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It was their practice 100 to eat breakfast together. The couuten

ance of Lornard, as he entered in TIE FOUNDLIVG ON the morning, still preserved, to'

in a less deg:ce, the gravity which BELGRADE.

marked it in the evening before.

Alfonso endeavcred to give a pleas. Not long after, the regiment

ant turn to conversation. He menbecame stationary in the vicinity

tioned one or two ludicrous inci. of Saragossa. Bernard returned

dents which had occured at the unusually late from a party to

mess-table in the absence of his which Alfonso also had been in

friend. By ihe bye, Bernard,' said vited; but to which, by reason of

he, 'the marquis dined with us 10military duiy he could not attend.

day. He was quite witty-fuil of As was the cusiom of Bernard, he

spirits, and all that agiteable bu. cntcred the apartment of his

mor (or wbich he is extolled. Sto. friend in order to take a parting

ту after s'ory, abeceiole upon anece glass before he retired to his own,

dote, le measured out in such He was uncommonly reserved, and pleasing variety, as to eagross the after finishing a goblet of wine and

atiention of the whole tabie. Never water, he threw himself into a

was he more agreeable ;--charmchair lost in meditation. Alfonso

ed alike by the retenciveness of struck with the peculiar reserve of

his memory, and the happy novelhis friend, en realed an explana

ty of liis invention, with reluctance tion; out the oniy answer return.

I quitted his society. Dy the way, ed by Bernard, after replenishing he mentioned an anecdo:e of genhis gobiet, was God bless you my eral Tri you know him, Diy-here's pleasant dreams. He

Bernard--the French minister at drank again, w.ls silent and with Madrid. What a brutal and re#rew.

generale mind must he inherit, Satisfie:) with the lively pleas who would outrage the prerogaantry of the salwtation, Alfonso ive of a husband, by the exercise once more couried that repose offiagelation, and delight in te fiom which he bad recently been

blood and tears of a female whose diatur bed.

unhappy destiny should have

ciated her with a monster equally || Alfonso, why hesitate to allay my conspicuous in the moral world, suspicions—if of too great mofor depravity in the annals of revo ment for my ear, as I begin to aplution, as in the physical for that prehend, I shall desist from fargrimy foliage which besets histher entreaty--but not surely to countenance :-well has he been feel the less uneasiness, Bernard, designated by the appelation of for this breach of confidence be. Don Whiskerandom

tween us, and for your personal

safetyYou surprise me,' cried Bernard—if this should be the char

"Good God'exclaimed Beracter of T

I for ever dis.

nard,' and can Alfonso think thus own him as a countryman.'

meanly of his friend ! nothing has "It is but too true,' replied Al

occurred in the smallest to involve fonso, and I am assured that his

my personal safety-but someunhappy wife unable longer to en

thing to beget a strange enthusidure the treatment of her husband,

asm in my sentiments, and to creand in order to avoid a death too

ate a tumult in my mind which I of:en menaced, has been compell- | fear you are likely to suppress. I ed to flee the sanctuary, formed by

entered your quarters last night God and nature for the felicity of

determined to communicate what her tender sex, with no other pros.

had happened; but I felt ashamed pect of a subsistence than what

to "own what I had no resolution she can hope from the votaries of

to abandon ; and I quitted you in fashion, in the disposal of fringe,

the hope of sleeping away a brocade,and ribbon, at a boutique in

scheme, I had planned to execute, the capital

or fall in the attempt. The day

datvned, and my resolution was " Monster!'exclaimed Bernard, still unshaken. I meditated and again relapsed into his reve. my pillow; and the genius of rie.

dreams hovered o'er me in my

sleep to allure me, not from my More and more at a loss to ac

plan, but to direct me in its opecount for so singular an alteration

ration. I suspected you would in the spirits of his friend, and

smile at my conceit, or throw obunable to repress his increasing

stacles in my way, and I was recuriosity, Alfonso insisted upon a

solved to abuse your confidence knowledge of the uneasiness which

rather than expose my

foible to preyed upon his spirits.


ridicule or to be thwarted in Nothing of consequence,' cried

my views. You have detected me; Bernard.

and because I have been guilty of

assaulting that friendship, I am 60 * If of no consequence,' rejoinedllanxious to cherish, you shall be at


full liberty to laugh at my expense.

• The character and the afiluListen then, and without interrup ence of the marquis, amply illustion ; but scek not to estrance mic trate what chicane and industry from my purpose, romantic as can accomplish-In his youth he you may call it. It is a scheme, embarked for the island of Cuba, Alfonso, wild and chimerical's of a needy adventurer, without famimuch delicacy in its operation, and ly, destilute of friends, and poorly replete with danger--calculared to clad. His father a plodding meaffect every future moment of my

chanic in Gallicia, was barely calife, and upon whose issue my fu- | pable of affording to an only son iure happiness greatly depends. the rudimentsofhis mother tongue Suddenly resolved, it is not the the principles of arithmetic and a less irrevocable. It stole upon me

short period of instruction in the uncourted, unpremeditated; laid art of writing. As a child he disunder contribucion wore all the af- covered a ready apprehension, he fections, and as the chaos of the even passed amid the circle of his mind subsided, it alone was left | father's acquaintance as a lad of the undispuled passion of my promising merit. . The boy was breast.

certainly assiduous in application

to the little he was taught, and by • You may remember," continu- dint of perseverance soon excelled ed Bernard, '10 have lieard the

in penmanship. nane of Mariana ? "What !' interrupted Alfonso ;

! On his arrival at Haranna, he do you allude to the daughter of experienced the advantage of this the marquis de Cassa Calvo, who talent. A planter took him by the is soon to take the veil ?'

