will speedily encamp bebind the of those who abandoned him in his mountains in our rear, to be com youth to the dagger of an hired at manded by the captain Pacha in sassin ! person, under whose immediate or. ders I am to serve, My time will

« An hired assassin sir!" I ex. now be much engrossed. I must claimed, shuddering as I spoke. attend in person the construction of redoubts on either wing, in or * Ay, truly so,' he continued, der to animate the workmen; and but be yourself the judge. It is give a spur to industry. You my now time I should acquaint you son, will have sufficient imploy

with the substance of my inquiries. ment in the several duties of your They are briefly thus : Hassan station-as my aid-de-camp your

who brought you thither, was releisure hours will be few. I am

turning from a distant post charged resolved to make you a soldier, and with dispatches, when he heard you must submit to the hardships the report of the piece which of the profession :-would I could brought your conductor to the make you great! but can doubt ground. Instantly he clapped spur's your courage ? no, no! I know to his horse ; but before he reachthee better. He paused for a ed the spot, another bullet woundmoment and then proceeded : ed yours. Our party were unper

ceived in their approach, and the * You must bid adieu to all idea

ambushed robber, to secure his of discovering the origin of your prey, leapt from the thicket to the birth. I have not been inactive as road and fell beneath the sure aim you shall hear ; but all my inquir- || of Hassan's scimitar. The wound ies have terminated without avail : was mortal ; but the repenting vildo not despond however. Be your lain lived to tell his story. It seems, parents ennobled, or obscure a that meeting where you last stoppmong the slaves of Tutkey, behold ed for refreshment, your conductin me one who will befriend you or, from the compunctions of rethrough life. I have no children morse, and unwilling to execute to inherit the princely fortune the murder he was charged with, which belongs to me ; you I have tendered him the office with a bribe. adopted, loved, and cherished as The bribe he owned was large ; my own begotten, you shall be my but not the price of the artful heir. I have strong suspicions you knave, who looking for an ampler were born to rank and affoence, sum, treacherously waylaid you 80 that should you ever ascertain both sanguine in his hope that the the family from which you spring, purse of him already in pay was the education I have given you & weightier by half than that tenderthe fortune I shall leave you will ed. His argument was truly good not lessen Ahmed in the estimation II and apart from the malignant vil

lanny of the transaction, admirable inquiry was instituted to discove! logic. Hassan, moved by the your Morad. His discription was attrocious deed, flung the wreich imperfect, and it was long before yet living down the steep precipice he made any progress in his inon which he stood, to seek his bro quiiy. Happening by accident ther there; and pushed on to your

however to meet an old acquaintprotection.

ance well known in that quarter"Such was the story of Hassan,'

him he imployed to assist his recontinued Kyoprili. I saw you ;

search, and in the end their joint and much as I have witnessed of l efforts were successful. They the enormities of man, I had not discovered the dwelling; but it looked into the catalogue of his was, without an inhabitant the crimes for such an instance of un furniture was still there, and from tamed ferocity. Could I look on other circumstances presented to you a helpless unsuspicious infant, their view, not long deserted. Here abandoned by those on whom nature, they paused for some time and had imposed her weightiest charge were at length departing without a without feeling an interest in your

chance of information when they fate-without a desire to mitigate.discovered clots of blood upon thie the misfortunes which assailed you! floor. Their suspicions were strong; I boast of no sentiment uncommon

they inquired in the neighborhood, to humanity I beheld wbat was

what had become of the old inhabenough to inspire horror, and to ilants of the cottagc--no one knew; call forth succor to the helpless...all were ignorant of their sudden In a word, I heard your little tale disappearance. They never went of distress with a heart open 10

much abroad-seldom visiting compassion ; and without arrogat. their neighbors they had as yet not ing to myself superior merit, you been missed, and all agreed in the became the unbought object of suspicion of foul play. my adoption ; this was not all.

(To be Continued.) True I beheld no chance of ever being called upon to render up an account of my charge ; but in or

IMPORTANT, CONSIDERATION der to satisfy my doubts as well as

MATRIMONY. to have the power (however faint the prospect of restoring you to Hait! wedded love! mysterious your family if contrary to suspicion law!

I found them worthy of sacha son)
I dispatched a confidential slave to

It has been even a complaint retrace the route you had travelled exhibited against moral writers, in quest of farther particulars..

as they are too apt to blame the

present times, and extol those that On reaching Belgrade every are past—lo represent the one as.


the period of all vice, & the other to this importan, (let not my rcadas the blameless and golden age. ers smile when I say) this holy Perhaps this observation may not state of life ; and that I consider be wholly unfounded ; and the re the smallest breach of love & duly, mark made by others of moreacute reciprocally due from the husband penetration, may be just that all and the wife to each other, as al. ages wil, if accurately examined, most undoubtedly introductive of be found equal in their virtues and

the greatest crimes that cither of their crimes; and that the world

them can be guilty of against God is neither better nor worse now, and mankind. than it was three or four thousand years ago.

