A solution of the list of Young La This is a doctrine we are all dies in Greenwhich Village. ready to agree to whilst the dan

ger is present, but when we ap1 Miss Roome, ? Ellis, % An

prehend it to be removed afar off, gevine, 4 Lewis, 5 Verralen,

we suddenly grow forgetful; sud. 6 Bell, 7 Gibson, & Labagh, 9

denly there ariseth among us Seaman, 10 Wendover.

spirit, busying itself in seeking to BEDFORD.

assign for the operations of the ERATA-in the Enigmatical list Almighty, what they, clouded in igof Young Ladies, in Greenwhiohnorance, skreen under the appellaVillage, for one third of a fat bul tion of natural causes; though ly woman' read bulky.' B. when they have done this, what a

wretched felicity have they found Mr Editor,

out for us? Wretched indeed, These were the words spoken when we come to think of thouby the Redeemer of man, when he sands and ten thousands passing was told that the bloody-minded quick into the bowels of the earth, Herod had slaughtered some Gali even whilst its caverns are belch. leans, and mingled their blood withing out flaming streams of burning his sacrifices, spoken as a proof, sulphur! wretched felicity, I say, that when the judgments of the arises from the contemplation of Almighty are upon the earth, they such horrors as these surrounding are for a terror to those who are us, when we exclude the power of left remaining to bring them to a Providence from being able to repentance. Itell ye, nay saith this interpose, or to afford the least asour blessed Lord ; these Galileans sistance, able to snatch us from were not sinners above all the Gali this immediate destruction, and to leans : and except 'ye repent ye seat us in his eternal mansions of shall all likewise fierish.



Would to God this doctrine

Alas ! Alas! these people of might have its due effect here, in

Buncombe z let us bewail them my this our rebellious island ; rebel

countrymen for some few molious against the God of Gods : that

But, shall we because we would return unto the Lord

of this their punishment, condemn who is mighty to save, and to our them as sinners above all thc rest God who will abundantly pity: that

of the people upon earth? God our friests may be appointed to forbid ! lift up their hands, (holy I would have them to be) betwixt the We may indeed, for the sake of porch and the altar, and taught, in those who are to come after, wish, ihe sincerity of their souls to say, that their King would abolish what SPARE THY PEOPLE, O LORD! lhe most of all prides himself in,

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his auto de fe ; and that he would T'hose who cannot be sensible leave the hearts, the consciences of that the bread is actually transuball his subjects, to be searched and slantiated into the body and blood of tried by him alone who knows the the blessed Jesils, at the consecratrue beat of them; that he would tion of the host, why should they remove laziness froni the priesthood, not be permitted to be content with and cause them to labour to con believing, that the elements which vince, instead of cruelly 10 con they receive in obedience to the demon.

divine command, DO THIS, IN REThose compulsive principles

MEMBRANCE OF ME,have the same have their foundation in agregious

effect upon the soul, as if the body mistakes, and proceed from our

had indeed and in truth, participatBiot knowing what manner of spirit

ed of the real body and blood of

Christ? we are of; a spirit, not

one that delighteth in peace, but in blood:

Those wlio cannot present their neither is there the least example petitions to saints, let them be per: to encourage this spirit, to be met mitted to present them 10 Going with in him who was the Father's who can and doesiear us : we have love, and whose whole time was his eternally begotten Son's auemployed in going about doing thority for it. Whatsoever ye shal! good; and who might, if he had so ask the FATHER in my name he pleased, have commanded fire

will give it you, saith he. And a. from Heaven to destroy his ene.

gain, It here isvo or three are gath. mies.

ered together in my name, I ain preNcither is there on instance of sent with them., But neither in what will amount to any thing like This nor in any other of his sayings, this compelling of consciences, to

is there a word relative to the prebe met with in all the sufferings of sence of the Blessed virgin, &c. Let his apostles ; and in fact, all inose us petition to the Almighty, whose texts brought to support and lo e.:rs are at all times open to our Inaiotain practices of this nature, prayers, when possibly, 'these his are perversions of scripture,& have ceputies may be busied another their origin in lics.

way, may be upon a journey, or,

peradventure may be slecping. We likewise wish, that not only this Prince, but all others of the But whilst we sand gazing af Roman Catholic persuasion, would these people of Buncombe, let us leave those who cannot see divinity not forget to look at ourselves; in a piece of sione, or in ever so whilst we medicale upon the great exquisitely painted canvas, to direct calamily which has befallen them, their contemplations, their prayers let us likewise think liow soon their and their praises elsewhere. {ate may be our own-Let us con:

sider what large strides irrcligion Strange satisfaction that must has taken amongst us ; what scof. be, which results from the sayo fers we have, at all things sacred,

ings of those who rack their brain, and contemners of every divine

10 come at what they account a precept. Lets find out, if we are reasonable discovery ; of how the able, how many various branches winds, and the vapours, and the this grand principle of perhaps ev. central heat operate in the bowels ery evil, halka launched into Sab of the earth. Strange satisfaction, bath breaking, monstrousiy pro. I say, in these pretended discorephaning the name.of.the most high ries, unless the discoverers can God, debaucheries of all kinds, os. give us a certain assurance, which pressing the necessitous, defraud way those internal powers have ing one another in every shape. it passed, and how long it will be beis possible to invent.

fore they direct their course toBy considering these things

wards these islands, and make the rightly, we shall not be inclined 10

fate of the Buncombe our own. join in sentiments with those, who when the judgments of GOD (as I in scul is he, who solves all these

