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Ere around the huge oak that o'er shadows yon mille

Could I trace back the time from a far distant date,
The fond ivy had char'd to entwine;

Since my forefathers toild in the field;
Ere the church was a ruin that nods on yon hill,

And the farm I now held on your honor's estate,
Or the rook built his nest on the pine.

Is the same that my grandfather till
He, dying, bequeath'd to his son a good name,

Which unsullied descended to me ;
For my child I've preserv'd it unblemished from shame,

And it still from a spot shall be free.

Blow on, ye scrowlitig Eastwinds blow,
Ye stormy darkening billows roar,
Not hope's delusive beam can shev
My nalive Island's shore.


Tile scenes of fo.mer days arise,
In súnshtne painted gay,
They strike the gloom with deeper dyes,
And deaden every ray:

Why cruel memory, still decoy,
" Apollo struck the enchanting Lyrt, The wretch from anguish to despair,
The Muses sung in strains alternate.” | By visions of departed jny,
For the Lady's Miscellany. And hopes dis solv'd in air.

To retrospection's prercing eye.

My native cot appears,
Enamour'd by the muses pow'n

Where in thy lap simplicity, Of Friendship's pleasing dream ;

I pass'd my infant years ; This cherish'd buble of an hour,

There fancy wav'd her magic wand, Is oft my favorite theme.

The gayest, brightest visions sped,
The phanthom flatler'd by my carel In rainbow hues at her command,
With me has tarry'd Long:

To flutter roand my head.
But far more light than zepphers are,
Is this sweet burden of my song.

Now fancy with her airy crew,

Likesummer friends have fled, Ingenious fancy paints it oft,

To sport round fortune's sunny brow Of substance form the, fair ;

Despair broods in her staad: But in it is too sweet, 100 soft, The dear delusion's are. NINA. Then farewell! fancy, hope farewell!

Welcome despair, we part no more!

Relentless storms and billows swell, Lines written on leaving the coast of

To sweep me from the shore. Ireland. The author feelingly des. cribes what he himsel no doubt experienced

Checks, Cards, Handbills Farewell ! devoted Isle, farewell !

AND PRINTING IN GENERAL, These aching eyes no more,

Neatly and correctly executed, on Which bursting foods of sorrow swell. rcasonable terme ; and goods Behold my native shore;

(of any kind) will be taken No more beneath son concave blue,

in part payment,-at the In mis!y mel'ing tints appear.

Office of the Thy sinking capes in distant iew,

LADY’S MISCELLANY Seen dimly through a tear. The turbid waste, the pitchy cloud!

PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY The pealing thunder's din!

SAMUEL B. WHITE, What horrors round the exile roud! No. 317 Vater-street, New York What tempeals sage wittiin!










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Spain never ranked, either in splendid achiavment or in the fine.

arts, with her contemporary nations THE FOUNDLING OF

If it le matter of curious specula

lion to trace the progress of a pedBELGRADE.

ple from the earliest source to

their bighest pitch of refinement, Medical aid was the next biject

no former age will mbre amply of Alfonso's search. Spain is not

repay the labor of the inquirer. a soil for science: happily calcu

Let him begin with America, and lated for the native indolence of

from the first discovery of an ima those who people it, they have on.

mense territory, colonized by a ly to sow in order to reap a crop,

few adventurous Britoos, he will abundantly to supply their ordinary

behold with increasing wonder exwants: but the seeds of science

traordinary vicissitudes of fortune, shoot forth to wither under the

producing in a few centuries a na. operation of their untutored hands.

tion rivalling all Europe in comEvery count wy has languished

merce and in government. Let under its particular period of bar.

him next turn to the history of barisın. In the progress to civil

France----commence with the ization some indeed, have discov

reign of the IVth Henry ;--what ered a precosity above the rest ;

a vast and multifarious picture of but in their career to perfection, human enterprize and political aronly to display a nicer concatina

cana occupies the period down to tion in the awful duty of approach the reign of the last of the Capets ! ing revolution. Where are the - Frantė, towards the close of the republics of Sparta, of Anthens, eighteenth century, presentsa fruitand of Rome? gone as if they ful subject of interesting inquiry. never were ; sunk again into pris We perceive four-and-twenty mil. tine barbarity the rude hand of lions of people swayed by an odi. time has left but the remains of a

ous oligarchy, grow resiless from statue, or the ruins of a temple oppression, rise in a moment in from whose desay the traveller

arms against the thraklom of collects an idea of their ancient priestcraft

, and the overbearing spirit of a dissoluta nobility-one


revolution was ever so suddenly ac servations which engage suèk uncomplished; no monarchy so per. || iversal attention. fectly overthrown-no republic, so happy in its auspices, was ever