When a heart of true sensibility

and feeling, trained up in the love It may, however, I think, be of religion, of decency, of private with much truth declared, that e domestic happiness, and of all very age, though not on the whole those nameless innocent pleasures neither more virtuous nos more which the virtyous only know how vicious than the preceding, has its | to value, and which they alone are characteristic faults and excellencapable of enjoying when such a cies ; which will flourish and de heart places its unadulterated affeccay, and gradually give place to tions on a mid seemingly sympaothers of a newer fashion. It has thetic,what chastened rapture does been said, that the fashionable vir. it not hope to experience in the tue of the present age is charity; abtaining that partner for life, and which I sincerely wish may be withont whom Adam in paradise true, since there are certainly a was acknowledged by his Creator Imultitude of sins among us, which to be destitute of complete happii equire to be covered by her ex ness! But how cruel is the sting, tensive mantle. Were I 10 ven. bov Litier the disappointment, ture 10 point out the prevailing vice when, in lieu, of an affectionate (and which alone even charity ber companion, the soother of his disself san scarcely be hoped to hisle Cresses, the calmer of his pains, eqiirely) I should name that most he finds himself united to an artfal Dicisivus onc, conjugal mfidelity, woman, who, with sense enough

to counterfeit for a while the most Ms proposition will perhaps be engaging mildness of manners and allowed to be just, when I state, tenderness of disposition, afier, that under this term of infidelity, | marriage throws off the mask, and I mean to include erery breach, valuing herself on preserving her the least as well as the greatest, virtue, thinks herself at liberty to of that solemn vow and promise | disregard every other tie of love which is made, before the altar of and duty. Such a woman erhaps God, by both parties who enterin- lis ports with the misery shc creates,

and glories in it as a mark of her With respect to the inen, when power over a man whom all her we see how early boys are introunkindness fails to alienate; and duced into public life, and suffered who may still continue true to his to be witnesses of scenes “ which part of the engagement, from mo shame the conscious cheek of tives the most pure and praise- truth"--when we reflect to what worthy,

language they are daily and hour.

ly, pei nitted to listen-when we Noris the companion to this

see the state of youth entirely blott. portrait less deserving our com

ed out from the book of fashionable passion; or, (to the disgrace of the life, and the school boy suddenly men be it spoken) less frequent.

start up into man--when vice is Here we see a mild and timorous

known before it can be practised female, unused to reproof, unhack

are we any longer to wonder at nied in the ways of the world, sub

the excesses into which they are ject to the brutal ferocity, the, un

carried headlong ?--And, when feeling haughtiness of some tyran- the bloom of virtue is destroyed, ic lord and master; who, far from

and debauchery has obtained comconsidering her as his equal, his

plete possession both of his mind dearest and best half, the confiden

and peron, rendered them equally tial !riend of his bosom, and the

disgustful to the eye and the heart sacred repository of his nçarest

of female delicacy, if at last, by the concerns, looks on her only as a

mediation and importanity of slave, destined to obey his will and friends and relations, and by the tremble at his nod; or perhaps as bypocrisy of a few weeks, he obthe mere vehicle by which his

tains the hand of a virtuous woman name and family are to be contin | in marriage-what must be exved—the subject of his sensual pected to be the result, but distaste pleasure and his capricious endear.

and disgust ? And this will be ments, at t lose hours when hc is ) resented by the offender with all tired of gaming, drinking, or other

that malignity which the vicious vicious, though fashionable amuse

ever bear toward those they have ments.


If this be as unhapily it is, the As.10 the female sex, I wish to situation of many in the married | deliver my sentiments in a more statc, it may be worth while enquir- gentler way; and yet there are ing from whence these evilsspring; l surely faults on their sides, which which, indeed, threaten to put an will not yield to gentle medicines, end to the institution itself, or at Among these stand foremost, as least to destroy all hopes of happi- the leaders of those bands most ness in it, in the eyes of every rea hostile to connubal feiicity, pride soning person of either sex, and affectation-a pride which in

duces them to consider themselves | root of all evils, divorces? If peoas degraded, by doing their duty-- rie, come together with an intenwhich looks on every concession tion, or even a consciousness of made to their husbands as unbe the possibility (not to say the procoming wonten of spirit--the bability) of violating every condimost dangerous,& let them forgive tion on which they are joined, exme when I add,the most detestablecept those contained in the mar-, chicier, when carried to its full riage settlement, the performance ex'un' ever assumed by those who of which may be compelled by were 'framed for the tender offices | law; it would be better at once to of love'---a pride which binds them omit trifling with what is by some to their own defects, and embla- religious esteemed a sacrament, zons theic excellencies beyond and to the pond wholly on the indeneven the flatteries of a lover--anture'uiparute. affectation, which prevents them from acknowledging what they I know it is often alledged, by feel, and introduces a caprice de- both perties, that the temper and structive of their own and their

disposition of the other are so bad, husband's pcase. I will proceed they cannot be born with ; and that no farther in this unpleasant des

it is better to part than to live in, cription.

perpetual quarrels and uneasiness.

But whence does this complaint In addition to these failings, pe

arise? From hypocricy before marculiar to each sex, ought to be riage, arıd, want of patience and mentioned-he thoughtless indif

tenderness af erward), Let every ference with wbich this most awful married person, husbands as well engagement is entered into by the l as wives, keep in mind one single young, the old, and the middle ago , maxim, and I will venture to ined--the utter ignorance, before sure an end to at least two thirds hanii, of what they are about to do of the quarrels which arise be--the inattention at the time as 10 tween them. This maxim, therewhat they are doing and the for-, fore, I shall give my fair readers getfulness aiierward, of what they as a charm--it, consists of three have done.

words, which if they will repeat

three times deliberately before For better for worse--for richer they ulter one intended hasty exfor poorer-in sickness and in pression they need not doubt of se

curing ebe love and tenderness of health--lill death us do


their busbands; whom I enjoin these words mean any thing? and low are they consistent with sepa. reciprocaliy to practise it when it

comes to their turns: rute maintenance, separate beds, separate pleasures, and that great


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