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this Dionysis, that our little hero endeavoured to teach hin to spcak was a mimick-and he was now English. In his answers to the treated with increased severity. first questions Edwards ever ask

ed him, little Dominick made The midsummer holidays ap. two blunders, which set all his proached: but he feared that they

other companions in a roar--yet would shire no holidays for him.

Edwards would not allow them to He had written to his mother, to

be genuine Bulls. tell her that school would break

In answer to the question, who up on the 21st ; and begged an

is your father? Dominick said , answer without fail by return of

with a deep sigh, 'I have no fapost-but no answer came.

ther-I am an orphan*- I have It has now nearly two months only a mother.' since he had heard from his dear Have you any brothers and sise moter, or any of his friends in ters?'. Ireland. His spirits began to sink "No! I wish I had, for perunder the pressure of these ac-haps they would love me, and not cumulated misfortunes-he slept | laugh at me,' said Dominick with little, cat less, and played not at tears in his eyes ; ' but I have no all; indeed nobody would play brothers but myself'. with him on equal terms, because One day Mr. Owen ap Jones he was nobody's equal his school came into the school-loom with an fellows continued to consider him

open letter in his hand, saying, as a being, if not a different spe • Here, you Jittie Irish plockit, cies, at least of a different cast

here's a letter from your mother.' from themselves.

The little liish blockhead start

ed from his form, and throwing Mr. Owen ap Jones's triumph his grammar on the floor, leaped over the little Irish plockit was

up higher than he or any boy in nearly compleat,for the boy's heart the school had ever been seen to was almost broken, when there

leap before; then clapping his came to the school a new scholar | hands, he exclaimed A letter --O), how unlike the rest! His from my mother!--And will I name was Edwards: he was the

hear the letter? And will I see son of a neighbouring Weish gen- her once more !--And will I go tleman, and he had himself the

home these holidays? O, then spirit of a gentleman. When he

I will be happy! saw how poor Dominick was per. secuted, he took bin under his pro * Iliud, 6th book, i. 432, Androtection, fought his battles with the mache says to Hector, You will Welsh boys, and instead of laugh make your son an orphan, and your ing at him for speaking Irish he is fe a ridos.'

• There is no danger of that,' Soon afterwards he summoned said Mr. Owen ap Jones, for Dominick to his awful desk, and your mother, like a wise ooman, pointing with his ruler to the folwrites me here, that py the atvice lowing page in Harris's Hermes, of your cardian to oom she is go. bade him reat it, end understand it, ing to pe married, she will not if he could. pring you home to Ireland, till I send her word you are perfect in

Lhtle Dominick real, but could your Enclish crammer at least.'

not understand.

· Then read it aloud, you plock"I have my lesson perfect, sir,' it.' Dominick readjaloudsaid Dominick, taking his grammar up from the floor, will I say • There is nothing antears 80 it now?

clearly an object of the mind or

intellect only as the future does, No, you plockit, you will not; since we can find no place for its and I will write your mother word existence any where else, but not you have proke Priscian's head the same, if we consider is equally four times tis tay since her letter frue of the past Game.

· Well, co on what stops the Litue Dominick, for the first plockit--can't you read Enclish time, was seen to burst into tears

- Will I hear the letter-Will I see my mother ?-Will. I go “Yes, sir, but I was trying to home ??

understend it; I was considering,

that this is like what they wound • You Irish plockit ! continued

call an Irish bull, if I had said it.' the relentless grammarian; you Irish plockit, will you never learn

Little Dominick could not exthe tifference between shall and.plain what he meant, in English, will ?

that Mr. Owen ap Jones would un

derstand : and to punish him for The Welsh boys all grinned, his impertinence, the boy was except Edwards; who hummed doomed to learn all that Harris and loud enough to be heard,

Lowth have written to explain

the nature of shall and will. The • And will I see him once again ;. • And will I hear him speak?'

reader, if he be desirous of know

ing the full extent of the penance Many of the boys were, unfortun. enjoined, may consult Lowth's ately, too ignorant to feel the quo-| grammar. p. 52, ed. 1799, and tation, but Mr. Owen ap Jones un. Harris's Hermes, p. 10, 11, & 12, derstood it turned on his heel, and 4th edition. walked off.

(To be Continued.)

now ??


Nir. Edior

for advice, acquainting the limb of I present you for insertion in the

the law that Capt. Dwa6 Misceilany the following communica- lost at sea and that he had just left tion.

Mrs. D in tears I endorsed a HENRY

note continued lie for a small sum, When Capt. Dhad provid.

and the rent will be falling due by ed a snug house for the accomoda

and bye and no doubt Capt. tion of his Wife and nicce, with

has lost all his property, what shall suitable furniture his fortune be

I do asks the humane landlord ?' ing limited he was induced to use

'go to the house of Mrs. D the utmost economy; the habita

and scizc furniture sufficient to tion was small; and the rent easy,

cover you against the amount of and when he had finished the

the note and your rent,' replies the pleasing task of providing for the

lawyer, (who surely was one of the wants of Mrs. D--; he sailed

Devi's own,) Mr. M--h, a butchfrom this port in the month of De.

er, an indorser on the note with çember 1810. No sooner liad the

the landlord and equally liable for Pilot left the vessel, than the gath- | the payment, was called upon by ering clouds portended, what alas !

