live chies, while the rest of the On Saturday morning last, by the rev. Company, out of tenderness to Mr. Lyell, Mr. Foster Nostrand, Fun. to

Miss Christiana Tier. these unrefioed sons of nature could only with the utmost exer.

At Printeton on Tuesday the 14th insi.

by the res. Dr. Smith, (President of the tions restrain themselves from 0

College) Mr. F Harrison, of New. pen laughter.

York, in Miss Mary Stocéton, danghter of From the moment the one who Richard Stockton, esq. of Princeton. had learned by experience the On Tuesday evening, by the reo. Mr. qualities of mustard, kept his eye Lyell, Mr. Srid Cathealsto Miss Char. constantly upon his tawny brother lotte Warner, all of this city, of the wilderness, until at length

On Wednesday evening last, by the res. he eojoyed superlative pleasure of Mr. Bowen, Mr. Thomre Newbold

, of beholding him také a spoonful Philadelphia ta Miss Catherine Auguste

Le Roy second daughter of Herman Le into his mouth in the same manner

Roy, esq. all of this city. he had just done himself, and

At Albany, Edward K. Satterlee to which was produttive of the same

Miss Mary Meier. effect. The former now in his

In Deware Courky, Martan S. Var turn requested of his companion Alstyne, to Miss Alida Lansing of Albany the reason of his shedding tears,

#SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+ and was answered with Indian readiness and wil--Because you

Died, were not killed when your father At Charleston, from her eloathes catch.

ing fire, Mrs. Elizabeth wife of Capt. Smick of the schooner Blake.

At Richmond, a son of Mr. John the 1 LADY'S MISCELLANY

cock another victim of the late fire.

At 1 o'clock on Saturday morning, NEW-YORK, January 25, 1812.

Miss Anne Watts, eldest daughter of Be it our task,

John Watts, esq. of this city. To note the passing tidings of the times.

On Sunday morning last. Ma Ed. ward Gibson, Ship.wright; in the 428

year of his age, after a long and tedions Distressing accident. -At midnight

illness, which he bore with christian on the 31st Dec, the house of Mr. Jo.

fortitude. seph Felter man, in Miffintown, Penng. was burnt down, and Mr. F's daughter fidene hope of a blissful eternity, Mt.

On Thursday morning. last with a con and a hired girl perished in the flames.

Moore agéd 76 years. FSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+ On Friday afternoon, Mr. Fohn Lovell . Married.

At Balstown Springs, Abigail, Wise of

the rer. Yoseph Perry, and danghter of On Monday evening, by the reo. Mr.

Andrew Beers, esq. of Connecticut. Brady, Capt. George Alcock, to Miss

At Philadelphia, Cnpe. San. Young, Elizabeth Faques, of England.

azed 80. harbor master. On the 11th inst. by the rev. Mr. In Bucks county, Fohn, son of gen. Busk, Mr. Wiseman, (Butcher) to Miss Fohn Berrows, aged 12 ; his death wiis Hester Rivabock, both of this city. occasioned by falling out of a gig.

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Apollo struck the enchanting Lyre, The Muses sung in strains alternate."

For the Lady's Miscellany.

And the verdure bas drop'd from the

trees, All Nature seems touch'd by the finger

of death, And the streems are begining to

freeze. When wanton young lads o'er the river

can slide, And Hora attends us no more ; When in plenty you sit by a good fire

side, Sure you ought to remember the Poor. When the cold feather'd snow does in

plenty descend, And whiten the prospects around; When the keen.cutting winds from the

north shall attend, Hard chilling and freezing the

ground; When the bill's and the dales are all can.

died with white When the rivers . congeal to the

shore, When the bright twinkling stars shall

proclaim a cold night, Then rovember the state of the Poor."


TO MY FRILND. I sorrow caus'd the tear to Now Or fill'd this care-worn heart with wo' Thy breast with sympathy would glow

My friend Thy mind so free from guite or art Thy looks such cheerfulness impart That wins and bindseach yielding heart

My friend No change of fortune e'er can move Thiy soul repleat with gen'rous love But firm and constant wilt thou prove

My friend If some blest youth can they deserve His honor thou wilt long preserve Nor from thy faith wist ever swerve.

My friend As vo'tress at the weded shrine Thy virtues will with lustre shine And may e'er long that bliss be thine NINA

My friend

When the poor harmless hare may be

traced to the wood By her footsteps indented in snow ; When the lips and the fingers are start.

ing with blood; When the marks mep a fowl shoot

ing go, When the poor robin red-breast appro

ches the cot, And the icicles hang at the door ; When the bowl smokes with something

reviving and hot. That's the time to remember the Poor

[The following beautiful lines are taken

from the Boston Palladium. Should this ogcasion in the broast of the Mi. ser one soft emotion, and cause bir to 'Remember the Poor,' at this dis. tressing time, a sufficient reason will be found for their appearance in our Raper.)

WINTER. Sauson for remembering the Poor. “Now Winter is come with its cold

cbilling broth,

•When a thaw shall ensue, and the, wa.

ters increase. And tbe rivers all insolent grow, When the fishes from prison obtain e

release ; When in danger the travellers go, When the meadows are hid with the

proud swelling Aood,

When the bridges are useful no more, Was the fairest young Princess, with When in health you have every thing

millions in purse, that is good,

To be had in exchange for my "Can you inur mur to think on the Poor!" Jorn,

She could not be a better, she might be

a worse, LINES.

So I'd e'en be content with my Written by the celebrated Dr. Franklin in

own. , horor of his wife. of their chloes and Phillises poets may prase,

Checks, Cards, handbills I sing of my plain country Joan,

AND PRINTING IN GENERAL, Now twelve years my wife, still the joy really and correctly executed, on of my life

reasonable terms ; and goods Bless'd day that I made her my own!

of any kind) will be taken Not a word of her shape, her face or her

in part payment at the eyes, Or of Aames or of darts shall you

Office of the hear ;

LADY'S MISCELLANY Tho' I beauty admire, 'lis virtue I

prize, For it fades not in seventy years.