How far imore happy in mind, bave already intimated) hath been

wonders into the will of him who amongst them, and is past, when

framed this mighty globe, and the amaze that had. seized them is

whose sole reliance is upon his over, try io fiing their consciences

Providence ? into a state of stupidity, and labour

Those who have their minds hard to persuade themselves, the like will never happea more. But

thus becalmed, are seldom much

disturbed at the sight of contending avoiding these, let us give a strict

elements! they can find nothing unattention to him who has told us ;

accountable, in being sensible that In the latter days, nations shall rise

one quarter of the earth hath tremagainst nations, and kingdoms a.

bied like a leaf, that the waters gainst kingdoms : and there shall be

thereof hare bubbled and boiled fumines, and fwslilence, and earth.

like a pot, by the power of him quakes in divers places. ALL THESE


put them together ; because

Suich are thoroughly persuaded, the SORROWS

self same power can shake, and Again, he telleth us ; The pow

shiver, and that he one day will, ers of the Heavens shall be shaken ;

as instantaneously, dissolve the and that, all the tribes of the earth

whole ! shall mourn, i. e. of such whose minds are fixed entirely upon earth. It is known very well, that soine ly thiogs : And they shall see the of our great wits, those who fanSon of Van coming in the clouds of cy they are perfectly acquainted Heaven with power and great glary.with these operations of nature, our

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bloods, &c. will laugh at these doc the dead which were in them : and trines ; but, even such ought to they vere judged every man remember, that one of their own cording to their works. countrymen, who is allowed on all hands, to have understood nature

Men, whose minds are rightly as well as the best of them hath prepared by these doctrines, who said :

leading conscientious and religious

lives, become easy and content, in The cloud cape towers,the gorgeous palaces, whatsoever situation the. Almighty The solemn temples,the great globe itself

, hath been pleased to place them, Tea, all, which it inherit shall dissolve :

or who having gone astray, become And like the baseless fabric of a vision,

heartily repentant, give very little Leage not a wreck behind !

heed to whether the earth devoura, SHAKESPEAR.

or the sea swallows us up : whethHear also, what one inspired by

er we go quick into the grave, or the spirit of the Most High haih

pass thereto by a lingering illness. said upon this subject : The Hear-Whether dust is covered with im. ens and the carth, are kept in slore,

mediate dust, or we are entombed: reserved unto fire against the day or with the greatest magnificence, judgment and perdition or unyodly encornpassed with what this world

calls trophies of honor, it is indif

ferent to them : and this they know Again, The day of the Lord will that whether we have lain in the come as a thief in the night in which grave for a day, for a year, for an lhe Heavens shall pass away withe age, or for a thousand ages, it will great noise, and the elements shail make no material difference : see. meit with fervent heat, the earth al- ing, that the next time we open 80, and the works that are therein, our eyes (as open them once more shall be burnt uf.,

we must) it will be to behold the

shock, the wreck, the dissolution. And another favored by the om. of the whole that encompasseth us. nipotent, saw in a vision a resem. of all material beings : it will be blance of that mort great and ter to receive a life which storms, & rible day. His words as follows : wrecks,and tempests cannot touch, And I saw a great wlic throne, and nor nothing give us pain, unless him that sat on it, from whose face God's wrath : which if then fixed the carth and the heaven fled away :

will so abide for ever. and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small

Forbid it Heaver.' forbid it Othou Beingi

Thou Lord of all ; thou great omnipotent aad great, stand before God, and

Who from the dust call'd man!

forbid rhy the books were opened And the

wrath, aea gave up the dead which evere in

But O ! let all thy piiy fall on me: iti and death and hell delivered up''On me thy ser tant, on that dreadful day,

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" Be it our task,

To note the passing tidings of the times. TRUTH. If mon applied their wit as ad Casualties. -On Tuesday morning. visodly to judge between truth and Mr. Barent Wyckoff, of King's county, falsehood, godliness and worldli clerk in the store of Mr. Simmons, Fly. ness, as every man in his trade

market, fell in a fit and was found on his

face suffocaled. The verdict of the cor. doth to judge between profit and loss : they would forthwith by

oner's inquest was that he died a natural

death, principles, bred within themselves,

On Wednesday morning, the body of and by conclusions following upon

a Femele, apparentlv aged about 25 years, the same, discern the true religion was found floating in the East River at from the false : and the way which

the foot of Rosevelt -street, meanly clad, God hath ordained to welfare, from without any marks of violence, and sup, the deceitfal ways and cross and

posed to be drowned by accident. crooked inventions of men.

London, Jan. 17.

In the account which we bereunto As a minister and a lawyer were subjoin will be found the melancholy riding together, says the minister confirmation of all our fears respecting to the lawyer,sirdo you ever make the St. George and Detence.--Govera. any mistakes in pleading? I do,

ment received a statement of this disas. said the lawyer. And what do you

trous event yesterday :do with mistakes said the minis.

Extract from the Danish Newspaper of

the 31st December, 1811. ter? Why,sir, if large ones, I mend

"We have received accounts that the them : if small ones I let them

English ship St. George, 93 guns com. go, said the lawyer. And pray, sir, manded by Admiral Reynolds, and the continued he,do you ever make any Defence of 74, Capt. David Atkins, mistakes in preaching? Yes, sir, were driven ashore on the morning of said the minister, I do. And what

the 24ih inst. near cape Ryssentien, in do you do with mistakes ? said tbe

the Lordship of Rinkiobing. The crew

of the former is said to have consisted of lawyer. Why, sir, I dispense with

850 men, and of the latter, of 550 men, them much in the same way you

not including the officers. Half an hour just observed : I rectify large ones after the Defence touched the ground, and neglest small ones. Not long "ibe wbole wer:t to piecus, & all the crew

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