangs. Mr. Morris Tompkins, Drowned at sea; on the 3d inst.

Merchant to Miss Eliza Branson, all Captain Robers Tullock, late master of

of this city. the schooner Jersey, of this port, em.

On Sunday Evening last, by the reo. ployed in the Philadelphia trade. He.

Dr. Moore, the Honorable Facob Van was an Excellent seaman, and was much

Pelt, to the amiable Miss Catharine Ann esteemed for his many good qualities

Miller both of this city. He has left a widow and child to lament his primature death

In this city, by the reu. Mr. Milledol. lar. Mr. Augustus Croft, to Miss Han.

nah Frost. GOUT-A new virtue is discovered At Ceder Swamp, L. I.) Mr. Fatko in the load stone. The severes: fits of son Townsend to Miss Phobe Toronsend. Gout will, it is said, be Cured by the suf.

4. Michlletown, Foshua Miller, to ferer wearing a magnet encloxed in a Miss Rhoda Vichols. Sannel case next his skin.

Ai Newark. Israel. Beach, Fun. to Mies Sarak Brant Baldwina

At Pattersor., Fohn Cronke, to Miss A number of the young Gentlemen Sally Zeluf of this City, deeply Amening the de. At Patterson John Hancock, to Miss plorable calamity with which ile devot.

Rannah Yaumons. ed City of Richmond, has recently been

At Philadelphia, Mr. Finenar, to Mist visitedhand, desirous of evincing in a

Margares Daugherty. public manner, their sincere and heart.

HOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS felt sorrow for the melancholy tate of many interesting and valuable

Died. lives--have determined to assemble on the College Walk, on Sunday morn.

On Wednesday afternoon of a lingering · ing at half past nine o'clock with crape

illness Dr. William Bradley. on the left arm, for the purpose of Al Beverly, of the small pox, Henry proceeiling in procession to the || Fornis, aged 25, he took the disorder on Presbyterian Odurch in Wall-street, Il board the brig Pilgrim. from New-tark, there a discourse will be delivered, At Newarı yames Yoknson adapted to the occasion, by the rev. Dr On Sunday morning dr. Alexander Miller.

Mowart, aged 46 years. They earnestly request that the young On Saturday evening, after a long illCantlemen generally, of this City, wil ness, Mr. John Parker Groeer. unite with them in paying the tribute In Savannah or the 30th a... of a car their sympathy to the memory of the sumption, Mr. Palmer, çf New Haven, unfortunate victims--and of wearing He arrived in a passage of 7 days from he badge for the space of four weeks. N.Fork, and only serwusd 4 days.






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