The 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12h, Volumes With peace and good humor my house.

of the LADY'S WEEKLY MISCEL. hold she guides,

LANY, handsomely bound and lettered. Right careful to save what I gain,

Price 8 1 50 cents, per volume. Yet checrful aliends and smiles on my

friends, Whom with pleasure I oft entertain. in health a companion dclightful and Thomas K. Brantingham, has removed dear,

to No. 145 Broadway, where he conti.

nues to procure money on Mortgages, Still easy engaging and free;

notes of hand & deposits, buys & sells In sickness no less than the tenderist houses, improved farms, &tracts of land nurse,

Also lets & leases houses & lots, on rea. She's tender as tender can be. sonable commision.--Also the lease or

2 houses, & an annuity. Also for sale 30 She defends my good nams e'no when

farms, several with good improvements, I'm lo blame,

will be sold low, goods & property of s. Friend firmer to man ne'er was given; very sort taken in payment, or any who ller compassionate breast feels for}all the forms a company tickets & draw for the

different farms will be liberaly paid for it distress'd,

Also a skilfull farming man with a good Which draws down new blessings character, will meet with encouragement from heaven.

by applying as above.

Some faults we have al—and so may

my Joan, But then they're exceedingly small; And now I m us'd to them they're so

like my own, I can scarcely discern them at all.


SAMUEL B. WIITE, No. 317 Water-street, New York









Saturday, February 1...... 1812.

INO. 15.

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are often influenced by a corrupt EXTRACTED.

ministry. Nature was never more havish in the production of a chaste

heart, than she has proved herTİVE FOUNDLING OF

self in Charles the fourth : but BELGRADE

born a prince, he is essentially a

bove us all. I know him well. You tell me you are a sabalern Armed with sovereign authority in the infantry. From this day he would not intentionally injure you will consider yourself attach the meanést of his subjects; but, ed to the royal regiment of from the nature of his situation, It has long been a meritorious it is necessary he should have sercorpse, and from the glorious hon vants with whom to advise, and in ors it has achieved, holds a distin

whom to confide ; and it is from guished rank in the estimation of the crafty ambition of the insidious the king, who was graciously pleas who, choaking the avenues to his ed to copfer upon, me the com Persori, riot in the spoil of an opmand on the death of the late col. pressed people. This memorial onel. A troop is now vecant, and contains all the chlatnity which I cannot bestow it upon any othicer has visited the house of Aranza. who has a greater claim to my The title dies with me-- Alfonpatronage. I feel I cannot long

so, my heart bleer!s afresh: ions survive. At my death you will had a son to fill the vacancy I now hasten to Maduid, and exhibit my occasion to the grandees of the coinmission to his majesty. Ac-cmpire-but the chasm must recompanying it will be found a me. inain-I have myself to blame.' morial setting forth the various services I bare performed the

Here the duke pauscd, to give state.

vent to the tears which would low

in spite of all his efforts; and AlEnjoying the confidence, and I fonso, taking advantage of the mo. nay add the personal friendship of ment, besought him to think more his majegły, perhaps, there shall i favorably of his situation. 'I assure be no occasion for this customary your grace,' said he 'the physician .form.lity. But the best of princes" bas not began to despair.'

What others look upon with dis


He is deceived, Alfonso,' in- to stings of never ceasing remorse terrupted the duke— the hand of || I was your assassin, and could not death is upon me. One day more, long survive the consciousness of I nd all my misery is at an end. acquiring honors by such bloody

Know that lost in the may, I hail with joy unspeakable. l) darkness of the nigłn, I wandered What others pause upon with | imperceptibly into the comman doubtfal apprehensions, shrink where you were. You discovered from and feel appalled, I embrace me, and having a just cause of with all my soul. Rank, affluence, suspicion that I was Diego, ran courtly splendor, and all the pa- | upon me as you did. I viewed you geantry of life have now no relish in the light of some desperate banleft. Joy, nor love, nor worldly dit, wrenched the weapon from peace are on this side the grave your hands as it passed beneath my already half interred, my mortal arm, and turried its point back upon part feels cold and cheerless-my l yourself.' immortal, warm and animated, glowing with expectation anu de

You astonish me, exclaimed sire ineffable !-Have I your pro

the duke.' Kind heaven! how misc, Alfonso, that you will carry

happy am I that I missed my aim. my memorial to the throne?' Happy that you told me this ! now

have I greater cause than ever to I miy

iny no think so desperately of your unhappy star suspected you to be condition : mary happy years are has poisoned the cup of life, and I yet in store for you-0! if your sink into the grave, blessed with grace would--but - He could

the power of making some attoneadd no more :-oppressed with ment for the injury innocently inthe feelings which the scene oc tended. -But before I bid casioned, Alfonso turned aside to farewel to the world, let me to the conceal the tear which glistened point which is to prove the trial of

your attachment. Continue, miy son,' cried the

"I have a niece, Alfonso--young, duke, grasping him again by the

beautiful and heiress to all my hand---'speak freely : if I have the

wealth. In the convent of St. power, your intreaty shall not be

Clare,this lovely bud,the last of the vain.'

houses of Jacca & Aranza, has been • It is,' rejoined Alfonso, that immured for years. To introduce you would live, if not for yourself, her 10 the world was the object of for me! commitme not to a the fatal journey we were apon. of troubles. Do not abandon me Poor innocent! she must never

sell; but, continued Alfonso,« do my affections. The villain" my

in his cye.


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