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Tho' strong the marbour grief and woe, for those who'll ne'er return; How weak, alas ! the pangs the show, with which our hearts are torn.



Ye youthful sons of Erin, weep,

No-strike the sounding harp aloud
Oh! yes-- let tears be shed

And sweep the chords along,
Your two lov'd chiefs in silence sleep Their Ghosts delighted, from their cloud
Rest with the mighty dead ;

Shall hear the patriot song :
Go hang your barps on willow trees Erewhile, which fir'd their souls with pride,
Where night her shadow wings:

The song of liberty,
Some Sylph, or Fairy in the brecze

And toss'd the echoes far and wide
May lightly touch the strings.

Let Erin's sons be free., •VicePresident and Treasurer of the 'Juvenile sons of Eriz.'

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Thy faith, and pious love will meet
In realms on high, a rich reward ;

Thomas H. Brantingham, has removed Where seraphs smiles thy coming greet,

to No. 145 Broadway, where he conti.

nues to procure money on Mortgages, Thy Saviours love and blest regard. notes of hand & deposits, buys & sells

houses, improved farms, &tracts of land The sacred truth thou dost impart, Also lets & leases houses & lots, on rea. That all like thee, might blessings share: il sonable commision.--Also she lease of I will engrave it on my heart,

2 houses, & an annuity. Also for sale 30

farms, several with good improvernents, And for a happier world prepare. will be sold low, goods & property of e.

very sort taken in payment, or any who Our adoration, holy; pure,

forms a company tickets & drair for the Is fram'd for none but God above ; different farms will be liberaly paid for it For him each pain should we endure,

Also a skilfull farming man with a good

character, will meet with encouragement And he alone possess our love.

by applying as above. But it is love, so chaste, divine, Not such as we for mortais fect; Where e'er we turn his beauties shine, PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY And all his glory doth reveal.

SAMUEL B. WHITE, Thou'st taught us to respect the day, No. 317 Water-street, New York And rev'rence all our Lords commands i

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that moment. EXTRACTED.

Such a spectacle I had never withsessed : dreamt I never had of half the glory of a sol

dier's iiie. Now was I and the THE FOUNDLING OF

destructive implements of war BELGRADE.

their clashing sound vibrated in

pleasant ecstacy; and as the tear Come, my boy,' cried he; re of joy trembled on the eyelid, I marking the transport painted on swore eternal wedlock to a life of my countenance, 'let as review

arms! Iacbanted with all I saw, those troops already renowned in I was already a self-created hero. war, whose victorious career have | Compietely infected with a militaoften driven back the flower of the ry mania, boy as I was, my young russian army ; and at whose vete heart panted for an opportunity of ran discipline even the divan trem signalizing myself by some exploit bles and feels dismayed.'

of desperate enterprize. Delighted

with the eager curiosity which diI had row an opportunity of as

rected my inquisitiveness in all certaining the strength of a fort.

things, the governor discovered a ress in which nature and art unit

solicitude for my instruction which ed to render impregnable. Situat

told me he was not disp'eased at eci upon an eminence whose base

my remarks. The parade having was formed of one solid mass,

finished, :e led me back to the funked all around by ii. sed rocks,

sinon in which we breakfasted, and and commanding the full view of

pointing out the chamber allotted an incredible extent of country.

for me, he left me to scek that reThe walls and battlements, lower

pose of which he was sure I stood ing to the clouds, were lined with

in much need, while he issued out heavy ordance; and garrisoned by

the orders of the day. some thousands of troops, whose discipline and martial appearance The appartments assigned to me seemed to bid defiance to an bost. was an epitome of the splendor of I have the power to give you but the first. Indeed the style and an imperfect outline of those feel. magnificence of the whole was unings which possessed my breast at equalled by any thing I had ever

witnessed. From my school-books ! "Admirable, O admirable!' cx
I had formed an idea of the palace claimed Bernard, interrupting him
of a prince ; and the pages of juo with affected peals of laughter.
venile románce had introduced me • Hear him, ye Gods !—is this the
to the imaginary wiles of inchant stoic Alfonso ?-- where are now his
ment. What I now beheld seem sombre passions !-he could smile
ed to outstrip the one, and to com at my description of a mistress and
plete the reality of the other. Cri-lo!-
terion there were none, because
there were no comparison between

The comparison is odious, idea and reality. Was it a dream? cried Alfonso, a little pecvish : and the rich drapery of all, the you painted the charms of a misfantasy of the imagination ? the im. tress you never saw. I use no art palpable substance of aërial mock--borrow nothing adventitious from ery ? no such thing. It was no

report—iny eyes perused the ori, vision-all was identity. Thus puz. ginal ; and the uniinpaired faculty zling my brain with unavailing re

of memory yields up the pristine flections exhausted nature closed colors to description.' my eyes in sleep.

