Thus on all hands were the storms of life, and the agonizing shares of sophistry laid, and the reflections that vexed nuy solitary delusions of love held out before moments. I soon lost that elation : me. My only sentiment was love of mind with which I welcomed an --my only duty to obey the entice approaching friend. Conscience a ments of my own will. Excuses pened to me the excess of my folly, I ever found in the arguments

and sunk me into the most conwhich had undone me till at temptuous disesteem with myself. length reason, conscience, repu. I knew not where or how to hide tation, all stilled, my errors did my guilt from the world. Life and Fiot cost me a thoughlor my all its duties, exigencies, and advances towards ruin interrupt pleasures, began to present them. one moment of gaiety. In one of selves, but I had no inheritence in the many evil and unguarded them. I had neither the prospects hours to which my rashness cx nor the hopes of youth. Abandoned poéed me, I lost all that is valua by myself, afraid to look into my ble in woiran, the dignity of char. own mind--afraid to look back on acter, the consciousness of spot: the past, I yel trembled to cast an less virtue.

eye lowards my future days. Pre

niorse and shame planted daggers By this train ofinfamy was the in my soul, made me weary of so. happiness of my days mournfully | ciety, yet more weary of solitude. ended. By :hese means was I.sc. My uncoer became indifferent, in duced from the paths of innocence proportion as I became wretched, and virtue, to be bewildered in and in a very short time entirely mazes; from which no reputation withdrew himself fiom our family. can be extricated, and in which no This was the only circumstance peace of mindean have permanent that now was wanting to open my

1: security. Yet so well planned were

eyes efieelually. I could not trace the devices of my enemy, that the to its souice every arrifice that delusions which made me guilty i conspired in my destruction, and for a time kept me :0. A succes viewed the consequence of my sion of guilt was a peasingli casy compliance with every horror dreani, in which all my

that blasted fame and self reproach were fast locked.

could accumulate. I viewed

l; as a fiend, who had sought my Such seeming serenity was of happiness, lo devour it with a sav. short duration. The garments of age barbarity. My lears daily bevice, although pleasing on first prayed 'au unspeakable anguish putiing on, soon became cumbrous greater than bodily pain (in which and uneasy, for I had rejected ay parents ascribed it) and I that vesture which alone could

courted the retiredhauntsofsilence hayo protected inc against the

and meditazioa, there to indulge a

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perpetuiry of sorrow, that over that is impossible. sorrow and inpowered and weakened my mind. dignation must occupy their minds A deadly consumprion seized my and break their peace. I do not weak fraine---wiih glaciness I per pload against what indignant vir ceived ici progress; I looked on lue or even malice can advance on je as the harbinger of my best my unhappy fare. When the friend an end .. all my griefs--world, of which I am unworthy, of death. Could it be orherwise shul see me no more, my name than acceptable ? Deprived of ev: | will be ruentioned with some cenery hope of future happiness, 1 dernest. . dared riot recount the days of in. nocence, nor review that integrity

Tes, my dear friend' the lightest man. of manners, which was my early

sion to which I am hustening will bary

all. There I may find that compassion, pride." The contrast between my

which the relentless modes of censure former and my preseni situation, never.grant to wretches like me. Tlicie shook my very reason,

The in

wbatever good I possessed, whatever sanity of reiterated, though mo amiss I have done, shall be remembered, mentary despair reduced nie to if remembered at all, with equal sym. that misery, which no language pathy. Thinking on me when there, can express. Beyond the convic

some in an hour of tenderness miy allow tion of my crime, I had not, could

my claims on better days. Let me Dot, have a wish to liie. The

comfort myself at this dying hour with

those hopes for all earthly friendship speedy hand of death beckoned me

can only reach by memory. Nature al. to leave a world in which I was most already exhausted, musi soon yield unfit to live, and where my only to her enemy-grief. I have no inie:ex distinction was, that I had altained in the pleasing scenes of life-They disthe dismal priviledge of ranking appear-I tave an iniei est above them. first on the list of the miserable, having ceased to move in the hon

Think not, Lucinda, however, while orable, though humble sphere of

I view my approsobing dissolution with

composue, that death is wbally drest in goodness & wisdom. *

smiles. Now while I have sense and Unwarrantable and undutiful as

recollectio.., every hour has a portion of

the bitter, and is only tolerable as allevi, my departure from


ated by those hopes, wbich the world bave appeared 10 many, I have

can neither give ror tüke away. not been unmindful of the ties which I left behind me. VVhen I reflect on the many attachments I

Before my tremblirg hand closes this letier, let me for once more

turn my contracted, I bave often expressed a wish that I had no friend, no re.