the humane Mr. T-, who proved true, a creadful storm, he

ed him to go with him, and arrest with all the crew, save one boy, from the poor distressed widow were washed overboard, by the

her furniture, the Butcher with the · Ocean Wave' and seen no more! sensibility of a christian and a man the sad and melancholy news of refused to be a party with this, the loss of Captain D-was

monster T--, 'I weuld said lic soon brought to Mrs. Dat by

sooner lose a thousand Dollars than, the boy, when the first bursts of

go and add to Mrs D-s, present grief had a little subsided, she sent

distress.' though he was a Butcher her Niece to Mr. T - the land

and could cut throats by the dozlord, her next door neighbor, to

en, he could not suppress his nomake known to him her sorrows bleness and generosity to an unand alllicions, he instantly came, fortunate woman; defeated with and as a feeling man sympathised The butcher, his next resource was and made every effort to soothe parson Tag.

t who was SOOD Jier'lacerated and anguished mind, persuaded to be his Sancho Panza the landlord remaixed with her on the occasion--I have read of unul some time in the evening, singular and strange Parsons in when he left her to her niece, and Novels, but if this Parson Tto her sorrows, she repaired 10 bc net the greatest monster, barbaher pillow, but sleep was a stran, rian and brute, then I do not know ger, and who that has a heart can what constituies such a characterslecp after such news--The land. The sun had just riscn when these lord went directly to his attomey li fiends in the form of nogen, the land,


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lord and the parson, sallied forth year-December--when it on their work of mercy they knock- nearly time for repose Mrs. Ded at the door of Mrs. D-, who

and her niece remembered that was awake and had not closed her the Blankets and the Bed on eyes the live long night, she re

which they laid the night before, quested her ríece to go and see were taken from them by these who was krocking at so early an sons of humanity, a small single hour, the door was no sooner open

bed on which a young man had than the landlord began to make slept, was all that was left in the known bis business ; and that his

house for Mrs. D—, and her friend the parson had come along piece, the young man had to find with him, to sec justice done be- lodgings elsewhere, the blankets tween them ; 'pray what is your

of this small bed were not sufli. business gentlemen with me, I am

cient to cover them, the niece was too much distressed to spcak on

sent to the landlord for those he any subject said Mrs.'

Dhad taken, but which he refused to macam replied the landlord I restore liis obdurate and Iron heart come to take from you your furni could not be softened by the entreature to secure the note I endorsed ries of the nicce she was forced to for your Husband and my Lawyer return empty handed to her distells me, that I have a right to do tressed Aunt--I now dismiss the so; if you will deliver up the narrative, 10 relate that this miserthings in a peacable manner it will able Reptile, this cruel miser, was save much trouble, to which she orertaken by justice a process of answered,' do as you please, take law compelled him to refund the what you please I am not myself!

value of the furniture and I renow commences the humane joice to say, that he was fined in work of removing Beds, Tables damages to a considerable amount Looking Glasse 5, Candle-sticks, - In the prosecution Parson Trunks of Clothes &c. &c. "do Tom's written affidavit ves pronot take the Bareau ciies Mrs. duced-ivhat thing you realler of D-, for I shall be without this Parson, is he a proper teachclothes entirely and in which there er of Christianity ? does he not apis a suit of mourning lately worn proach nearer to a monster, than a for a sister now no more,' ' make Civilized man ?--while poor D-, yourself quite easy replied the land body was floating on the mighty lord, you can have whatever you deep' denied sepulture, the wild want by sending your niece or call Ocean Birds ! --but I forbear ing yourself at my House,' in a lo speak fu ther— With all my few moments these gallant Knights heart, I would place a whip in the stripped the house of almost every hands of every unfortunate widow, article of furniturcand Bed Clothes, to lash this parson naked through in the inclement season of the lithe world. The miscrable Cai:

tiff the landlord has been lacerated I, INTERESTING TO LADIES.

in his most sensible part-his purse

- he must be as greedy as u.c

The following Preamble and ResGrave, without the least sympathy

olucions were read and presentfor the unfortunaie, all that enobles

ed by a members in the house man, in him'is swallowed up in

of Representatives of Pensylvaavarice--how different, how noble

nia, on the 8th instant. a spirit warms the heart of Mr.

Whereas it has been obseved M, the Butcher. I hope,

that many chaste and respectable sincerely, he may never know dis

females in this commonwealiti, tress, his conduct is worthy of

have of late years been so far seimitation and applause.

duced by pernicious example as Let me give a few hints to some

to lay aside the modest and useful Il'ooden headed Lawyers, that at

attire herctofore used by chaste fe. tend court whose oniy business con

males, and to appear in public sists of talking to each other, and places with naked elbows and thereby disturbing the court and

shoulders, and the other parts of Jury--many of them are as com

the body clad in such thin and pleie beasts as are to be met with

transparent attire as is incompatitheir feet on the seats. a swinish

ble with decency, and altogether custom. Spirting out the Tobac

insufficient is preserve their bodies co Juice in cvery direction, and

from the inclemency of the weath. numberless other of the like ac

er, and in consequence of wearing complishments I would advise

such thin and improper dress, the these elegant and refined geniuses

lives of many persons who might to iarn their attention 10 Jerry

otherwise have been useful and or. Tugwells School, as sons of wax

namental members of society, have and thread they may possibly ar.

beco sacrificed, and the constiturise to some degree of eminepce, i tion of others greatly impaired, and but as deciples of Lord Coke

it is the duty of the Legislature to Blackstone &c &c. inny of these

prevent any practice which may bright urchins will never reach ev

have a tendency to destroy virtue, en a state of mediocrity--If Idle

or llie health of that beautiful part ness and lounging be the road to

of society. eminence these sons of firomise,are

THEREFORE, RESOLVED. in the broad way to the surr.mil of

That a committe be appointed to legal perfection.

bring in a bill containing the fol. APHORISMS.

lowing principles : Civili!y.--Civilily is a desire to FIRST.--1f


white female receive civility, and to be account of the age of ten years or upwards ed well bied.

shall appear in any public street,

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