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Alfonso daparted in conforinity; saitle, it is innpossible to leave he was curious to develope the the convent at this monteni-tomotive's which so suddenly ucca- morrow I shall be master of my sioned ihe duke to send for the time, Brother Ambrosio will acmonk. He retraced the conver- company you to the duke ; lake sation they had just hau; but with li with you this letter, it will revive sout effect. His curiosity was

his drooping spirits ; but hasten jouseds, but not satisfied ! the back with all dispatch.' solemnity with which he spoke

Alfonso did as he was desired. too, was reinarkable. He recol.

The duk no sooner read the letter, of the duke ;

than of a

the prophetick promises of the monk, but all were of no avail.

inonk. His spirits became more It was a mystery which baffled his understanding

lively and animated, even his bodi

ly pain exhibited symptoms of deAt length arrived at the monas. crease. The following day Alfon. tery, it was sometime before he so' was again dispatched to the could gain admission. When monastery, more and inore amazed conducted into the presence of the at all he saw. Miguel asked with abbot, he was struck with his plıy- a smile if his assurances had been siognomy; he had expected to

verified. U knew il' he cried, meet a cold, haughty, and austere

'my medicine never fails, permit conventual, and be held a pleasing me to offer you some refreshment image of venerable phylanthrophy. my son ; l'il allend you presently Having delivered his brief ines- to tlie duke' sage, the good o!d man turned a

It has been mentioned that Al. side in deep meditation ; his rapid fonso was an officer in the spanish stride his anxioas inquiries, and service. The regiment of the seldenchanges of his counte

in which he served in the rank of pance, confirmed Alfonso in the

lieutenant, formed part of the le. mystery he suspected and redoub- gion which lined the frontiers of led his curiosity. lic endeavour-Portugal, when a rupture, between ed to draw from the albot some

the two kingdoms, was expected explanation, but without effect. --.

in the year 179—. A few mionihs “The duke Aranza, at the point || antecedently to the period we now of death,' cried Miguel recovering speak of, all differences having

been accommodated the troops, 16 from his reverie, and I siill here ?--pray bc seated

the exception of a few, were lemy

called and Alfonso's regiment soni'

marched into Arragan having the In a short time lie entered with city of Sarragossa for its head quar. a latcr in his hand. Oly son, 'ters. He had been tached to

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this corpse from his first debut in terious cloud about his birth, could the spanish army-comprising a expect.

. period of something less than three

From the officers of the regi

ment he selected one as the comyears. The same colonel was still in command; and the good un

panion of all his visiis, the associderstanding which vvifornuly sub

ate in all his studies, and the consisted among the officers in gebe

fident in all his studies, and the ral, logether with the characior of confident in all his secrets--ne! the regineni ii self, had preserved

there was one secret he had preits original staff to the exception served entire-it was his native of one or two death vacancies. country and the singular evenis of

his youth Captain Bernard was The profession of a soldier is at his senior in years as well as in best an idle life, and ever the pa

rank. Like himself, chaste in rent of ennui to an active mind.

sentiments anıi fond of science, he Bot fond of letters, and the culti

was brave, humane, honorable in vation of science, Alfonso suffered

his dealinys, sincere and permalittle depression from the endless nent in his attachments. "There uniformity of his condition. The was another circumstance which lours which intervened the duties contribuied much, not only 10 the of his profession, were parcelled foundation of their intimacy, tutto out in select variety. Temperate strengthen their mutual friendship. in his living, and chasie in his | All their brother oficers were af. conversation, he was never observ: fluent and chiefly younger sons of ed in the midnight bacchanalian. nobility. Alfonsu's only subsistLively in his humor, and sprightly

ence was his pay; and Bernard in his imagination, the sallies of though he enjo; ed an annuily, his wit were distinguished by feels purchased from the wreck of his ing, modesty and deference. When family, once opulent, it was slendno longer pleased with the convi. er in itself, and inadequate to conviai board, or when the pratiling lend agaiost the extravagance cfa vin gallant, cards, or a tedious which surrounded him. Happy circuinlocution of parade etiquette for both they had resolution to ceased !o entertain, he would ie: wi:hstand the folly of their assotire from the mess room to seek ciaies, and philosoplay sùfficient to it among the families be knew, li persevere in an abstraction from or realize is in study and letile. Y 'supertuity. Both mansgerl nient. Honored by the friendship | well in the araneement and distri. yf his comunander, beloved by his bntion of incir finances, that they brother officers, and courted by a realized a parity of appearance fe iv families of distinction in the with their associates, even in the neighborhood, he was as happy as practice of a steady syslom of eae withvül relatives, and a mys. Hconomy.


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There is a happy' mixture of the society of Bernard and Alfonso honor and noble frankness of dis- was ea;erly courted, and various position in the mi.itary character, the stratagems employed to decoy 'which seems peculiar to the pro- them to the hazard-table. Although fession. Ever conspicuous, it is in this regiment it was not encourthe spontaneous effusion of genu. | aged perhaps, to an equal extent ine patriotism and unsophislocat. with other corps in the service, ed honesty. The habits of a sol- yet it was too predominant ; and dier might incline many to doubt sensible of the insiduous influence the existence of sentiments seem- of the passion, both obstina tely de. ingly foreign to the din of arms, clined every overture which was and the passive machines of a rule made. ing faction ; but disunct from the mass of the people, lıc is habituat- Alfonso was indebted to his ed to the peculiar prejudices of his friend for advice on this as well as associates, and the heart untaint- on other subjects. He had not exed by the selfish passions which perienced the advantages of preinflame the volaries of wealth, hecept Bernard had ; and though he is equally prompt to avenge the quo lost his father before he was enemies of his country and ihe in- 'sensible of the misfortune, he had