eyes towards him, who has thus desc

lated a mind that might have been fruit. lation on earth, none to interesi

ful in rectitude aod happiness-- If I am themselves in my conduct, and

guilty what is be? If I be despised suffer with my sufferings. --Buci' by the wo:ld, car Ibcre being who can


cocintenarce him? Yet 'lis said he still misery and starvation s'ak the streets, exoles in the pride of forwnerguluntry..

anu ratile at the poor's winılou's. Then

'shall you and I, who'ilrongh the mer: and susinuation-Be it so-Let him live

cy of Heaven, have something to spare ; that he may repent. Low as he has

shall we shut our hearts against huinan. luic me in the estimation of mankind, a ity ? Shall wel afraid of popularity; or priyer for his reco: ery siis on my quiv

fond of ease--and refuse to budge? No: ering lips when I think on him.

Let the proper authorities more, ( as

I know I hey will) and we will aid them. Farewell, then, 'Lucinila- A few

Let our HONORABLE MAOK speak, hours are wanting before I be numbered || (as I am contident he has, and acted likewith those that liate been. - When you

wise,) and we will allend him.

CHRISTIANS. read my sa d story, wish, like myself,

*S$SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+ that our sex, surrounded as they are with dangers, may never need another

Jaarried. inducement to guard their honor.--B ut At Newark, N. 7. on Tuesday menir? I grow faint-- My feeble hand shakes the 23th ult. by the proc Mr. Richards, my eyes grow dim-I bow in resigna. | Hugh H. Rolston, 257, so Miss Lydia

Turele, all of that place tion- Again, farewell—Think frequent.

At Troy, Mr. Kalph Day, printer, of ly on me. Lucinda ; let your poor friend that Village, to Miss Mary Miller, of have a monument in your bosom--Weep

Waterford. nol for me-Dry up the tears of my

At Ballsron Spa. Mr James M-Mil.

ler, printer, to Miss Sally Andrews of sympathizing friends. We will ineet a.

Malta. gain, my dear friend, where no enemy On the 3th of Decemher last, by the can enter — May all happiness attend red. Mr. Spring, Mr. John Stuart, to you I have laid my head on the pillow

Miss Eliza D. Everitt.

At Newark, N. 7. Mr yonn Speer, to raise it no more, for in a very short

10 Miss 'Hannah Van Winkle : John free time it may be said. There once lived cobus, to Miss Elizabeth Hyler, and Pe. The rinforlitate EMILIA. ter Hyler, to Miss Charity Colier.

At Neuburgh, Thomas Nicholson, the

ingenious blind man, of Nero Winsor, lo LADIS MISCELLANY

Miss Betsey Lngani yohn B. Cox. of

Middletoturi, Miss Christian Patterson, NEW.IORA, February 8. 1812.

of Wallkiit. Be it our task,

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS+ To note the passing tidings of the times.

Died. The following communication appeared

On Suurday 25th ult. Mr. Hugh Anin s ultimore paper (the Federal Gazi

derson aged 35. ette), and is trisly appiccole in this city.

On Wenesday lart, after a share ill

nes, Mr. Honuthan Puffer, aged 33 years REMEMBER TIE POOR.

On-lednesday evening last, after a lina Have you a suibciency of clothing?

gering ulness, which she bore with chris. No, inchidl, ner tire wood, nor bread!

lian forcitule. Mrs. Catharine Cole, aged repiv a thousand shiening tellow mu:

21 years, wife of Burnet Core, and elirat An infiint pines and dies breause

unnghier of the late Alexander P. Wní. ja perishing ino: he has nonduislament uron, of this city. nor has she strength to come out of 10.94 Newark, the pious and menerable miserable hill, in search of alms. A

Mrs. Mary Robertson, the morher of Mrs wife impiores, in vain, the common ne.

Pope wife of Henry Pepe, merchant of Cissaries of life because her husband thi: cirv'in the 76th year of her age. is withou' empley ani without means : On Sunday Morning last. nf a lingering Winter, with this tionty face, as unfeel illnese, which she bore with true christian ing as his biusterir.g basis are chilling, fortude and resignatin, Miss Jane Ga:has locked up the brbor, siopping our brorith, aged 18 years, dicughter and only little trade-No work-No li muey- child of War. Alicia Gulbraith'tis eiry.

Like good Samaira's son, inay we,
Be bless'd with boundless CHARITY:
Then to the admiring world we'll prove,
They dwell in God who dwell in love.