Bernard with a sigh owned this Towards noon I was awoke by

was true ; and Alfonso perceiving a female slave who came to attend

he had louched the sensibility of me in obedience to her lord. Too

his friend, was sorry for the wanton young to inhale the transports from

attack of which he had been guil. the rays of beauty, I yet only es

ty. timated the sex by the soft caress

Affecting disregard to the es of afection. But now, Bernard,

wound he had given he contino

(continued Alfonso) methinks I see
the bewitching form that fondled

She was indeed what I havo deme in her arms-bore me to the scribed, but to me a second mothperfumed bath, and with her own

From that moment I began hands dressed me in a suit of em

to feel the loss of her who had hithbroidered purple. Back I look up erto performed to me those duties, on the past, and find the record on

and to cease even to think I ever the memory true. How sweet the had a parént. For the first 'fortexpressive countenance that eye night of my residence in the forthow soft and languishing ! that

ress, she was the companion of my hair in jetty ringlets artlessly play- nights : she feared the frequent ing on a bosom of unrivalled sym- challenging of the sentinels upon metry! that angelic person that the ramparts, and the clamorous fascinating negligee of attire! 0, busting of the patroles as they perexquisite perfection !-look where formed their circuit beneath my it stands, the master-piece of hea. window, would dis tub my slumven

bers and produce alarm. Many a



time have I. awoke to hear her customed to command, there glow sigh and to find my cheek bedew. ed undaunted firmness in his couned by tears she sought to shed un tenance : unincumbered in his adseen. Often would I inquire into dress, and possessing the utmost the cause of her grief, cling round placability in his manners, he had her neck and kiss away the tear. the happy art of putting diffidence Still she sighed, and wept, till at ease. Daily acquiring a knowsoothed by my caresses, or touch. ledge in the art of war, my militaed by my distress, she became her ry ardor kept pace with the proself again. Twas long ere I could gless of instruction. Nor was this wrest from her the secret of her the only science taught me by the despondency-- long before I tould erudite Kyoprili. Master of the vadiscover the most remote cause of rious languages of Europe : versed her unhappiness. It is a distress in the history of each surrounding ing tale, but I must reserve it for a nation : skilled in arms : profound future hour. Unhappy Fatima! as a politician-he seemed to defor such was the name of her light is the idea of making me whose image no liine can efface. equal to himself. He was pleased

to regard mé as a "lad of genius, I shall not fatigue you,' continand, when animploved in the pubned Alfonso, with every minute lic duties of his office, my protransaction which occurred at the gress in the attainrrent of his vast fortress of , I resided there lore was the acceptation which he upwards of six years, and could sought. dwell with enthasiasm upon the various exploits of the troops, the Six years (as I have already superior mind and exalted virtues saidi, continued Alfonso) had alof their leader; but much as is most elapsed when one morning the pleasure I should experience, | Kyoprili sumaioned me to his lie I must for the present postpone a

brary. He commenced by telling narrative of particulars.' Day af

he had received a dispatch froin ter day passed by and the first Constantinople which arnounced month ended as it began. The an i:nmediate Russian war. “ The same attachment which had mark. enemy,' said he, have sounded ed my first reception from the

the tocsin, and his army is already chief, was still perceptible. I on its march. This fortress com. seened indeed 10 augment rather mands the principal pass on our thay lo diminish. My affection for frontiers. Against us 'us expectray protector increased with our ed will be direcied their principal acquaintance. His disposition ev. operations, and I am commanded er inild and gentle, never for a to prepare for their attack.

An monient reminded me of ciespon augmentation to our force 1 look dence. Proinpo lo decide, and ac. for every day. An army of rese:10

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