know how the family name of being---inspired with as much Jac ca had been tarpished in her sublimity in the temple at Mecce, Brother. Sister to that Diego, as in the apostolic cathedral at who should, alas! have died be" | Rome. fore, it is meet

hat you who saved her guardian's life should succeed My only difference with my him in that office when he dies. brother was on the score of reli. Violenta, siuce her father's death, gion---but neier once did I prefarcies herself without a nearer re

sume to introduce the subject. I lation than her pareotal uncle, and knew the habit of his life, and was I am anxious she should continue silent. Unfortunately he fancied in thal belief.

he knew mine, and would unceas

ingly perplex his ingenuity with The count facca was iny elder vait applications that I would ao, brother, He died some years bandon my profession, and my back, Icaving two children Diego suppositious pursuits. But, as one and her. The count educated to of the pillars of the realm, I conthe church arrived to his largest sidered until the golden age should honors, dying bishop of Saragossa revive, the soldier a useful characand grand inquisitor of the king- l ter in the kingdom as the bishop dom of Arragon.

Few men vene of Saragossa : confined to the cirrate mote the sacred duties of re.

cumscribed knowledge of clerical ligion than I do. From a soldier life, he likened the government of and a courtier you may discredit a

a kingdom to that of a diocese confession which savors of the re His practice had never presented pentant sioner on the verge of e. to his imagination how much more ternity. But you yourself are a was the facility to deal out precept soldier. The purity of your mind to the biggotted few, than to reI have witnessed to admire ; you strain the passions of the many: will agree with me that without Wedded to his ideal whisns, I left viilue, bonor cannot be. A chris- him, ever to himself-and io the tian I am in its fullest sense ; bit capricious regulations of his own no friend w the interpolations family. What was the result :-which have .ccumulatad to debase he married a woman of fashion il since the days of thc primitive after requising a meretricious dischurch. Charily I hokl the choice pensation from his holiness the inculcatious. I may have pitied the Pope. Smitten with his wealth, tillsbulman in his mosque ; but poor woman she bartered a way her my heart would not suffer me to prudence for eternal misery, an: conicinn him. My soul is charm. he who would preside o'er king. ed with pare devotion, and would dois! found his incapacity in be elevated amid a thousand sec subdue a family. Educating his tarian adorations of one almighty lsen after his own Gonceit, he

taught him dissimulation in place arms to his protection. But what of manly ingenuousness. Incul was the return I merited for this cating the belief that this alone ill.judged extension of my clemenwas gospel, and that heterdox. cy! perceiving no chance of reWithout explaining the deformity covering the inheritance from of vice, he rainly preached up the which he had been cut off by the innate beauties of virtue. Pleased intercession of his father with the with the outward piety of the layp king, he watched a favorable moocrite he was deceived in the rank | ment to realize the diabolical wish depravity of the collegian to dis- of the roman tyrant? making one cover, when too late, the compli- neck* of my whole house, he se. caled vices of a finished vagabond: vered it in two, in the hepe of the still without conviction, that the royal pardon for his former. irrehabits of the man originated in gularities, when all impediments. the pernicious education of the were removed to a dukeJom conboy.

ferred on me for services highly

beneficial to the state. You saved "Heir to an immenee fortune, it from polution, and like another Diego was the darling prodical of Chāerea, dispatched à monster a blind parent. With every spe- worthy of such a prototype. cies of debauchery within his purchase, bis unbridled appetite bat Violenta to whom I allude, is tened on excess. Every rank weed the younger sisterof Diego. There went down; and basking in the were equal disparity in their years sunshine of pleasure, and brousing as in their dispositions. Her mo. a while on the summit of lewd- | ther dying while she was yet an 'Dess, till step by step, he plunged infant, I besought the count 10 headlong into the valley of corrup- permit her to live with me ; extion, to bring infamy upon his fam. lactly of an age with my Antonia, ily and to become an outlaw to thic I wished to make companions of insulted statues of the realm. Had the two, that both might equally he stopped here, I should have benefit by the tuition of my beloved been happy still; but alas ! Al. Elvira.--My capricious brother as fonso you

witnessed the accom yet blind to his son's excesses, and plishment of my misery to over wedded to his erroneous estimate take the progress of his villanny.com of human happiness, returned for A spectator of the wretched sys answer that she was destined for a tem adopted in his education, I

couvent in conformity to that ungavainly fancied I should yet succeed tural policy of preserving entire in curbing his licentious morals. I

to a son the undivided afluence forgot his foibles, pardoned the crkme which had cutlawed him

• That the roman penple had but one from his country, and opened my neck was a desire worthy of Caliguala.