By Thomas Moore, Esq.
Apollo struck the enchanting Lyre,
The Muses sung in strains alternate. Fly not yet, 'tis just the hour,

When pleasure, like the midnight flow'r,

That scorks' the eye of vulgar light,
For the Lady's Miscellany.

Begins to bhoom for sons of nighi,

And maids who love the moon!
Unto thyself great God belong, 'Twu but to bless these hours of shade,
vur mystic rites and sacred song! That beairty and the moon were made;
Most lowly bending at thy shrine,

'Tis then the soft attractions glowing.' We praise thy majesty divine !

Set the rides and goblets flowing:

wh! stay-Oh! stay-
O! Glorious Architeci above,

Joy'só seldom weaves a chain
Thou source of light and soucre of love, Like this to nighe, that oh! 'tis pain
Thy heuning truth and love prevail, To break its links so soon.
Hail ! bail Almighty Master bail?

Fly not yet, the fount that play'd
Shining in yonder regions bright, In tiines of old througb Ammoni slijde,
The sun by day ihe moon by night,

Though icy cold by day it'ran,
And orient stars that guild the sky, Yee," still like souls of mirth began,
Shall blazen forth thy pruise on high, To burn whety night' was near ;
"While Earth will join, and as it rolls,

And iħus should women's hearts & loolas,

Ai noon be cold as winter brooks,
From East to West, from pole io pole,

Nor kidle till the night reiurning,
Will lift to beaven her grateful lays,

Brings their genial bone for burning
And join in Universal praise.

Oh! stay-Oh! stay
Glowing with thy benignat grace,

When did morning ever break,
Sweet friendship link'd the liuman race

And find such beaming eyes awako,
And pity lodg'd within her breast,

As those that sparkle here.
Kind Charity became her guest!

• Solis Funs, near the temple of Am. •Tis there the naked.raiment found,

Sickness—soft balsom for its wound,
and sorrow anmtort, hunger broid,
Strangers therein * welcome shade.

TO MR. No,
Still to thy sons; O God, dispense,
Thy true divine benevolence !

In every scene of life Religion cheers,
And teach the tender tea to flow, And Sharon's cube ibu emblem fair ap.
Scommuting at a Brother's woe!



From the Shamrock. Erin's daughters, young and blowining,

Let your voices sound his nome: The folowing was composed impromp. Tho' now the sky be dark and glycin. tu, on seeing the engraving of Em.

'ing mel's urn.' The effect of national feel

He yet shall rise to lasting fame; ing instantly produced the lines to

which wë now with pleasure give in.


Checks, Cards, Handbills

AND PRINTING IN GENERAL, Underneath yon drooping laurel,

Meatly and correctly executed, on Erin's hero lowly lies ;

reasonable terms; and goods For his shade the maidens carol, And often breathe sad sorrow's siglis. .(of any kind) will be izken

in part payment,-at the And oft they strew, with tear-wet flow.

Office of the ers,

LADY'S MISCELLANY Glorious Emret's narrow home; And long they sigh, till eve's grey hours, Tell them o'er the heath to roam.

FOR SALE at this OFFICE, On his grave a Shamrock blooming,

The 8, 9, 10, 11 and 1211, Volumes Sweetly spreads its leaves of green ;

of the LADY'S WEEKLY MISCEL. O'er it a wikl rose, perfuming: Beauteous decks the lonely scene.

LANY,'handsomely bound and lettered.

Price $ 1 50 cents, per volume. Oft when the moon,, bright empress,

weeping The gentle Jews of sable night; Thomas H. Brantingham, bas removed and on the Shamrock, sweeily sleeping, to No. 145 Broadway, where he conti. Sheds her pale and trembling light ; nues to procure money on Mortgages,

notes of hand & deposits, buys & sells Then from their airy balls descending,

houses, improved farms, &tracts of land

Also lets & leases houses & lots, on reaMartyr'd spirits requiems sing;

sonable commision. Also the lease of The summer's breeze their sad notes

2 houses, & an annuity: Also for sale 30 blending,

farms, several with good improvements, Ils slow sweet rise will upward, will be sold low, goods & property of e.

very sort taken in payment, or any who spring

forms a company tickels & draw for ihe

different farms will be liberaly paid for it And oft' when soey reek.cyd morning

Also a kilfull farming man with a good Peeps along the easiern hill,

character, will meet with encouragement The gentle robin sweetly mourning, by applying as above. Near Emmet's grave, bis soft notes trill.

PRINTED AND PUBILSII ED BY Sons of Erin, may you never

Forget your patriot bero's wrongs, SAMUEL B. WHITE,
And 'till death your heart stuings se.

No. 317 Water-street, New York ver, Praise him in your wild war songs.

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