Jane, alley, highway, Church, court

person of


white female of the house, tavern, ball room, theatre, age of ten years or upwards, shall or any other place of public resort, || knowingly permit any such his, with naked elbows or naked shoul her or their child or ward to offend ders, or, being able to purchase against the provisions as before necessary clothing shall at any time stated, such parent or guardian between the first day of Nuvem shall be liable, upon conviction ber and the firs: day of March in thereof as aforesaid, to pay the any year, appear in any such place same costs and penalty as is hereor places clothen in less than three by provided for such offenders. body garments, one whereof shali be of wollen, silk, or other substan

THIRD.-It shall be the duty tial materials, every person sp of- of all justices of the peace and alsending and being legally convict. dermen of this commonwealth uped before any court of record, or

on their own view, to convict and before any alderman or justice of punish offenders against the aforethe peace in this commonwealth,

said provisions, and it shali also be shall forfeit and pay a fine not less

the duty of all constables and othan one or more than one hun

verseers of the poor to give infordred dollars, to be recovered by ac•

mation to soine justices of the tion of debt, information or indict peace or court of record, of all ment, one half to the use of the

such offences against ehe aforesaid informer and the other half to provisions as may come to their the use of the poor of the borough, knowledge and if any such oli. township or ward wherein the of

cer shall neglect so to do for the fence shall have been committed, space of forty-eight lours, such and the person so convicted shall

officer shall be deemed guilly of a be liable to pay like costs as are

misdemeanor in office, and shail, paid in actions of debt in the juris

on conviction thereof in a court of diction in which the suit or piose- record, be removed from office, & cution shall be commenced ; and

fined at the discretion of the court shall also be compelled to enter

not exceeding one hundred dollars bail for her good behaviour for the

--and it shall also be the duty of space of one year from such con

the grand jurors to present all of viction in such sum and with such

fences against before-mentioned securites as the court, alderinan provissions, and in case ef convicor justice of the peace pronounce

tion upon the view of a justice of ing judgment shall deem reasona

the peace or alderman, information ble, having regard to the circum- of a constable, or presentment of stances of the offender.

a grand jury, the whole of the fine

shall go to the use of the poor of SECOND.--If any parcat or the proper ward, borough or guardian having the charge of the township.

Mr. Editor

of what the wicked have most te Sir by giving the enclosed enig. fear and two thirds of an affirmamatical list of young ladies in your

tive. Weekly Miscellany you will oblige the Atcthor.

10 the species of that animal

which preserved a man for a numAn Enigmatical list of young la- ber of days in a dangerous cledies at New Town aad Huri

meni. Gate.

Il live sevenths of the rolling

waves and the firs: letter of a name i That aspect of a field which

for the Goddess of wisdom. first pleases the eye in the spring, prefixt to the largest tree of the 12 Tour filihs of that which forest.

pervades the bodies of all men & 2 Two lifths of the staff of life

the firs: letter of a satiellite. which

shine, its might in borrowed light. aking a vowel and a merry low wi'ted felow reversed.

13 That name which in an im3 Two fifths of that which is

portant law case is generally said secessary for every onc, mostly

to open, for the display of great

talents. waited by the poor, but equally souht afior by the rich, and a 14 The aspect of the hcavens valuable hideen production of al

in a thunder storm prefixt to that miast every country.

which we have to go far belon

the surface of the earth to make: 4 Three sevenths of that favorate name which poelsgenerally pre

15 That which a Church a Six to sleams of water, and one

Blacksmith shop and a tavern half of a female of quality.

make, with an s, and what we must

all come to. 5 The first act committed by a cruel conquerer aller tlie surren.

16 Two fisibs of a lover adding der of a Town.

a vowel and one half of a young 6 One half of a tumult the e

lady. leventh letter and t:vo fifitis of a

17 Two letters which stand for smistake.

a devout pious man and the mid7 That which is in the moutlı

dle half of a public oration.

LS Three quarters of a trcmenof every villain an s, and one hall

dous noisc prefixt to two fifths of of fear.

the most populous country of the 8 The most solemn and foal

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19 One 'fifths of that which has second leiler to an e, and the last

no colour, a vowel and one half of to an ng

a lady's dress. 9 That which is the first sum Jan. 29th 1312. mons of a visitor, the middle half


[blocks in formation]

T'was Friendship sure that breath'd

FIRES. those strains

The Mansion House of Mr. Old, at So dear; tho' undeserv'd by me Schuylkill Forge, was burnt on the 17th Those heartswhere only goodness reigns, \ uit. His books were saved, and an in. Can naught but worth in others see, fant in bed was snatched from the flames

by a negro boy with no other injury It is the virtue-breathing breast,

tbari ile scorching of its hair,
Alone can soothing pleasure yield;
It lulls the aching mind to rest,
And forms for innocence a shield.