Spain, not benefitting by the exreared upon the ruins of despotism. perience of cotemporary nations, Mark the talents which composed uniformnly and sedulously keeps in

the Tiér: Hat, and the torrent of surb the progress of science, vainability which sprung at once from ly imagining with what facility an enslaved people. Observe the

she can govern her subjects, conduct of the deputies to the while they continue in ignorance, first convention, and we have a

and are awed by the mummeries of

the romish church. If she has specimen of the unbridled pas. sions of lawless authority, tevelling

succeeded in this, other causes all distinctions ; sweeping 'away a

have operated to accelerate her

decline. There is a medium in popular religion which had endured for ages, and perplexed amid

every thing; and though we dep

recate the sinister views of what the havock and desolation they had created ; running from one

is stiled a strong government, her

weak and imbecild policy anextreme to another without a pause for reflection in the end, to lan

nounce her approaching vassalage

to France. Necessity is usually guish under the poison they had

described as the parent of invenengendered ; again to sink under

tion. While the ingenuity of the advenlurous arm of a soldier of fortune, who, first as a prelude

every country has been racked in

the discovery of efficient incans of to the irr.perial purple, seizes up. I aggrandizement, Spain, from the on the consulate to be proclaimed rich produce of her colonies, is perpetual dictator!

blind to her real advantage. Silver * Next turn to that singular

and gold are a mere circulating phenomenon the British empire. medium, and pass in exchange for What brilliant achievments, as

the necessaries and the luxuries well in the glory ofarms as in the of life: In proportion to their scienec of jurisprudence, embel- scarcity, or plenty, industry will lish the page of history. But why

increase and diminish. The trcadwell upon a theme so universal- stry of Madrid, thus plentifully ly known to be the admiration, if supplied with those precious menot the envy of the world! Vol. tals, does away the obligation of umes have already been exhaust. ed upon the subject, and, though

• The recent patricide, attempted by we could indulge with pleasure

the prince of Asturias ; and general ju. and delight upon the endless vari.

not's march to Madrid, would seem to ety it unites, we shall not consume announce the immediate approach of the leisure of our readers with ob this epoch.

imploying the accustomed means The day after their arrival, at of commerce and agriculture for the house whither the duke had the attaiament of wealth. Nursed been removed, Sebastian was disin afuence, she has indulged to patched to Sarragossa to invite an excess, and languishing from clerical assistance in paying the habitual indolence, she is constitu- || last obsequies to the ill-fated eluchtionally without cnergy. Though less and her daughter. Saragossa magnificent in her means, she is was the city from whence Alfonso the feeblest in lrer ends; and the had departed the afternoon of that crafty designs of a powerful and day which witnessed the horrid rapicious neighbor may now seize catastrophe we have just detailed, upon her treasury with impunity It was distant only two leagues, and rednce her to splendid beggary and Sebastian, without much dein a month. The mines of Mexi- || lay, returned in company with one co are the bane of her existence of the franciscan brotherhood, ofe they have plunged her into actuall whose superior, father Miguel, we inanily. Every science rots at her shall :hare to speak hereafter. threshold. Priest-ridden, and

A month had almos: expired, swallowed up in superstition, the

and the duke still languished in a hurnan intellects are poisoned and degraded. Where she tan boast His lodgings were far from un

state of inauspicious convalescence. of one Villena, one Cervantes, and

comfortable, and though he was one Quevedo, she has to blush for

now attended by his own domosa thousand Philips.

If a loquacious parade of his tics, still the humane disposition of skill, and the endless tatalogue of Alfonso attached him to the bed cases which he had encountered i of one whose corporcal wound he to complete radical cures, were

had innocently been the cause. proofs of the ability of the chi. Tie duke, tod, became hapiquated rurgcon, which Alfonso procured

to his society, and having experithe duke: Lampedo was the ablest enced in a singular degree the of the profession. But whether wawearied attendance of a total fiom novelty of symptom, stubborn stranger, could bare ill sustained viscera of the wound, or the cu

the intelligence of his departure.

It had been cruel in Alfonso to pidity of an artful jobmaker; his patient certainly endured a long

desert him. It had even been unand painful illness. Sometimes

just ; for, though the duke was deceived by appearances, every

still ignorant that it was from him

he had received his wound, he happy Presage of convalescence Announced to Alfonso a certainty

was still entitled to a continuation of speedy recovery--the returning of his presence while he languishmorn to benish all hope by a rap

ed in so critical a state. in increase of ill-omened espect. The picture before Alfonso pie.

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