sult offered to him as susceptible a mother ! From her he acquiri to the appeal of indigence and af. ed the rudiments of virtue--to her

fiction How different the char- he was indebted for the rich enacter of the intriguing courtier, the dowinents of his mind. She it was commercial speculist, the quibb- who taught him the his'ory of that ling lawyer, or the healed zealot ! father he had never known, and 1 he soldier's acceptation of honor the lesson had its influence with is undeviating. In the latter, the son. She described this father where we might record one single as the best, the tenderest of hus. instance of generous feeling, there bands--one wbo was once affluent; would be ten to poison and obliter- but jlay, cursed play, though it ate the tribute we would bestow. never changed his affections, it ruBeyond this, however, we cannot ined his fortune, and diove him applaud. The idle life of a solo from affluence to a cottage ! dier rarely spares him from l'eproach. Intemporance is a vice (To be Coniinued.) not only as it regards the morals of the man, but as it impairs and destroys the constitution i-she is

APHORISMS. the offspring of idleness--the twin sister of play.

Actions - Our actions are like

the jingle of rhyme, which every Beloved of wil thoir messmales one repea's ü his own manner.

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For the Lady's Miscellany.

In your boyish years, I remem

ber you bade fair for goodness and A LETTER

wisdom; personal accomplishTo a GENTLEMAN, who after see

ments seemed to embellish mental

worth ; but the influence of bad ducing an amiable Young La

company, and the power of a latent DY, forsook her and oce

bad disposition, soon changed: casioned her Death.

your conduct, and cstabüshed your To Mr.

character. Wealth, and external

advantages, furnished you with SIR,

mears, and you thought it argued I am so well acquainted with

a want of spirit not to enploy. your character, that I make

those in the ruin of innocence. I doubt of your roceiving ihis letter | know that many have fullen vic. with cold indifference, at least, if rims to your arts, who, in fact, had not with indignant slight; but, Sir, little else but refutation to mark I ask not viow your immcdiale at- the distinction between them and tention to it-your mind, I trusi, || thc worthless. The conquest of has not lost all its sensibiliiy, and

ver such as easy, and therefore there will be a time when this

to you s.tialing and unfashionable. letter may act as a monitor--ull

To ruin virtue when a princiihen, what you have done will apople of the mind, and a guide to pear to be no crime, and you will

the actions, seemed a more glori: continue to extend your criminali

ous undertaking; and you entervy, until to do wrong shall become

ed on it with a malignant spirit your study, your pleasure, and, as

and unabating ardor. Had your it were, your daty. If the many cruelty been confined to those who, vices which dégrade your charac

wanting wealth, want friends, it is ter, leave you uncertain, of my meaning by this letter, know that probable we had remained ignor

ant of it ; but when you dared to the purpose of it is to announce the cleath of Miss whom you

degrade rank, equal to your own, basely betrayed to shame and dis

to infamy equal to your own, . bonor.

there bascriess equal to your ow it,

there baseness could no longer be Yes, Sir, this night she Mes in

concealed. her grave, a monument of your in- When I review the arts which -famy, and an example of the no- you practised in the ruin of that ble pride of virtue, that allows not beauteous unfortunate, who has ils possessor to live in shame. Of | just left the world, I know not her dishonor you have the wretch- whether to be most indignant aed merit-may you also have all gainst your profligacy, or to won'share in her contriliou !

der at the in genuity which marked cvery step you took. In reputa- comman prejudices. Bit, indepen. tion and fortune, you knew the dent of this, were the consequence family to be equal, if not above, es of your profligacy confined 10 your own. This daughter's edu. one alone. Was Emilia the only

was the only pleasure a sufferer by her folly and your her parents declining days. Iler guili?-No--Your cruelty has heart was carefully tutored in eve- von extended beyond yourin!ention jy worthy thought, and it was a --even beyond the grave-Think, pleasing reflection, that her carly || Sir, of her parents. You never merit spoke her to be amiablc, in- was ignorant of their worth, nor a genuous, and sensible.

stranger to their friendship. This But, unhappily there is in fe- daughter was their only comfort,

saved from the wreck of a numermale youth, a critical period, when sensibility of soul leaves them sus

ous family, and the tender care ceptible of many impressions, and

that made lite desirable. But the while it is experience only that can

horrors of such a disappointment guide them to discriminate be.

are only describable in their ef. lween those impressions, her few

fects. So baneful and so speedy years kept her ignorant of that ex

have these been, that it is probable perience-It was this period you

ere this reaches you, there will chose for the accomplishment of

not survive one individual belongyour designs. You interposed eie ing to the family to reproach you the laws of right and wrong, the

for your baseness. nice boundaries of prudence, could Do not, Sir, review this mournbe establislied. You laid your plans ful calamily with a smile of consciwith penetration and subtlety, and

ous pride and power. Do not concealed their depth with hypo

trace the steps which led to it, and cricy. The victim of


boast of their success. You bave Hrad not yet learned that o.fc might no cause 10 elevale your inind smile and deceive; and, at a tiine

you triumphed over virtuc--you when she believed every one to triumphed over humanity--you be as much a fiiend to sincerily speered at the distress which : ou and undisguised truth as hersell, occasioned, and deserted the obyou tanght het, hy sad experience lject with an unfeeling speed, what happier females know only by report--that an ingenuous mind

But, Sir, althongh you may caris ever in danger from the ma.

ry your pride to the lowest grave, chinations of a designing world.

your power draws apace to its pe

riocl. Health, even with temper. -Every crime, like thisof your's ence and virtue, has reither pertakes from the general character manence nor certainty. Pensive of youth, and stamps a degree of moments will come to make you infamy on us, which heightens the wretched, when you least expec

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