We have the painful task to announce

(says the Petersburg Republican) that The grateful flowings of my heart

within the last eight or ten days, the Would speak, were but my pencil true

dwelling house of Mr. Sampson MayWould more Iban thanks to thee im nard, of Surry county, was coasunied by past,

fire together with two of his sons. Him. For praise thou givist, tho' not my due.

selt and daughter escaped with great dif. Yes dear unknown ! thou art deciey'd ficulty. But an imperfect soul is mine ; T'was partial friendship that believ'd,

TRENTON, February 10. Here center'd virtues so benign.

We are informed that a horrid murder The merit which thou hast portray'd was commited by a man of the name of To emulate will be my pride,

Riley, at the Cross-Roads, Burlington And tho in glowing hues array'd, county on Tnesday morning last. His With human frailty may reside. wife& step mother were sitting at break.

NINA. fast. On coming into the room some few

[blocks in formation]

On Monday evening last, by the Reo. Mr. Kohlman, Mr. Peter 1. Schwach. hofer to Miss Mary Elizabeth Betts, all of this city.

On Tuesday evening last by the reo. Dr Beach, Mr James A. Stevena, to Miss Maria Fowler, only daughter of Theodo. zius Fowler, all of this city.

On Tuesday morning last, in St. Pe. ter's Church, by the reo. Dr, Kohlman, Mr. Joseph Idley, of this city, to Miss Mary Skerwood, of Fairfield.

On Thnesday coening last, Mr. 7o. seph Marsh, of Brooklyn, to Miss Eliza Erederick, of this city.

On Wednesday last, at the age of 74, James Smith, M. D. son of the hon. Wm. Smith, one of the judges of the Supreme Court,

On Wednesday evening last, at Bloomingdale Jarnes W. Depe;ster, esq. aged 67 years.

In England, Silas Galpin, (common. ly known by the nickname of "heold fowl,') aged 85 ; leaving twelee affectionate and disconsolate wides, in various parts of the kingdom, with all of whom he contrived occasionally to live on the most amicable terms, aad by each of whom he had a son and a daughter. In the professions of begging and betting he had been so suc. cessful that besides being liberal in honor. ably sui péying the wants of his several families, he left them an equal share in five thousand guineas.

On thursday evening, of a short illness Mrs. Mary Roulston, aged 36 years, wifs of James Roulston.

It New Jersey, John Tennant Wood hull, to Miss Aun Wikoff ; Oliver John. 80N, 10 Miss Nancy Snowhill.

At Fulmouth, cap. Wm. Bolfish, to Moss Deborah Turner Hatch.

At Elizabethtown, Robert Price, jun. to Miss Elizabeth Eeurl.

L'And whilst the stern PuILOSOPHER

To fathom science to its utmost bounds;
Alas! neglecting what his mak:r lends,
The praise he claims himself, and loud




And shall frail man thus ive with God

supreme? And shall frail man thus rob him of his

crown? " Apollo struck the enchanting Lyre,

His pony arm in vain lempts to screen; The Muses sung in strains alternate.

Ah! what can shield when God jeho.

vah frowns? For the Lady's Miscellany.

The man that boasts of greatness in him ELEGY

self, On the Death of the late Red Docr.

May long ouibrave the terrors of his JOHN N. ABEEL.

way, The mem'ry of the just is ever bless'd, But in the end, strip'd of his fancied Though sorrow forces from our eye the pelf, teer ;

He'll find his sense depray'd will bear 2 Their loss is felt whom oft we have ca BWay.

ress'd, Wbose genuine worth we could not but

Whilst worldly lights, like meteors, ra.

pid glare,

And soon evade the passing trav'lers Ambition leads the Hero to renown ;

sight: Fame blows her trumpet of his deeds in Tho' for a time they make the vulgar

stare, With laurels, Victory his brows ador: They sink at noon, to everlasting night. And thousands stand his triumphs to declare.

Not so THE CHRISTIAN Horo! of the

skies : But buoy'd lsy pride,his heart with swell. Whose virtue is of origin di vine, ing scorn

Though oft obscur'd as thro' the world Looks down contemptuously on men

he Aies, around;

Yet in the midst of darkness, bright he The right of Virtue now are trampled

shines. down, And power is hurl'd as if he was divine,

Such was thy virtue, much belov'd

ASEEL; Though wrapt in human greatness, see Such was thy splendour thro' this vale he dies !

of woe; The tyrant grim, his shaft has lereld The Prixçe of Prace gave the a sword fierce,

to wield, Whilst now the body falls, the spirit And made thee Cox Qu'rer over every fies :

foe. And in the grave that grealness disap. The closing scene of thy bright life we


war ;

view i

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