hand--a man deficient in every

thing but wealth; who possessed • The same, rejoined Beinard, l extensive plantations without con"she who all Airagon so justly pi- stitution 10 enjoy, or a relation to ties--the obdurate heart of whose inherit them ; reaping immense father all abhor.- Last night I c'ops without ascertaining their heard her story for the first time : annual amount, unless from entire --It roused every latent sentimenti dependence upon the honesty of in my breast and in a moment I his ill-fed slaves, and the notches resolved to espouse her cause, to upon a perennial bamboo; whose free her from engagements loath increase of number, with the ad. some to her soul, and by restoring | ditian of a massy crucifx, had by to the world a jewel so formed to this uime well nigh filled the bedplease and to adorn, secure the chaunber of its asthmatic occupant. plaudits of an approving consci Such was the man who first emence. Her tale is short, but full of ployed the young adventurer, nor inccrest.

had the latter much cause to re

gret the urlopuon of such a master. unsatisfied with the unqualihed True, bis patience and fortitude estimation in which he


bela were long put to a severe trial ; by the inhabitants of the Island, many a year had he to support the he became ambitions of more excaprice of a disposition soured by tendcd patronage, and sighing for illness, and habituated to all the something beyond the approbation arbitrary controul to which abject of a colony, he resolved to revisit slavery inures the nind; but per- the capital of the Spanish empire. severing in every effort to please, Every relative he had were already he was in the end successful to gone. The idle tailling of a gosoutlive the privations of depend- siping parent was now hushed in ence and his benefactor. "On his the silence of the tomb, and no employer's death, to the excep

trace of kindred left to blur the tion of one or two trifling legacies entree of the nabob to the follies he found himself in the full pos

and dissipation of a courtly circle. session of all his properiy, real

His introduction to the throne was and personal, to the amount of thus unattended with difficulty; one million of dollars.

nor was he displeased with the re

ception with which royalty marked "The moment'he had consign- his presentation. "ed the ashes of his benefactor to the grave, and the short period of It has been affirmed with jusmourning to which he was subtle tice, that the end of ambition beenough to conform, had expircd ; comes a means :' and having run away were thrown the sable en. riot for a while amid the giddy signs of assumed sorrow, along scenes of pleasure-avarice, the with that outward show of frugal | predominant passion of his mind, economy which had been the dis.. ) fanned the embers of yet wealthi. tinguished characteristic of his ler accumulation. He was, indeed, parsimonious predecessor. 'On ) fascinated with dissipation; but each of his plantations was erect surmounting the barriers to its ated forthwith a commodious dwelltainment with such an easy stride ing; and having purchased a it was difficult to forget the value magnificent 'mansion in Havanna, of gold and he had yet to lose he fitted it up in a style of unri- sight of a scrupulous attention to valled splendor. Wealth is ever a the price of his enjoyment. The sufficicni introduction to the first government of Cuba becoming vacircle of society ; and the once cant at this period, he rememberneedy and indigent gallician in led the splendor and emolument of the prime of life, found himself the office, and as it was usually a courted by all who had pretentions prelude to a title, his enaniored 10 what the capricious world de- fancy fired every nerve to secure nominalcs taste and fashion. But the nomination. Low cunning and

finesse, with a sensible application boy, and this happened most freof his purse, procured the appoint- quently with respect to Little Doment, and he returned to that spot, minick. so recently quitted, as marquis de Cassa Calvo, with the rank of

This unlucky wight was fogg. captain-general, and governor of ed every morning by his master, the Island of Cuba and iis dcpend- not for his vices; but for iis rici. encies

ous constructions; and laughed at To be Continued

every evening for his idiomatic absurdities. They would probably have been inclined to sympathise

in his misfortunes, but that he was Little Dominick; or, the Welsh, School-master and Irish pufil,

the only Irish boy at school; and

as he was at a distance from all from the Essay on Irish Bulls, by his relations, and without a friend

Richard Lovell Edgeworth, and to take his part, he was a just obMaria Edgeworth,

ject of obloquy and der ision. Ere

ry sentence he spoke was a bull, Little Donjinick was born at

every two words he put together kort Reilly, in Ireland, and bred proved a fulse concord, and every Ro where till his 10th year ; when

sound he articulated betrayed the be was sent to. Wales, 10. learn brogue.; but, as he possessed some manners and grammar

at the

of the characteristic boldness of school of Mr. Owen ap Davies ap

thcsc who have been dipped in Jenkins ap Jones. This gentle the Shannon, though he was only man had reasons to think, bimself

Little Dominick, he shewed himthe greatest of men, for he had

self able and willing to fight his over his chimney-piece a well

own battles with the host of foes smoked gencology, duly attested,

by whom he was encompassed. tracing his ancestry in a direct

Soine of these, it was said, were line up to Noah; and, moreover',

neariy of twice bis slature. This he was nearly related to the learn.

may be exaggerated; but it is cer. ed etymologist, wlro, in the time

tain that our hero sometimes venof queen Elizabeth, wrote a folio

tured, with sły Irish humour to volume to prove that the language

revenge himself on his most powof Adam and Eve, in Paradise,

erful tyrant, by mimicking the was pure Welsh. With sach

Welch accent, in which Mr. Owcauses to be proud, Mr. Owen ap

en ap Jones said to him-Cot Davies ap Jenkins ap Jones was

pless me, you plockit, and shall I excusable, for sometimes seeming

never learn you Enclish cramto forget that a schoolmaster is but a man. He, however, sometimes entirely forgot that a boy is but a It was whispered in the ear of


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