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was then o'er the heath Rew the white No tear left her eye, nor no sigh 'scap'd How weak was his groan, as it possid She shriek d bis lov'd Aame, as sha -bosom'd fair, her breast, by her ear!

sprung o'er the heath,
loose on the swelling breeze floated while round her lay many a hero at How low droop'd his head! the sad mo. All cold on her lip she receiv'd his last
her hair,
mert was near,

her dark roling gaze spoke the soul And the blood glutled raven retired from As 'neath an old oak lay the warrior 80 | And clasp'd her souls idol, but clasp'd).
of despair.
his feas.

him in death


But accomp'nies each virtuous,excellent deed.




A real face from an anècdote of the late

· Fames Harvey.

How great my pleasure, at the play Apollo struck the enchanting 1.yre,

(A lady was ever heard GAY.) The Muses sung in strains alternate."

Amusement surely all divine,
Be such amusements always miné.

'First there's the joy I always know For the Lady's Miscellany.

Before the hour arrives to go Mr. Editor

And when I'm there, but who can say Should you think the following | What are my raptures at a play. lines worthy of a place in your paper, you

Besides the recollected joy, are at liberty to insert them.

Next day affords me sweet employ, Nina's mind is averse to each act of de 'That may be true, (a friend reply'd) ceiving

But is there not one joy beside ? But friendship and love in her counten. You have not mentioned, tell me why, ance glow,

The joys of plays, when call'J to die ! Her kind heart throbs with rapture, the Perhaps a thänder Bolt, from Heav'n, wretched relieving

Might then have less confusion given And ber eyes with soft sympathy's The gay Young Lady felt the smart; tears overflow.

Conviction siez'd her wounded heart.

No more she boasts her former joys: Vh! a tear has its sourse, and the heart Religion, now her thoughts employ,

is the fountain, And smooth is the current augmented Superiour bliss, she now pursues,

False pleasures can no more amuse by grief

Oh ! happy change! she says, & tells you it is mild as the zephyr which flits o'er

why the mountain

Religious!jnys, will last when call a to And brings the poor mourner a share of

die. relief. From humanity's heart the tear springs with emotion,

FOR SALE at this OFFICE, And full is the stream which in Nina's

The 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12h, Volumes breast suvells,

of the LADY'S WEEKLY MISCEL'Tis sincere as an off'ring of purest | LANY, handsomely bound and lettered. devotion.

Price $ 1 50 cents, per volume. A wel brings peace, and coutent, to the

heart where it dwells. Contentment, dear Nina, is a source of PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY frinition

SAMUEL B. WHITE, Which while we possess, we no change

No. 317 Fater-street, New York of place need; It is not peculiar 10 any condition,




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ous man.


the complexion of that confidence reposed in him, he as solicitous to express his obligation in lan

guage as powerful as THE FOUNDLING OF

were his

teelings. BELGRADE.

"Thanks to my God,' ctied the Alfonso stood in mute astonish

duke tranquillity of my mind--but mest; the rapid suecession of ideas

stay-there is one thing yet which

still remains to be performed. which foated upon bis miedy deprived him of all power to express 1 That, Alfonso,” he added with sosufficient the weight of obligation

lemn emphasis, "you cannot do, for so singular an instance of affec- ) though you may aid me in its action for a stranger. Unused to complishment. In the capital of kind expressions of friendship, ha Arragon diells a good and virtubituated to disappointments, innur

He is a monk, and mael to the vicissitudes of life, and. ny a time have I joined in the in. abao.oned by the world at large

thusiastic plaudits of adıniring his feeling on the present occasidomujitude-mang awine have I are clificult to be described. The myself been witpens to the generduke read the commotion he had

ous principles which adorn his produced ; and rightly appreciating mind. Numberiess are the inthe nature of Allooso's feelings,

stances of his charitable and bene. bastened to relieve them. He re

volent disposition. He it is, Alnewed his professions of gratitude,

fonso, above all men I have a decalled him again by the endearing

sire to converse with before I quit appellation of son, and concluded

the unsubstantial pleasures of tbis by urging dir, lo lhe execution of

world. Saragossa is not far from his trist.

this—may I request you 'to see

him ; his name is Miguel, supeIf Alfonso hesitated a moment rior of the Franciscan monastery.-- I it was not because he was undecid. Tell him who I am-ihe condition et in the nature of his reply. I zin in, and the nature of my leTransported by the repeated as quest. He knows me well and Sulances of the enke's affectiongand will guess my meaning".

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